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Earth. Creation


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Scientific data have identified positively that since this university, the Earth, has been created, have already passed two billion years. And since man has appeared to follow this university have passed around 300,000 years. It is suggested that whoever has done this university has defined its life to continue for another 2 billion years. So man has to learn on the Earth for two billion years more.


There are two realities in life: one inside and one outside. What do they form finally? They form a creative principle. So when God has begun to think the world has been created. Some say that God has created man. By the word "man" I mean that God has created the world, i.e. the entire universe through Wisdom. And in the Scripture it is said: "Fun in His habitable earth with the sons of Wisdom." Having created the world, He has given the Earth and the solar system to rent. The solar system He has given to the angels and the Earth to the people. So, there is a coincidence, there is an overlap in the universe.


The life of every person, whoever he is, is valuable. Life of an ant is valuable. All creatures in general are valuable. The head is valuable because of the body, the lungs are valuable because of the body, the stomach is valuable because of the body that man has.


There is a verse in the Scripture, you may find it I will not tell you where it is "Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth, and my delights were with the sons of man." (5-th chapter; Proverbs; 31st verse) There is a large Earth on which people live, and this is similar to it. This is a small island where we live. Before the existence of man on the Earth, it has been without form and void, but when man has come to the Earth, it has been converted, the mountains have appeared, valleys and seas. All this has happened after the human spirit has come to the Earth. The Earth owes its beauty to the human spirit. What would you say about this? You will say that God has done this. Yes, one of the greatest works of God, that is the man on the Earth. Therefore, the appearance of the Earth is an expression of the human spirit. What thing is the Earth? For those who understand, it is an expression of the human spirit. For those who do not understand, there will be many interpretations.


The human soul has created the universe and the human spirit has created eternity. So the spirit has created countless thousands of universes. So when you talk about your heart, do not think that it is as weak as you imagine it. It has created our Earth and all the other planets. By the heart God has wished to create, to arrange Earth. As in the Scripture it is said: "Spirit of God floated upon the earth." So the Earth is arranged according to the wishes of the heart. Whatever it has wished, it has created. Our Earth is arranged only for virtues, nothing more! Therefore, if we become virtuous, other arts will come. You can not become a musician, if you are not virtuous, you can not become a philosopher, if you are not virtuous, you can not become beautiful if you are not virtuous, nothing you can become, if you are not virtuous. Virtue is the basis of life. Good is the basis of life.


The Earth has occupied one huge aeriform space, has had only one core, like a big nut. All the solid part some 250 billion years ago has been like a nut, so great has been our Earth and all this space has been filled with fog, which has continually been thickening.


I have a theory that I am now studying. The Earth initially has been very small, like a walnut has been small and this Earth has gradually grown since, as a tree grows. They say: "The egg is developing." They say that to form the Earth, a wide range has separated from the Sun and from this circle has been formed the Earth. It is true, it has been formed by this circle, but this circle represents the last shell from which the Earth has been formed. As the egg in the hen grows, increases, increases and when it has completed its form, then the hen has formed a hard shell and has laid an egg. So when our Earth has been formed inside the womb of the being, this being has made a shell, has put the Earth in the space, it has began to rotate, to move. Scientists tell how the Earth has been formed? The way they explain this, it is mechanical. This way in which I explain it is organic.


In the future there will be films which will present how the Earth has been created and will copy from the actual movie, which has remained in the Akashic records. The creatures have kept all these processes of the past in the form of a film and in the future people will see it.


Once upon a time the Earth has been closer to the Sun, but it has walked away. It has been in the Sun. All the planets rotating around the Sun once have been in it, but then they have come out of it and have walked away. Some of the planets have drifted so much that now they accept a bit of the sunlight.


If I open the archives of Nature and read, I will see that an angel has brought the first grain of wheat to the Earth. Do you believe that? This has happened 250 million years ago. "Then the earth did not exist." We can accept this truth, if we reduce the years instead of 12 months we will assume that the year consisted of three months. According to me the past years have been longer than today. Number 250 presents a fundamental law being. The number 2 generally presents the principle of the Spirit of God, and the number five - the principle of the human mind.


"God has created Heaven and the Earth." But the Earth is not like Heaven. When at first has created Heaven He has created it under other conditions. And the Earth has been created of inferior material by inferior forces. Heaven has been created by the higher powers, and the Earth has been created by inferior. It takes time - it will take millions of years until our planet Earth will change in the new order. For now, our head presents somewhat Heaven, our stomach presents the Earth. Whatever the state of your stomach is, that is the state of the Earth. The lungs provide the spiritual world. Still our stomach is not developed. Now we learn how to eat. God suits us. From food you become man“.


Often I observe the earth layers, how they are broken I watch and I know the reasons for their refraction, I know why they have bent. When a man rebuilds his house, he makes a dome and continues on. How do you explain this thing scientifically?


