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In the history of the Earth there are auspicious times for transforming planetary life and consciousness (both individual and collective)—for transforming both human society and Nature. During certain cosmic cycles on Earth, conditions emerge for great spiritual impulses to arise and give an impetus to the progress of humankind for thousands of years to come. Such impetuses reveal the Divine Plan in new and unique ways and manifest through major positive changes in Intelligent Nature.


Epochal events arise that, both individually and collectively, bring the Message of Spirit, transmitting Power and Life and inspiring positive changes everywhere. In this way, the Divine Word transforms the world through the mystery of merging the Divine with the human and creating Heaven on Earth. 


Thus, 1914 was a memorable year marking the beginning of a New Epoch on Earth, when the Master Beinsa Duno made the following announcement in his greeting to the representatives of the Brotherhood of Light in Bulgaria:


I greet you and welcome you on behalf of all our spiritual Friends. I welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This meeting is the first of its kind in this New Epoch. You are in the New Testament, in a new epoch.


You have taken the first step in this coming New Era of the future progress of humankind. And if you are able to make use of the Heavenly Knowledge given to you now, then you will benefit. It is necessary for you to connect with the Christ-consciousness within yourselves and it is your assignment to find a way to do this.


In his talk on the day of the Spring Equinox celebration on the 9th (22nd)[1] of March 1914, the Master announced the beginning of the New Epoch with the following words: “The majority of people do not realize the importance of this day. However, it will remain memorable for many, because today marks the end of one epoch and the beginning of another—a new one.” This is the salvation that the Divine Spirit manifests within the souls of all people—salvation leading to a new creative boost and meaningful exchange within the forces of Living Nature because “today is the beginning of a new epoch in the Divine World.” The important sign of this New Epoch is Freedom. This is why, ever since 1914, the 22nd of March has been celebrated as a festival by the followers of the Brotherhood of Light throughout the world.


The year 1914 is also related to an awakening of Christ consciousness in human souls—a personal initiation into the mysteries of creation to everyone who is awake to the Word of Life.


On the 16th (29th) of March the Master Beinsa Duno delivered the Sunday lecture, “Behold the Man” (the first to be officially taken down in short-hand), marking the beginning of the manifestation of the Christ Light as an inner Light in human beings. 


The year 1914 also marked the transformation of Petar Danov into a Teacher of the Brotherhood of Lightan event that signaled our awakening into the greatness of Spirit and moving toward the New Culture. To come to know the “Teacher within” means to come to know the Divine Spark within us, which awakens our inner knowledge and sacred awareness of Divine Life.


In the coming New Epoch human consciousness will be expanding and growing, and there will be created on planet Earth a new culture based on Truth, Wisdom, and Goodnessthe Culture of Love.




[1] The dates outside of the parenthesis are according to the Julian calendar, while these inside them refer to the Gregorian, the new international standard.

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