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Why when eating bread, man is not to think about the source from whence it comes? As he thinks about this, man connects to the category creatures of the Sun that send their energy to create bread. Different creatures send different solar energy and to specific locations. There are creatures of the Sun, which are specifically interested in Bulgaria. They provide for her special budget: how much wheat, fruits how much to send. They determine exactly how many children are to be born each year, how many people to get married and how many people to die. However, they are interested in the way of use of these goods. You will say that the Sun is only a fiery body and nothing more. Besides fiery body the Sun presents a set of bright, rational creatures.


Residents of the Sun live in great abundance, due to which they do not worry about anything. Their task is to send blessings on the entire solar system. They set the budget of all beings, of all people of all countries and peoples of all mankind, of all the planets.


On the Sun there is an angel who rules the Earth, and every year it makes its calculations: the budget that can be allocated on the Earth at that time. This angel, making its accounts each year determines how much revenue can be allocated either to France, or to England, either to Russia or to any of the smaller states. Above is determined how many liters of rain to be sent to the Earth, how many children, male and female, to be born, how many apples, pears and other fruits to be born in a given year, etc. Everything is ordered from above. You will say, "God orders these things." Yes, God instructs them, but he has his servants that He uses. God is not a servant of the people to order all these things.


What makes these inhabitants of the Sun from morning to evening to deal with their civilisation and culture, to take the time to send wealth, welfare to the people of the Earth? An entire budget has the Sun for the Earth. There is collected a meeting that sets the budget of the Earth. For all others is sent huge amounts of light, heat, then food, energy. All the food has come from the Sun.


In the solar system live the most rational creatures. They distribute the energy of the Sun throughout the entire solar system, when how much to send. They know how many people there are on the Earth, they know their names. They know the Bulgarians they know what budget they have. They know England, France and Russia, all countries. They know how many seas and oceans are there on the Earth, how many beetles and plants there are, they know everything. I do not want to convince you in that you do not need to be convinced. I think what it is - it is, there is nothing to prove. If there intelligent life exists, it exists. If there is Sun, there is, if there is no Sun, there is not. Because there is rational life, the Sun shines. If there is no rational life, the Sun will disappear. If there is no rational life, the Earth will be darkened. If the Earth has not been darkened, it is because rationality is there, there is rational life.


The Sun is well located for us, this is seen by the energy it sends to the Earth, the good deeds that it everyday prepares, because without this energy, life is unthinkable. Solar energy is alive, conscious. If we start thinking about it so we will be able to take inside us this energy and it will produce in us a conscious and regular process of growing.


We could say that the entire solar system has a total pulse that beats in all creatures. There is only one beat into the bloodstream. From this heart is regulated pulse of all living creatures.


I'm talking about the Sun from the viewpoint of a higher science. From this point of view the Sun is not only rough matter. From this point of view the Earth has a soul that lives and to which the material Earth represents the body. And in the Sun lives a great spirit. The exterior of the Sun is what we see. Spirit is the rational home in the Sun. It is who sends everything to the Earth.


Prominent adepts have long shown that sunspots affect life on the Earth. These spots have started to appear, as people have started to sin. When people correct their life and sunspots will disappear.


Recently in the "Peace" there has been an article. Bulgarian newspapers collect such occult things. So, in the "Peace" they clarify what sunspots are due to. After bringing order to the current scientific information for the spots it finally brings the concepts of old east adept scholars. They believe that these spots are due to the angels that come from the Sun to bring the blessings of God in the universe. So angels, returning from their expedition to convey that they have fulfilled the will of God, when entering into the Sun they open big holes. The spots are made by them. The author says: "Angels by entering the aura of the Sun with their strive for traveling at high speed, these flames climb up and open up great avenues on which they return to the Sun." And these openings scientists get it as black spots. This period of the departing of angels and their return to it is in 11 years.


All the Sun is wrapped with high temperature and these spots in the Sun are those doors that the creatures of the Sun use to go out and return.


