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Treatment with Solar Energy


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Treatment with Solar Energy


Man should start with the Sun, to spiritualise the solar energy and to use it wisely. He should accept that on the Earth God manifests through the Sun, whence he derives life-giving energy. If someone is sick, if he can not breathe well, let him turn to the Sun and deep in his soul to want to connect with it, take from its power. It will not take long and he will be renewed and strengthened. Many would say that he should lie on his bed; that it is likely to break any artery in him, but he must not succumb. These are external suggestions that contain no truth in them. Who has only once taken solar energy into himself; he knows its beneficial influence on the thoughts and feelings, as well as all the cells of his body. He sees around him only healthy, strong people, and nothing scares him. If anyone is discouraged, let him turn to the Sun, to accept of its energy. Solar power makes man healthy, vigorous; strong, it gives him strength to endure hardships and difficulties in life. To absorb solar energy, this is equivalent to walking around the beautiful gardens filled with colourful and fragrant flowers, nice and sweet fruits and from time to time to try some of them. It is not a waste of time if you spare a couple of hours of the day to get in touch with the Sun and accept of its energy.


The most sublime matter that we accept is the solar energy. If you do not see this light, you cannot renew yourself.


The Sun has its own life. The light that comes from the Sun is the result of the intensive thought of those creatures that live there. The heat is coming, it's that Love that they have. I say: the sun rays bring gifts of Love, gifts of knowledge, gifts of wisdom and gifts of freedom, gifts of Truth. Thanks to permanent sun rays we perceive it that way. He says: "Why should I bake in the Sun?" You'll get Love, you will get knowledge. Now, those who are religious, says: "You shall not worship the Sun!" There is nothing to worship! When you love someone do you worship? Love excludes worship! Whoever does not love, does worship; who loves, nothing to worship. People in quite another state they worship. It is a matter of power. When two people come, the one who is more powerful does not worship, but the weak worships. In love there are no big and small. They are all equal.


In 1914 I wanted to give one good to the people for which I recommended to them baking in the Sun, they so distorted that thing that instead; some of them began to worship the Sun. There is no need to worship the Sun, but God. Only the First reason, only the Eternal, which regulates all things, He alone is worth to worship Him man. Otherwise, neither the Sun nor the Moon, nor anyone else man should worship. Man can worship whomever he wants, but this is not right. Worship, service to God is characterised in that, the one who worships God, He gives to him life. Why? Because when we worship God, we express God's ideas. To worship God means to carry in your soul His Love, His knowledge to bear, to bear His freedom to carry his Spirit.


There is no need to worship the Sun, but what it gives, must be accepted and processed. Man has to take energy from the Sun for his brain, for his lungs, for his stomach and his body. In this energy is hidden rationality.


You must have a true creed. What I am talking to you about, you can try it - as you try the sun rays. Years ago, when we talked about the sun rays, they have been laughing, and saying: "Delusion!" Now intelligent people in France, Germany, England, talk about the power that comes from the Sun - a specific power that can heal the sick. Not only that, but from the Sun comes out an energy that creates the human brain, human lungs, human body.


If people knew these laws, if they knew the time, when there is burst of this energy and use it for healing, all the children would be healthy. All gifts come from above. The Earth has created only our stomach. Thank it for that. And the lungs, the brain cannot be created by it.


You should study that energy coming from the Sun. It is applied in growing and educating.


If you had knowledge you might perceive from the Sun as much energy to heal every disease. If you knew how to use solar energy properly, you would do until now wheat grains as large as eggs, and if you know how to properly use solar energy input to corn, anything you would do! You have to study the energies that come from the Sun.


People do not know how to use electricity and magnetism of the Sun and thus feel nervous, tense. That nervousness is due to dryness in the body of the exceedingly warm and exceedingly chilling. To avoid this dryness, between cold and heat there should be created a communication link.


If the heat is more than you need, and cannot attract moisture, dries skin tones, due to the line represented by diseases such as haemorrhoids, leprosy and others. In these diseases the skin begins to crack.


