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Paneurhythmy, 2015


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Music, Ideas, Movements



Sofia, 2015


Paneurhythmy textbook, copyright 1996, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA First published in English in 1999 by Byalo Bratstvo Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria Second edition in English in 2004 by Byalo Bratstvo Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria

Compilation, translation, and presentation are by Ernestina Staleva and Antoaneta Krushevska.

The pictures of Yarmila Mentzlova and Maria Todorova illustrating the exercises are provided by the family Arlette and Jean-Louis Gobeau.

The pictures of Iglika Besson and Yavor Stoyanov demonstrating the movements, as well as other visual illustrations, are provided by Zhivko Stoilov.

Cover design: Zhivko Stoilov Diagrams: Vsevolod Yatsevich

Compilation of songs: Ivan Dzhedzhev and Ivo Bonev Instrumental arrangements: Todor Pappazov Interior book design: Zhivko Stoilov

Consultants: Svetla Baltova, Lyudmila Chervenkova, Georgi Petkov, Alexandar Stoychev, and Todor Papazov Editor: Sananjaleen June Hughes




This work is a collective effort to keep the living spirit of Beinsa Duno accessible to everyone. We would like to thank all disciples for preserving the teachings of Beinsa Duno for future generations.

Thanks to all other contributors for their help, support, and encouragement.


Copyright © 2015 by Byalo Bratstvo Publishers

All rights reserved.

Printed in Sofia, Bulgaria

ISBN 978-954-744-282-5


For more information about Beinsa Duno and available materials:











Excerpts from Talks of the Master on Paneurhythmy



The First Day Of Spring (The First 10 Exercises)

1. Awakening [Probuzhdane]

2. Reconciliation [Primirenie]

3. Giving [Davane]

4. Ascending [Vazlizane]

5. Elevating [Vdigane]

6. Opening [Otvaryane]

7. Liberation [Osvobozhdavane]

8. Clapping [Plyaskane]

9. Purifying [Chistene]

10. Flying [Letene]

11. Evera [Evera]

12. Jumping [Skachane]

13. Weaving [Takane]

14. Think [Misli]

15. Aum

16. The Sun Is Rising [Izgryava Slantseto]

17. Square [Kvadrat]

18. Beauty [Krasota]

19. Agility [Podvizhnost]

20. Overcoming [Pobezhdavane]

21.Joy of the Earth [Radostta na Zemyata]

22. Acquaintance [Zapoznavane]

23. Beautiful Day [Hubav den]

24. How Happy We Are [Kolko sme dovolni]

25. Step by Step [Stapka po stapka]

26. Early in the Morning [Na ranina]

27. Breathing [Dishane]

28. The Blessing [Promisal]


Principles of the Sun Rays

Description of the Movements of the Sun Rays


The Pentagram—Symbols and Meaning

Instructions for the Performance of the Pentagram




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“I am beyond time and space.

Only my body is with you.

Have you seen me? Do you know me?

My life manifests in a Higher Dimension.”

Beinsa Duno



The Master Beinsa Duno

Paneurhythmy at Izgrev


Amid the doubts, despair, conflicts, and chaos of our times, the presence of a Great Soul brings Light, dispelling the darkness. The spiritual Teacher Beinsa Duno gave knowledge of the coming of a New Culture based upon three principles: Love that brings Life, Wisdom that brings Light, and Truth that brings Freedom.

Beinsa Duno with a secular name of Petar Konstantinov Danov1 was born in the village of Nikolaevka in the Varna district of Bulgaria on July 11, 18642, fourteen years before Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Danov’s father was active in the movement for national revival and spiritual freedom. He was an enlightened priest who was the first to read the Gospel in Bulgarian instead of Greek, as was the rule at that time.

Petar Danov obtained his secondary education in Bulgaria and his higher education in Theology and Medicine in the United States. He returned to his own country after an absence of seven years and engaged in systematic studies of the phrenology of Bulgarian people. It was to them that he presented the Divine Teaching of Love.

In 1900 the Master3 summoned his first three disciples: Penyo Kirov, Todor Stoimenov, and Georgi Mirkovich, M.D., to a meeting in Varna in July. It was the First Gathering of the Brotherhood of Light, which he called: meeting of the Chain.

After moving to Sofia in 1906, he began delivering talks, sharing the Teaching. When Beinsa Duno gave these talks, he lived in one of the poor outlying quarters of Sofia. He had a basement for a dining room and a small room above it where he used to speak sitting at a simple table. The room was full when he spoke, and the window was open so that the people filling the front yard could hear him as well. They were there, listening even when it snowed. One woman who was in attendance stood enraptured in his words, and when the lecture was over, she could not lift her feet from the ground, for the heels of her shoes had frozen.

At that time, one of Beinsa Duno‘s devoted disciples described his outward appearance as follows: “A man of average stature, about fifty years of age, with slightly graying hair, gentle eyes, composed, quiet, and with a profound expression on his face. His calm was conveyed to me. He seemed to emanate some unearthly purity.

He never called the Word he gave us his own. Since then I have seen, understood, and known what humility means!”

On March 29, 1914, the Master began to give regular Sunday lectures to the general public in Sofia. “Behold the Man!”—Beinsa Duno used this profound phrase from the Bible as an opening. These lectures were recorded in short-hand by his stenographer disciples and published in the series called Sila i Zhivot [Power and Life]. They present the fundamental principles of the Teaching he brought, marking the coming of a new cosmic cycle known as the Age of Aquarius. In the words of the Master: “The entire Solar System has entered a new sphere of Spirit. Until this time, Earth has been in a decline, but is now on the path of ascension.”

Eventually, his followers grew to include many thousands in Bulgaria and abroad. In 1927, a settlement called “Izgrev” [Sunrise] was established near Sofia (today a residential area of the city) as an intentional spiritual center. He settled permanently at Izgrev, where he talked on various subjects in a specially built hall. The Master established a school which, for the first time, offered an esoteric studies class for youth, a general esoteric class for adult disciples as well as Sunday morning lectures at 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., which were open to the public.

Music held a special place in the life of the community. The Master was a great musician and composer who created many spiritual songs and melodies that he would play for his followers on his violin. Playing musical instruments and singing was an integral part of the community’s daily activities. He also introduced the Paneurhythmy as a method for spiritual development and continued evolution of humankind. Paneurhythmy is a system of gentle meditative movements set to music and performed outdoors during the spring and summer months. The Master encouraged people to perform Paneurhythmy and to exercise in the mountains, where the cosmic forces may be received in their purest state.

The Master never failed to address the ordinary things in life. In his lectures, a special place was devoted to nutrition, the causes of disease, the function of marriage and parenthood, and the education of the coming generation. As he lived during the time of the First and Second World Wars, the Master would explain the causes of those events and offer methods for avoiding further destruction.

A total of 184 books containing his lectures and musical works were published between 1896 and 1948. His lectures and talks represent the work of half a century.

It is remarkable that these lectures, which were held so long ago, bear all the features of contemporary presentation. They begin in a simple and clear manner with a fundamental concept and then expand into large waves that touch and awaken one’s higher self.

In the Master’s words:

“From now on, we need to connect our minds and hearts with those of all people on Earth because salvation lies within our common prayers. There is a Supreme Consciousness which interconnects the consciousness of all people and, in this manner, creates an inner intimate connection among them. This Consciousness is a Candle in which all things are illuminated and manifest their true meaning—the meaning they inherently possess.”

The Master also said:

“There are souls in the world who want to grow and live with awakened, higher consciousness. It is for them that great Masters come down to Earth. They are also helped by all loving and enlightened Beings who are working in the world.”

The Master ended his earthly path on December 27, 1944, Sofia.


1 The names of the Master are given according to the currently used European ISO 9 system for transliteration of the Cyrillic characters into Latin ones. You can see the same names given differently in other publications and references: Beinsa Douno—Peter Deunov/Dunow/Dunoff.

2 This is according to the Gregorian calendar for the 19th century (June 29 by the Julian calendar— Saint Peter’s day).

3 The Bulgarian word for Master is Uchitel which means Teacher of Divine Wisdom.


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The paneurhythmy movements, introduced by the spiritual Master Beinsa Duno, are simple, gentle, and can be practiced by everyone regardless of age and belief system. These exercises work on all levels of our wellbeing by promoting health and joy, bringing us into contact with the vital forces of Nature—those energies that give balance and harmony.

This book contains the spoken Teachings of the Master Beinsa Duno on the inner meaning of the paneurhythmy movements and a detailed description of the entire three movement sequences of Paneurhythmy itself: the 28 Exercises, the Sun Rays, and the Pentagram.The first part focuses on processing the earthly energies and takes approximately 45 minutes with recorded music. Timing is more flexible when there are live musicians. In the 2nd part (approximately 10 minutes) we become part of the Sun Rhythm; and the triumphantly glorious music of the 3rd part (approximately 10 minutes) brings awareness of being part of the Cosmos.

This edition has a documentary character and includes the description of the paneurhythmy exercises as presented by recognized authorities on them and reflects the tradition and generally accepted performance of the exercises in Bulgaria—the “living Paneurhythmy.”

General guidelines for each part are based on lectures and talks of the Master and books on Paneurhythmy. (1-8)4

The first part of Paneurhythmy is based on the description given by three sisters who were taught by the Master in person: Maria Todorova, Elena Andreeva, and Katya Griva—the last participating mostly as a consultant. Part of the team is also Yarmila Mentzlova who, as a ballet dancer and choreographer, played a significant role in presenting the exercises in the most suitable manner. This description of the 28 exercises prepared by these first teachers, known as the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters,” has existed for a long time only as a sheet copy reproduced and handed to people. (9) Their description was used in later publications. (8, 10)

The description of the second part of Paneurhythmy: the “Sun Rays”—is based on the only original known so far, published in 1942. (11) The impression that Vesela Nestorova has compiled this description was clarified by her that she is the author only of the lyrics to the music, but not of the rest of the book.

The third part—the “Pentagram” is based on the description of the movements in the book published in 1938. (12) Additional sources providing more detailed description of the movements, explanation on the meaning and symbols of the Pentagram are also used. (8, 13-20)

In places where the original descriptions are unclear or incomplete, additional explanations are included. These additions are minimal and are not in contradiction with the authentic description.

This English edition includes, for the first time, pictures of Yarmila Mentzlova and Maria Todorova demonstrating the exercises as described in the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters.” (21) The existence of these pictures was known and finally, thanks to the family Gobeau from France, recently became available. On the back of some pictures Yarmila Mentzlova herself made notes which are included with their corresponding pictures.

The publication of 1941, which includes both music and lyrics for the exercises, is used for the songs of the Paneurhythmy. (22) Exceptions are the exercises 18, 19, and 24 that are given in the original keys written for two violins. (12) According to professional musicians, who have been playing Paneurhythmy for many years, these three exercises have been always performed in these keys.

