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There is a reasonable law in the world, it is this: once you are born, it can be predicted if you will be rich or not. This wealth is determined by the gold that is in your blood. In each blood there is gold. It is the very life support. It is not superfluous gold. The length of life depends on gold.


If a man has no gold in his blood, the Sun is unable to heal him.


Gold is a solar element. It is carrier of health, of knowledge, of life.


Gold is a completed process – it cannot be developed any more.


Gold is born as fruits are born, it grows continuously. There are certain microbes that eat gold.


Gold is a symbol of the sun's energy. Hindus call it prana Satva. Prana is that pure energy that man accepts especially in the morning and in the early days of spring.


Gold is necessary to man to the extent that he can bring it to the blood and put it into circulation in his thoughts, feelings and actions. Only organic gold penetrated the blood of man is able to improve his life. This gold is a conductor of life force, the so-called "vital prana" in nature. The less organic gold man has in his blood, the greater his sufferings are. On the amount of this gold as well the moral life of man depends. For this gold has talked Christ. He had expressed this idea with the verse: "Gather yourselves treasures in heaven, which neither rust destroys, nor moth doth."


The old astrologers have put gold as the Sun emblem. These scientists have known the internal property of gold. In gold is hidden condition of new life. This Gold should have never fallen within the hand of a criminal, not even fallen into the hands of a banker. Each of you should look to find a piece of gold and keep it to yourself. It can cause you a lot more useful than anything else.


When I speak about the properties of gold, I mean primary gold that has come out with the first ray of light and has passed through the true Sun, then in the dark, then through ours, and together with it has come to the Earth. This gold contains four valuable qualities in it that bring suns through which it has passed. This gold can be said to be a carrier of life. If someone is climbing the ladder to gold when the sun passes through the darkness, he is able to kill a man. When someone wants to live good, holy life, it shows that he is able to aspire to gold, which has passed through four transformations. This man understands the properties of gold and uses them for his great achievements and aspirations. When acquiring such gold, man must understand the good that lies in him, to adopt and submit it to his body.


Is there gold in the blood, the body is healthy, the mind is fresh, sober, noble are the feelings. Gold is stored solar energy that Hindus call "prana". Prana is necessary, on it depends health. Take some of the precious metals, in what sits their nobleness? They do not oxidise. Why? They have very little affinity to oxygen. So their little affinity makes them not oxidise. A high affinity oxidises things, a little relationship leaves them oxidised. Of all the metals gold is the least dark, so it is not oxidised. As a body has more darkness, it is more oxidised, the less darkness it has, the less oxidised it is. Gold has a little dark, so it is less oxidised. Everyone who is wrong has a lot of darkness. Everyone who is a bit wrong has a little darkness.


Gold is a good conductor to life energies in man.


Gold is necessary to you as a conductor of life that comes from the Sun. You have to have gold to be able to perceive the cosmic life. You should hold gold as a conductor. You do not need it to be more than one wire. So much as you have, that is enough. No other gold your need. If you have more money than you need, it will be a burden for you. So I say: the gold in your mind should sit as an opportunity.


Do you know what you should comprehend under the word "gold"? One element that does not oxidise, an element that does not rot, one element which itself is clean. One element that does not harm anyone but for it they can put you in harm. You should endure hardship.


Man needs as much gold as it is necessary for his blood, to be healthy. If you have more gold than you need, you will create a disaster in yourself.


If in his body man has more iron than he needs, he will be rough and hard in nature. If it is less than he needs, he will be a quitter. Organic gold adds nobility to character and stability to mind.


Someone says that he cannot sing. If I give him 10 pounds sterling, will he not sing? Even if he does not know, he will know. Gold gives mood, it is a conductor of life. Gold is not only conductor of human life but also of life in all nature. I think silver is the filter of life, and gold is conductor of life. What is the gold for the material world; such are bread, water, air and light for the spiritual world.


Silver cleans from any impurities, gold is an energy carrier, iron enhances, but taken in a larger amount roughens man.


If you have more iron in your blood, unorganised iron, you become rough. If you have more diffused silver in your blood, you will become as cold as the Moon. If you have more disorganised gold in your blood, you will burn people, they can complain. Young men complain that have burnt, girls have unorganised gold.


There is one element in the world, by which life is transmitted. So, the length of human life depends on the amount of organic gold in the blood. If you have a small amount of excess gold, which does not serve for life, it will serve to attract foreign wealth, or it will create the conditions to be rich. It provides a tendency to become a rich man. Once you become a rich man it will teach you how to live not just walk by car and go to baths, but you will be a rich man, who has invested his capital for the welfare of the people, for the improvement of the people.


When gold is corrupt as element, life is shortened.


The less organic gold man has in his blood, the greater his sufferings are. The moral life of man depends on the quantity of this gold.


