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The Purpose and the Meaning of Human Life (Vlad Pashov)


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Statement on the teacher lecture by Vlad Pashov


December 31, 1933


Regarding the question about the existence of the soul people of today are divided into two: some say that the soul exists and others say the opposite. But in this dispute it is not clear what meaning is imparted to the word soul. The soul according to the spiritual science contains all possibilities – everything lodged in the human being, which should be developed during the centuries. This is the great source, from which one can draw. The soul represents the human being in its wholeness; this is the Life in its endless manifestation with the ever new problems and tasks that it sets for solving. And as the Life of humanity is revealed simultaneously in three worlds, the tasks standing before humans are in three aspects: material, spiritual and mental.


These three manifestations of Life are connected by an inner bond. When we speak about the material life, we understand fulfillment of the possibilities lodged in a person. People should first learn to wisely use the capacities given to them and not to seek what is not at their disposal. In other words, it is better to give way to our innate aptitude revealed in life as longing than to lose our time and strength in persecution of things, for which we do not have the necessary potentials in that particular moment.


The human life comes from the Infinite; it is manifested in the finite and it strives for freedom. If one has not passed from the Infinite into the finite, one cannot enter the law of freedom and realize one's own aspirations. Now freedom is the striving and the ideal of entire humanity. Nourishment, respiration, knowledge, religion and everything, which exists as a manifestation of the human life – these are only means or ways for attaining freedom. As soon as one attains freedom, one is happy. Freedom will bring you happiness. If you have freedom, you will not be submitted to all these organic moderations, which you undergo in your present life. These moderations occur because of certain reasons – you are not responsible for all that is happening. For example, you are not the only cause for illnesses – one third of the cause is in you, but the remaining two thirds are in others.


Now you are interested in the question of the unsolved tasks in life. The past generations answered many side questions, but the important problems remained unsolved. We cannot be happy with what they have settled by now. Religious people say that we will achieve everything with the Teaching of Christ. But it should become clear that long ago people lost what Christ had brought to the world and what He had taught, so the questions remained unsolved. The tasks an individual has to fulfill are the same as the tasks of humankind, because the individual development and the development of humanity as a whole proceed in parallel.


A person stays in the mother's womb nine months, in which all organs are formed. First the stomach is formed, then the lungs. The lungs are ready, when the embryo is already in the last month and should be born. When it is born, it begins to breathe and live – breathing gives effect to life. In the womb one learns to eat, but does not live yet, because one does not breathe and lies dormant; after birth one gets the freedom to live. Entire humanity is presently in the age of living-breathing, but an exit way should be found from this situation, so that it could proceed further. Prompted by the action of the creative impulse of Life minerals left their latent state and became plants; they did not stop there, but entered the position of fish, then that of birds, of mammals and finally they reached the phase of humans. Humans should also pass into a higher phase. Whether conscious or unconscious, the inner aspiration of going from a lower to a higher form exists in everyone. And if some persons do not want to develop into a higher form, no one can help them and make them happy in this state, in which they are now. Only temporarily they could receive assistance as beggars, but begging will not solve this problem in the world.


All that happens in the life of entire humanity happens also in the life of each individual. In the first seven years a child lives its physical life – this is the period, in which the physical body is formed and developed; in the second seven-year period – from 7 to 14, the child undergoes a process of emotional modeling and development or this is the birth and the growth of the astral body; in the third seven-year period – from 14 to 21, the birth of the mental body occurs and the child begins to live its mental life; and in the period from 21 to 30 years the causal body begins to develop and the person lives a life of causes.


According to the theosophists a person possesses seven bodies; each body is developed in seven years, all together it makes forty nine years. But this classification is partially true. There is another classification with twelve human bodies – three basic and nine transitional, i.e. nine shells, but the basic bodies are three. This is a concept of the Great Initiated. Whoever is interested and wishes to know more about it can look into the esoteric literature – there are many things written on the topic, so you may read. Each human body is a prerequisite for an acquaintance with a world. Without a physical body we cannot gain knowledge about the physical world and it will be unknown and inaccessible for us. Without a spiritual body the Spiritual world will be unknowable for us, without a Divine body the Divine world will be incognizable and we cannot perceive the inner meaning of Life.


In the present human body the head represents the Divine world, the lungs – the Spiritual world and the stomach – the physical world. After you have regulated your relations with the stomach and treat all its cells properly, you will have natural and harmonious relations with the entire material world. If you regulate your breathing not only as a mechanical, but also as a conscious process, you will have harmonious relationships with all Intelligent beings of the Spiritual world. If you regulate your thoughts and begin to think right, you will have a harmonious bond with the Divine world. When a person harmonizes the inner forces of these three worlds, i.e. the functioning of the head, the lungs and the stomach, this person will get the best conditions in life.


