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ADDENDA: Further Prayers and Reflections The Way of Life

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Further Prayers and Reflections

The Way of Life


O Lord, our God and Saviour, Source of every power and refuge, of every Truth and Love, of every state and law, fountain of all blessings in our life,

Send us Thy kind Spirit to guide and sustain us in the Way of Life, enlighten our minds and hearts, give us strength to do Thy Will.

Forgive our sins we confess to Thee, which estranged us from Thy Fatherly Love. Blot them out of Thy book of remembrances and grant us the Peace of Thy Spirit.

Make Thy Face to shine upon us that we may be the image of Thy Love, heralds of Thy Truth and servers of Thy Righteousness.

Bless this nation in which we live, bless our brothers and sisters with whom we work, bless all mothers and fathers who do Thy Will, hear the voice of all sufferers on the face of the earth and bless them.

Bless our Master who leads us in Thy Path. Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, blessed is Thy Name for eternity, for Thou art the Way, the Truth and the Life; there is no other God but Thee. Thou art the only One. Amen.

In the Name of God's Love,
In the Name of God's Wisdom,
In the Name of God's Truth,
In which we live and move and have our being,
And with the power of God's Living Word with which we act,
May all evil thoughts, intentions and powers
To obstruct our course be dispersed and destroyed.


I am in harmony with Living Nature,
May the blessing of God flow through me.


May the Peace of God and the Blessing of God
Encompass and enfold the Whole Earth.


May I love as God loves, May I sing as God sings, May the Kingdom of God come on earth,
May I be a bearer of His Light.


Be always faithful, true, pure and gentle,
And the God of Peace will fill your heart with all goodness.


My heart is warm, my soul is fresh, My mind is light, my spirit is strong, Because I live in the Infinite Changeless Love of God.



May God be glorified in the White Brotherhood, and may the White Brothers be glorified in the Love of God.


Note: The short formulas in this booklet should be pronounced three times, inwardly or outwardly.

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