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Some want to say that we care about our Earth so much, as much as it can feed us. But the Earth is a book, a Bible, a storehouse of knowledge. It holds many things. Approximately it has a life of 2,000,000,000 years and a half. Whatever it has seen, it is written. We think that it is a stupid land, that it has no knowledge, that it is irrational. The Earth is much more rational than the people. When we talk about the Earth, that it is wiser we do not mean matter of the Earth, when we talk about man we do not mean the body, it is a tool. There is a spirit that lives on the Earth. People do not think, they say that the Earth is not alive, but dead matter, a ball that spins. It is a delusion. No ball is the Earth! The Earth is a living egg, a large egg, from which everything is hatched, an egg, which contains all the eggs in itself, an egg that has all the possibilities.


The Earth is a live, great body, in which lives a sublime soul with consciousness, such as man has as well.


The word "Earth" is from Greek origin - "zeo". This word means life. The Earth has been created by matter. Zeo, land, means that what gives birth. The Earth has created life by itself; it gives birth to the people.


Two more Earths there are. You see one microscopic part of the physical Earth only, while for the other Earths you have sometimes such internal insights. The Earth what a thing it is in mental aspect, or what thing is the Earth in spiritual aspect? It is huge; great is the Earth in spiritual aspect. When Christ has ascended, where has He gone? He has gone up to the spiritual Earth to live. He has been below, on the physical plane, out of the physical plane has come and has gone above the clouds. And the Scripture says that one day we will see Him in the same way, He will come in the same way. Not in the same way He will come to the Earth, but "the same way" means in your consciousness, because those who have sent Him, have had this cosmic consciousness to see that He has ascended. Even the Scripture says: who have seen have doubted this work and have suspected.


In the past the Earth has been small like an apple, but gradually it has grown, it has become a big girl, as we see it today, and has fallen in love with the Sun. It is now a marriageable girl. Today we make great preparations for the wedding. So, these preparations are due to many crashes, the perturbations that happen on the Earth.


The Earth still growing, it is at a young age. After millions of years the opposite process will come - of downsizing. The poles of the Earth are moving. In the future, the pole will become equator and the equator - pole. There has been a time when the equator has been a pole and the pole has been equator. In the past history the poles have been changing. Bulgaria has been a tropical country and in the future it will become such again. Occultists know that once the Sun has been rising from the west. This shows what a great transformation has happened. Then the Earth's axis has not been in the present situation. There a change will come in the distribution of land and sea. The sea will invade some countries as this has happened even earlier.


We are exactly on the deck of the steamer Earth because above us there are yet other creatures. Up to 12,000 km from the Earth, there is a transparent land. To go to it and to enter into it should pass through 12 gates. There live advanced creatures; this world is the heaven of the above Earth. In the fall the first people have descended below to the present Earth.


There is a spiritual land, there are and Divine Lands. Three lands there are. You are now living on the Earth, which is for the people. There is a land of the angels; they are also humans, because all the angels of people have become angels. There is a land where the gods live.


We are still in the hall of the Earth. The Earth is much larger than we know it. Now they measure the Earth and say that it is 12,000 kilometres in diameter. This is the perception of the humans. If animals could have measured the Earth, they would have a completely different view of it. This is up to the consciousness. People have come to mind up to 12,000 km, but the Earth is much greater.


You, by entering into that world, you will see that the Earth has not been changed to its similarity. The diameter of Earth is not 12,000 km, it is larger.


What more physical changes have you to do in the matter, which works in you? We have not yet made these changes on the Earth. The Earth is slightly more spacious than we perceive it. None of you can grasp it as it is. You have no clear idea about it. Where is he adept, who can see the whole earth, America and Europe, Asia and Africa at the same time? What should be your consciousness to see all this? If you can see all the mountains on the Earth, it is that world. When you enter into that world, you will see another land; this land will disappear and will remain a different, greater land.