The original lyrics in Bulgarian are by Olga Slavcheva and Vesela Nestorova.The text of the songs Think, Aum, and The Sun Is Rising in Part I, and the Idyll in Part II are given by the Master: some of the words are in Bulgarian, and others are from an ancient sacred language.

The written description of the exercises cannot give a complete and clear idea of the movements. It is necessary to participate in the “living Paneurhythmy,” in other words, to join the groups performing these exercises all over the world.



4 See the list of cited works in the Bibliography.


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The Master Beinsa Duno began to introduce the first ideas of Paneurhythmy in 1922 in the form of songs and movements, which later became the foundation of these exercises. The process became more systematic in 1927 and after some interruption, continued in the early thirties. A description of these exercises was published in 1933 by an unknown author under the title Nay-novite gimnasticheski muzikalni uprazhnenia [The newest callisthenic musical exercises]. (23) In this publication some of the movements were given with variations, which were eventually discarded as new elements were added.


The Master performs Paneurhythmy at Izgrev.


This brief historic review indicates that the Paneurhythmy as we know it today is not a ready made, fixed system, but a living collective work in progress guided directly by the Master Beinsa Duno. He was observing how every single detail was received, and how ready people were for the specific elements of the exercises. In this way, the exercises were tested in practice and modified for achieving the best possible effect. Beinsa Duno was transforming the exercises and creating the Paneurhythmy with the assistance of some of his disciples.

Milka Periklieva (1908-1976), a kindergarten teacher, after receiving permission from the Master, prepared a description of the first 28 exercises of the Paneurhythmy. She finished this work around 1936, unfortunately alone, without consulting anyone. Later, Boyan Boev (1883-1963) added a text on the Principles of the Paneurhythmy and the finalized book was published in 1938. (12) This addition often led to the incorrect assumption that the entire book was prepared by him. To correctly present the movements of the exercises was not an easy task, however. The lack of choreographic knowledge can explain why the descriptions were incomplete, often imprecise, and sometimes inaccurate. Nevertheless, the work of Milka Periklieva as a foundation for further publications is really valuable and highly appreciated.

Elena Andreeva (1899-1990), one of the three stenographers of the Master Beinsa Duno, shared in Izgrevat na Byaloto Bratstvo pee i sviri, uchi i zhivee [The “Sunrise” of the Brotherhood of Light sings and plays, studies and lives], v. 1:

“The Master gave the exercises gradually, one by one. The process was the following: Firstly we, namely 5-6 sisters, were learning the movements directly from the Master in the Izgrev hall. Afterward, our group taught these exercises to the others. At the end, we went to the clearing outside and put all the exercises together. Usually the Master was sitting on a chair or bench observing us. At times he would arise to demonstrate some movements and then observe us again. When the exercises were arranged as a whole, the Paneurhythmy was organized by Boyan Boev under the guidance of the Master.

“Katya Griva (1902-1974) knew the exercises the best. She had learned them directly from the Master and then taught them to the rest of us. The Master was also showing the exercises to that group of 5-6 sisters and Katya was also one of them. There was great enthusiasm and zeal in learning and performing them. I was assigned to write the explanation of the exercises. (24:552/646)



The Master performs Paneurhythmy at the summer

camp in the Rila Mountains.


“Obviously, the development of the Paneurhythmy passed through many stages. The most exciting time was when the Master himself was showing the individual exercises in the hall. There, in the hall, were Katya Griva and few other sisters learning the movements from him. The Master also used a different approach: when listening to the melody being played, the sisters had to make their own choice for the best corresponding movements. In this way the Master was encouraging them to be creative. After a few of their attempts, the Master would then show the exercise as it should be performed. The Master also used another similar approach: he showed the exercise, but not its completion and the sisters were to find the final pieces. After they had offered their versions of the last part of the exercise, the Master gave them the final correct movements and then the whole finished exercise was studied and written down.” (24:555/649)

There were many reasons why the Paneurhythmy was not performed in total harmony, especially after the departure of the Master Beinsa Duno in 1944; and many of the participants were making mistakes.

Maria Todorova (1898-1976), one of the sisters involved in the process of Paneurhythmy, reminiscences:

“Years passed. For us the Paneurhythmy was a celebration of the soul. The circles at Izgrev and in the Rila Mountains—we thought that this would last forever. One day the Master asked a sister to come and see him. Her name is Yarmila, Czech by birth. She had grown up in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was a ballet dancer and choreographer at that time. Yarmila went to the Master and he told her in the presence of a few other sisters, ‘Sister, you need to correct the paneurhythmy exercises.’ With this, the Master intended to say that she should describe them properly because they were not being performed entirely correctly. ‘But Master, I am not sure I can do that.’ ‘You can. We will send you helpers for that.’ These words of the Master remained deep in our minds and all those who were present remembered them. The Master departed from the Earth. Some time passed. Once while performing the paneurhythmy exercises an argument occurred. We stopped and looked at each other. We saw that some were making mistakes, but so were the others. We found that everyone was performing the Paneurhythmy according to what they felt was correct. In fact, the brothers and sisters did not know them very well—they had not learned them properly. Many years had passed since the time when each exercise had been learned separately and in the presence of the Master. Later on, newcomers were joining the circle and were repeating the movements of those in front of them. And that was how the differences came to be. Then we remembered the task assigned by the Master to Yarmila. Also in 1938, a book ‘Paneurhythmy’ was published. But the exercises given in it were not correctly and clearly described for beginners. It was confusing even to us. At that time we did not want to hurt the compiler, Boyan Boev. But now, after the Master’s departure, it was necessary to do something in order to perform the Paneurhythmy in a uniform way. The goal of Paneurhythmy is harmony in thoughts, feelings, and actions, is not it? Then I (Maria Todorova) invited Elena Andreeva and Yarmila Mentzlova, and we decided to start fulfilling the assignment of the Master. Yarmila as a ballet dancer knew how to describe movements precisely and in detail. However, we discovered that she did not know the exercises very well. Then we, Maria Todorova and Elena Andreeva, began to show them to Yarmila. We included also a young sister, Magdalena Ivanova Petrova, to serve as a model demonstrating the exercises. She performed them and we watched, making comments on each exercise—how it should be performed and how to properly describe it. In such manner we worked for a few months and finished this very important work for Paneurhythmy. Then we prepared a Protocol signed by Maria Todorova, Elena Andreeva, and Yarmila Mentzlova. Each one of us received a copy of the text with a description of the exercises. The photographer, Vasko Iskrenov took photos of the performance of each exercise, which I did with Yarmila. With each exercise we posed in a position characteristic for that movement and in such way the photographer took photos of about 80 poses. Afterward he prepared the numbered pictures. A new detailed text with descriptions and explanations of each exercise was prepared to help with the process of learning Paneurhythmy. Thanks to the pictures and the detailed description, we were sure that the problems related to Paneurhythmy would be solved. We were relieved that we three had finished the assignment left by the Master as it should be.” (24:213-214/246-247)

Katya Griva also participated as a consultant in the description of the 28 paneurhythmy exercises given by the three sisters, as did some other sisters. Katya Griva’s participation in the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters” was very valuable.

Another clarification on this subject is that the basic text of the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters” was created in the period 1946-1947. Afterward, the authors made some small additions and clarifications to the descriptions of the exercises in the years 1954-1955 which led to the existence of two texts of the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters.” (9)

Maria Todorova also shared:

“In 1934 the Master called and asked the poetess, Olga Slavcheva (1894-1967), ‘Sister, would you write the lyrics for our exercises?’ Olga was not sure whether she could get the lyrics in synchrony with the melodies without losing the rhythm. The Master smiled and said, We will help you. We will send you a Being [Asavita] to inspire you in writing the lyrics and to give you the words for each exercise.’” (24:210/243)

In 1935 Olga Slavcheva, under the pen name of Asineta, published a small book “Paneurhythmy” presenting the lyrics of the exercises introduced so far, including the Pentagram and three others of the Master’s songs. (25)

Regarding the 2nd part of the Paneurhythmy, Elena Andreeva shared in her reminiscences (24:554/648):

“The ‘Sun Rays’ were given in 1942. When all gathered after work at Izgrev in the clearing outside, a huge electric lamp was lit and the exercises were given one after the other. At the end they were assembled, their description was written down, and together with the music given by the Master Beinsa Duno, and the lyrics written by Vesela Nestorova5, Paneurhythmy at Izgrev: the “Sun Rays” a separate book Slanchevi lachimuzika, dvizheniya i govor ot Uchitelya [The Sun Rays. Music, movements, and words by the Master] was published in 1942. (11) Elena Andreeva continued:



Paneurhythmy at Izgrev: the “Sun Rays”


“There are pictures preserved of how we were learning the Paneurhythmy. While dancing, we were moving in a circle and the Master was sitting in a chair. Other pictures show how the Master was demonstrating the movements and we were moving behind him, repeating the movements. Sometimes the Master demonstrated the exercise to someone, who then passed it on to us; so, we performed and the Master observed. He did not correct us personally, but let us correct ourselves. His approach was very delicate and gentle. The whole Paneurhythmy was finished and put together in 1942.” (24:554/648)

Maria Todorova also shared some profound words of the Master:

“The Celestial Paneurhythmy has not been given to us yet. It is performed Above, in the Invisible World. It serves as an ideal for the human soul and spirit. Through it, the human soul and spirit can come in communion and harmony with the World beyond. It will be brought to Earth when the new humankind comes. The new human being will have a different body—a spiritual one. With the present physical bodies you cannot withstand the vibrations of the Celestial Paneurhythmy. The Paneurhythmy as we perform it is a Paneurhythmy of the human soul and spirit that have descended to Earth. And the other, the Celestial Paneurhythmy, is for the human spirit and soul Above abiding in the Invisible World, and searching for communion with God. We are searching for communion with God with our Paneurhythmy and the inhabitants of the Invisible World are searching for communion with God with their Paneurhythmy. When humankind unites, when the human being becomes an awakened soul and a living creative spirit, then the Celestial Paneurhythmy will be introduced onto the Earth. However, many years and centuries, in fact thousands of summers will pass until then. (24:210/242)

