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Prayers for the Deceased


"Lord grant Thy peace to the soul of................... , which it hath pleased Thee to take away.
May he (she) be placed in luminous spheres of Thy universes.
Bless him (her) with Thy spiritual virtues.
Elevate him (her) so that he/she may awaken to Thy glory and grandeur.
May his (her) soul rejoice in Thine infinite kindness and Love.
May peace and light reign eternally on him (her)".


* * *

"Lord of Love, I know Thee as God of supreme mercy; thus I turn to Thee at this time, imploring Thee to give peace and light to the souls of the departed in the spiritual world.

Grant them the fullness of joy; forgive them the trespasses they have committed towards Thy supreme Law of absolute Justice.

May their sins not be a trap for their soul.

Give them, Lord, the chance to continue their evolution by sending them to earth with better life circumstances.

Receive, O Lord, our grateful prayer".


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