We see how the Sun has risen this morning, how it has come out. Scientists have suggested that it is a ball, matter, and no consciousness in it. It is a matter of hot rebellion. The biggest rebels are in the Sun. There are such lava bursts to 200-300 thousand kilometres. There are around 100, 150.180 outbreaks. If we are on the Sun we will be thrown away somewhere and no one can see us. There is something in the Sun, which boils, but it is not like that. In the Sun there is a desire to Love to send its aid to those who need it. Consequently there is an inner race, who to go ahead to serve. If you could see, you would see: it is thousands of rational creatures who come out as sun rays, dressed in their robes, run all over the universe and spread light. Then they show again in the Sun. There is a theory that these spots that appear on the Sun are angels who return to solar doors open them and people see only the dark doors. They have done their job, so dark and large openings are there.


Our Sun is populated by many rational creatures, not like us with such bodies. The perturbations that make these spots Hindus explain it this way: when they go, these rational creatures to help throughout the solar system, they have doors that open and they go out. Sunspots are openings through which is sent condensed energy to the Earth always with a certain purpose. This energy is sent to the Earth with such enormous speed that if it comes straight to it will sweep everything with itself. So between the Earth and the Sun there are several transformers that perceive that solar energy and transform it, reduce its speed and then scroll it down to the Earth.


Now scientists have found that the continents of America and Europe every 11 years are approaching and moving away. This period coincides with the sunspots. Eleven years since they quarrel and move away, on the 12-th again they approach. This is permanently happening as harmonics is permanently moving away and approaching. It is interesting how they have found it. They have found that with 12 m they are approaching and moving away. From Sunspots arise large magnetic storms. On these spots depends the fertility of the Earth. When there are more spots on the Sun, the year is more fruitful. When there are more spots on the Sun, more people are getting married and more are dying then happen large perturbations in the nervous system, heart disruptions, cerebral apoplexy, pain in the spine, in the kidneys, people are not raving.


Then take place a heart attack, apoplexy of the brain, spine hurts. When the spots appear pain in a spine and in the kidneys, and a stomachache and headaches, there are all sorts of pain. People become mad. They have noticed it. If the spots disappear a little, change is going. The more the spots on the Sun are, there is more rain on the Earth, and there is more fertility. Sometimes it's colder and sometimes - hotter. There are reasons for warm summer nights. Some years there is more moisture, sometimes not. Now learned men demonstrate that moisture on the Earth depends on the sunspots. When the Sun has more spots on the Earth there is more moisture and years are more fertile when the Sun has less spots, there is less moisture. When there are more spots on the Sun, there are more marriages, more births, people are happy, traders earn more. When there are fewer spots, heavier people live less, there is rain. Researchers can see the reasons that determine the social change on the Earth, good conditions, good life, and fertility. While there is fertility there is happy life as well. If no fertility the matters immediately complicate. I say, it is not the money that determines the future conditions. The most important is the food that comes from above. Money is a tool. Food without money is possible, but money without food is not possible.


So I say: people have come to the point that some financiers of the past when making their operations have been asking the astronomers whether will there be spots on the Sun. If there are spots, then they make their buying operations. When they say that there will be no spots, they refrain to make stock transactions, not to fail. To the people has come to their mind to use the spots of the Sun. Then, when the Sun has spots, more people are marrying and more are dying. When there are no spots on the Sun, fewer people are getting married and fewer die. These are data now. I will not bore you with statistics. Large perturbations are produced in the nervous system; some weak organisms cannot survive. "Go ahead!"- says Christ to his disciples. Hearing these words, you say: "What should we do? We do not have enough money, years of famine are coming. "Fear not, hungry years come from the Sun, to the Sun they depend. When there are no spots on the Sun, there are more lean years; when on the Sun appeared abundantly spots, on the Earth there is abundant food. So, there are two situations: when on the Sun there are no spots, people live a quiet life, but the food is less, there are more poor people, more die. When the spots on the Sun increase, abundance is greater: more food, but misery and perturbations are also more. Marriages are more, but there are more divorces, more Love, but there are more quarrels as well. The people are not guilty; the Sun is to blame for this.


Scientists have made some connection between the Sun spots and events, catastrophes that are on the Earth: famine, diseases, earthquakes, wars, suffering, etc. According to some scholars sunspots are large tunnels from which radiates enormous amount of energy to all the planets. Once this energy is spent and the spots of the Sun disappear. These spots not only bring misfortune but happiness as well. In general it is noticed that sunspots have plenty of happiness and misery, joys and sorrows.