We register only the fact, what is the magnitude of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc. Whoever who does not understand astronomy will have some conclusions, and who understands astronomy will have somewhat different conclusions. Someone who does not understand the structure of the universe, will know that the mass of a planet, its diameter if its poles are flattened or not, all that exerts influence on the development of the creatures that live on these very planets. As the Earth is arranged, there could nowhere be such bodies as on the Earth itself, because such a distance from the Sun to the Earth, there is nowhere else. It is about 150 million kilometres. What is the diameter of the Earth according to the latest scientific data? I think it is 12,000 km. If you take the diameter of Venus, it is almost like that of the Earth, there is not a big difference. It is assumed that the mass of Venus is completely different, it has a different culture. The creatures that live there are built quite differently from those on the Earth. And on Mercury is like that. And Mars has inhabitants that are arranged quite differently from those on the Earth.


Those who have built the universe have a common grand plan. Their minds and their thoughts, of time and space are radically different from our thoughts and perceptions of time and space. From their point of view, our thoughts are quite childish, they look very funny. For example, what notion can have one microbe for eternity? According to its ideas the notion for eternity will be trillions or quadrillions of kilometres away from ours. Tell me, how long will it take to a man to walk a distance of one quadrillion kilometres?


There are creatures whose consciousness is so great that they cover the Earth. For them, the Earth represents something like a small ball, which they see from everywhere. They seemed to have millions of eyes and cover the Earth in their consciousness as a small ball. The people that have only two eyes hardly see a pinhole of the Earth and say: "This is our Earth." I say: what you see at all is not your Earth. You should know that what you see is only the skin, the surface of the Earth. Life is on the skin, on the surface of the Earth. The Earth also has a backbone, has muscles, and a stomach, therefore it wants to eat, as all living beings do. Can you imagine the Earth when it sits down to eat, what quantity of food it needs for lunch only?


You can imagine, as it is served at noon, how many lambs and how many cattle it will need! Of all the cattle on the Earth it can not be given to it a lunch only. I ask then: when feeding the Earth where from does it take its cattle? Or you say that the Earth is not eating. That's your opinion, but if you ask whether the Earth feeds, it will respond.


As it is possible to weigh the Earth on scales it is as possible to solve the question who has created the world. How heavy is the Earth, how much energy is defined for it, this is data calculated with absolute precision, but not by the people but by those who have created it. In nature, everything is strictly defined.


Two Americans have undertaken to weigh the Earth, because according to them, in the original number that has been given for the Earth, there has been a small mistake. According to the calculations of the scientists, the Earth weighs 6,000 trillions tons or 6 quadrillions kilograms. Imagine that the Earth has to be transported from one place to another. How long will it be transferred? From the calculations that are made, it is found that it can be transferred after 4000 million years. Moreover, if the transfer of materials from which the Earth has been made, harness all the trains in the world and each train is composed of 100 carriages that run continuously for 100 years, they would hardly transfer the Earth from one place to another. This indicates that the Earth is heavy, large; it is not possible to be moved. From here you can see what have been those creatures who have taken part in the creation of the Earth. They have had a mind, have had thought, have had a strong will and spirit. These rational, ingenious creatures have worked under the guidance of God. We call them angels, archangels and all they together constitute the cosmic man.


The present scientists have made a lot of attempts to measure the weight of the Earth. They have weighed the Earth and the Moon they have weighed as well. To have an idea of the weight of the Earth, take the number 6 and 21 zeros after it.