When the energies of the human body are striving toward the centre of the Earth, it becomes ill. To cure it, these energies have to turn to the centre of the Sun. One of the reasons for neurasthenia is the weak link between the human body and solar energy. If you strengthen this connection, neurasthenia will disappear. Whо is connected with the Sun he leads a good, rational, moral life.


For neurasthenia and all the nervous diseases: three months April, May and June every day you should walk around the mountain, so that the Sun can bake your back, you should go from east to west and when the sun has not yet risen, and soon after his rising.


If you have eczema, if you have hair fall or if you have arthritis in the joints or swelling in the abdomen, make a glass balcony, take your clothes, lie down with your head to the north and your legs to the south, expose your breasts in the Sun, protecting your head from the Sun. Stay for half an hour, then half an hour lie at the back, then lie on the right side, then lie on the left side until you sweat well. 30-40 such baths are sufficient for everything to pass away.


Expose yourself to the sun rays and all the harmful microbes will disappear.


If you catch a cold, a fever, look for the cause of the disease. You will see that the reason lies in the dominance of the negative energies in the body. Then nothing remains but to turn them into positives. So every disease is due to an excess of negative energies. If you cannot turn them into positive you should find a vent where from the surplus to run out. The negative energy in the body is an intruder, which you should get rid of.


If you have such diseases that are not subject to any medication and some bumps, lumps on the body for a long time you should pray and stay out for 2-3 months in the quiet sun rays to make them disappear.


If a piece of iron gets in your body expose the place where it is to the Sun for a few months and it will come out.


Only the energy of the Sun is able to recover the strength and the health of man. If you are ill, go out in the Sun. Bake at the Sun for a while, on the next day – as well. So for 2-3 months you will become well.


Christ recommends the Sun as method for treatment. When there is no Sun you will cure yourself in your room, you should bandage the wound with olive oil and onions, and when the Sun is shining, you should go out, you should loose the wound and expose it to the Sun. Smart man, seeing that his body is lacking some energy, he collects it from the Sun. He knows that the Sun can compensate a deficiency of energy in the human body. Whether a paralysed body or leg or hand or eyes faint or weak memory, all this is due to the scarcity of energy, insufficient influx of blood, lack of meal in the body. Smart and reasonable man would not say: this is the will of God, but will immediately acquire the necessary to collect the energy, to be healed.


The accumulation of solar energy in certain parts of the body more than necessary makes the other bodies suffer from a number of diseases. Generally suffer these bodies that are unmagnetised, that are deprived of the necessary amount of energy. To heal them, mentally should be given to them the necessary energy.


If between the energies of the Sun and the energy of your body the metabolism is correct, you will always be healthy. Only the healthiest can grasp the ideas of the new doctrine.


Sunlight adopted with Love is the best juice for healing the body.


When sunbathing, think of light as a living creature.


To tell you the magic: when you love a man, when he loves you, he will do everything for you. So it is with the Sun and the water. If you love them they will do what is necessary for you.


Whatever man wishes they already know it on the Sun and send it. Therefore this, the real that treats me, they send it to a specific place. This energy comes in a straight line.


God has put the Sun in the sky, on which to bake, and you are looking for your doctor to artificially bake you with a lamp. This is not a cure! If you bake in the Sun each day consciously, for half an hour, featuring thought you will get more than with days to dig through the books looking for what the doctors say about a given disease.


When sunbathing most important is perspiration. If you are outdoors, then cover yourself with a very thin fabric, white or pale green, and focus your thoughts on what makes the Sun and how you can use it.


Our body is made up of billions of cells that have the ability to perceive on the Earth the sun rays, to transform them and keep their prana for renewal and healing. If you're sick, get out, expose your back to the sun and from it you will receive what no philosophical thought can give you.


Sometimes when I am indisposed, instead of going to the pharmacy, I go out, put my back to the Sun, concentrate my mind and the medicine comes from the Sun. After I soak its energy for 10-15 minutes, any headaches will disappear. The stomachache will disappear. How it works, it's my job. At first, as I am in the Sun, I adjust so well, that it warms me up. And it sends its energies to my stomach. I, when I am in the sun, I can give you a method - I take a little snack, like the beetles. I accept one beetles’ lunch. A couple of cherries, I'm serving in my thermos of hot water and occasionally swallow a little warm water. And bake in the sun. You say, "What will happen?" Will happen what never happens anywhere: the water attracts the energies coming from the Sun.


