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The Spring Equinox Celebration


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The Spring Equinox Celebration


“Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. 

He is not here; for He is risen...”

Matthew 28:5–6[1]


         Many people have no idea of the importance of this date: the Day of the spring equinox in 1914, but it will remain memorable in the history of the Earth because it marks the transition between two cosmic cycles, the ending of the old epoch and the beginning of a new one.


You may ask, “What is so special about this?” It is similar to when a famous composer and musicians present a great new concert, but the majority of people are away at work or elsewhere. Some people in the audience will simply express their admiration, while for those who are knowledgeable music lovers this would be remarkable event and a day to remember.


In Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast, when those invited to the wedding of the king’s son were not willing to come, the king told his servants, “Go into the highways, and as many as you find, invite to the wedding.”[2] (We are those invited.). Then when the invited guests were not dressed for the occasion, the Master of the wedding ceremony provided them with wedding garments.


The most important experience for the soul is the awakening of one’s consciousness, which can be compared to ascension in consciousness. As one recognizes an apple or pear by tasting it, the same is true when one awakens or ascends in consciousness.


Everything that we think and feel is not the true unchangeable life because our mundane life is constantly changing. We have three instruments of perception that could be unreliable and mislead us: taste, heart, and mind. Taste can mislead us into overeating, and then we get stomach problems as a result. With our heart we love our fellowmen and occasionally some of them could cause us heartache. Our mind misleads us into various desires and thus causes us problems and suffering. However, the stomach, soul, and spirit are our genuine, unchangeable guides. If taste does not mislead the stomach, it will receive as much food as it needs. The soul shows us our true friends and warns us when we have listened to our heart and chosen unfaithful friends as the following tale illustrates.


Two friends were walking through a forest when a bear appeared. The first one immediately climbed a tree. The other, as he did not have time to do the same, lay flat on his stomach on the ground without moving. The bear came close, sniffed him, and thinking him dead, continued on her way. The first man, after coming down from the tree, asked his companion: “What did the bear whisper in your ear?”


“She told me in future not to travel with a ‘friend’ who would abandon me when danger comes along.”


Such a “friend” is chosen by our heart without consulting our soul.  People also harm themselves because they become absorbed in satisfying their mind without consulting their Spirit. Taste acts as an agent of the stomach; mind is an agent of the spirit, and heart of the soul. We need to come to know Christ with our stomach, soul, and spirit. People usually perceive with their physical senses, while Christ uses His spiritual senses. Every physical sense should be in harmony with our inner spiritual senses. Christ would like to restore in us three things: the stomach, which creates the true living juices necessary for our existence; the soul, which is the “queen” of our body and represents a world in miniature; and the spirit, which creates in us positive thoughts.


The closer we come to God, the more we feel empowered, but if we distance ourselves, the reverse happens. There are two requirements for coming closer to God: equal acceptance of losses and gains, and equal acceptance of joys and sorrows. We need to walk with faith without discontent because we do not know what we will gain after a loss and what joy will come after a sorrow.


One day a daughter may attempt to teach her mother or a son his father, but how can such people teach others, when they have not first learned themselves. Christ showed us in His life on Earth that we need to accept with joy and gratitude whatever happens to us in life, as all is for good. When people say that they cannot bear their present situation, they are deceiving themselves because, if they ask for help, they will be able to do so. We should neither lie nor allow ourselves to be deceived, and then God will give us Divine Light.


Today is an auspicious Spiritual day. Light Beings from Above are present at this Celebration and the Heavenly Friends are greeting you. If someone does not believe this, the day will soon come when each and everyone will be able to verify and be convinced of the truth of my words.


Whoever has an ailing soul is always afraid and sees danger in everything.


Christ came to Earth to save us from wrongdoing.


People on Earth are always discontented and when they speak about this in Heaven, they describe us as “the complaining people on Earth.” God always wants to transform our discontent into contentment and joy.


Once a rich man dreamed that another wealthy person had decided to give away his riches in order to be free and dedicate himself to God. He loaded all his possessions on camels and started on his journey from village to village. The poor people came to him, some with cups, others with pots, taking parts of the wealth offered and then leaving. The first rich man told himself, “Let me get some as well, so that I can add it to my property and increase it.”  But when he asked, he was told that he would receive only by getting down on his stomach and having a chest placed over him that would be loaded until he would say, “Enough.” So, they started to load the chest, and loaded it, and loaded it, but the man remained silent. Finally when he said, “Enough”, he tried to get up, but could not because of all the weight.