To have an idea of the weight of the Moon, take the number 74 and 18 zeros after it. How they measured the weight of the Earth and the Moon, it is not known, but the fact is that the scientists have these data. A lot of calculations are required to get a man to the true state of things. Many learned people can hardly accomplish this task. It is not an easy matter to determine the weight of the Earth and the Moon. However it has been calculated the weight has to be approximate. I give you these details as the scientists have passed them to the world. If we have scales, on which we can put the Earth, only then we can whether this number is true or not true. Imagine that you want to weigh all the planets in the solar system - which scales should you have? Knowing the weight of the Earth you have to put on one side of the balance the Earth, and the other - the Sun and thus you will balance them. For a scholar this is not a very difficult job. Years ago a scholar has calculated how much matter there is in the universe. The weight of the universe is calculated finally to 9 with 90 zeros. Who does not believe me, let him check it himself. Those who has calculated this thing, he has found himself in a difficult position. This is a hard work, but sometimes man is dealing with great work.


Our Earth as it is set in the space, it has almost no weight. It has weight only to the Sun. And when we say that it is so and so heavy, that shows with what power it is attracted by the Sun. Mathematicians show only the pull of the Sun.


Do not think that this Earth is heavy, no, it is very light. The Earth is very heavy, it is in terms of its power lines, but just as it floats in space, it is very light and even a child can carry it.


There is a great power in the void that is so powerful that holds the Earth and all the other worlds. In space there is a reasonable struggle of forces that want to push their theory. There are certain creatures who want to divert the Earth from its orbit, and this is the very thing. Sometimes the Earth is a little late or a little quicker. In this case, as the Earth is farther from the Divine Wisdom, from God's harmony, as these deviations are greater, and as close it is to God's Wisdom, so these deviations are smaller.


Have you ever heard the rhythm of the Earth? When it rotates, it sings. Do you know how the Earth is singing? It has so many children on its shell, creating headaches to it, digging its skin, but it does not pay any attention to these children. When it looks at the Sun, it sings. Have you heard its voice? Evangelists say about the Earth: "This lamentable idol." The Earth sings and as it sings - everything goes, as it sings - everything grows, the Sun rises and sets, the winds are blowing from the singing of the Earth.


The Earth is extracting heat from the ether. Because every particle, every atom, every molecule takes heat from the ether in this movement inside, then this heat is transmitted, collected together to form the heat of the entire Earth. The Earth continuously draws from the space not only from the Sun, but there is certain heat outside. At the same time the Earth has its own heat, which is produced by its own particles, moving in the ether.


What are the Sun and the Earth? The Sun is a rational centre, but the Earth as well is something rational, because not only on the surface but also inside it, live rational creatures, the task of which is to maintain the fire at a depth of about one thousand kilometres into the Earth. The rational in the world has created the world. That rational is what determines the weight of the Earth that determines its path. The Earth is so complex organism that our scientists are people who are students of the learned people, who believe that the Earth below is molten matter. It is partly true, partly it is not true.


Some of you who are scholars say that the centre of the Earth is made of matter in the gaseous state, but the gases are solidified. Very high temperature is there. If there is temperature, they would become steam, but at this great temperature there is high pressure.


Imagine: in the centre of the Earth - 6000 km is the Earth's radius - there is 6000 km pressure there. There are some microbes, that when are removed from two to three thousand meters below the water, above on the surface, they explode.


Your have not penetrated into the secrets of the Earth. Have you gone to the centre of the Earth? Who learned man has descended to the centre of the Earth? What secrets are hidden inside! You think that in the centre of the Earth there is fire. There could not be fire. There can not be melted stuff there. There the pressure is so great that in the centre of the Earth the matter is harder than the hardest steel.


Everyone thinks that the centre of the Earth is molten. But the centre of the Earth is harder than the hardness of our rocks. Well, there is so much pressure in there! At such pressure could there be a liquid? Harder than a stone it is. The Centre of the Earth is harder than a diamond. Substances that are there are harder than a diamond.


Nature at all is not what and how it is described, or our views on it are scientifically correct. There are things that are true, but there are things that are not true. This does not mean that anything is wrong. For example, some scientists say that in the Earth inside there is fire. Most recent scholars, however, say that the interior of the Earth is solid. In the centre the Earth is tougher than at its periphery. How do you know that, even though they say that down the Earth has a very high temperature? Hardness and temperature are two incompatible things, because we know that at high temperatures things can not be solid. This is a philosophical, mathematical question that requires a lot of evidence.