No need to watch the Sun for hours, one or two minutes is sufficient. Once risen, turn your back and say "I want you to do me a rubdown." There are no better massages than those that the Sun makes on the spine. For man there is no better massage therapist than the Sun there. The early rays from dawn until about 10-11 o'clock are the best. If you do not believe in the power of the Sun and your say, "Oh, I might become healthy or not" you will not have good results. When treating in the sunlight you should only think about light, about nothing else. It is enough to concentrate your mind for half an hour to the Sun and the sunlight, to have a result.


I told you that you need to use solar energy, but you are in such a hurry, that you do not even wait to tell you what to do. Many of you have begun to observe the Sun without knowing how to do so.


They stare at the Sun and expect to receive the necessary energy. Solar energy must pass through several veils to give its result.


To use it as a heal man has to pass some sun rays through certain prisms. These prisms can be physical, but can also be mental.


The sun contains all the drugs in it. There is no disease that is not a subject to the action of sunlight. To heal himself man has to pass the sun rays through a prism - real or imaginary. Same with the light coming to our eyes as light, it goes through several transformers. We see broken, reflected light, not straight, and therefore we see things relatively, not absolutely. For everything we have a relative idea.


Purity is natural, straight state of matter. To go from one world to another, pure energy must be transformed, and it requires spiritual methods and laws. Who knows these methods and can use them, he enjoys the energy of purity. To use the energies of light and heat of the sun rays, they have to go through several refractions and only then we can perceive them. The cleaner the environment through which they pass is, the more properly they break and the better affect man.


There is no disease that the sunlight cannot cure, but under certain conditions. In order for the Sun to heal you, you definitely need to put your mind into harmony, your heart and will with it to adopt this beam that brings healing energies.


In the middle of the brain is the so- called "magic eye of the soul" or "inner sun of man." If this sun is not shining in man, nothing becomes of him. It acts as a transformer in the human body. When external energy enters the brain, this node or the eye of the soul forwards this energy throughout the brain. It has other properties in addition to transform solar energy. In the brain there is another transformer which forwards solar energy throughout the body. The healthy state of both the body and the senses depends on the correct transformation of these energies. So this eye is the transformer of the Divine energy in man and creates conditions for its manifestation. When the Sun shines inside man, he is joyful and glad.


The point is not to stand and watch the Sun, but to stand so that this sunbeam to come to your mind harmoniously, then you will get an unusual pleasantness and disposal.


Who wants to properly use the sun rays, he should put his back into a slope. If he changes this angle he will not benefit from the rational rays of the Sun. Talking about the Sun, we have in mind not only the physical sun, but also the spiritual sun, as an act of intelligent, rational force as a manifestation of creatures, bearers of Love and Wisdom.


Expose yourselves to the sun rays to get in contact with God.


Every day at sunrise wish to have love in your heart and truth in your mind. To meet the Sun, means to welcome the Spirit of God.


If at every sunrise you think about God, you can find Him, to know Him more, than you have known Him yesterday; this sunrise now makes sense for you. If you go out at a sunrise, knowing deep inside that today you will know God a little more than you have ever known Him. If at the rising of the Sun you realise that you perceive more of the Divine Love and the Divine life, then the sunlight for you will have a curative effect. If you do not think and you do not realise and know this thing so the sunrise will be presented to you as a purely mechanical process that you will benefit nothing. To the Sun you will throw one furtive glance for a tenth of a second. The Sun works very hard and not to damage your eyes, do not look directly at Sun for a long time. Light is not bad, but the retina is not adapted.


As you watch the Sun, do not bend your eyes, you are afraid not to go blind. Of course, you do not have to stand for hours and watch the Sun with your eyes open, but it is enough for two seconds to look at it and then close your eyes. When man opens and closes his eyes to the Sun, it will affect the negative thoughts and feelings in man. Sunlight acts well on the human brain.


For renewal you should go out in the morning, at dawn, and each minute you should open and close your eyes.