In spite of the difficulties faced by the followers of Beinsa Duno in the years following his departure, the Teaching was kept alive. The Paneurhythmy and the Word he spoke were passed on not only in Bulgaria, but also in other countries thanks to the disciples Mihail Ivanov (Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov) (1900-1986) and Yarmila Mentzlova (1907-1983) in France; Anina Bertoli (1912-1989) in France and Italy; Jorge Kurteff (1916-2003) in Argentina; Veselin Dimitrov (1928-2008) in Macedonia; Viola Bowman (1911-2002) and Ernestina (Erna) Staleva (1914-2005) in the United States. The latter became my teacher when I came to the same area in Massachusetts where she lived. Erna had received a text copy of the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters” from Elena Andreeva with whom she had a close relationship and long years of correspondence. Based on this text, Erna prepared in 1993 a handout book in English describing the first 28 exercises (copyrighted later in the Library of Congress, USA). (26) I had the opportunity to dance also with Viola Bowman and Vesela Nestorova when Vesela visited the USA in 1992 and stayed at Erna’s home. These three performed the exercises as they remembered them from the time with the Master at Izgrev and similarly to the generally established practice in Bulgaria today. In 1983 Viola Bowman and Erna Staleva recorded a film where they demonstrated the 28 paneurhythmy exercises. In this film and also with her groups, Viola Bowman performed some of the movements differently to how she had presented them in her book on Paneurhythmy. (27) When I asked her about these discrepancies, she replied that as she had a great respect toward Boyan Boev and accepted him as the sole author of the 1938 publication on Paneurhythmy, she had just translated the descriptions from that book into English. Later, in a letter published in volume 8 of “Izgrevat” na Byaloto Bratstvo pee i sviri, uchi i zhivee she pointed out, “The First Day of Spring is one whole cycle and as such it is important to start it with the right foot. However, by following the music some movements start with the left foot, which is also correct.” (28:528) While working with Erna on the translation of the Master’s words, I was also involved in the preparation of a book about Paneurhythmy which included all three parts. The first 28 exercises in the book were based on the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters” and Erna’s reminiscences. In the process of comparing various sources I asked Erna, who was a close friend of Yarmila Mentzlova, why there were some differences between the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters” and the book she (Yarmila) published in 1984 in France. (29) Erna told me that before the publication of this book Yarmila persistently invited her to come to France and help with the description of the exercises; she felt she needed support in that task. As Yarmila wrote in her letter from Veynes, France, on March 29, 1979, “We renew our invitation and are waiting for you with joy. When will you come? Come as soon as possible. Please, answer me soon.” And in her letter from June 28, 1979 she continued to insist, “You know that a person alone cannot do a lot for the Master. But if we are a team, we can ‘move a mountain’... And do not apologize to me if you are not coming, but to the Master... Do not postpone the Divine; do not miss this important occasion for coming together this summer.. .I wish that your coming this summer will be arranged, it is very important.” Unfortunately, Erna was not able to go and felt much remorse about that. Later Yarmila was influenced by other people visiting France to change some of the paneurhythmy descriptions in this assignment given to her by the Master. This is not an unusual happening as Erna and I faced something similar in 1999, when we prepared to publish our book on Paneurhythmy in Bulgaria. (30) For this to happen, we were requested to change the position of the arms and feet in the text of the exercise “The Sun Is Rising” at “Zun Mezun.” Erna was not happy about this as she remembered it differently. Yet, in order to preserve the harmony and allow the book to be published, she yielded in the end for sake of the book itself. Unfortunately, this resulted in a discrepancy between the changed descriptions of the movements and the corresponding drawings of the figures, which were from the “Paneurhythmy of the sisters.” However, Erna continued to perform and teach “Zun Mezun” as before. Fortunately, years later, thanks to some additional sources that became available and consulting disciples from the time of the Master, this particular change was corrected and the movement was restored to its original description, reflected in the 2004 edition of our book on Paneurhythmy.

All this shows that many factors have contributed to the existence of certain differences in the description and performance of some of the paneurhythmy movements. This in turn, led to discussions and publications on the various possible ways of performing the paneurhythmy movements. The existing differences appeared contradictory in nature and caused at times discord within and among the groups performing one or another variation. However, we need to remember that Paneurhythmy is a Language of Love and harmony. If we can speak this Language, the details are not so important.

I realized that profound truth when at some point circumstances forced me to leave Massachusetts and move to other places. I joined groups where I observed some small differences in the physical performance of the exercises, but I learned to be a part of the whole and to synchronize my movements with the other participants. Therefore, when I am invited to teach Paneurhythmy, my instructions follow the Living circle in the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria, especially on the Festive Days (August 19-21). I also point out that although there may be some variations in the movements in other groups, the most important thing is the harmony and unity of the group.

In the United States the first 28 exercises of Paneurhythmy are performed the most, and mainly on the weekends. We even encourage people to do the exercises alone, by themselves (they might invite an invisible partner to dance with them), in order to experience their positive effect on a daily basis. People can also do only the first 10 or 12 exercises finishing with “The Blessing.” This is especially advisable when a person is learning Paneurhythmy alone: to add new exercises after the previous ones have become familiar, until the whole set is learnt. It does not matter how many exercises are performed from the Part I, the 28 exercises, but one should always finish with “The Blessing.” However, if the “Square” is danced, it is advisable not to stop there, but to continue with the next three exercises: “Beauty,” “Agility,” and “Overcoming,” as they process the forces created by the “Square” and utilize the energies released after its performance.

Often at Paneurhythmy workshops, for the exercises from the Part I that do not require interaction between the partners, the instructor shows these movements in a single circle. Sometimes small groups perform also in a similar manner in order to form a circle.

As the Master Beinsa Duno said, “I will tell you where your mistake lies: you have placed the exercise upon your back in order to carry it. No. You need to ascend to the exercise instead, and it will teach you. Let it carry you! It knows how to turn your arms, how to lift them. Board the train, and do not tell it how to move its wheels. Which means: let the music move you, let the music guide your dance. These movements of Paneurhythmy, which are given to you now, are connected to the present epoch of humankind.

They are taken from Nature herself and exist within Nature as a united whole.


Paneurhythmy circle

Paneurhythmy exercises are flowing and gentle—not complicated, but meaningful movements producing excellent results. Through these movements of inner concentration and awareness, one makes contact with Nature.

Paneurhythmy is not just movements, but a conscious, mindful connection with the intelligent forces of Nature. Every force acting in Nature: light, thought, and others do not flow regularly—some of them flow in stronger waves, then there is a short break, and after that, again strong waves appear; so, there is a periodicity. Cosmic Rhythm exists throughout Nature, and through such beneficial rhythmic exercises we come into contact with the Cosmic Life. The more Cosmic Rhythm the music and movements possess, the more they connect us with Cosmic Life and the more powerful an impact they have upon us.” (1:54-55)

I came across a story giving us the right approach to the differences existing in the paneurhythmy movements. In this story, a Teacher from the School of Light was walking with one of his students and they met a teacher from the school of darkness. The latter raised his hand and greeted them with the words, “There is no God.” The Teacher from the School of the Light also raised his hand and replied, “There is no God.” Then they continued peacefully on their ways. The student was puzzled and asked his Teacher, “Master, all these years you have been teaching us about God, and now you said that there was no God?” The Teacher replied, “God is Harmony!”

We will conclude with the words of the Master Beinsa Duno:

“The Advanced Beings from Above also perform Paneurhythmy; they make similar movements, so, if our movements are in accordance with theirs, we will connect with them and receive their blessing. In order to make this connection, it is not only necessary that our paneurhythmy movements be correct and rhythmic, but that harmony exists between the mind, heart, and will of the performer. The performer should possess Love, Purity, and an enlightened state of the spirit.

“The way in which Paneurhythmy exists Above cannot be done here on Earth because humankind is not yet ready for it. We are given as much as is possible for us in its most accessible form.” (31:94)

May we embrace the true, profound essence of these exercises and unite in the living harmonious Circle of Paneurhythmy!

Antoaneta Krushevska


5 Vesela Nestorova (1908-2002) recalled in her recorded interviews that the Master gave her the first two stanza of the “Sun Rays”: Zora se e chudna zazorila, tya zhivota nov eproyavila, which inspired her to accomplish his assignment for writing the lyrics to the music. The words of the Master published in Acordirane na choveshkata dusha [Harmonizing the human soul], v. 2 (1:62) pointed out that the “Idyll” Ti si meMamo chovekkrasiv rodila... were given by him.



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Even in the midst of a busy daily life we should recognize certain indications for the future development of humankind. One needs to possess keen awareness in order to distinguish the characteristics of the driving forces of the epoch among all the diversity around. These indications are only signs, but from them the clear-sighted person can determine the essential processes underlying modern society and foresee the coming future. Such an indication is Paneurhythmy7.

Before discussing the background to Paneurhythmy, an explanation of its linguistic origin would be useful. Etymologically, “Paneurhythmy” is derived from three roots:

Pan—meaning cosmic, universal, whole, all-inclusive.

Eu—meaning true, supreme, the Source of everything, the essence, the real and substantial in the world.

Rhythmy—meaning periodicity, proper regularity of movement and of every other external aspect of life.

The prefix “pan” implies an expression of rhythm which is innate to Nature and is present in all of Nature underlying the total Creation. According to this etymological analysis, Paneurhythmy can be translated as Supreme Cosmic Rhythm.

Explanations on the principles and laws of Paneurhythmy are given below. Paneurhythmy is a harmonious creative manifestation of the Divine Origin of the entire Creation.

The living circle of Paneurhythmy is usually formed in the beautiful sacred hour of sunrise, when all of Nature is filled with joy and anticipation. Early in the morning, amid blossoming flowers and trees, the paneurhythmy movements begin. Who are the people forming the living circle of Paneurhythmy? They are those who strive to enter a world of beauty, poetry and music, freedom, and creativity.

The following seven principles underlie Paneurhythmy:

1. The Principle of Universal Intelligence [Razumnost]8

It states that our Universe is consciousness-based and everything in it is infused with Reason and Wisdom.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

This principle determines the existence of correspondence or analogy among all things. In the hermetic philosophy there is a saying, “As above, so below. As within, so without.” For instance, there are certain relationships between ideas, tones, forms, movements, colors, and numbers. A correspondence exists among the chemical elements and colors. We find phenomena corresponding to birth and death in various spheres of life. Other examples are: the ebb and flow of ocean tides, ebb and flow of energy with the change of seasons, ebb and flow of the inner human life, and more.

3. The Principle of Vibration or Movement

Everything moves; everything vibrates. Nothing is absolutely still. Scientific facts confirm this. The vibrations of matter, energy, mind, even the vibrations of spirit differ in frequency. They increase in frequency from matter to spirit. There is a multitude of types and levels of vibrations according to their frequencies.

Natural phenomena can be investigated from a vibration perspective as well as by other methods. For instance, one can study the vibration of light, sound, electricity, magnetism, the vibration of matter in its different states, in various organisms, and so on.

4. The Principle of Polarity or Duality

Everything in Nature is dual and polarized. Duality is a basic Universal Law. For instance, masculine and feminine principles exist within Nature as well as positive and negative electricity. The Earth, the human body, plants, eggs, crystals, magnets, and others, all have two poles—they are polarized.