Each soul that completes its development on the Earth must pass through the centre of the Earth. Having completed its development and having taken a diploma that it has completed all science; then it will go from the surface of the Earth, it will descend to the centre and it will go out at the other side of the diameter and will pass. On this diameter it will come out and go to its homeland. So one day you will pass, but you must be very learned people. As you get off you will see that the Earth has untold riches. Now to enter the Earth man will be blind, deaf, feeling nothing. It will be senseless. It is as if traveling at night through a beautiful place and seeing nothing.


Who is familiar with love, will enter into the centre of the Earth. The one who studies Love will come out of the centre of the Earth, will come to the surface. Once he gets out of the centre of the Earth to the surface, then Love he has learned. I say: anyone who has not descended to the centre of the Earth and has not come out that he does not understand this Love. These are hard works. He says: "I learned this descending to the centre of the Earth!" When you enter there, in the Earth you will see precious stones. They are down in the centre of the Earth. Everything is hidden there. When you get down, you will find all the resources, you will find what you are looking for. As you go out of the centre of the Earth, you will bring out what you need.


Because you are poor, you have not entered in the centre of the Earth. Everyone should come into great wealth. Earth holds great riches. This is called small mysteries, little secret carries the Earth. The Sun brings great secrets. There is a love greater than that of the Earth - it is the love of the Sun. We need to learn the love of the Earth; then we will learn the love of the Sun. Love we will learn in its many forms. You will learn the love of the Moon, of Mercury, of Venus, of Mars; you will study the love of Jupiter, of Saturn.


The matter of the Earth has lost its initial purity and ethereality it has once had. It has been thousands of times lighter than hydrogen. Compared to the initial matter the hydrogen is very thick, like mash. Space through which our Earth passes is filled with remnants of destroyed worlds, with psychic sludge, left millions of years ago. In space there are ways in which all the rubbish will be thrown out as you throw away the remains of your homes.


We go into an area of the universe, where as the Earth passes through space, it has been shot many times. These meteors that fall, if these projectiles would hit the Earth, nothing would be left of it. To get rid of these projectiles that are continuously thrown into space, nature has put on the Earth in the air, a more dense matter and then when passing these projectiles, they are burning. If the Earth has been without air, without atmosphere, these projectiles would cause it harm. The atmosphere is like a garment that protects the Earth from those small projectiles that are constantly traveling through space.


If you are not wearing one thought to have something to wrap you; if your mind has not an atmosphere; if your heart has no atmosphere; and if your soul has no atmosphere - you are at a great risk.


We are moving away from the known solar systems and approach the other. During the ice age the entire solar system has passed through a black sun that has consumed much of its energies.


It has been time when the Earth has looked like a paradise, because the vegetation has been so rich, thousands and millions of berries there have been and the people have been feeding with fruits only, but an ice age has come, due to known physical reasons. Then this fertility of the Earth has been reduced and consequently the people have started eating meat, to exterminate not only animals but each other as well, to eat one another.


The Earth millions of years ago has passed by a black, extinguished sun. And since it has passed and it still can not get rid of this influence. All misfortunes are due to this. Not only the Earth has been extinguished, and our Sun has also been extinguished. Where Moses says: God has created the Heaven and the Earth, He has come to free the Sun, to free the Earth from the influence of this black sun. I can explain why, but who would believe it?


There has been a time when people, plants and animals have had a higher level of development than today. The Earth has undergone major catastrophe and from its rings the present planets have been formed.


The Earth is wrapped with 12 rings or areas of particular kinds of solar power transformers - each ring refracts the light in a specific way. This indicates that these 12 rings are not in the same position. However, each ring is made of special matter very thin through which penetrate relevant to it forces. These forces are connected with sublime worlds, working on both people and all living beings. A sensitive man perceives these influences on himself.


