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Evening Prayers


"I thank Thee, Lord, for the experiences of this day. Guide me also in the coming night. May my soul attend Thy Divine School, So that I may be instructed and learn how to work effectively".



"I thank Thee, Lord, for the beautiful life Thou hast given me;

I thank Thee for this world which Thou hast created.

I wish to live according to the law of Love which Thou hast placed in our souls.

May Thy Light shine in our minds so that we may accomplish the tasks which lie before the door of our souls".



May the Peace of God live in our hearts, And may His pure Joy and sacred Elation Shine within us.


Before going to sleep:

"God is Light within me.

The angels are warmth.
Humans are kindness".


"God is Light within me.
My own spirit is warmth.
I am kindness".

Repeat each tripartite formula three times.

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