5. The Principle of Rhythm and Cycles

Another Universal Law in Nature is rhythm or periodicity. Everything in Nature is rhythmic. For instance, there is a rhythm in the vibration of light, in the change of seasons, in the cycles of day and night, life and death, in the ebbs and flows of tides. There is also a rhythm in the movements of the planet Earth: the terrestrial axis makes fine little vibrations which form a whole circle around the poles for approximately twenty five thousand years. In addition, there are rhythm and periodicity in the movements of comets, in human life, in the historical process, and others.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

Everything in the world happens for a reason and has its rational cause. Sometimes we think that the cause is meaningless, but there is always a Higher Reason behind it.

7. The Principle of Unity or Connectedness

All things in Nature are similar and related to each other on the basis of unity. For instance, although the chemical elements seem to be very different, they are all based upon electrons and condensed ether. In fact, all elements are only various combinations of the same electrons. The relationship is more obvious with things in close connection to one another, but with those which are further apart, the connection lies much deeper.

From the second principle, the “principle of correspondence,” it follows that there is an interrelation between tone and movement. From this perspective, is the tone not a specific motion? The deep insight to this relationship is innate in every human being. If one follows the natural flow, one will find intuitively the proper combination of words and tones in music with physical movements. Whoever has a developed sense of rhythm and tone will unconsciously move their arms or legs while listening to music. Some children with a developed sense of rhythm, tone, and grace will even begin to make movements in harmony with the words and music when listening to songs. They may be very little—three to four year olds—but intuitively they feel the connection between music and movement. In such cases the Universal Principles and Laws of Creation manifest themselves through the children.

If we try to associate any song with movements, we will experience the enormous impact of this transformation in which the words and tones become more vivid and obtain a new life.

They begin to express a deeper unrevealed meaning, a new and unexpected content. Thus we begin to recognize the hidden potential of lyrics and music and we will begin to change and transform under their power. When combined, words, tones, and movements have a miraculous effect on the human body, on the human thoughts, feelings, and will.



Paneurhythmy in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria


They can touch deeply one’s core essence and activate one’s inner resources—both physical and spiritual. In such a moment, one begins to better understand oneself, as well as other people and the world around. Every form in Nature—a star or a stone, grass, flower, insect, human being—everything begins to speak to that person revealing its hidden profound meaning.

The movements of Paneurhythmy are taken from Nature. Only natural movements are really powerful, full of energy and rejuvenation. The Laws for the paneurhythmy exercises are inscribed in the Cosmos. These exercises are based on the deep knowledge of forces behind the human organism and all Creation.

In addition, the combination of the paneurhythmy movements with music, lyrics, and ideas is not coincidental, but based upon the second principle of being— the principle of correspondence. In these movements there is a strict, law-governed relationship between the ideas and music. Paneurhythmy is based upon the Law of Correspondence between ideas, lyrics, musical tones, and movements. In fact, only when movements correspond exactly to the words of the lyrics and musical tones, we can experience their rejuvenating effect.

There is Paneurhythmy everywhere in Nature. The Earth is orbiting the Sun at speed of 29 km/sec. The entire Solar System moves toward certain constellations. The Earth and other planets, the Sun and other celestial bodies move according to the paneurhythmy Laws. The Earth has more than ten different movements. If we imagine them to be combined together, the result will be a beautiful form of motion. This is reflected by the life on Earth and it is manifested in all forms and processes around us. For instance, in the upward spiraling of plant shoots, one can see a reflection of the spiral cosmic path of Earth. There is harmony and rhythm in the entire of Creation. The whole Cosmos is permeated by music and motion creating a unified oneness. This is what Paneurhythmy presents. During the motions of the celestial bodies, the harmony of spheres takes place—that music which is permeating the entire Universe.

The light also represents Paneurhythmy because it contains motion, rhythm, and music. It is proven in physics that the light from the Sun pulsates, in other words, it possesses a rhythm similar to that of the human heart. As the heart sends at regular intervals blood through the whole body, so the light from the Sun is sent periodically in smaller or greater quantity. The motion of the etheric light-waves is Paneurhythmy. The red, orange, yellow, and other rays of the solar light have their specific motions and own music which, when combined, create that great harmony permeating the whole Universe.

The mechanical study of this phenomenon has not yet included data on Paneurhythmy. It possesses only facts which cannot be used in such a way as to substantiate Paneurhythmy. For instance, the mechanical method does not understand why the body should move with a certain song, and which movement corresponds to which tone, word, and idea. A more profound Science with a different approach studies the Laws of this correspondence.

In the exercises of Paneurhythmy, the arms, legs, and other parts as well, the body as a whole, take part in the movements and postures which correspond to the words and tones. In Paneurhythmy, all geometric lines—straight, curved, wave-like, and mixed—are put into motion. The movements are of different character: strong, soft, and bright. In the soft movements, the curved lines are predominant; in the strong movements—the straight lines; and in the bright movements, the lines are a combination of both. There are also movements of electricity and magnetism, of cold and warm currents.

There exist three general types of movements: mechanical, organic, and psychic. Mechanical or automatic movements are not conscious, organic movements are semi-conscious, and psychic movements are fully conscious and mindful. From another point of view, mechanical movements are those in which the mindfulness acts outwardly, not inwardly. Organic movements are those in which the inner self participates, but it is not yet a clear conscious thought. Conscious, mindful movements are those that are connected to a specific thought.

There are no superfluous movements in Paneurhythmy; in other words, movements that are not conscious, mindful, or have a positive effect. Its exercises are most economical in motion, but also most efficient because they give the best results. In Paneurhythmy, every line of movement strictly corresponds to certain forces in the human organism and consciousness, awakening them for creativity and action. In this way, Paneurhythmy brings to life both physical and spiritual forces in the human being. Paneurhythmy is a science that regulates the physical, spiritual, and mental processes in us—a science of harmonious movements and their accord with human thoughts and emotions.

Performing Paneurhythmy, one needs to think, feel, and move at the same time. If one’s thoughts and emotions are not present and do not participate accordingly in the appropriate movements, then the movements become mechanical only and do not exercise that powerful, revitalizing, and rejuvenating effect on the human body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

The following basic cosmic Law is true here: the Law of Rhythm. It says that there exists one rhythm of the Whole, one pulse of Life in the cosmic organism. The human being is a part of that Whole. It is like a cog—like a small wheel—in the great edifice of the Whole. The rhythm, the pulse of the Whole, is transmitting and flowing through all parts. For instance, the heartbeat is not arbitrary, but is connected with the solar rhythm—there is a correlation between the heart and the solar rhythm. When we are in harmony with the Whole, then everything in our body functions smoothly because the cosmic rhythm and the cosmic pulse of life flows through our heart, our blood circulation and breathing—it takes part in the functions of all organs—and so they work properly. As a result, a person is healthy and fit to act and create on the great stage of life. Thus the rhythm and pulse of Nature are transmitted to everyone in a way similar to the transmission of the movements of a very complicated mechanism to every small cog or wheel which is a part of it.

You may ask, “When is one in harmony with the Whole and in alignment with the cosmic organism, so as to follow its rhythm and pulse?” It is when someone is good-hearted, just, and mindful—when someone is a channel of Love—because Wisdom and Love are the Universal Principles reigning in Nature. They are wellsprings from which all other creative forces flow. Everything in Nature is Love and Wisdom! When we are in harmony with the Whole, the Universal Rhythm—the lines of the cosmic Paneurhythmy—flow within and manifest through us.

From this explanation the following Law of Paneurhythmy becomes evident: the paneurhythmy movements can be performed with grace and beauty only when the individual is thinking and acting properly.

Paneurhythmy energizes us; it organizes and harmonizes our inner forces, coordinating and directing them toward a life of conscious awareness. Therefore, it can be said that Paneurhythmy is a method for self-improvement and education of all intelligent beings. Paneurhythmy is the Sublime Law to be applied for the selfimprovement and education of both: individuals and society.

In the ancient esoteric schools, the songs were accompanied by movements. It was known there that the combined use of words, musical tones, and physical movements could activate powerful inner forces. The chanting of certain sacred devotional affirmations has been accompanied by songs and special movements, which had an enormous effect on the performer as well. In the ancient esoteric schools, Paneurhythmy was used as a method for the spiritual growth of all disciples. They learned by doing rhythmic movements corresponding to specific ideas and combined with chanting.

The esoteric schools exist not only on Earth, but also on other planets. All inhabitants on the planets and the Sun perform Paneurhythmy. Nature is not a dead mechanism. There is life everywhere in it. Intelligent and highly evolved Beings inhabit the entire Cosmos.

Regardless of whether we are cognizant of it or not, a vast world of Beings with Infinite Intelligence exists around us. We are surrounded by their thoughts, activities, and life. And we need to become aware of this. Some of them have finished their evolution long ago; some are finishing it now. Humankind traces the bright path of enlightenment that was mapped out and traveled by them. In other words, human beings follow them on the beautiful path of advancement and enlightenment. Now is humankind’s turn to go on the great ladder of evolution. These Enlightened Beings are workers and assistants in the great laboratory of Nature. They present the intelligent forces acting in the universal realms with great harmony that is beyond words and with sublime beauty, extraordinary order, precision, and wisdom. We need to connect with their World so that they could transmit their ideas and impulses, their power and light to us. Whenever we attain inspiration, enlightenment, illumination, and flashes of great ideas, in fact we receive gifts from their World. In such moments we accept some of their elevated thoughts and ideas.

It is especially through Paneurhythmy that we begin to open ourselves for all these gifts. We know that only when the antenna of the receiver is attuned to the transmitter, the radio station receives the expressed ideas or music sent through the ether. Through the harmonious performance of Paneurhythmy, we become capable of receiving the thoughts of these Advanced Beings and we come into contact with the Infinite Intelligence. Radio is a device and also an opportunity for international exchange. In the same way, Paneurhythmy is an opportunity for receiving the thoughts of these souls of genius.

Paneurhythmy affects us in the following ways:

1. It connects human beings with the Beings of Infinite Intelligence.

2. It awakens our innate creative forces, abilities, and gifts. We need to know that human nature is endowed with great potentials and capabilities, which are still budding toward their awakening and blossoming. Human beings have not yet manifested their core essence.

It is believed that humans are the highest manifestation of life on Earth. Stones are the lowest manifestation. Plant and animal kingdoms represent the intermediate stages. Nature evolves gradually toward its higher manifestation.

The Great Universal Intelligence, the Divine, acts on Earth in all kingdoms of Nature, but from the outside. The Cosmic Oneness operates here inwardly only in the human being. The good in humankind is a manifestation of the Divine. When we think rightly and perform good deeds, we manifest the Divine Source through oneself. We should not separate from this Divine Source. It manifests itself through us, human beings, whether we believe it or not. Paneurhythmy awakens the Divine Essence in the human beings.

3. The ideas, music, and movements of Paneurhythmy permeate the entire human organism; and in this way, we become receptive for the rejuvenating cosmic forces.