There is an American scientist who says that the Earth has not been spherical. These are only theoretical evidences. He is somewhat right, somewhat wrong. To check these works, contemporary scientists should come out at 100,000, 500,000 km minimum outside the diameter of the Earth. The diameter of Earth is 12,000 km.


World interests us so, as our consciousness is awakened. You seem to have knowledge of the Earth. It is composed of countless billions of particles, each particle is free. Each of these particles moves independently; it has its path and the Earth represents an organism of bodies, of particles. It is a whole universe and this universe we call "the Earth". Everything incomprehensible is funny, anything comprehensible is surprising. That, what man does not understand, he is laughing at it. What he understands, it surprises him. As it is difficult to understand small objects, it is as difficult to understand the grater. For instance, the present scholars represent a sun which is 10 million in diameter. Imagine such a sun. Our sun is 800,000 kilometres. And there are suns that have a diameter of 100 million kilometres. How then can you imagine such a huge body? This is a projection of the Divine world. The Earth for the Divine Consciousness is as it is for us to replace a bubble. Imagine if on the bladder live microbes and they have consciousness, how are you going to explain this? Imagine that these microbes can measure the Earth which is not round. If I inflate the Earth and then their scholars will say that it has changed. And then I empty back the bladder from the air, then back I inflate it. What conclusion would these philosophers create?


I have a way of reasoning when thinking about the small world. In my opinion the real world is the least. What can not become less than it is real. This, which can be increased or decreased, it is not real, it is the illusion of being Moreover, what can not become less, it is real. Therefore, our Earth you can collect it in the least. What will be the smallest, where would it go? In my eyes the Earth is one big bubble, it is not so dense. Whatever they say that the Earth is tough, it is not to me to talk, to someone else they can talk. It is a big bubble and it is not so thick, and it's full of air. If you press it, it will become smaller than a millet grain. The Earth you may press it in a wheat grain. How big is the Earth? Anyone can carry it, can sow it in the field, and it will grow. And the wheat grain may become as big as the Earth.


You will see, that one day you will visit the Earth and it will not be as it is now. I can tell you when: after 365,000 years from now the Earth will have another appearance. After this time it will burn. On the surface, whatever there is on the Earth, it will burn and all the people will melt. Will be created the new man and then this Earth will be new, the people will live and when you come then the rivers will be crystal. Nowhere there will be muddy rivers. The whole Earth will be in gardens, fruit trees. Very few animals and fish will play. In front of each house there will be a garden, there will be nice music and then the people will not travel on airplanes, but they will be floating in the air. You want to fly, you will fly, you want to come down - you will come down. You turn the key and you immediately go out. Anything you want, you will have it. After 365,000 years you will have it.


Our time, our perilous times! 365,000 years, this is an abnormal year. If you are living this way 1000 years, it would be as if you have lived one day. 365,000 days will then be like one year. Equal to 365 days it will be.


Now what would you say: “To believe it, or not to believe it?” Believe it! Poor you if you do not believe it. Believe it, because it will be like that. It will be even more than I tell you.


Our scientists have suggested that our planet Earth would live for another 1 million and 700,000 years, so many years of life it will have. So great prophets they are! After 1 million and 700,000 years the Earth will be transformed, it will not be in this state. It will not disappear, but its matter will be a little reconstructed. This is understood.


Some say that after 1 million and 700,000 years there would be no life on the Earth. I do not want to argue now. On the Earth there will be life. But in other worlds such as the Moon that is at rest, there is no life. All the people who have completed their development on the Earth go to the Moon to make their observations. The Moon has such observatories as on the Earth in thousands of years there cannot be.


Every person waking up in the morning should do something. Should thank God that he has been sent to the world. As you get up, thank God to have sent you to the Earth, one ticket he has given to you for free. You have come to this world. You know what great ball the Earth is?