When people face life and sunspots will disappear. There are spots on the Sun, showing the sinful life on Venus, on Jupiter, on Mars, on Sirius, the brightest spots differ from one another. Those, who show life on the Earth, are as black as charcoal. Now you sit and you can go to one prophet to tell you that this year will be for you happy or unhappy. What will tell you that prophet? One year may be happy to Bulgaria to Serbia miserable, or happy for France, for Germany miserable, or happy for America to India unhappy. Good in the world is not equally distributed. Goods are allocated periodically according to the state of the Sun. Modern astronomers want to find out at least partly what caused this breakdown of the good, but they cannot understand. U.S. astronomers have one theory that happy years depend on the spots of the Sun. When there are more sunspots and the year is happier, if the spots are lost, and the year is not so happy. But these are just guesses, hypotheses; they are still not scientific truths. A coincidence is that when there are sunspots and the years are more fertile, and when the spots disappear and fertility declines.


For example, after two years there shall be a small curve in fertility. Whether this is true or not will see after two years. This is not a prediction, but periodically in nature there is a law according to which benefits are distributed. This law is also relevant for the organic life. Certain times in your life can be happy and some times can be miserable. It depends on your sun. Everyone has a sun inside, on which depend fertile and unfertile years of his life. What exists in the big world; exists also in the little world. Whatever presents our Sun in our solar system, the sun presents such thing in life. So everyone has a sun that sets the happiest years of his life. This sun some call "human spirit" but I would use the word "sun" for that life-giving Sun, which brings all the goods to people and contributes to the development of his faculties and feelings. Success of man depends on his talents and abilities.


The Sun has more than 10 magnetic zones that surround the Earth, cross it in different directions. Over the centuries these various zones acted on people as created the current selfish culture - culture of power. Other belts now come from the Sun. They prepare the conditions for a softer Culture - Culture of Love. If you do not put yourself under the beneficial influence of these rays, in these zones, there is nothing you can do. If your mind is well developed in the brain through a prism you will decompile the sun rays, you'll get new bands of light. Today the Sun is not as it has been a thousand years ago. Mystics have known this and have expressed it in the following thoughts: "Love God," "Be good", "Love the Truth."


Flowers have a better knowledge of the Sun than the people today. Light in itself carries immortality. Everything is concentrated light. Fruits, plants – everything is light.


Under the influence of the Sun cosmic consciousness in man awakens. The Sun is what awakens thought in the human mind. The Sun is alive, collective entity that has cosmic consciousness. It is thought. When this Divine cosmic consciousness in man awakes, the Sun begins to think about it; then man is healthy and lives long. Man who wants to have life in himself, to have a perfect body to be happy and cheerful, to have heat, should be sure to go out and watch the Sun, to pay attention to it, to follow its path, to benefit from its energy. Man who uses more of its energy, he has warm blood. Man, who uses more of the Moon, has cold blood, is cool, cold and cold- blooded. Warm-blooded are associated with the Sun. The power of the human mind comes from the Moon, and the warmth of life comes from the Sun. The Moon and the stars are the negative side of life, what takes only. The Sun is positive, it is the representative of God, He always gives; He takes nothing from humans. Every time man is willing to be given something, the Moon acts. When he has a desire to give something; the Sun acts. When you are sad, it is the Moon, when you are joyful, it is the Sun. When you love, it's the Sun, when you do not love, it's the Moon. When you're happy, that's the Sun when you're not happy, it's the Moon. Now, what does hatred mean? "Omra" this is that compresses matter, what rarifies - that is love. Love always rarifies, hatred always thickens. What's wrong with compression? Sometimes you curdle milk, don't you? Milk is often rarified, then you curdle it to make it dense. Bulgarian boasts with yogurt, with the way of densification of milk.


The new in the world is the rising Sun, and the rest is the Sun that sets. It is a law of nature. This law is not asserted by me only, but by every mother and by every father. When a young woman and young man get married, the first child born in the family home, is the rising Sun, the hope of their future.


The strongest influences are the influences of the life-giving Sun. The solar influence I call it the source of Love. If a man is in harmony with the Sun, if he understands that the Sun is a life force, and the worst will feel that this life-giving magnetism enters into his body, and renews it.