The Paneurhythmy exercises resonate in Nature and she replies to them. Her reply is represented by the uplifting and the light in the human mind, heart, and will; by the joy and elevation that flow through the human being. Through Paneurhythmy, one begins to communicate with the creative forces of Nature and speak her language. These movements are an introduction into the world in which all forces, capabilities, and opportunities of Nature are at our disposal. Paneurhythmy serves as a genuine, concrete, and—at the same time—beautiful method for the physical renewal and improving of the human thoughts, feelings, and power to act.

The paneurhythmy movements call forth insights about the Universal Rhythm and the eternal music permeating every creative process in Nature.

As with everything else, personal experience is the final criterion. With practice, we come to understand that every paneurhythmy movement awakens new inner resources and that we begin to feel rejuvenated. These movements infuse us with their harmony, rhythm, music, and sublime ideas. This makes us healthy, with strong, slender, and beautiful body. Paneurhythmy brings beauty not only to the human body, but also to one’s external movements and internal life: one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Paneurhythmy is an external, physical expression of that which is Sublime, Eternal—the great Reality. It connects us with this Divine Reality.

It was mentioned before that in the ancient esoteric schools Paneurhythmy was used as a method for self-improvement. Yet, we need to consider that humankind at that time was in a period of involution; in other words: a period of decline from the world of spirit toward the world of matter. Today, humankind is in its evolutionary period of development which leads to ascension of consciousness. During the involutionary—descending period, humankind moved from the center to the periphery; and in the evolutionary period—it is moving in the opposite direction. During involution, people ploughed and sowed; during evolution, they harvest the fruits.



Paneurhythmy at the I.D.E.A.L. Society, in Jaffray, British Columbia, Canada


History is nothing else, but a manifestation of the human spirit. Human cultures change with the periods of humankind’s development. For instance, the architecture of every epoch is a manifestation of the creative forces which are at work at that time. For example, there is a big difference between the architecture of the past and now. The same is true for poetry and all other aspects of the human culture. The same refers to the Paneurhythmy too. In the past, it has been involutionary. Therefore, the rhythmic exercises in the ancient esotzeric schools are not suitable for the uplifting of humankind of today.

The Paneurhythmy of today is evolutionary; it has a totally different character and effect. It corresponds to the modern epoch of humankind’s development. It is connected to the new creative forces which awaken in the human being.

This new epoch that is coming represents the “cosmic spring.” The Earth along with the entire Solar System is going now into a new cosmic era that will bring favorable conditions for awakening the beautiful innate to the human nature. We need to know that all Cosmos is alive, and permeated by universal forces. And the cosmic space through which our Solar System is moving is important and significant. A New Culture of Light is emerging. Symbolically we may say that ice and snow are melting, flowers are blooming and the migratory birds are returning to bring new elements into our lives.

Because we are at the dawn of the new, sixth generation—one of Love9, a new foundation for Paneurhythmy has been laid.

Paneurhythmy is a current expression of the New Culture that is coming. The ideas of the new humankind are expressed in the music and movements of Paneurhythmy. And when one performs these exercises, the ideas and creative forces for the New Culture are sent out into the world. The participants in the living circle of Paneurhythmy awaken these new creative forces within themselves. Furthermore, they become a transmission center, sending these forces and ideas out into the world where they reach and find a response in every soul. Through these movements, the living circle of Paneurhythmy sends to the world a beautiful and heartfelt appeal for renewal, uplifting, and progress. Through Paneurhythmy one can create and develop new spiritual values to apply in life.

The new humankind that is coming will be a manifestation of Paneurhythmy. The humankind of today has a material and objective knowledge, as it was studying Nature from outside, in other words, in an intellectual external way. The new, sixth generation is one of Love. Number six is related to Love. The forces and ideas of Paneurhythmy will become reality with the new humankind. Paneurhythmy prepares the path for its emergence.

Paneurhythmy has a higher form too, which will be given in the future development of humankind.

Paneurhythmy brings the new which should be introduced into the human culture. It should play an important educational and instructive role in schools. Through it, students will become physically strengthened. At the same time they will be inspired to have a meaningful life, full of creativity and noble ideas. All ideas of Paneurhythmy will come alive through the new generation. The noble pure seeds in their souls will sprout from their dormant state and grow. The introduction of Paneurhythmy at schools and communities of adults will give an enormous impulse for infusing our modern society with new cultural principles. It will give a new impulse; it will bring new possibilities and horizons for the young generation of students as well as for the older generations. This will be an important step toward recognition of the new which is now awakening in life like a beautiful dawn of the souls. The gymnastic exercises and choreography of today are a push forward, preparing the path for Paneurhythmy.

Of course, Paneurhythmy cannot be learned only by reading books on the subject. For its study, special schools with a series of lectures and seminars are needed. In these seminars, which are to be offered in every city, town, and village, Paneurhythmy should be explained scientifically. Its basic principles and laws need to be studied; and at the same time, practiced. The offering of such seminars for children and adults at schools and in adult communities is now a necessity so as to infuse the present-day culture with new vital impulses. Such seminars are required because Paneurhythmy should be performed with an awakened consciousness in order to produce its powerful impact on people. Paneurhythmy should be a sacred activity in which the participants are vividly aware of, and deeply feel contained in every movement as well as the effects of it and the forces it awakes.

The performance of Paneurhythmy should awaken a sacred feeling in the participants. The consciousness of the participants needs to be completely focused so that the living circle of Paneurhythmy may act as a receiver and transmitter of the great cosmic forces. Through the movements and rhythm of the music, the participants come into contact with the sacred, crystal-pure, powerful sources of Nature that are creating and constructing the coming bright future.

The lyrics of the paneurhythmy songs are simple and easily understood. The paneurhythmy movements have a much deeper verbal expression which will be given in the future.

In this epoch, there are ascending and descending forces that are in action. The ascending forces are like a newly born that is still weak and powerless, but the future belongs to it. In the epoch in which we live, we need to discern the ascending forces at present and perceive what is helpful for their manifestation in life.

Paneurhythmy is in harmony with the ascending forces in human beings and in all living beings. These forces are implanted in the core of life. Paneurhythmy awakens these forces and puts them in action toward manifestation. What are the ascending forces? They are detailed as follows:

1. Goodness

This is the solid foundation upon which every intelligent life is laid. Whatever is created upon the foundation of goodness is indestructible. Whatever is destroyable is not good. Goodness links human beings to the ever-lasting source of creative forces. The strength of goodness makes one as firm as a rock in the face of any difficulty or obstacle. It makes one strong enough to withstand and overcome everything in life in a triumphant way.

2. Justice

This is the proper distribution of light, warmth, energy—all goods generously provided by Nature. They are gifts for everyone. Every being that comes to Earth has the right to life, Sun, and all other goods. Divine Justice is a precondition for true growth and blossoming—it provides the conditions for growth itself. Fluent growth, natural development, and spiritual advancement are possible only where justice exists.

3. Universal Intelligence

It implies the expedient and proper use of light, warmth, energy, and the other blessings Nature provides. Only in the realm of Universal Intelligence is there fruit; and only there does fruit ripen. In other words, only in the realm of Wisdom can lasting and beneficial results be found.

Universal Intelligence includes the great spiritual Wisdom, and Knowledge which presents the forces, laws, and methods of creative work. This includes a deep understanding of Nature and the essence of human beings and their path in life. Universal Intelligence is a manifestation of the harmonious combination of Love and Wisdom.

4. Harmony

When all strings of an instrument are tuned harmoniously, beautiful melodies can be played. Only with such an instrument can the virtuoso player show his power of performance and vastness of his inspiration. In the same way, when the instruments of an orchestra are harmoniously attuned, the conductor can raise his baton and express through it the great idea which illuminates and inspires him.

All beings represent the great cosmic orchestra. When harmony exists among them, the great Conductor will perform the music of conscious Life through this Orchestra and will manifest His own greatness as well as the beauty of His thought and His great Love.

5. Brotherhood and Unity among All

The culture of Brotherhood among all nations is coming. They will all consider themselves as members of one great family. The powerful nations will help the weaker ones. All nations are organs of one cosmic organism. And as every organ has its assigned place, function, and special mission, so does each nation. This idea is currently arising in the consciousness of humankind.

6. Freedom

Freedom is the removal of all barriers, limitations, and obstacles that obstruct the manifestation of the Divine essence in the human being to its full beauty, splendor, and power. Freedom is a discovery of the great treasures hidden in the human soul. In freedom, the soul takes charge. Freedom is the breaking of all chains, narrow-mindedness, delusions, and the entering into the unlimited horizons and opportunities contained in the human spirit. Freedom is the opening of beautiful prospects for uplifting and achievements.

7. Cosmic Love

In its development, the human consciousness is transformed into Love. Cosmic Love embraces the above mentioned forces and contains them all. These forces are its manifestation. Today, Cosmic Love is emerging from within human consciousness as a new insight into the essence of Life. It implies overcoming death and entering Life, leaving the life of shadows and joining the Life of the One Great Reality, merging into the Source of Life itself. Love is what reconciles all contradictions and overcomes all obstacles. It is the ascension.

Only that one who is pure in body, mind, and heart will experience the essence of human happiness and Cosmic Love. When people enter the realm of purity, the crystal life-giving flow of Cosmic Love will pour down through their hearts.

Paneurhythmy is a musical graceful expression of the ascending forces in life. It supports their unfolding in the soul and in life. As a result, Paneurhythmy prepares the path for the new beautiful Life to come that is the Life of Freedom, Justice, Wisdom, Harmony, Brotherhood, and Cosmic Love. (22:9-30)


6 As given by the Master.

7 Not to be confused with Rudolf Steiner’s Eurhythmy.

8 Razumnost, razum, razumen is used by the Master to denote various meanings: Supreme Intelligence, Mind, Consciousness, Pure Reason, Awareness, Wisdom, Love, Divine, angelic, rational, sentient, elevated, advanced, noetic, mindful, profound, and more. Therefore, this word has been translated in different ways according to the context.

9 The Master explained that so far there have been five stages in human civilization. According to him, at the next stage, the new—sixth generation, which he called also the people of Love, will emerge from all nations.


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At the present time, there is much talk about renewal, about new directions, and so on. However, it is not enough for renewal to occur only in the mechanical, in the external aspects of life. If people remain in their old consciousness with their old view of life, nothing will be gained. A new awareness, a new understanding of life and its purpose is necessary.

With regard to the issue of renewal, it would be useful to study the Laws of the rise and fall of nations. Consider the generations and nations that have risen to an exceptional height only to vanish at a later point in time. All their achievements have crystallized into forms incapable of further development because of their deviation from the Universal Laws of Life.

Esoteric science gives methods for resolving all of the problems of modern life. These methods touch every aspect of life: material and spiritual. Everything new which now enters life—all of these new ideas, which enter into the world today, have the power to uplift the human culture to a higher phase, to develop those precious endowments hidden within the human soul and left unrevealed for centuries.