Wealth is determined by the amount of gold that man has in his blood. Wealth is fixed and cannot be given to you if you do not have gold in your blood.


As much gold you have in your blood, so much you can have outside of yourself. The amount of external gold is proportional to what is in the blood.


The one who has the gold in his blood he can never become poor. Gold in human blood is externally expressed as kindness and generosity.


Healthy people differ in that they have a sufficient amount of silver in their blood, and rich people have a surplus of gold in their blood.


Gold brings life, health, and freshness. Strive to acquire gold to refresh your mind, to ennoble your feelings and support your health. Wealth is an internal organic human need. When some rebels against the rich, they mean wealth, which is only a condition and interior is а possibility. If gold does not enter the bloodstream, man can not benefit from it. Gold is stored solar energy called prana, and it is essential for everyone, health depends on it. Prana is contained in the Sun. Therefore it is advisable for people to go out early in the morning to take more prana. Some stare at the Sun, they want to see prana and then accept it, and it's pointless. Ten minutes is enough to stand before and after the rising of the Sun in perceiving state to be able to perceive what is needed. Then the adopted energy must be processed.


Health depends on the gold we have in the blood. If one thousandth of a milligram is given in the blood for a year, a man becomes healthy. If you take one thousandth of a milligram of gold, he soon will fall ill. Have you made this experiment? You sometimes have pain, get a gold coin, wash it very well, put it in a cup to stay for one hour and drink the water. Sometimes you are angry - put a gold coin in a glass of water to stay for a while, and drink the water and you will see that the anger will disappear. Or if are discouraged, again put a gold coin, keep it for one hour in the glass and drink the water, immediately the despair will disappear. You should check these things to see if this is true. Those foods that are healthy contain more organic gold, but which are not healthy they contain less gold. These foods give dynamics.


Silver heals painful conditions. If I have any pain, I will take pure silver, put it in water, I will keep it for 24 hours. I'll take a few drops of water and immediately my upset will disappear. Gold has magnetic force, gold gives disposal, but you must know how to take it. How could you get disposal of the gold? I told you how to remove discomfort. To get disposal, what would you do? I'll tell you. Take a gold coin, clean it well, and pass it over the big toe several times. As you pass the gold on your fingers, you will notice that your state is changed. These things you call them delusions. Those old people always carry in their purse a gold coin. They take it out, look at it, to make their mind start working. Make a transaction, gain. Everyone who wins, he has understood the thought.


I encourage each of you to have a gold coin in your pocket, and from time to time to look at it or touch it.


Everyone has the right for good luck to have at least one gold coin in him. This is necessary for health. When two young – a boy and a girl fall in love and get married, they each must have at least one gold coin and carry them for health. They should constantly carry them in their pockets. To prevent diseases, man should always carry in his pocket a gold coin. Man should have not only a gold coin in his pocket, but he must have in himself always one good deed or a noble, exalted feeling and a bright thought to be equivalent to at least one gold coin. Also, everyone should have a nice body. So beloved and the beloved should have three good things in themselves, in their bodies, and put on a plate: a good feeling, a good mind and a good deed. You might say that it costs a lot. You will buy a piece of red silk cloth that you wear in your pocket, it will relate to your good deeds.


It's good for man to carry gold in him, but he should know how to use it, how to wear it. Since ancient times people have more gold in them. They have been wearing gold rings, bracelets, earrings and some other jewellery. Some wear iron rings. Now we abduct. It is better for man to wear some gold in himself, but not to nurture in his mind greedy thought, to live his life, to continue to use it for some personal benefit. What determines the length of life? If you live a materialistic life, you cannot live more than 30 years. This is at least under present conditions. Many people die prematurely. Why? Because have not adopted from his father and his mother that energy that is needed for a longer life. The father must provide the positive energy to his son and the mother - the negative energy. In other words, the father must pass strength of character to his son and the mother - softness. Therefore, the softness brings humidity, strength brings dryness. If the force is predominant in man, everything in him will dry, it can not grow. Gold is conducive to solar energy, but how many of the rich people use it? Rich in one regard are right. You can make an experiment: who is frustrated, to give him a gold coin and immediately there will be a change in him. As he takes out and looks at gold, his grief will be reduced. If you give him two gold coins it will further be reduced. Sometimes it is nice man to have one gold coin, fever will not catch him; no fever will grip him. They will not catch him if he has concentrated his mind in gold.


The greater the quantity of gold in the blood is, the healthier the man is. Diseases are due to insufficient gold in the blood of people. To increase this gold, you have to keep clean, noble life. Gold is a symbol of the Sun, of the energy, of health, of purity.