You, if you do not live according to the laws of the Sun immediately your life shortens, the budget of your life shortens. Begin diseases. The budget of your mind shortens and starts clutter in the mind. Shortens the budget of your heart and begins the clutter in your heart. Sits a man who has passed from 50 to 60 years of age, regrets that in his youth has not lived the way he should. And he says: "I have had to live a little differently!" For example, has not gone to the dance. He regrets that as a young man has not played a dance, has not lived, but even now he has become an old man and sits and regrets. Another has gone and has eaten and has drunk, and now regrets that a lot has eaten and has drunk. He says: "I should not have!" One regrets not eating and drinking, as he should, while the other regrets eating and drinking more than he should. Now, what is the measure? There is a measure. So in our life there is a light, there is one main thought that dictates how a man should live. Each one of you should come to this light. You cannot have a sublime, ideal life, if you do not have a sample. For example, you want to be beautiful, but what is the shape of a pretty face? What is your ideal for a pretty face? Because if your face is like the Moon rounded you will have the nature of the Moon. If your face is like the Sun, you will have the character of the Sun. The Sun and the Moon are two images slightly more affordable. The other planets we do not know what they are. At first you have to get an internal idea. What has been, for example, the image of Christ? Christ bears some features of the Moon, and is wearing the best features of the Sun. He has been wearing some features of Venus, the best features of Venus. For, if we talk about the Sun we must have that intelligence to appreciate life. Solar types appreciate life. And those who have the face of the Moon, they have a big imagination. Some of you pass your golden age, some - silver, some - copper, some - iron. All people are not in the same phase. Someone says: "Plow, plow!" Someone says: "Power, power!" Somebody says: "Money, good money!" Someone says:"Rationality is needed''. Rationality in man in what age is it? Rationality, this is the golden age of man. To be rational, it's the golden age. Since coming to power, this is the Silver Age, when coming to money; it's the copper age. And if you come to the plow, if you take the hoe and you say: "You have to dig'' - you are in the Iron Age. You say: "I have nothing to do; I have to carry this hoe."


There is a period of 400 years - 100 years for the golden age, 100 years for the silver, 100 years for the bronze and 100 years for the iron. There is a periodicity of 22 years. In 22 years, things are repeated. Then take 24 hours a day. In 24 hours a day, some of the hours correspond to your golden age, some to the silver, some to the copper and some to the iron. In the golden age, you have already connection with the angels of the Sun. In the Silver Age you are in connection with the energies of the Moon. They are two lights that play an important role. They polarise each other. I say: man must come to that, to the rational in the world, to adopt the great influences that operate continuously. Every day, for example, it may be determined when the solar energy is most favourable for the recovery of health. Any good disposal that comes to man is a zenith. All good influences, all good things are due to the Sun. And all other influences are already reflections. This, which gives Venus or Mars are reflections. Impacts of Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter are all reflections, this is not the reality. The only real thing in the world, from this point of view, is only one solar type. Solar types are optimistic. They are full of love, they never die of atherosclerosis; they cannot become ill. They cannot be ignorant. They cannot be infidels, because they have knowledge. How could you doubt in the reality that you can try every day?


Rational is not in the Sun, but it penetrates everywhere and every day we can be in contact with it. In man there are some centres through which he can experience this essence. You will talk to the Rational, without seeing it. When you contact with Rational, you can ask it: "Tomorrow I want to go to Vitosha, to Cherni vrah, what will the weather be?" It says: "It will be nice." "Cloudy will it be?" "No, it will be clear. "" will it be windy? "" No, it will be quiet "You go, and you check it and it happens, as you have been said. Once you check it, twice, a hundred times ... Another time you see a tree, a rock, you explore them objectively. Once you have studied nature for 10-20 years, you suddenly hit a stone - there is something you cannot explain. You go to the Rational and you say: "I have a question that I can not solve." You immediately concentrate inside yourself and come to you pictures as if you talk to yourself. Immediately everything becomes clear. When the Rational speaks to you, you shut up, you should not boast to people. If you boast to people, all this will melt and you will come back to the simple understanding of life.