Modern culture is a transient one. The transition between two cultures is marked by times of trouble and turmoil, confusion and contradiction. This is a sign that we live on the border between the old culture, which is descending, and the New Culture, which is ascending. These are the times when new, great ideas are born. There are many indications that a new, higher level of awareness is at hand. In fact, further advancement, in and of itself, brings the expansion of the consciousness. For example, if we trace the development of all natural kingdoms, we will see that as movement is made toward the higher kingdoms, the consciousness gradually expands.

Every culture is recognized by the “new” it is bringing to humankind—a new revelation of the human spirit. What is the “new” which the coming Culture brings? There are indications from which you can perceive the new, just as one can envision the coming spring from the first spring flowers. The new that is coming is the awakening of the Cosmic Consciousness. It is then when the individual limited consciousness will be outgrown and humankind will enter into the endless Life of the Whole, of the Universal. The existing signs confirm that the new, which is coming, is the spirit of brotherhood, of unity.

New ideas are entering now as a powerful wave in order to transform our culture and they are manifesting themselves in every area of life. Everywhere one can see the effects of their life-giving action. However, these new ideas need to find a corresponding form for expression; that is; they need to find an external expression through which to influence the deeper forces of human nature. Such a form—such a manifestation—is Paneurhythmy.

Literally translated, Paneurhythmy means Supreme Cosmic Rhythm. Paneurhythmy is the great universal harmony of movements. Everything in life is Paneurhythmy.


What actually is Paneurhythmy?

Each year at Izgrev, near Sofia, on the 22nd of March11, a new page of life opened. This is when the Paneurhythmy exercises begin—on a beautiful spring morning when the rays of the Sun cover in gold the top of the Vitosha Mount; when the flowers begin to open to the solar warmth; and when everything around emits freshness, joy, harmony, and music.

Each morning, after the 22nd of March, a few hundred people will perform Paneurhythmy in a wide-open field surrounded by pine trees. The participants are arranged in two or more circles; the musicians in the middle would play the paneurhythmy music. The music consists of 28 pieces12, all of which have been provided with words, some of them by the Master himself. The participants will usually sing these words.

Why do the Paneurhythmy exercises begin on March 22? And why are the exercises done early in the morning? There is an explanation in this excerpt from the book “In the Kingdom of the Living Nature”:

“In the morning at sunrise, the Earth is negative and is therefore the most receptive. This is a very important fact that we need to keep in mind in order to fully appreciate the meaning and importance of sunrise. This is the reason why in the morning at sunrise the human body is the most receptive to the solar energy. There is more prana. In other words, there is more life energy in the morning relative to the afternoon and the living organism can more effectively absorb this positive energy.

“The Earth, at the beginning of spring, is more negatively charged (relative to the Sun) and is therefore more receptive. For this reason, in the spring—more than in any other seasons—the sun rays are curative. Therefore, the beneficial influence of the Sun begins from March 22. From then on, the Earth is productive. The best time for renewal is between March 22 and June 22. In the spring, when we see plants putting forth buds and blossom, an inner joy is to be born in the human soul that the day of its liberation is approaching. When you open to the feeling of Love of this life-giving force which envelops you, you can then receive its beneficial influence for rejuvenation of feelings, thoughts, and energy.”

The effect of Paneurhythmy on people is enormous and many-sided. First of all, it influences physical development. These exercises develop the body in a harmonizing way because they are characterized by a great diversity. The paneurhythmy movements are beautiful and graceful. All parts of the body: head, neck, chest, low back, arms, feet, and so on participate. The muscular system is developed. Breathing and blood circulation are improved. The nervous system is strengthened, too, because the solar energy before dawn and for one hour after the sunrise has a special revitalizing effect.

These effects of Paneurhythmy also have a deeper and more profound side. These movements are not random; they are a result of the knowledge of the vital forces in Nature and of the active or dormant forces in human body. Therefore, in these exercises, there is something fascinating, something that awakens the higher self.

The influence of the paneurhythmy exercises is threefold:

1. They are like batteries through which one connects with the creative and constructive forces in Nature. One receives them, and they influence one’s development. These forces are vital.

2. It is because the paneurhythmy exercises are in harmony with the Cosmic Rhythm that brings to action the whole of Life, these movements activate the dormant forces of the human soul.

3. The paneurhythmy exercises are such that through them one sends forth certain energies, thoughts, and ideas into the world; and they continue to work there and transform it.

Let’s focus on the first principle of Paneurhythmy.

The paneurhythmy movements connect the Living Nature and human beings, in more ways than just an exercise for the muscles, lungs, and so on. They should not be confused with ordinary exercises—aerobics or ballet, for instance. They are based upon deeper Laws that connect humans with the energy of Nature and show them how to use this energy for their development. Everything moves; this is a Law of Nature. However, when these movements are done consciously, we acquire something. Through the exercises of Paneurhythmy, we come in contact with the vital forces of Nature.

In earlier times, we were not only in contact with the physical forms and shapes of Nature, but also with her spiritual forces. Today humankind has alienated itself from Nature to a certain extent. Our inner connection and communion with Nature have become weakened.

From the investigations of Gurvich, Lakhovsky13, and other scientists, it is known that the human body like all other organisms emits a specific frequency of energy, specific radiations. Paneurhythmy is based upon a deep knowledge of these radiations and energy fields. For example: when one extends the arms, great bundles of light or rays emanate from the fingers, but they are of a different character for different fingers. In addition to this, such radiations emanate from the brain, the ears, the nose, and the body as a whole.

These radiations are polarized. The human body has three polarities. According to the investigations of Reichenbach, Durville14, and others, the right side of the body is positive, and the left is negative. The front side is positive, the back is negative. The upper part (toward the head) is positive, the lower is negative.

Energy and all things in Nature are polarized. This is the fourth of the seven major principles of esoteric science. Here are a few examples. There are two types of magnetism—north and south; two types of electricity—positive and negative; the roots and the stem of the plants and so on. In general, the two types of energy, which are seen in Nature in a variety of forms, can be called positive and negative. They can also be referred to as the “creative” or “masculine” principle in Nature and the “constructive” or “feminine” principle in Nature. The phrase in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth” indicates the action of the creative forces in Nature. Then follows, “The Earth was without form, and void.”15 The gradual organization of the Earth is a Manifestation of the constructive forces. In reality, both kinds of energy are at work every moment.

We can see the effect of these two principles in every culture. For instance, the creation of new ideas in a culture is the result of the creative principle, while the application of these ideas with the purpose of changing life in accordance with them is the effect of the constructive principle. The same applies to the life of every individual. When one reaches new insights, the creative principle is at work within. When one changes one’s life in accordance with these creative forces—this is the result of the constructive forces.

As we pointed out, the energy emitted by our bodies is polarized. Generally speaking, the right side of the human body—the right leg and the right arm, and so on—are an expression of the creative forces of Nature, while the left leg and arm, and so on are an expression of the constructive forces. That is why, in the paneurhythmy exercises, it is important which side participates in the movements. The movements of the right limbs or the turning toward the right express the connection with the creative forces in Nature, while the movements of the left limbs or the turning toward the left—with the constructive. That is why Paneurhythmy always begins with the right foot because the creative forces are the first to act. They lay the foundation and the elements upon which the constructive forces act. Stepping sometimes with the right foot, sometimes with the left, when done with the participation of our consciousness, changes the currents of energy from positive to negative, from creative to constructive.



The rhythm of these exercises alone, independent of all other aspects, causes a renewal of the body. Everything in Nature is based upon the Law of Rhythm. Rhythm is the fifth Principle of esoteric science. There is an interrelationship between the heartbeat and the rhythm of the Sun’s rays. The energy of the Sun emanates in a rhythm, in other words, periodically with a stronger or lesser intensity. There is a rhythm everywhere around us. There is a miraculous power in rhythm. Every work, even the hardest becomes easier when rhythm is introduced to it. In this way, it does not become tiring. Rhythmic movement is not fatiguing. This has been proven many times.



The movements in it correspond to certain cosmic Laws. One should know that the movements of the human body are not just mechanical. Each movement is connected with particular forces in Nature. If the movements are performed with the knowledge of the Laws of Nature, they can connect us with the powerful creative forces in Nature and we can receive them. One should remember that with each movement something flows into the human organism. Each harmonious movement—each movement made in accordance with the Laws of Nature and of the human body—brings life to us.

The movements one commonly makes are not without meaning. However, movements exist which are lacking in universal character. They do not connect one with the Cosmos, with the whole of Life. They are of a personal character and have significance for that person alone. There are, however, other movements which express cosmic movements and Rhythm.

There are certain cosmic movements and a cosmic Rhythm which are basic to the foundation of life. We find them everywhere in life: in the movement of the celestial objects; in the wave-like movement of light; in the currents of the electromagnetic field; in the movement of atoms and electrons; in the transformative movement in the tips of a plant’s shoots and roots, and so on. These movements and this Rhythm have a creative element in and of themselves. They have created and organized everything. They transform and build everything in Nature. Thousands of the forms around us are made through their influence. They are the eternally working Laws of the Cosmos. If the movements one makes are in harmony with these cosmic movements and Rhythm, one comes into contact with the forces of living Nature and receives them.

This is exactly the character of the movements of Paneurhythmy. They are in harmony with the cosmic movements and Rhythm which create, build, and organize the whole of Nature. That is why the paneurhythmy movements have an enormous influence upon humans. Thus the movements of Paneurhythmy are not coincidental, but are taken from the Rhythm which underlies the cosmic Life. When one performs these exercises, one harmonizes oneself with the whole of Creation and receives something valuable. Therefore, when we perform Paneurhythmy, we feel ourselves as living centers which send forth thousands of fibrils, thousands of antennae, into the ocean of life force in which we are immersed; and as a result, we receive something vital and pure.

For this reason, we should periodically connect with the energy of the Earth and the Sun. Through some of the exercises, we receive a supply of earthly magnetism. When we direct our arms upward with awakened consciousness, we come into contact with the energy of the Sun; and when we direct our arms downward—with that of the Earth. In this way, we receive the beneficial energy from the Earth and, at the same time, return energy that is worthless and disharmonious.

In many of those movements which we do unconsciously, there is a hidden meaning which we do not comprehend. Also, this meaning is not always the same. For instance, when someone unconsciously touches some part of the head, one can disperse the energy which has accumulated in that place or draw energy to where it is insufficient. If you have the knowledge, you would be able to rid yourself of a headache by regulating certain currents. Sometimes you unconsciously touch a certain center of your head and activate it with the energy that emanates from your fingers. You should guard against movements which consume or deprive you of necessary energy. Movements should be mindful.

Our movements, even when unconscious, are not random. Different movements, touching the head, moving the leg or the arms, and so on—are related not only to physiological processes, but to some psychic processes as well. Forces emanate from each finger that are an expression of something psychic.