When you want to acquire certain energy, watch the Sun, but do not look at it directly, throw a short glimpse to the Sun and move your eyes away and then think about it for a long period of time.


Gold is stored solar energy that Hindus call "prana". Prana is necessary, health depends on it. Therefore it is advisable man to go early morning when he can take much more prana. Ten minutes is enough for a man to stand at dawn and sunrise, to take what he needs.


I will give you a method by which to interact with disorder of the liver. Put your right hand in front of your belly, to belly with the palm and left the cross, again with palm to the body, and mentally pass energy of the sun to the centre of the Earth. After 10-15 minutes, your condition will improve and you'll be happy.


If you're sick, imagine that the Sun, the light falls on you like a shower and it seems you are in a sea of light, health, strength, power, goodness, as you immersed in God. If the disease is in place, about a sick place, "Come here, I have work to serve God, go away!" If the disease is all over, you say: "Go away from me!" Will you pass right- handed top-down, bringing your hand to your mouth; and shake forward while you suck for three times.


Whatever indisposition you have, when you expose your back to the Sun, the discomfort will disappear. If your discomfort is due to negative thoughts, expose your back to the south and the face to the north. It will not take much time and your discomfort will disappear. If you have caught a cold or a fever, expose your back to the south, to the Sun. They heal all the diseases. If the energies that produced discomfort in you are positive, turn your face to the south and your back to the north and your discomfort will disappear.


The good effect of the Sun on man improves arterial blood. The Sun raises the thoughts and emotions with which human blood is purified.


If you are angry or hate someone, put your back to the Sun look toward the Earth and it will take the poison that has crept into your blood. The Sun and the Earth are irreplaceable doctors.


Mountain sunbaths are preferable because the rhythm of the Sun is not disturbed by the astral thought cloud that envelops the city.


When man puts his hands with palms facing the Sun, it can warm the entire body because the heat of nerves runs the entire body.


In the future, when the people realise this, they are going to cure themselves with sun rays only. They will know which rays for which diseases and which handicaps could be used.


To rejuvenate a man is not a difficult work. Rejuvenation goes according to a special law of nature. Rejuvenation is associated with body recovery of the normal activities of life energy, which centre is the Sun. Vital energy of the Sun we perceive through the air and light. Now many of today's doctors begin to treat various diseases with sunlight.


Some of the elements of nature have immortality, which is given to people from time to time. Life Elixir comes from faraway passes through the Sun and descends to the Earth every 2,000 years and brings new life, a new culture, and a new era.


Expose your spine to the sun to unclog the nerves, not to have pain. Clogging happen not only in the physical body, but also in the other bodies. All organs of the physical body are related to other objects, about which you almost know nothing.


Recently, it is found that at high altitude above the Earth there is a layer of ozone that passes only long ultraviolet and misses short ultraviolet rays as they would destroy everything with its power. What rationality, what expedience reins in nature! There is a reasonable force that watches over everything.


There are times when people get hit by the Sun. Is the Sun to blame? The Sun is not guilty, but man has impure blood. Between 11 and 15 o ' clock you should go out with a hat. If your head is healthy and your blood is pure, you can be going even without a hat in the great heat.


I have told someone to bake in the Sun. He has baked from 11 o'clock to 12-13 o'clock and he has got sunstroke. Then he tells me: "Teacher, I baked as per your method and I got sunstroke". A thousand times I have told you to bake from 7 to 10 o'clock and not at noon or in the afternoon! In the afternoon you should not bake at all, you should stay in the shade.


Sunstroke depends on the sludge inside the brain. In sunstroke the etheric body comes out and leaves the physical body without connection. The head should not be exposed to the Sun a lot, because the brain will suddenly attract solar energy and will not be able to send it to the other parts of the body. You head should be covered with green leafed plant. It is good sunbathing to be made in April, May, June, July and August.


The reason that you feel tired, worn out, when the Sun is strong, it is because the vibrations of the sun rays are more intense than the vibrations of your Love, and this applies to the cold as well, if your Love is strong, you will not catch colds although you are lightly dressed. Present people with their bad life cause light that comes from the Sun not to be able to put all the blessings on the Earth. They, therefore, are the reason not to be accepted God's blessings. If we do not put our best as a base and righteousness as a distribution tool and if we do not apply rationality, we cannot rise, but will be like tamed animals.