As an insight into the lives of scientists, artists and musicians, you can see that they are under the influence of the Sun. They are ideas people. When I say that a man must be connected with the energies of the Sun I do not mean only the physical Sun that rises and sets on the horizon, I mean essentially the Divine Sun that rises in the soul of man and never sets. What does the word "unit" mean? The Sun always gives units. It is the seed. If you go to the Sun, it gives units. If you are on the Earth, seed this seed. From this unit can earn units as you want, but will earn alone.


Everyone has a sun that defines the happy years in his life. Think of heaven, the risen Christ to be conduits of God's Love. You should think of Christ, He will think of you. The relationship between Him and you will be the same as that between the Sun and you. If you love the Sun, you'll have plenty of light, heat and moisture.


You need even at night to know where the Sun is, to see it, to perceive its light, you should know if it is below or above and where exactly it is.


A man to have healthy eyes he should know how to perceive light. Then you have not only to watch as the sun rises, but you should watch the sun and at night, you should know where it is. Where you are looking for the sun at night? Scientifically where are you looking for? The simple man thinks that it is underground. Besides, it is not. The Sun orbits, it moves in a horizontal line. In perspective, it is apparently said that the Sun is above. This is a plane on which the sun moves. Therefore, where is the Sun? It is coming now to show the east, when it is coming, it is as if there is a plane – it rises above. So this hoop as shown. Now I say: in a case so you can see where the Sun is, by becoming a night, to know where it is, to know where you can find the Sun. You should know to you perceive light when the Sun is up and when the Sun is down. Occult students need to know these things. At nighttime you should know how to perceive light. It is only for you to know, not to preach to others. But when you have an experience and you are hundred percent sure that it is so; you should know how to pass it.


The currents that come from the Sun penetrate throughout the solar system. Rational man uses only those hours, days and months that are good for him, and those who bear his misfortunes he spends them in fasting and prayer.


The Sun affects blood circulation, breathing and thought of man. Highlighting objects and making them visible the Sun awakens thought. Man begins to think, to observe, to study the objective world. There is another sun - in the man himself, which serves as a guide. It has different names. Some call it the Divine principle in man, other - bright ideas, etc. As students, you will want to get rid of the word "old." You will not think you're an old man, but you are sent to learn. As I ask how old you are, you say, "I'm 33 years old". Those who have not come to this age will keep in mind their 21st year, and those who have passed these years, will keep in mind in 33. How old are you? 33 years old. How so? Well, my age does not change’. Then I ask: if you have 33 solar years, how many of our years is it equal to? At 660 million years. So we have to be consistent. We will show people that we are of those who do not age. To live a solar year 20 million our years are required. We are in the early 21st year or the beginning of the 33-rd year. Coming years, it will be 21 or 33 years again. You say: "How so?"


We need to measure our lives with the life of the Sun, not the Earth's life. We grow old prematurely because we are separated from the solar energy; we are connected with the energy of the Earth. Between the Sun and the human body exists such a connection like the one between God and the human soul - without this connection man cannot develop. The mind of man can flourish only under the influence of God's Spirit.


Man has two poles, two antipodes, to which it aspires: one is the centre of the Sun; the other is the centre of the Earth. The mind of man must be connected with the centre of the Sun. Only in this situation man can have a bright, beautiful thought. Is the human mind connected with the centre of the Earth, his mind is downward. Downward thought is the cause of misery to the people. If the Sun with its influence would be away from man, any activity it would cease. This initial force in the world, which is now acting - "Akasa" - it has created the human brain, thought and sound. If this force comes to mind and the thought is strengthened clear, then, that means you have accepted from this primal force, but if the thought weakens, you will contact the Sun to perceive that prana, to calm, to enhance mental activity. You must contact this solar energy to be always disposed and satisfied with everything.


If a farmer can concentrate his thought to the Sun, so to make his energy to his proper field, thus it will impregnate better, will give better results than if he would have fertilised it. A rational man can fertilise his field only with his thought much better than if he would have fertilised with any salts.


Now you go bareheaded. What is the instigator reason? Instigator reason for this is that by wearing a hat, less energy and light you accept. Now people go bareheaded to receive more light to feel better. They say: "With these hats we have grown stupid." People now throw their hats to get smarter. Just like as you enter the church you should take off your hat, isn't it? The more solar energy in you accept, the more softness and magnetism you will develop inside you. Then, wherever you enter, everybody will like you.


Bulgarians believe in crawling and such people really bring something nice.


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