At what speed the Earth travels? One ticket He has given you for free to travel to the Earth. You sit back and you are unhappy. You do not know why you are unhappy. You have boarded a ship and you travel for free. Then you say: "I do not want to go again!" Because the sea has been stormy, cloudy, you have not spent well.


So sometimes and the spiritual space is rough. While traveling through the ether, the sea is rough. Sometimes when you are sick, the sea is rough. Tomorrow, you wake up and you are happy, the sea is calm. These are external conditions through which the Earth passes. They are transferred out. If you are unhappy, the sea is rough, if you are happy - the sea is calm.


We are carried by quite a big steamer, which in the past has had several thousand chimneys. Now there are 100, some of them are numbering 50 to 60, some - 150 chimneys. These volcanoes the Earth are chimneys, smoke comes out, it is seen that the steamboat travels. We are carried somewhere in space, somewhere we go, we are carried to some distant port to go out. Sometimes this road is dangerous. For instance, millions of years ago the Earth has passed through a dusty desert space in which while passing the Earth has been formed ice age on the Earth. This dust has prevented the rays of the Sun; the Earth has taken very little radiation and has been formed the ice age. Out of this ice age we are going out. In the future, there is fear that we will get through this cosmic dust and again will come an ice age on the Earth. There is another danger now. We will go through one area where our Earth is in danger of fire. When it will be on fire, whatever is on the Earth will burn. This we will find in the Epistle of the Apostle Peter.


We now philosophise and make a mistake by thinking that there are no higher than man beings. The humans on the Earth are not the highest representatives of the human race. We are the last representatives of the human race. The most wrong of the types in the solar system are sent to Earth for reformation. Sinners of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus - are sent to an exile here. You have come from different systems – not that you are the worst, but you have not been very advanced there.


Some say: "To get rid of the wicked world, to go up, to be happy." You have for the Earth a very bad idea. Is the Earth a man or a woman? What do you think? (It is a "Woman.") And it is the noblest woman there in the solar system. All who go to it - go to learn. It is the most noble and suffering woman. To it come all who are incorrigible in the other systems, to educate them. It from morning till night is thinking how to educate them. All the children who come to her are unhappy and contentious. They have their own beliefs. They tell her: "You must make us happy! Why have we come here? "And she can not quarrel. It does not quarrel, it promises to all. And they say to it, "How do you like to take care of us, entertain us!" Some call her "mother." Mother is just that - these things are to her, she gave them birth. Now I tell you a thought that is true in its nature.


All of you who have come to the Earth should have one of its qualities: to be patient as the Earth, not for long patient. Whatever they take from her, she suffers, but says nothing. To some extent we study the nature of the Earth. She is very unhappy. You want now on the unhappy Earth to be happy. This is impossible! It's like you go to a poor man who has nothing and you want him to feast you with a pastry with butter, etc. And why not ask him to kill you a chicken.


We have been sent to the Earth to be happy. It is a secondary question. And the only thing that man has been sent to the Earth is to study. You should study. You should study the laws on everything that happens in you. You should start from yourself, from your inside. When you start from your inner life, then the outside manifestations of life will become much clearer to you. It is a complicated mechanism, i is a complicated world. It is not that easy. And all rejoice that you have a great credit, I believe that on the Earth there is no greater good than this for you, wherever you are. On the Sun you cannot live, on the Moon you can not live, on Venus you can not, you can not live on Jupiter, on Saturn you can not, on Neptune, on Uranus you can not live. On the Earth, however you can. As they have been looking for a place for you, those who love you have just found the only possible place for you. Having found an empty space, having cruised long they have finally brought you here.


We are sent on the Earth not for a visit, but to work. But the Earth endures its guests for three days. All modern miseries result from the fact that we want to be guests of the Earth. So if you ask me what the misery in the world comes from, I will tell you that it comes from your desire to be only the guests here on the Earth. The Earth is a place for one of the most important works. For every creature, no matter how small it might be, there is mathematically specified place and work it must to do. And today the world's highest living creatures live on the back of the lower.


