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Greetings to All for the New Year 1914


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Greetings to All for the New Year 1914


“While you have the Light, believe in the Light,

that you may become sons of Light.”[1]

John 12:36


Divine Light is for the soul what the light of the Sun is for the body. Nourishment, growth, and the development of the physical body are unthinkable without the light of the Sun. In the same way it is impossible for the soul to grow, develop, and give fruit without Divine Light. As the Sun is the source of visible light, so God is the source of inner Light for the soul.


In the same way the sunshine is an emanation of the Sun, though not the Sun itself, the inner Light is an emanation of God, but not God Himself. The solar light reminds us of the Sun, while the inner Light leads us to God. On a cloudy day it is difficult to immediately locate the Sun when the sky is overcast. But we can still do this by using our knowledge and experience: based on the hour of the day and time of the year we can judge approximately the actual position of the Sun.  After that, if we focus our attention in that direction, we will perhaps see a brighter light and thus, we begin to perceive the Sun in the sky, even through the darkness. In the same way, when we have the Divine Light within ourselves sent by God, with similar efforts, using our experience and knowledge, we could and should search for God.


When a child is born, the parents provide all the necessary conditions for the child’s future growth and physical development. Similarly, inner Light, which is necessary for the development and growth of souls, is given to human beings at birth.


Good conditions are necessary for us to fulfill our desire to go to Heaven. Such conditions enhance the spiritual cleansing and advancement of the soul. Heaven is a place for souls that are spiritually mature, purified, and adorned in “wedding gowns.” To be “sons of Light” means to be given good conditions in life and to use them, and to make good use of the Light given for our spiritual progress. The work with the Light is a process of purifying the soul and bringing it to fruition.


The light of the Sun provides the necessary conditions for plants to feed on earthly saps and transform them into nourishment in the leaves of the plant. This in turn, enables the plants to grow and bear fruit.  Our soul, too, is like a plant that needs to bear fruit. Through the heart it puts forth roots into the physical world: these roots are our desires. Thoughts and desires are the saps that make the soul grow, giving it the opportunity of bearing good fruits. We can become good through our thoughts and desires. However, our thoughts and feelings become valuable only when they come together and are manifested in unity. If they come to realization, we say that our soul did bear fruit by using the soil or conditions it was given. In the same way as solar Light is vital for transforming the saps into building elements important for the plant’s growth and fruit-bearing, Divine Light ensures the transformation of our thoughts and desires into good deeds, fruits of the soul. To be Sons of Light means to make use of the Light, to utilize the God-given conditions of living and to bear spiritual fruit through the Light.


As sons of Light we all have individual relations to the Source of Light: God. At different times God gives us different conditions for development. And each soul understands its close relationship with God differently, according to the conditions for developing and improving in which God, as our Guide, places us at any given moment.


We need to be saved in order to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Salvation itself is not enough, unless we can make use of it. Salvation means that God saves us from unfavorable conditions in which we cannot progress, and places us in different conditions where our soul, mind, and heart can evolve further. When we free someone from prison, we take them out of the conditions that were hindering and paralyzing their development and place them in more favorable conditions. However, those who are saved need to use the new conditions and continue to improve themselves and gain knowledge and experience. Otherwise, in spite of their favorable conditions, they would not develop; they would not progress even with the salvation they have been given. In this respect, we, who have been saved by Jesus Christ are relieved of unfavorable conditions obstructing our progress, and are placed in new conditions of Divine Light and Grace, which we should use for our development and improvement.


Liberation leads to freedom. A person who is liberated from prison is delivered into freedom. We, too, who are saved by Jesus Christ, are freed through Christ-consciousness.


True life is hidden in every one of us—in our soul that is connected with the Source of Life, since the Creator Himself has breathed this living soul into us. It is this hidden life, this Divine Spark in us that is constantly indignant, sighing, dissatisfied, and yearning for something different and higher. This hidden life is the impetus behind any progress; it is the driving force moving us forward in our evolution.


When the Divine spark finds itself in conditions that obstruct its manifestation and natural growth, it is not free. And vice versa: freedom is that moment when the powerful hidden, spiritual life is taken out of the limiting situation and is placed in conditions that are favorable for its development and manifestation. Hence, freedom comes as a result of salvation. Those who are not saved are not free. And vice versa: if someone has inner freedom and experiences his soul connected with the Creator and the Soul of all people in the world without feeling any hindrance to that oneness, this person is saved. Wrongdoing is an obstacle to salvation as those caught up in sin are not free. Therefore, the Apostle Paul tells the Romans that when we are saved, we have been set free from sin.[2]


There are certain signs that indicate whether we are free or not.  These signs are our sufferings, which signal that our life needs to enter into new conditions of existence. When we enter into a period of favorable conditions, sufferings are not felt. For example, Angels are free; they have favorable conditions for the manifestation of their inner life. Saints are not slaves of the conditions they find themselves in; they have not complained or experienced sufferings, because their spiritual life has been more thoroughly manifested and raised into the higher conditions of the Divine atmosphere, where they are free. Therefore, if we suffer, we need to attune our inner life to higher vibrations. If we raise and intensify our inner life, if we connect with the mighty Elevated Light Beings, we will be free, and we will not suffer any more. This means that we will be sons of Light, as we have made good use of the conditions we have been given.