Man has to know the reasons why have broken these layers in nature. This refraction of layers has not been created by nature; there are other reasons for this. Initially the Earth has been built quite differently. Now I can tell you something, but you will come to a dispute, because you will not believe it. There has been a time when on the Earth there has been no broken layers, mountains have not existed. The Earth has then been smooth like a ball. This has been the time when on the Earth have lived the most rational creatures.


Which is what causes these intelligent beings to leave their land and to come here? Where did they come from? These creatures have ever been unhappy on the Earth. Why? The sole reason is that a creature has come and has made a small groove on the ground and from that point forward, when they have seen this groove, all these creatures have left the Earth. Then others have come who have done an even greater groove on the Earth, until finally we have come to the Earth and we have completely bent it.


This Earth that we see is the result of the work of intelligent creatures that have for millions of years worked on it. This ground on which we walk, these stones, between which we are moving, the air above us, the Sun above us, all this shows a higher rationality that has worked before we have come to the Earth. For us light is a common phenomenon, for us stones are a common thing, in them we do not see any rationality.


The present educated people give an interesting fact. Millions of years ago, 500 million years ago, it is the view of these scientists, the Earth has molted. Rarer matter has been on the surface. Since then the Earth has been moving very rapidly around its axis, the day has been 3 hours. What now it passes for 24 hours; then it has been passing for three hours. In this rapid movement of the Earth the Moon has detached itself from it and then has skipped and has formed the present Moon. It is a scientific theory for the formation of the present Moon. The liver is that matter that has created the world. God has created the world through the liver. Do you know what acids, what forces have been acting in the creation of the liver! That you think is impossible, but I tell you that the liver has been capable of creating.


Plants have come to help people. In that carbonic acid that has existed on the Earth, the plants have come to devour it, to eat this poison, and thus they have become carnivores. Plants have devoured it, have eaten it. Then the Earth has become available for man to live on it.


People today are formed in the same way that the world has been created. You have sometimes certain discomfort - you do not know the cause of the discomfort. What has been the situation when God has created the Heaven and the Earth? The Earth has been without form, and the spirit of God has floated on the surface. What has been to the Spirit of God in this unarranged world? The Earth has been covered only with fog, water, vapour, fire. There has been a struggle between the water and the fire for the championship, which would be first: a fire to be first, or of the water to be the first. There has been a great fight. The fire has ignited something, the water has extinguished it. The water has extinguished it, the fire has ignited it. This war has been purely spiritual. A big fight has been between the light and the black brothers, as I call them. They have fought millions of years ago and the black have prevailed. Then the bright brothers have withdrawn and they have given place to the others and the Earth has been shrouded by gloom and darkness. They have ruled over the Earth. Then those bright brothers have come to arrange the Earth. For six days they have worked. There has been a big fight and in the Scripture it is said: "God saw." God has seen that everything has been well done. However, those have become cleverer. Seeing that God has created the first man they have come, they have brought their darkness inside man. At first it has been dark outside and the light has been inside. Because God has made the light outside; they have brought the darkness in human consciousness. People have sinned. Outside there is light, the world is pretty nice set. In us inside it is dark.


There are a number of theories of learned men on the creation of the world, but let one of them show us a cliché, that has remained of the world's creation. In the first chapter of the Being it is said that God has made the Heaven and the Earth. So He has made them, but He has not created them. This implies that God has made them visible. In this sense, the Earth is not a dead body. It is a living body, on the bark of which we live. If you look at the Earth through the eyes of the clairvoyant, you'd have seen it as a beautiful woman, our mother where we, the people, live and she is frequently patting us, because we do not perform our duties properly.


Like the inhabitants of the Earth there is nowhere in the solar system - nor Saturn or Mars or Venus, etc., and their experiences all enjoy. The Earth is a laboratory for experiments. In the solar system, when they want to push through some reform, they make it on the Earth and when it succeeds, they apply it, and elsewhere. On the Earth experiments can be made.


Personality has created the stomach, the individual has created the lungs, and the soul has created brain. So, the lungs are the connective link between the stomach and the head. The head and the stomach are the two opposite poles in the human body. When I speak of the stomach, I do not understand it the way people get it, but I understand it as a complex system in human life. Between the stomach and the head of man there is a close relationship, so as the stomach upsets and the head upset. For the same reason there is a close connection between the Divine and the material life: earthly life presents great laboratory in which to study the great life in its totality. The Divine life is a great laboratory where no experiments are carried out, but are checked the experiments that are made on the Earth. Whoever wants to learn, he must necessarily descend to the Earth. Even advanced creatures have a lot to learn on the Earth, so they are looking for to get down to the material, mortal life, to continue their learning. Some descend voluntarily, according to the law of the victim; others descend by belief and others - through violence. Someone says: "Once to go to Heaven, never again will descend to the Earth." No, voluntarily or not, man has to come down to the Earth. It is better that he descends voluntarily, willingly sacrificing to help others than to be compelled by force. Who does not want to come voluntarily, it implies that he does not want to obey God's will.


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