Who has come to the Earth should work. The Earth occupies an important place in the solar system. Many sublime creatures strive to come to the Earth to follow the Earth University. Renowned is this university. It is renowned even to the other planets. Whoever wants to learn the law and order descends to the Earth to follow the Earth University. We consider the Earth as an inner school. And not after long time this Earth will change. It has repeatedly amended, yet comes another change. They say that in time our planet Earth will shift from its orbit, there shall be a great darkness, and all the people in darkness will be.


The entire Earth presents opportunities for man to study. Who does not know this thinks that the Earth is a place for torture. There are some narrow-minded religious people who call the Earth "yudol." Not so, the Earth is not a place of torture, but for teaching. For those who understand the Earth is an excellent school. According to its place in the solar system, the Earth occupies the bottom position. Not that the Earth is low by nature, but when man has to go through the greatest trials, they are sending him to the Earth. When he has to leave the Earth, awaits him something good, another world. The Earth is not the only school that man must pass. Moreover, it is a temporary school. People today are not taught to think like that. Therefore as they listen to me talking, they say: "Tell us how to make our living?" 'Tell us where to house our heads tonight?" I say: the birds whom they ask where to shelter their heads? "But we have children." And the birds have children. The point is not only to think of us, or just to look at issues from our point of view. Let's think about animals. Where they shelter their heads? Where trees shelter their heads? People think where to shelter their heads. They will shelter there, where animals shelter theirs, where plants shelter theirs and finally, where rational people shelter theirs.


You say that you are sons of God. You are sons of God, who do not know how to serve. And now they have sent you to the Earth to serve. You are sons of God, who have been served. Now God puts you to serve. You say: "Is this what I am born for?" It is what you are born for. So far the angels have been serving to you and God has served you, everything they have been doing for you. Now He has put you a little to be tormented, and you should work to help others. On the Earth we should learn to serve God. As it serves we should also serve. Great patience has the Earth. It bears us, it bears the silages that we throw; it processes them.


People do not think, they say that the Earth is not alive, but dead matter, a ball that spins. It is a delusion. No ball is the Earth! The Earth is a living egg, a big egg, from which everything could be laid. It is an egg, which contains all the eggs in itself, an egg that has all the options.


You are sent to the Earth to get one of its properties. Otherwise why a man would come to the Earth? God of this Earth has taken out that essence, the purest matter, and has created the human body, which corresponds to all parts of the Earth. There is something in man that corresponds to the entire Earth. There is something that corresponds to the North Pole, there is something that corresponds to the South Pole, there's something which corresponds to the east; there is something that corresponds to the west. Because the North, it is the Truth, or the direction of our head. The North is above - our heads, the South is below - our feet. The South is the Virtue. To be a good man, he must have a well- organised south pole. To be truth loving, he must have a well-organised north pole. Or you to be a truth loving, your head should be well organised. To be good, your heart should be well organised.


The matter of the human body can be compared to the matter of which the Earth is made. Each part of the body has the properties of the matter of the Earth. So man has to harmonise with the matter of the Earth to be good.


The South Pole is the solar plexus. Hands and feet are the South Pole, head is the North Pole.


A geologist studying the layers, and discussing the material world, it is now a material order of the Earth. These layers of the Earth they have come from the real world. In the real world they have come from the ideal world. The things initially we say that they are from the material world; then go to the real and the ideal. Each one of you as a geologist should study the layers of the Earth, because the human body is built just as is built the body of the Earth. All the geological layers are in man. Man is a whole geology. If man studies the Earth he will study himself, because he is not able to study himself alone. The Earth is increased, that is why we are more easily able to study ourselves through studying the Earth.