 Our life consists, not in the possessions we have, but in our communion with God. Our present situation contains in itself the nucleus of the future. The Divine in us is microscopical at first, but it multiplies as the grain of wheat when sown multiplies many times in just a few years. One Divine thought sown in us will bring the highest happiness in time. Christ shall come, but how will He find us? Spring and summer will come, but how will they find the farmer?  If the farmer has sown the fields in time, he will make use of the gifts of springtime; he will harvest in the summer, and will fill his barns. However, if he has failed to sow, springtime passes by, summer comes and goes, but because he has lost the precious moment of sowing, they will leave him empty-handed.


A new Cosmic cycle starts today in the Divine World, so we need to ask ourselves how our names will be written in the New Book of Life?


When we suffer, we will receive Heavenly support. I feel sorry for those who will not have anyone to help them.


Until yesterday, we were told to go and preach to the people to repent, but, from now on, believers shall save themselves by faith and God will support them. However, saving oneself is the most difficult of all. If you find yourself in the midst of an ocean after a shipwreck, is it possible to save yourself by your own efforts alone? Even now Christ is our Savior with His Ship rescuing us one by one, and after He saves us, He will teach us about Justice and Love. Yet, in order to learn this, we need to uplift our spirit, upgrade our mind, and resurrect our body. Only then can we become masters of life. Until this happens, we cannot be citizens of Heaven.


Every day we abuse our body with our desires and sufferings. Our physical vessel is the scaffolding within which our true body is built—a Light body that will enable us to become visible or invisible as we choose. We can see Christ appear before us when we have pure thoughts and desires. According to Christ, both men and women are part of the Divine Plan; and when one of them falls, the other one is dragged down too; and when one of them rises, the other one is uplifted as well.


Christ is a Teacher Who shows us our errors in life in the same way as a school teacher marks the mistakes of the students in their exam papers after the exam, and grades them. All of you need to make efforts so that when Christ comes, He could find fewer mistakes in your notebooks and give you a higher grade. Just as the periods and commas in the students’ notebooks are very important, so they are important in your life too. Here and there the Lord stops us at our “commas” in life, but much more at our “periods,” as He wants us to reflect on what we have written so far, stopping to rest before continuing.  And when we have finished the story of our life, we should find some meaning in what has been inscribed and written.


A great person is one who loves and serves, not one who is being served. A servant’s position is the most menial in our world, but God considers it the most honorable. The Lord will implement the New Teaching on Service.


You need to become like seeds.


You should not be afraid! You should not fear the devil, but chase it away from you. If you think about evil, you create it and empower it. Women and men are not bad in essence, but the devil makes them such. Therefore, every morning a wife should see that her husband has become a little better than yesterday and the same is required by the husband to see some improvement in his wife. In this way and by singing, both of them will expel all negativity.


A stone is not placed on the road for us to stumble on it, but to teach us to be attentive. We are the cause of our sufferings.


Those who are balanced and keep their temper may be considered to have noble characters. Judge not one another, as any judgment is a kind of charge, and so we would be called to give evidence: and how unpleasant it would be to testify against someone in a Divine court—like accusing our brother or our sister and wanting them to be punished.


Let us raise our consciousness and keep in mind the image of today’s Divine Celebration in Heaven. Light Beings and Angels will descend to teach us acceptance and how to become content with what we have; and Christ will be with them too. With His blessings transformation may bring about a repair of our contemporary situation. However, if the situation is irreparable, a more dramatic transformation may occur, bringing down everything (like buildings with decayed foundations), and then Christ will begin His Holy Work anew. We should not be afraid of what is to come!


Christ is always above us and among us. We need to keep Christ in our souls; we need to open our hearts so that He can enter and bless us!



Lecture of Beinsa Duno held on 9th (22nd) of March 1914 (as written down by Ivan Garvalov).



[1] See also Matthew 28:1–20, Mark 16:12–20, Luke 24:19–53, and John 21:1–25.

[2] See also Matthew 22.

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