Those who are sons of Light profit from both the light and the dark side of life. In other words, they are able to utilize for their uplifting both happiness and sorrow, assistance as well as obstacles.


A teacher offers his students not only a smooth easy path with good conditions, but also with some obstacles to overcome. Favorable circumstances help in achieving knowledge, but limiting conditions and obstacles bring experience. Those who are free are not without obstacles in their path, but they easily overcome them and move forward, while those who are not free are hindered by the obstacles. Therefore, God, as a perfect Teacher, gives His children challenges that they need to overcome. Only then will they become free and strong.


Often we complain about our sufferings, and have negative thoughts and desires. This is not helpful, as sufferings provide the conditions for the soul to grow and mature, or, more precisely, for its fruits to ripen. Our Heavenly Father has given us such challenges for us to overcome and conquer, to turn them into our servants instead of our masters, and in this way to become worthy, mighty in Good and rich in Spirit.  It cannot be otherwise because “from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”[3] And this violence is a struggle, “for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.”[4]


Hence, when we “wrestle against the rulers of darkness of this age” we are sons of Light and we will receive help from Heaven. Therefore, we should seek only this help and be prepared to “put on the whole armor of God”[5]: the belt of Truth, the armor of Justice, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit, Divine Words, and to pray with all our heart and soul at all times.


And so, if we want to be sons of Light, we need to use all the situations of life—good or bad, favorable or otherwise—in which we find ourselves at any given moment and, by using them for our growth, we will free ourselves from those that are unfavorable, in other words, we will become free. In this way, through our experience and with the knowledge we gain, we will find God, the Source of Light. Thus, the sons of Light become joyful, do not despair in their souls, attain a Divine balance within themselves and introduce it into the world.


In human relationships and activities there are two kinds of law. The first category includes laws of a mechanical nature that have two aspects: addition and subtraction. The second category includes Laws of a Divine nature whose two aspects are multiplication and division.


Wrongdoing is always followed by activities of the first category. For example, Adam and Eve came together; they added themselves through the fruit and also through the serpent. Thus, they displayed disobedience and pride, so God chased them out of Heaven. Another example is women gathering together to bring bad on themselves by gossiping and criticizing people. In so doing, they display the shortcomings not only of others, but also of themselves.


The rich man in the Scriptures made a granary and gathered his grain without making use of it in a Divine way. For this reason, God took his soul that same night. Diamonds are expensive and lustrous—a sign of having achieved the crown of worldly living. Yet, although they can accumulate and refract the sun's rays, they are totally unable to amplify them. The grain of wheat is modest and inexpensive, but when sown in the ground, it multiplies. Such is the spiritual person. The good and faithful servant multiplies the talents of his master[6], thus fulfilling the Divine Law. The seed sown in good ground multiplies 30, 60, or 100-fold.[7] When God created the first human beings, He commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply.”[8]


You should multiply any talents and gifts you have. The wife should see in her husband only his good qualities, which she should try to multiply. As a result, the husband will begin to confide in her his feelings, his thankfulness, and to share with her his endeavors. Thus, he will give back what he has received from his wife, and he will love, appreciate, and support her. The husband should behave in the same way. If one sees shortcomings in the other, it is better not to display them to others, but to try to transform them into good traits and when they become such, to multiply them.


It is said in the Scripture that the Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven and a mustard seed[9], which means, that when the elements of this Kingdom enter the human soul and spirit, they will multiply. In this way God will share His Kingdom with them.


From this point of view, when it is said that we should be sons of Light, this implies expansion and multiplication; it implies making appropriate use of all conditions in which we find ourselves for the good of ourselves and of our neighbors.


As the reproduction of plants and animals is possible only through physical light, so the multiplication of human deeds according to Divine Law is possible only through Divine Light. The sons of Light are required to be like grains of wheat multiplying, not glowing on the outside like diamonds, which do not grow and remain fruitless. Fruitlessness is death; the fruitless fig tree was condemned and removed.[10] Each branch of the grapevine that does not bear fruit and does not multiply, is removed, but the fruit-bearing trees are pruned to give more fruit.[11]


Therefore, let us sow seeds of Love and Joy so that Peace will start growing in our minds. Let us sow the seeds of long-suffering and kindness so that the fruit of compassion will start growing in our hearts. Let us sow the seeds of faith and gentleness so that the fruit of self-mastery will grow in our lives. In this way, the fullness of life will be manifested, our hearts will become ennobled, our minds will become brighter, our love will blossom, and true happiness will be achieved.


This is the ascending path of God for the individual, society, and humankind.


Only in this way, from the Bulgarian crown of thorns will the great blessing of all Balkan and Slavonic nations be braided. Only in this way will the oneness of all nations be achieved.


 Message from the Master Beinsa Duno delivered during his stay in Veliko Tarnovo (from November 4, 1913 until the first days of January 1914).



[1] All quotes from the Holy Bible, which are used in this book, are taken from the New King James Version (NKJV).

[2] Romans: 6

[3] Matthew 11:12

[4] Ephesians 6:12

[5] Ephesians 6:11

[6] Matthew 25:14–30

[7] Mark 4:20

[8] Genesis 1:28

[9] Matthew 13:31–33

[10] Mark 11:14

[11] John 15:2

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