First you should observe and get to know yourselves in order to determine your place in the Universe. You should not strive to define the essence of humanity as a whole, but your own essence, your own form and position in the organism of Nature. And then, from this position you should turn consciously to Nature and study Her language. Nature has Her own language and if you do not know it, you cannot get into contact with Her, so disharmonic states and diseases will come into your life.


A person should take into consideration three things in order to be healthy: a bright mind, pure lofty feelings and a noble will, as to know how to behave in any particular case. And in order to have these things, you should hold a high ideal and become masters of the circumstances, i.e. you should move to your goal undeviatingly, without being influenced by the outside conditions. If there are obstacles and difficulties in the world, you should not think that they are created especially for you. Sorrows are a fortuity in the life of the Earth. If you are clever, you will avoid a path with possible obstructions. But as people are not clever enough, all the time they collide with the ways of Nature and suffer as a result. Human suffering comes from our misunderstanding of Life. Humans think that they are masters and can do whatever they wish – kill animals, destroy plants and misuse the goods they are given, which causes all the crises in their lives. All good things in Nature are referred to Intelligent beings, who keep us responsible for everything.


Contemporary people expect righteousness and kindness – this is good, but how do they behave with animals and other people? If they demand to receive rights and kindness, these should be for all. Kindness is expressed in this: to have understanding for the state of others and to accept their needs and worries as yours – this is the Divine law in the world. Only with compassion we could help one another, following the right path of Life, without these obstacles, which we meet today, and our life will attain an inner meaning, so we will get to know why we live and for whom.


Everyone lives, even if unconsciously, for the Eternal. Every person at all times seeks the Immortal and Everlasting behind the transitional forms. Only that, which does not pass can be loved, because it is real. Only that, which does not lose its inner bond, is real. The Reality does not depend on our belief or disbelief in it, it just exists. The Reality is distinguished by the fact that we can experience it; Reality is absolutely intelligent by itself. And the human life as an expression of this Reality is strictly determined – not in a fatal way, but by the effect of the laws, conditioning the human existence. Therefore, some events, which will happen in life, can be foreseen. For example, fifteen years before the beginning of the First World War an esoteric society in England not only predicted the war, but also announced its development and showed the map of Europe after the war; and they were right in all their predictions. And now, they have drawn another map of Europe, which will be realized in the future. You will ask how they know this beforehand. There are laws, which determine the social state and the relations of the nations in the same way as there are laws, which regulate all processes and circumstances in Nature and in life. All these laws are based on a great Intelligence in the existence. And if we rely on this Wisdom and study its language, we will be advised about what is going to happen to us. Because the voice of Nature speaks in us – this is the Reality within ourselves. The Reality always gives something to us, while the unreal, the illusionary world takes from us and here is the difference. That, which brings strength to the human mind and makes a person think; that, which gives power and life to the human feelings and the human body, so that a person can achieve something in the world, is real.


If you become channels of the Reality in the world, you will be useful for the advancement of entire humanity. You will become co-workers of Nature or servants of God, if we put it in religious terms. But the idea of God should be seen in a new light. The idea, which people have of God today, is absolutely not true. In our view God is the Great Reality in the world – that, which is of vital importance for everyone. The life that runs and pulses in us – this is God; the noetic that acts in us – this is God. God reveals Himself in every soul and says, "You will all become as I think, and if you follow My path, you will attain everything". You should all submit yourselves to the impulse of Life. If you follow this impulse without fear, all good and great persons will become your background and will assist you. When we begin to live in this way, we will become free of the contradictions and the illnesses. The foundation of all diseases lies in the violation of the great law of Love. All problems with the nervous system are caused by the violation of the law of Wisdom and all physical diseases – by the violation of the law of Truth. If you infringe the law of Truth, certain organs of your body begin to suffer.


Something new should flow into the human soul. Contemporary people have not a guiding idea in their lives; they just try to live in one or another way until they pass away – these are people who do not have an ideal. Only when Love enters someone and begins to act through them, they will have an aspiration and an ideal. When Love comes It will create a whole paradise, in which you will dispose with everything good and noble that your soul may wish for.


In the future people will face the need for solving the great questions of Life. These contradictions, which exist now among the nations, will disappear and entire humanity will become one big family; nations and individuals will be the members of this family, respecting and assisting one another in the same way as the organs of a body function together – there will be inner harmony among all. And you will be witnesses of this future.


Translated by Maria Braikova

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