Every movement of a person, even if unconscious, has an inner meaning. For example, holding your hand behind your back—this is a covert, underhanded behavior. The one who wants to stab someone with a knife, hides it behind his back, and at the same time, says to the other person, “Welcome.” A speaker who holds his arms behind his back also has hidden thoughts. These movements are remnants of the distant past.

When one raises an arm, certain spiritual forces are activated and sent into the world. And at the same time, one receives certain forces from Nature through one’s fingers; in other words, an exchange takes place.

We should know which forces emanate from the arm and which come from particular fingers in the movements of Paneurhythmy. With these energies that you transmit from your arm, or some other organ, you have an impact upon Na-ture—and she responds to you, accordingly. We are not separate from the Cosmos. A connection exists between each person and the Cosmos.

THE THIRD PRINCIPLE of Paneurhythmy is:



There is an interrelationship, a correspondence among tone, form, movement, color, number, and an idea.

The importance of Paneurhythmy becomes more clear when one takes into consideration that which we call “correspondence” in Nature. There is a correspondence among all things, which underlies the whole of Creation. For instance, in the periodic system of chemical elements, after each seventh element, we get an element with analogous features.

We see a similar pattern in the color spectrum and in the octave of music. In an octave, every tone is similar to the eighth tone that follows it. We can also witness similar octaves in electromagnetic vibrations. Here, as well, every higher octave of vibrations is analogous to the lower ones.

Countless correlations exist within Nature. For us, the most important of them are the above six as listed in the third Principle.

When our movements correspond exactly to certain ideas, tones, and so on, the effect is a lot more powerful. Then the body is more receptive to the forces of Nature; it receives them, and it is revitalized and rejuvenated.

The so-called “esoteric architecture” is also based upon the Law of correspondence among these manifestations in Nature. Paneurhythmy, too, is based upon this correspondence.

What then is Paneurhythmy? It is the harmony of tone, form, movement, color, number, and an idea.

The Russian clairvoyant and scientist Unkovska proves that there are correlations among tone, color, and number. A certain color corresponds to a tone and number. For example, she can play certain paintings; in other words, she can turn the colors into music.

The following is a few words about the relationship among movement, tone, and form.

Saint-Yves d’Alvaydre16 in his work, “Archeometre,” opened new horizons for music. I do not want to go into details here about his ideas; I only want to point out that he has shown the relationship existing among tone, form, and an idea. According to his ideas we can have forms which can be considered as “crystallized, frozen music.” He points out that the measurements of the tabernacle given in the Book of the Bible, “Exodus,” Chapter 25, are not arbitrary. All these measurements of the length, width, height, and so on of the tabernacle and its parts form, as a whole, a musical symphony. Using this method, Saint-Yves performs an analysis and determines which tones and musical chords are implemented in the tabernacle of Moses. He performs the same analysis of the description of the temple of Solomon from the “Book of Ezekiel,” Chapters 40-43. Saint-Yves shows a method of how to embody certain music in the form of a building, a cup, or any other object. Thus, one can see how broad the sphere of influence of music is in life. Through the artistic forms which surround us, we may find new perspectives of the beneficial effect of music in a culture.

One can find crystallized music in organic forms as well. For example, the intervals between the fronds of the fern leaf or in the shell of the snail, where the width of the turns gradually narrows toward the top, are analogous to the number of vibrations of the different harmonious overtones of a given tone. It is also proven that musical laws are embodied in the distances of the planets from the Sun.

As it was mentioned above, Lakhovsky discovered the so-called “radiation” of organisms; in other words, the radio waves they emit into the surrounding space. Through these radio waves, he tries to explain the capability of some animals for orientation: pigeons, dogs, bees, and so on. This radiation implies the existence of that which is called the “etheric body” of organisms. According to esoteric science, each crystal, flower, animal, and human being emits radio waves, and these radio waves are musical. There are scientists who try to detect the musical tones which emanate from flowers.

Our body is musical because, as already mentioned, it emits musical radio waves, musical radiations. That is why music has such a profound impact on our organism. The incredible power of music is obvious in the experiment of three scientists: Schrodinger, Heisenberg, and Jordan17. They played music of a specific monotone for a long time over a stone staircase; and as a result, it collapsed.

The powerful influence of music on the spirit and the physiological processes of the body is well known. Music has an enormous influence upon every life form because it penetrates the whole life and all organisms.

One basic Law needs to be remembered: The musical radiations of the body are the true architect of the human body. They are the builders. They sculpt the forms; for in reality, music is part of the etheric building forces of the organism. Through the rhythm of these waves, the human body is built. The same is true for a flower, grass, tree, and so on. Therefore, when a person receives harmonious tones—musical waves—this music merges with the music that permeates the body and, in this way, contributes to the building and the correct development of each organ. Therefore, through the rhythm of the harmonious movement of Paneurhythmy, the body-form will change: it will become stronger, more slender, and better built.

It is proven by experiments that a healthy organ emanates specific musical vibrations and radiations which change and become feeble in the case of illness. This has been used to ascertain the health condition of the body. We have said that when a person plays an instrument, sings, or listens to music, this music enters his body and brings harmony to its organs. This harmony within the organism is what we call health. Therefore, it would be true to say that music brings life! Music is curative even when it is not accompanied by movements, but it is much more effective when accompanied by movements. With movements, the music permeates the body more easily, as well as each separate cell and each organ. Therefore, Paneurhythmy has a very strong curative power. Those who perform these exercises systematically can cure themselves of all illnesses. Thus, Paneurhythmy is a powerful tool for sustaining the health of the body!

Not only is there a relationship between music and the body, but also between music and human thought. Music is a materialized movement of the spirit. It is the proper way of organizing matter in humans as well as his thoughts, feelings, and actions. It has been proven through experiments in telepathy by eminent scientists in America, England, Germany, Austria, and other countries that when one thinks, one sends out into space a certain kind of thought-wave which varies according to the character of the thought, the feeling, and so on. These thought-waves are also musical. The finer and more precise the thought, the more musical it is. Therefore, through music we build not only our physical organs, but our mental organism as well. Through music something penetrates our mental as well as our spiritual life. That is why music is a bearer of true Life. It is the beginning of every culture. Through music all things can be accomplished.

It is important to know that the music of Paneurhythmy is not in the spirit of the ordinary music of today. It bears a new element in accordance with certain deeper and more profound Laws; and for this reason, it speaks directly to the higher self and awakens it. It brings us into those sublime realms that we have always been longing for in our sacred moments. This music connects us with the World of the Absolute Reality.

The music of Paneurhythmy is not arbitrary: it corresponds to physical movements on one hand; and on the other—to the ideas which are implanted within them. When this correspondence exists, these movements have a powerful, miraculous effect; then they become the bearer of these ideas. Thanks to the correspondence between movements and ideas, the movements become the embodiment of these ideas and penetrate the performer as well.

While performing the paneurhythmy exercises, we should keep in mind some ideas: not arbitrarily, but only those which strictly correspond to each movement. While doing the exercises, the mind needs to be focused on the movements and to their corresponding ideas. And so, because the movements of Paneurhythmy are an external expression of an idea, we may say that they are a certain kind of speech, a special language: thought expressed through movement! That is why the movements can produce a strong influence and bring a person into contact with the powerful forces of Nature. If the movements did not have ideas implanted in them, they would remain mechanical and would not possess the power to renew. When they express thought, these thoughts and ideas become visible in the beautiful movements. Through this special language, we give expression to our inner life, to the life of the soul. When there is correspondence between the idea and the movement, then each movement brings joy, exhilaration, liveliness, good spirits, and life. It manifests within us as well as in the world, which is outside of us!

Each of these exercises is connected with a certain process in the consciousness. Therefore, each one of these exercises has an influence upon certain forces of the human spirit. For this reason, the exercises are related to the awakening, the liberation, and the creativity of the human soul. Even though these are inner processes, it is good to perform movements that correspond to these internal psychic processes and facilitate them.

Each idea, each mental characteristic corresponds to a certain movement. There are movements of Good. There are movements of Compassion. There are movements of Justice. Love also has its forms of movement; Beauty, too. All virtues have their typical forms of movement. One should study that. We need to experiment—once, twice, ten times, hundred times, and more—until we discover which forms of movement correspond to a given virtue. Paneurhythmy is based on such experiments.

Elderly people who have not lived properly will lose their radiance; furthermore, their movements will become less graceful. Their lives will leave marks on their countenances and in their movements. Children are lovely—and so are their movements because they have recently come from a harmonious World.


The paneurhythmy exercise “The Sun Is Rising” in the Rila Mountains

Experiments and observations can be performed in order to see the significance of various movements for the receiving and emitting of certain physical and psychic forces. Let’s analyze one of the songs of the Universal Brotherhood: Dobar den [Wonderful day]. This song is usually accompanied by special movements. One can feel the difference if it is not accompanied by movements. When combined with movements, it has an enormous impact on both: the performer and others. This is because during the movements, energy is activated which one receives and sends forth through one’s hands and entire body. In the Eastern esoteric schools, it is known that certain sacred words become more powerful when pronounced in combination with movement and music. The formula are sung and transformed simultaneously into a movement. These are the so-called “mantras” in the Eastern schools. The movements which are combined with a mantra are not arbitrary, but in harmony with the music and idea instilled in the song.

Each organ of the body has its own spiritual aspect and is connected with spiritual processes; and each of their movements is connected with the mental and spiritual development of human beings.

Subconscious movements are abundant in people. They are even more numerous in the lower kingdoms of Nature. There is something important to keep in mind: people with the new awakened consciousness will gradually introduce higher consciousness to the area of the subconscious life: they will aim to expand the horizon of higher consciousness.

In order to facilitate the process of receiving and giving that which is being activated during the paneurhythmy exercises, one needs to remain consciously aware. Only then can an appropriate energy exchange occur between human beings and Nature. That is because the character of the energy which one sends and receives depends upon the alertness of one’s consciousness and the ideas which occupy one’s mind during the paneurhythmy exercises. For this reason, the paneurhythmy movements are not a mechanical gymnastics, but an activity in which all the forces of human nature participate: physical, spiritual, mental, and Divine. All of these forces are awakened and become active and creative during Paneurhythmy; they come into the receptive state. Therefore, in order to do the exercises correctly, one should think. A movement without thought has no meaning. Inner concentration is necessary. While performing the movements, one’s power lies in the ability to concentrate. While exercising, one’s concentration needs to be as deep as if one were alone! When we perform the exercises, Living Nature participates in the movements. She observes if rhythm and awareness are present. If these are lacking, she does not participate. If Living Nature does not take part, all the work is wasted: for then it is done mechanically!