When a man exposes his back to the Sun to heal himself, he should have only bright thoughts in his mind.


Get out in the Sun every morning, giving your back to the Sun, at first to the south, then a little to the north, a little to the east and stay like that for one hour from 7 to 8 am. Turn your thoughts to God and say, "God, enlighten my mind! Give health to all the people and with them to me as well. "Then you start to think about the most beautiful things you know. Make this experiment throughout the whole year. You will see that in 99% your experiment will be successful.


You are ill, because you do not have the right attitude towards nature. Once you fix your relations with nature, you are not going to get ill any more.


Every day the Sun slaps our eyes. There is a slap without love. Let loving hand slaps you, it can give you something, but if slaps you a hand that is not loving, it would bring poison into your life.


You say: "More light!" More light, but there will be such bombardment with sunlight that it will blind us. Venus is closer to the Sun and in order to keep from the solar energy and the great love of the Sun, it is wrapped with vapour so that when this energy passes through the vapour to be reduced its power, to be a bit more comfortable to live. This law is correct.


Good thoughts and good feelings are a defence against the black rays of the Sun. Morning Sun is not dangerous until about 10:00, but about noon between 11 and 11 and 50 minutes black light may attack you if you're not with awakened consciousness. At the same time it is not good to sleep, do not sleep also in the afternoon. You can have a rest, but not to lie and sleep.


When studying the influence of light, you will notice that there are hours in the day, when the Sun sends to the Earth beneficial rays, mainly in the morning until noon. There are times during the day when the Sun is not beneficial to the body. These are the so-called black, negative rays. In order not to fall under their influence, beware not to sleep during the day. The student should not sleep during the day, especially when there act the black rays. If man sleeps during the day, he does not feel well; he is tired, with tired heart. Man can be exposed to sunlight at any time of the day, but his mind must be focused, positive, to absorb the positive rays of the sun. You should concentrate, but you should keep from falling asleep. With the black negative waves of the Sun are coming also earth waves that are harmful to the human body. As you learn the rules of fencing and how to keep from those waves, it is better to bake in the sun in the early hours, no later than noon. Beware of afternoon sunlight. When you want to be treated with the sun, the best hours are from 8 to 10 a.m.


Many complain of the strong Sun, say that it acts badly on their bodies. The reason for this is not in the Sun, but in the thoughts and feelings of the people. Evil thoughts and feelings form a dark belt around the Sun that refracts sunlight so that keeps most of them, but remains the so-called "black light" of the Sun. These black rays are the cause of many diseases, and blackening of the people. It may be concluded that the beginning of all diseases lies in the very internal refraction of sunlight. Light that bends downwards always produces painful conditions in the human body.


We have had a large tree, an apricot, that when hit by the black rays has dried. We have cut it and it still has sprout from below, but this black ray has destroyed the tree. It is the black rays that destroy. They are with the flow running. Therefore, good thoughts, good feelings are a defence against the black rays of the Sun. If you are not armed with an excellent, pure thought, pure desires excellent and clean deeds always this black light that can attack you. During the day, at noon it is not good to sleep for the sole reason that if you sleep, you may suffer from them. If you sit awake, just as horses sit, it is not dangerous. To lie down in the bed as the old people do, you are at risk. Who has slept at noon and has been awaked indisposed.


The reason that the Sun is burning us is the following: around the Earth is formed a black belt from the evaporation of our thoughts, feelings and desires and consequently are formed these scorching rays of the Sun. So we perceive the sun rays by reflection.


The sun's rays are a collection of billiards intelligent creatures that come to the Earth on expedition. Any rational creature leaves its signature on the face of the people they call these signatures tanning.


A man who descends to the Earth, he will however get dirty from the atmosphere. Take the best light that descends from the Sun: it, after heating us, burns us. This is mud. Black that is born on the face is mud that the solar energy brings out of the body. When solar energy burns man, he is purified. It is necessary a new conception of life. We think that people are bad, that they are bad on purpose. No! Some people are bad without knowing why they are bad.


