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Love gives birth to Good. Good brings Life, Light andFreedom to our souls.

Beinsa Douno


This book entitled “The Beauty of Life” presents thetranslations of twelve lectures delivered by Beinsa Douno– Peter Deunov, who lived in Bulgaria during the late19th andthe early 20th centuries and gave a new teaching containing thebasic ideas of the Aquarius age.


The Universal Master came to the Earth in the transitionalperiod to a new cosmic cycle to prepare the spiritual awakeningof humanity. He made the planet ready for the new impulse ofLight and collective consciousness of humans - for the adventof the culture of Love.


Starting his activities with only three disciples, BeinsaDouno gradually established a society, which representeda mini-model of entire humanity. In this society he laid thebase of a new life on the principles of Love, Wisdom, Truth,Righteousness and Virtue. The meaning of his secular namePeter Deunov is a foundation stone. The spiritual teachingprovided by him is a union of three components: the Word(almost 4,000 talks and lectures), the Music (150 songs andmelodies) and the PanEuRhythmy (a sacred dance in 3 parts:28 Exercises”, Solar Rays” and Pentagram”).

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