Everyone has his own earth in himself. The brain is designed to be similar to the Earth. Your earth you should carry it in your head. With this earth as you handle, the other will be at your disposal. Consider that you are in a reasonable world and you benefit from what you are given. How many things there are that you do not know! You will leave this world without having got acquainted with your head. Living on the Earth, this means that you have lived the life of all creatures from the smallest to the biggest, you must have been in all the particles of which the Earth has been created, in every law, in every molecule, in all layers, in the centre of the Earth you must have been, everywhere you should have passed through. It means that you should have lived on the Earth.


And you should have passed on the bark of the Earth and you say: "Everything I know!"


The length of man is perpendicular to the Earth. Man is perpendicular to the centre of the Sun and the Earth. This shows his intelligence. The length of this ellipse shows his intelligence and the width shows its sensitivity.


If you take the Sun, it has 1,380,000 km in diameter. Every kilometre of the diameter corresponds to one our earth, it is even greater. Imagine that you live on such an earth as the Sun, what would your concept of the world then be? Imagine this land, and how large the planets would be compared with it? Now do the calculations, how big they would be. Then your life, would it be like the one, like your present life on the Earth? No, because it depends on the volume of a body on its diameter. All humans are related to the radius of the Earth. Someone wants to study human nature - at first he has to calculate how much is his height of the diameter of the Earth.


Whatever changes occur with the Earth, the same changes occur with the human body. Much of the body is water. Many people suffer from lack of water in the body. Lack of water cools the body and lots of water makes it hot.


Scientists have noticed that the Earth's water gradually decreases. In the etheric space there is more water than on the Earth. Some occultists explain this fact with obstruction of three important sources of life. If the water is decreased the human life is reduced. So, any changes that occur with the Earth, the same changes occur with the human body. Much of the human body is water. Many people suffer from lack of water in the body. Moisture, water is the cause of heat in the body. Lack of water cools the body. Much water makes it hot. Man has to live properly, rationally to use the energy coming from the Sun to create around him healthy, pleasant atmosphere.


A billionaire Aston has had 90 million and 500 thousand dollars annual income. 27 thousand dollars a day earning. What will he make this money, tell me? 27 thousand dollars can you eat them? How many will you spend? I would not like to be that rich. I am rich now. I am richer than him who has a $ 90 million annual income. Me, to give me the Earth do not want it, for me it is very small, and the Sun to give me, I do not want it. And the whole universe to give me, I do not want it. But if they give me Love, I do want it. If I have to choose, I do not want the Earth, the Sun I do not want it, I want to leave them to the others. Love is everything in the world! When you love, you are a citizen of this great home in the world that has no end that has all the options. One day our Earth will stop somewhere. The Earth has to stop somewhere after millions of years, they will send it to repair, and you will have to leave the Earth. And then what would you do?


Today God fines all the nations and all humanity for their disobedience. They pay tax for disobedience. Reasonable, rational world in general can never be tricked. The Earth is very smart. What you have worked with at the end it will get it, even with its interest. We should know that we will come to the last customs. You should know that everything you have acquired by smuggling will be taken at the last customs.


Misfortunes are not just because of you, it is the Earth’s fault. It has many sins to atone, and by punishing it with it suffer and you as well. Therefore, they do not punish us but they punish the Earth, and we suffer. What would you say about this? So it is in life: father has made any sins, and his son suffers for him, he bears the consequences. By the law of heredity son has his father's sins and is suffering. Now the Earth has many sins that I should not disclose. I know what its sins are, but I should be silent. In youth, it has made some mistakes, that it has long ago realised, but now it must bear the consequences, to redeem them. The Earth has made many small mistakes, but they have big consequences. Its consequences affect us today. Why? Because we have come to live on it and therefore we must bear part of its terms. Because it has realised its mistakes, penitent is, it has corrected, then God has given to it a promise that He will make it a new dress, new clothes, with a bouquet in hand. And then as a young bride they will give to her banquet, they will raise it to the necessary honour and respect. Future Earth will be Princess. If the Earth is a Princess, then you will be sons and daughters of a princess.

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