Why do people tan from the Sun? The Sun has a special feature to extract out the bad thoughts and desires of the people, due to which they turn dark. If you want to know what a man is, place him on the direct influence of the Sun. If he turns black completely, then in his thoughts and wishes there is something unhealthy, but if he does not turn black and this is also not good. This shows that this man is not healthy and the Sun is not able to cure him. There should be at least a little skin burnt. But there is a way, when man cannot be blackened by the Sun. What is this way? To transform his thoughts and desires in better ones. If man does not blacken by the Sun, it shows that he is not healthy and the Sun cannot cure him. Between the Sun and the man should be proper metabolism. Blackness caused by the Sun, demonstrates that Sun has derived from the human body all sludges, dirt, all the dense matter. If man does not turn black, the dense matter remains in the body and creates a number of diseases.


If you are tanning in the Sun, you've accumulated its energies. Tanning is a sign that you have taken energy from the Sun.


You say: "I have tanned; where from comes the blackness?" Now observations have found out that those who tan in the Sun are healthy people. Those who do not tan, it appears that they are sick. There are some diseases that can be treated by the Sun. If you bake, but do not get black, you cannot be treated. Once you become black, you can be treated. Here's a fact that may encourage you: when the Sun is tanning you that can be the diagnosis: you are healthy. These are comparisons, you have not checked them out; you should get them on faith. You can check them out now. You may say: learned men expose these facts. You have to check to what extent they are true. It is not that you become so black that then you cannot become white, like the black people. In them is formed this pigment, which is very durable. I'm talking about blackness that is temporarily formed and then is easily lost again.


If the Sun does not burn you, your fate is sealed. All the people that the Sun does not burn turn white and disappear from the world. They are very fragile people. The Sun has the power to pull the black.


If you live harmoniously, the black goes out. If the Sun does not withdraw from you the black, you are not in harmony now. So, sometimes I like the black more than the white. In white the black is inside. The black is white inside, black is out. There are people that inside and outside should be white. It is now another Sun. Now would be a new Sun. As it rises, it pulls evil. Nice is the new Sun. That, the new Sun will not burn the people. Then people will be on the outside white and inside white. Under the current conditions man must be black. You can never make a painting with white paint only. If you have a white canvas with black paint you can make a picture, but if you have only a black, picture could not be done.


The energies that come from the Sun hide a store of life force, energies of healing. If man wants to use wisely the energy of the Sun, he has to expose his back to the early Sun, before the rising of the Sun. Energies that he will accept at that time are equal to the amount of energy that he would have taken, if he has been exposed to the Sun all day. Even on a cloudy day you can go before the rising of the Sun and to concentrate your thoughts in the direction of the rising Sun. Clouds prevent only to see the Sun, but its vital energies pass through them. No external force is able to counteract the Sun's energy.


When the weather is sunny throw the hats and the umbrellas, do not be afraid of sunstrokes; go out for 3-4 hours bareheaded.


Summer hats are very thin, the thin fabric and made transparent to allow sunlight to penetrate. In the mountains, when the Sun is not very strong, you can go bareheaded.


Each beam, fallen on the man, is absorbed by his body and then comes back as a dead light. You need to be under the influence of direct sunlight and not indirect. Do not stay in heavy shade.


The light that passes through the glass has an influence, but the one that goes straight has another influence. Open the windows when the Sun shines, where there is little moisture.


It is good to have silk curtains at the windows, but it is even better not to have any curtains. There are certain hours during the day, when the windows should be opened. Between 10 and 14 keep your windows open.


Open all the windows on hot days; let the air and the light enter throughout the entire day. In the evening, just before sunset, close the windows.


You are ill, but you have no money to heal yourself. I give you a check for free and I sign it with both my hands. It is in the following: go out every morning and expose to the Sun, putting your back at first to the south, then to the north for a while, then to the east and stay like that for an hour between 7 and 8 in the morning. Concentrate your mind to God and say: “God, enlighten my mind. Give health to all the people and to me with them. “ Then start to think about the best things that you know. Make an experiment and you will get convinced that there is a rational Power in the world that defines the life of all the living creatures. There is someone to care about you.


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