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Whatever your circumstances, rest assured that they are the most favourable for your current development; if you are grateful and consciously learn profitable lessons from them, you will reach the goal assigned to you for this life. The follower of the New Life therefore undertakes intense work on his mind, heart and character, so as to free himself from discontent. Always in a state of contentment, he gleans a lesson from everything- he neither judges nor is indignant at the evil he encounters.

The disciple will be subjected to tough trials in order to fortify his character and awaken his awareness. A life without trials is for slumbering souls.

Only tljrough trials and tribulations does one come to understand the true nature of love, faith and hope. Only in this way does one understand that love is stronger than lack of love, than hell and death; that faith is stronger than doubt; that hope is stronger than despair; that good is stronger than evil.

You will all encounter difficulties, which must be faced with patience and kindness. This is the rule of universal love.

Be patient, have faith, work with love, and help will come to you, from within and without.


Have unshakeable faith: "Such is the will of God, who is pure Love and Wisdom; everything is for the best". Such an attitude resolves all difficulties, enabling a negative situation to be transformed into a positive one, leading to strength of soul, freedom in thoughts, and the faculty of constant self-perfection.

If you are uneasy and disturbed, you will regain your peace by saying: "I live in a world of perfect harmony. I am surrounded by intelligent and elevated Beings from the higher world, who are constantly ready to assist me".

"In God, everything is possible; and I who live in Him can achieve everything with His Wisdom".

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