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The Word came through Beinsa Douno as a gentle wind heralding the cosmic spring on the Earth and the blossoming of human souls. It was almost entirely given orally in a period of 50 years. The Word consists of approximately 4,000 talks and lectures recorded in short hand, then decoded and published. Thanks to the disciples the Divine Teaching was preserved and passed on to future generations.


The published lectures are classified in several series:


* Sunday lectures – held in front of the general public




* Lectures given to the Spiritual School (1922-1944) – to the General Class and to the Youth class of disciples


* Council lectures


* Lectures presented at the gatherings in the Rila




* Morning Word (1930-1944)


* Additional talks


There are a few papers, articles and books written per- sonally by Peter Deunov - Beinsa Douno:


* “Science and Education” - published in 1896


* “Hio-Eli-Meli-Mesail” - published in 1898


* 3 spiritual messages written by the Master in 1899:


- “The Ten Testimonials of the Lord”


- “God’s Promise”


- “An Appeal to the Bulgarian nation”


* Notes and prayers recorded in the Master’s notebook from March 30, 1899 to October 16, 1900


* “Heads and Faces” , 5 phrenological articles - pub- lished in the Rodina Magazine in 1901


* “The Testament of the Color Rays of Light“, a sacred book received in deep meditation - published in a special edi- tion in 1912


* “In the Kingdom of Living Nature”, a book of 11 arti- cles - published in 1933


* “Letters to the First Disciples”, personal correspon- dence of Peter Deunov


The Word also contains prayers and formulas given by the Master, directions and methods for spiritual work, practices for self-education and guidelines for daily life.


The twelve lectures presented in this book convey the living spirit, the transforming power and the healing effect of the Word. They were held from 1914 to 1942 on different occa- sions: at the councils of the spiritual society founded in Veliko Tarnovo, at the meetings of the followers in Sofia, at the gather- ings in the Rila Mountain. Some talks were communicated in the Spiritual Center, which was gradually established in Sofia, named Izgrev (meaning sunrise in Bulgarian). The lectures vary in form and length, in structure and content, depending on the circumstances of delivery. Their beauty is hidden in this unique unity of simplicity and profundity, of diversity and wholeness. The meaning of the spiritual name Beinsa Douno in Sanskrit: “The One who advances Good through the Word” is revealed in each lecture.


The first lecture “The Beauty of Life” was held at the Seven Lakes in the Rila Mountain. Its flow of speech is highly inspired and consistent, each sentence shining brightly as a gem of Wisdom. The same is true for the summary of another Rila lecture “The Two Paths”:


Good thoughts, feelings and wishes represent rays of Light: they give food to Life and also to the soul that is coming to the Earth.


Good deeds represent rays and colors of Light: they pro- vide the Living bread for the soul so that it can know The One Who gave birth to it.


The lectures “For the Glory of God”, “Absolute Purity”, “Let the Children Come”, “Four Rules” and “The Ascending Way” were also held in the Rila Mountain – the oldest esoteric school on Earth according to Beinsa Douno. They all deliver the elevated atmosphere of Living Nature and the attentive guidance of the Master:


My children protect the freedom of your soul! My children preserve the power of your spirit! My children sustain the light of your mind!


My children maintain the goodness of your heart! (“Four Rules”)


All lectures, selected in the book “The Beauty of Life”, give the essence of the Teaching of Conscious Life and the keys to its application on a daily basis. In each lecture the simplest and the highest, the smallest and the greatest merge together to reveal fundamental principles, spiritual laws and elevated ideas, which make this Word powerful and everliving.


May the Beauty of Love, the Purity of Wisdom and the Light of Truth abide in you!


Abide in Love, Wisdom and Truth so that they will abide in you!


They represent the new life, which God is sending to the world.


The Spirit of God requires mercy, not sacrifice.


Beinsa Douno


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