Diseases of modern people have shown that there is no gold in their blood. Today in the world there are about 100 million tons gold efficiency, however, the people of the white race they have in their blood only 1 kg gold. In fact, there should be about 10 kg organic gold in their blood. When you consider that white race represents about 500 million people and you split 1 kg gold on this number, you'll have an idea how much gold falls on each man.


In the gold hides a force that can produce immortality, but today people do not know how to operate with his inner wealth and therefore they are mortal.


Rich like gold, but do not know how to use it. They keep it closed in desks and become its slaves. A man who has gold, should be conducive to life, should pass it through all the people.


Modern people do not know how to use gold. It brings bad luck, if berried under the ground, if people use banknotes. Gold should be in circulation.


I call a rich man the one who shows his wealth dynamically. That man who does not work with his money, he makes a crime. He has no right to keep the money for himself. Gold should be put into service, to circulate around. I am not for paper money, and I'm not for copper coins, I'm for gold coins, specie. Gold goes to people. Gold should circulate, because it brings life. It is a good conductor of life. Everything in the world should be all gold.


Today gold is out of the man, but you have to take it as an organic gold, as a powerful force, as a reasonable and true wealth, which is located inside the body and in the blood.


To you love gold that implies to bring the properties of noble gold and sustainability in yourself, not to oxidise, not to sour.


Now I do not want to seduce you with tangible work. I have spoken on other occasions, and I say: human wealth depends on that small amount of gold, which he has in his blood. Since all people do not have the same amount of gold, so they are not equally rich. And in my opinion health depends on the gold that is in the blood. Because it is a valuable metal that does not oxidise and is a good conductor of Divine energy, so human health depends on its organic gold. Gold has three qualities. There is a mental gold - it is a component of human thought. Gold enters in the composition of human feelings. Gold enters in the composition of human behaviour. Therefore, man must study the mental gold, heart gold and the gold, which functions in the human body.


Nobility of man does not depend on the quantity of gold, but on its activities. If gold in man is exceedingly active, it is because there are forces that are associated with certain magnetic and electric currents passing through the atoms of gold and that they make the man one kind or another. They are the ones who make the inorganic iron in organic iron, which also exerts an influence on man.


This gold you have in your pocket is material gold. What's in your blood, it is real gold. This gold that is in your head, it is the perfect gold. When someone says that he cannot love, I say that this man has not perfect gold in himself. If he says that he cannot love in the material world, it shows that there is no physical gold in him. Thus I resolve the questions. If you have gold in yourself you can love. If you do not have gold, you cannot love.


You will say gold is an element. Well, but at the same time gold represents the emblem of human rationality. And why modern people are not rational? It is because they have very little gold in their mind. Today, the human mind has much more iron than necessary. And all the evil in the world today is due to the fact that the human mind, the human thoughts have exceeding iron consequently begins a process of rusting. As rusted iron they try to it clean.


Having purified iron in people's mind, they say, "Let's love" and start to love, but then they rust again. Again purified, again rusted and so the process continues steadily affecting the relations of the people. In the future, when the young man marries a virgin, they should remove some gold of his blood and so make a gold ring. Do you know how much will such a ring cost? And now they go and buy a ring on the market – it is easy. In the future, however, the girl and the boy, their blood will bring gold to make the rings for both. And then the blood of the male unites in the ring of the women and the blood of the girl will join the ring of the young man, and thus they will live a preliminary life. In this sits the new study. Now the girl will take gold from her father, would mix it with some other metal and will make the ring. And then you will live a happy life that no one will see them. No, from the blood must be taken out the gold. Has anyone tried to take from someone’s blood some gold? This is hard work. Anyone who has been unable to take out gold from his blood will remain single. Now people easily get married, but in the future, when they cannot get out gold from their blood, they will remain unmarried. Without this condition the marriage will not be allowed. In my opinion it is the perfect marriage to make for their beloved a ring of the gold taken out from their blood.


Gold must enter into the composition of thoughts, feelings and actions. Gold, which has not passed through the organic world of life, is still underdeveloped. Gold, which you have, should go through your heart and body to get ennobled.


Thoughts should be like gold - not to oxidise and the feelings - too. All elements of the spiritual and the Divine life have an impact on man. It is possible to make injections of gold. If you put one hundred-thousandth part of a kg in the blood, in man there will be accommodated positive changes.


Life without gold is impossible. The life we have is gold. Of this life you can get out as much gold as you want. If you know the properties of the gold that you have in yourself, you will be able to turn base metals into gold with it.