One example will show the importance of deep inner concentration for the accumulation of the creative forces of Nature in the human body. In the Scriptures, there is a story about a woman who has bled for 12 years. She is healed by touching Christ’s garment from behind. Christ said, ‘“Who touched My clothes?’ His disciples said to Him, ‘You see the multitude thronging You and You say, ‘Who touched me?”18 But Christ looked behind Himself to see who did it because he felt that energy had gone out of Him. That is because the other people had touched him mechanically, but the woman had touched him with the participation of her consciousness and with a deep faith that Christ would help her.

When Moses raised his arms, the Jews were victorious in battle because power was emanating from his hands. Christ, too, extended His arm when He touched the leper to cure him.

The arms are energy lines through which the vital forces flow. When you possess an awakened consciousness, a contact is made between your hand and the living forces of Nature, and the vital forces, prana, flow through each finger. If you are not mindful—if you do not believe—nothing will happen. As soon as you apply your will, these currents will immediately start to flow. When you connect with Universal Intelligence—the Divine Origin, this energy will come to you as a result.

Now let us consider another, more profound aspect of the Paneurhythmy. It is intended to awaken the dormant forces and gifts innate to the human nature. We know that there are motor control centers in the brain: one controlling the movements of the legs, another one—controlling the movements of the arms, and so on. For every kind of movement, there is a motor control center in the brain. As the paneurhythmy movements are performed with conscious awareness, the motor control centers responsible for them are in the cerebrum. For example, the control motor centers for the movements of the arms and legs are in the upper part of the cerebrum; and when we move with conscious awareness, we activate the corresponding motor centers in the brain.

We will consider three aspects of this subject:

1. Each center of the brain is connected with a particular Higher World and the Beings who live there. Every movement activates a certain center of the brain, and through that center we come into contact with a particular Higher World and with the Beings who inhabit it. Thus, through the movements of the arms, legs, and so on, we make contact with the Higher Worlds and with the Beings who live there, and this helps us to receive energy and assistance from these Realms.

2. When we move our limbs—arms, legs, and so on—we activate their related brain centers and more blood and energy to them, so in this way these centers are better nourished and developed. Each center also corresponds to a particular spiritual quality such as compassion, love, faith, hope, intellectual abilities, appreciation for music, the inclination for mathematics, and so on. And so, through these movements—if we do them correctly—we can work on the activating the efficiency of our brain centers: we can awaken them from their sleep and thus cultivate the corresponding endowments.

Because of the paneurhythmy movements—if they are performed in accordance with the above-mentioned principle of correspondence—the nervous system becomes more refined, more sensitive and capable of vibrating in harmony with the higher Divine Idea of which each movement is an expression.

3. Each of these brain centers is related to a specific organ of the body. If the center is activated to its full capacity, it works beneficially for its related organs and they develop properly: strengthening, rejuvenating, and becoming more efficient in the regulation of its functions.

It is very important how one moves, and to do so with awareness. Some say that it is of little significance how we move, that the movements in general are without purpose, often automatic, and mindless. On the contrary, each and every movement has a strong influence upon the nervous system and upon the entire spiritual life, as long as they are done with full conscious awareness of their meaning. If someone does a movement that is incorrect, abnormal, or negative, the associated center will be subjected to abnormal development and this will be reflected in the health of the organ involved and in the individual’s spiritual capabilities and endowments. As a result, Paneurhythmy brings not only spiritual growth, development of enlightened thoughts and feelings; ennoblement of our character; but also life, health, and energy to each organ of the body. It rejuvenates us!

From the above, it is clear why we feel renewed and refreshed after performing the paneurhythmy exercises. It is obvious why an abundant life force begins to flow into all organs from these exercises and why they have such a deep psychological impact on us. First of all, these exercises awaken joy and harmony. One feels something has been gained and feels inspired throughout the day with new ideas, new impulses. One’s creative forces begin to flourish. Because in Paneurhythmy a close interconnection exists among movement, music, and idea, the sources of everything sublime and noble begins to flow through the exercises. Through them, one develops talents and endowments, noble moral values and becomes ready to open one’s soul to Good, Justice, Beauty, Truth, and to the Light that is coming into the world.

One may use Paneurhythmy as a method for transforming one’s condition. When you feel discouraged, troubled, or in despair, Paneurhythmy can easily transform these feelings.

Aesthetic feeling is also developed through Paneurhythmy. The feeling for rhythm and music are especially nourished. Beautiful is the scene at which the paneurhythmy exercises are performed: the rising Sun, the mountains illuminated by its rays, the songs of the birds above, the surrounding flowers and grass. All this makes one lively, inspired with noble feelings, and ready for work.

While doing the exercises, we feel as if the whole surrounding has been transformed. You feel as if you were in a temple and everything around you is a part of its beautiful architecture. A curtain opens before your eyes, and you can see the inner aspect of the Paneurhythmy. They become a prayer for one’s soul which longs for Light, for eternal Good, for Love, for a new Reality. At such a moment, you understand that the movements are a prayer through which one comes to understand that the human essence is music, purity, and love. In such instances, one feels the innumerable bonds which connect us with the whole of Creation.

Radiance emanates from the living circle, and its rays carry forth the calling of these souls. A circle of Light forms above them that rises upward to the Eternal, and the sincere appeal of these souls reaches out to every heart and speaks to them about the beauty of the new Life which is descending to us and is so close!

This calling is not in vain. It will participate in the building of the beautiful edifice in the future of the humankind. The sacred appeal of every soul reflects in each awakened soul. When you put your thoughts and the ideals of your higher self into beautiful movements, you release life forces into the Universe that create and build.

The living circle of paneurhythmy participants brings their souls into union. They become one. The obstacles and differences disappear, and they feel the eternal bonds which connect and unite them. Is it not the paneurhythmy circle a symbol of the beauty of the Unity which is coming?

These wonderful moments experienced in Paneurhythmy bring poetry and wholeness into our lives. Through them, we learn to see in everything a new beauty that has not been known before.

Why is it necessary to have a feeling of reverence, of sacred awe and sacred excitement while performing Paneurhythmy in order to gain something? Because in this way, through our higher consciousness, our noble thoughts and feelings, we come into accord with the higher powers of Nature and become receptive to them.

At the end of the paneurhythmy movements, musical breathing exercises are done as well. The accompanying music is created especially for that purpose. During the breathing exercises, all sing together. People of the esoteric science can perceive their benefit. These breathing exercises are of immeasurable significance, when they are performed each morning before going to work. Their special significance becomes clear when they are considered from the esoteric point of view in relation to the prana and psychic energies which permeate the air. The influence of the breathing exercises is made stronger and deeper when accompanied by the music.

Let’s consider the influence of the paneurhythmy exercises upon the outer world. When there is harmony and correspondence between movements and ideas, then we transmit through the movements these ideas to the outside world, to the whole of humankind. Through these movements, new creative forces and ideas, which will assist in the renewal and transformation of the world, are sent forth. All new ideas that are to be implemented in the existing culture, all these life-giving principles which have the power to renew and elevate humankind to the New Culture are included in Paneurhythmy.

It is necessary to have centers through which the Divine may enter in order to move the world toward its renewal. One such center is Paneurhythmy. It has an enormous impact on people. Through Paneurhythmy the new ideas are sent in a miraculous way into the world and people receive their beneficial influence.

Paneurhythmy is such a form which is capable of expressing the new ideas and transmitting them through music, movements, and words to human nature and all Creation! This is because the ideas which create and build the New Culture are expressed in the movements of Paneurhythmy. In its movements, are hidden the “word codes” which have a miraculous power that will awaken the new creative forces of the human soul, forces which are awaiting their unfoldment.

The Universal Brotherhood of Light brings the new into the world in every way—through thoughts, feelings, and deeds, and through movements as well, in other words, through everything. In a comparable way, the wind blows and stirs the leaves, enabling the sap to move. Through these exercises the new ideas will permeate life, the world, and all awakened souls; and will start to give results. Therefore, Paneurhythmy is a method by which the new may come, a method of building a new world, a new Earth!

All mentioned above shows that Paneurhythmy may become a powerful method for the education of the new generation, the community, and the whole nation. There will be a great impact if Paneurhythmy is introduced on a large scale. Its permeation into society will produce an enormous influence for its physical and spiritual renewal.

Modern people are more open to accepting new ideas with something that is real and concrete and at the same time powerful and beautiful! The Paneurhythmy exercises are such a thing.

These exercises should be introduced into schools and adult communities in order to prepare a completely new generation with physical health and endurance, noble thoughts, spiritual progress, strong will, initiative, and a strong nervous system.

Paneurhythmy should be introduced and practiced in every town and city, every village. Awakened souls everywhere need to work for its introduction into people’s lives. In this way, we will become a society of people full of optimism, vitality, and creativity; people with noble hearts and enlightened minds, with free spirits and strong wills; people ready to become the builders of the new life on Earth.

Paneurhythmy should be introduced in the schools and especially in the high schools. It will be wonderful to observe the students performing these exercises and then going to class refreshed, vitalized, and renewed!

What a beautiful picture it would be if early in the morning at sunrise people from every town and village would go out and perform these exercises and then go to work with new ideas and thoughts.

Now especially, society needs the impetus and awakening which Paneurhythmy can provide. Through it societies, nations, generations can be rejuvenated, and people can be physically and spiritually revitalized to new creativity.

Here is a new method, among others, to help people in any society or generation to renew physically and spiritually, to develop their endowments. Paneurhythmy prepares for the blooming of a higher, more ennobled, more harmonious culture: the Culture of Light and Joy!

The inner meaning of the exercises is presented with the description of each movement. Only their general significance is given in the above text because the comprehension of their sacred meaning presumes one’s deeper preparation and selfrealization. (12:61-75)


10 Compiled and presented by Boyan Boev.

11 In the Southern Hemisphere Paneurhythmy will begin on September 22 because the seasons are reversed.

12 When this text was published (1938) only the first part of the Paneurhythmy was performed. Later the two other parts were added and finished in 1942.

13 Alexander Gavrilovich Gurvich (1874-1954) was a Russian biologist and medical scientist who originated the morphogenetic field theory and discovered the biophotons or weak biological electromagnetic waves.

Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942) was a Russian engineer and scientist. He published books and articles demonstrating that living cells emit and receive electromagnetic radiations.

14 Hans Reichenbach (1891-1953), was a leading philosopher of science, publishing works on the nature of scientific laws.

Gaston Durville (1887-1971) and his brother Andre Durville (1896-1979) were French physicians who were two of the initiators regarding leading a life close to nature. They published many books, amongst them were those pertaining to the character and the health issues of the individual, as shown in the face; and on appropriate exercises for children.

15 See Genesis 1:1. (NKJV)

16 Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) belonged to the most influential spiritual teachers and philosophers of France in the 19th century. He introduces the concept of “Agartha” or “Shambala” to the Western world.

17 Erwin Shrodinger (1887-1961), Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976), and Ernst Pascual Jordan (1902-1980) were theoretical physicists and key creators of quantum mechanics.

18 See Mark 5:30-31.

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