Think for one year in succession on the beauty and purity - and you will not make a mistake. Then, often, at your disposal you should watch the Sun and the Moon - you would not be wrong again. The beauty and purity are silver and gold - they are the Moon and the Sun, which have some relation between each other. Think on these things often, while silver and gold get in your blood. I read a statistic that every year 4 to 8 million tons of iron disappear. How do they disappear? Where do they go? Rust eats them. In America there are statistics that every day 150 million needles disappear. For one year nearly 20 billion needles disappear somewhere. So, now the Americans are thinking about what to do to save the iron not to disappear. They want to find a way to make it not rust. What causes our ageing? Iron in us is rusted. And we get older. When gold is missing the poverty comes. When phosphorus disappears and ceases thinking. Many things are now disappearing.


Gold temps will. You can consider these things for fun, but they are not fun. In them lies a whole philosophy. In the mental life of man gold plays an important role. The thoughts of man should be like gold - not to oxidise. Such must be the feelings. If the thoughts and the feelings of man have more gold, they do not oxidise. But if the iron is more, they rust, i.e. they are oxidised. All elements of the spiritual and the Divine world have an impact on man. For this purpose, we need one experimental school to check and experience the power and the influence of each element on man. For instance, could be made to man injections of gold. If you put one hundred-thousandth part of a milligram of gold in the blood in man certain changes happen. That will be determined in the future when you come back to the Earth again. Then you will check whether your current knowledge is correct or not.


Gold in nature can be attracted. There are ideas that when they enter in you they can attract gold. There are ideas that attract copper.


Many people suffer from lack of gold in their bodies, so it is necessary to import gold in their blood in an alchemic way. If gold in man is little, he often gets ill. The spiritual science has formulas to attract gold.


One of the methods to acquire gold in the blood is: conscious work on yourself and use of foods that contain gold. When you start loving all the people, then you will be healthy and strong, and then there will be gold in your blood. In the verb “have“, in it, magical strength is hidden. Use it anytime when you are discouraged, dissatisfied, suffering. If you do not have money, address the Sun and ask for gold and it will give you. Gold has magical power.


The adepts that attract gold from space, process it to a special state, its highest state.


If you love gold, you will make your way to its exalted life to its highest position. This will give you greater knowledge. Scientists involved with astrology liken the Sun to gold.


Like cloves, rose and apple blossoms vary in flavour and precious stones have a specific odour. By the smell it can be found where there is buried gold, as long as you have a developed flair. Gold has nicer and tenderer flavour than cloves. It is amazing that all people go to God and ask for money. If it's about money, you can be wealthy - by well-organised sense of gold in you. Both the flowers and the gold have scent. Develop your flair and you will know where there is gold in the ground by its scent as you know different flowers smell by their. Man can develop this sense of gold and wherever he goes he will smell; he will find gold. Currently your sense of smell for gold is atrophied. You smell it in banks but the bankers keep it in a cage and they do not want you to smell gold. It is difficult for the smell of gold to come out of the iron frames, but in the earth it is freely buried and in the ground it smells very nice.


God has put in man one sense - alone to discover where there is gold in nature. Only in the oceans there are about 10 million tons dissolved gold. Who has love for gold, he can find it. Develop in you a sense of smell where gold is. Gold has a smell, it smells like cloves. When you go out, it smells, it has raised somewhere. Dig it, at one meter it is only, pull it and you will take it. Once you come to the gold objects, the hand does not move in a circle, but in an ellipse. So there are two centres in the gold, around which it is moving. (...) It is the outside. It is the mechanical side. When you are sad, when you feel some heaviness, your gold jewels lose their luster.


When gold objects and precious ornaments are dark you can give them to healthy people, full of energy and life to wear them for a while to restore their luster.


Wearing gold, diamonds, precious stones, it is not vanity and fun. All of them are valuable for human psyche.


Silver transforms the energies that come from the Moon, and gold transforms the solar energy. People unconsciously strive for gold and silver because they feel that there is something in them, that they heal. And on all the fingers to have a man gold rings it will be fine. Some will say that this is vanity, or that it is superstition. What about taking drugs is it not a superstition?


Gold is a good conductor of health. Someone who has more gold in his blood, he is always healthy. Therefore, to many people I have said to wear gold things on themselves: rings, pins, bracelets and more. On which finger do you usually wear rings? If I were you, I would not wear rings on a single finger, on the third, for instance, but I will sometimes move it on the fifth, then on the fourth, on the third, and sometimes on the first thumb. Thus you strengthen your will. Gold tempers will.


Thanks to the tireless work of the atoms in the gold, it constantly grows and develops. When I tell you to work for acquiring gold in the blood, it means to connect with the rational creatures. Each element is associated with a rational creature. If you love a gold coin, do you often watch it and even if you lose it, it will come back to you. I'm telling you this as a fact, and you understand it as you want. The water that is going into the ocean; then it is coming back again through the air to the land. It is a circle. Once man goes away, he has no right to gold, treasures, untold wealth, even if he is living in terrible agony, and from the other world is watching how everything scatters. Therefore Solomon has been right: "Vanity over vanities, all is vanity."





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