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Modern scientists say that the Earth moves in the empty space. Amazing are people in their conclusions! I will make an objection. If you run out of water in an ocean and then put a steamer, could it move? It could not. Movement occurs only in full space, in empty space there is no movement. What the scientists contend it is a delusion. Therefore, the place where the Earth moves, it is not empty space, their translation is wrong. Space is filled with a powerful force, with a rational force on the hands of which rests not only our Earth, but all the other great worlds. With no words, we represent things figuratively, we represent the ideas distorted.


There are creatures that can carry the Earth on their back. This is not scientifically proven, but it is a fact. Today we know that the Earth moves around its axis and around the Sun. In the future it will be known more about the movement of the Earth. In a Greek myth it is said that an ox carries the Earth on its horns, but it is not scientifically proven and tested. Having read this myth, someone has asked himself: "On what stands this bull?"


The Earth makes certain deviations - delays and reinforcements. I know why. In the movement of the Earth there are more than 10 exceptions that now scientists can not explain. The inner Divine Science is aware of these reasons.


You know how many peculiar movements there are on the Earth from scientific point of view? Investigate a little astronomy. The Earth has 19 peculiar movements. They are even more, but so far these have been observed. It does not move as evenly. For each its movement scientists have given some explanations.


Christ says, "I", i.e. "Spirit", but it is not what you see, because you only see the shadows of things, just the reflection of light from the surface of the bodies. You say: "I saw a man on the road." What did you see? You saw his shadow. The reflection of his body in the optic nerve enters, makes shock, produces the impression, projects shadows outside and then you say that you have met such and such a gentleman. His shadow has simply met you. I ask you: when the Sun rises, do you meet him you or does it meet you? Which attracts, or what is attracted in opposite? This is a philosophy. When someone says that moves I want to know whether he is attracted or he attracts. As you move, you can be attracted, and you can attract. One thing is to attract and to be attracted is another - these are two distinct situations. When they attract you in the movement you are limited and when you attract, you are free. When you say that you have come to the Earth, it is because it has attracted you. You are attracted to it, it has pinned you here and it keeps you. Do you go or does it go? I think that the Earth goes in you. These are just bagged philosophical thoughts.


The Earth walks and moves. It is an excellent woman, so elegant walking I have not seen, I have not seen another lady walking so flexibly and decently. It moves in space, it does not produce any noise. It does not raise dust as modern ladies. The Earth is so polite; it does not want to wake anyone passing, so nobody notices it. It is because it is fastened its eyes in the Sun, its lover.


And our Earth is moving, but this movement is due to a single mind that sits as the captain of the ship and directs its movement. The captain has his own cabin, whence monitors the way in which the Earth steamer must go. Our Earth is now going through a nice sea. Sometimes the sea is not as quiet as it looks from the outside. Sometimes it is very rough, what disasters are happening! Now we're in this place where the Earth has originally descended. Initially the Earth has come down to a depth, and from that point forward is has stopped going down. Only to one place it has been able to come down. Now the entire Earth as an airplane is gradually lifting into space.


After thousands and millions of years we will be in a flourishing sea the surface of which is that smooth, but not as violent as it is now. Now we are on the Earth as among savages.


Suppose you get two stout bodies that collide, what will be formed? Will be generated heat, right? If two objects are moving in the same direction and with the same force, can then be formed heat? No matter how thin this space is, that matter, our Earth, which moves in the ether of this movement, it yields some of its heat. The Earth extracts heat from ether. For every atom, every molecule and every particle takes heat from the ether in this movement inside, then this heat is transmitted, collected together to form the heat of the entire Earth. The Earth continuously draws from space not only from the Sun, but there is certain heat from outside, but at the same time the Earth has its own heat, which is produced by its own particles, moving in the ether.


What a great foresight, intelligence, what attention has the Earth! The Earth looks like a large steamer, which has its own captain, sailors, fuel it has. So much people are on board! Some die, others are born. The Earth still carries them. They resolve one question that has never been resolved. They divide the Earth, there are disputes. This steamer still floats. Now we will be happy on the Earth that we divide and can not divide. We try to stop it, but we can not stop it. Because people are willing to stop it, to rob it, it increases its speed. Earlier, it has been moving more slowly, now it is moving faster with 29 kilometres per second. The Earth has great riches. How could they be stolen?


Now, with how many kilometres the Earth moves? With 29 km. Who has seen it? Nobody has seen this movement it is proved that moves at 29 km. The number 29 is the number of conflicts, generated two things are incompatible. The number 2 represents the Divine principle which wants to put things right. If not applied properly, comes one of the greatest misfortunes that we can imagine. The number 9 presents the human order. You have come to the end of a human order, no delay. When it comes to number 9, do not delay, because if something is postponed, it will come the greatest misery. You sit on the railway track and you are philosophising. A train is coming. You say: "This train, can it not stop?" Number 9 says: "Get out of the rails and do not philosophise, let the train pass. If you stay on the rails to philosophise, it'll run over. "By adding two and nine, what gives? It gives eleven. Two Generals gather at a place without an army, what happens between them? One will tell how he has gone to the battlefield, how he has fought, the other will tell. Once they tell who and how has fought, what would they gain? One says that victory is needed, and the other says that victory is needed. Victory, victory, they now have their own defeat.


We sit on the Earth, but the Earth's motion is transmitted to our body. With 30 kilometres per second is moving the Earth. By the law of momentum this movement is transmitted to our body. If the Earth suddenly stops itself, we will be thrown in space. We do not realise what potential force it contains. There could become an explosion. A counteraction will appear immediately. Because we agree with its movement, but if in us an opposite movement is born, a disagreement will be born. Sometimes we should be in harmony with the movement of the Moon; we should be in harmony with the movement of the Earth, which rotates around its axis.


I think that the Earth does not turn around the Sun, but the Sun spins around itself. The Earth rotates around itself, but the Sun rotates around the Earth, plays with it.


You say that the Sun rises and sets. It is relative - the Sun never rises and never sets. If you go up into space, at high altitude, you will see that the Sun revolves round the Earth in a straight line without any sunset and sunrise. And the Earth revolves about the Sun, but on the Earth we are in such a situation that we see the Earth revolving around the Sun and the Sun around the Earth. And we are very well in this situation. It is better the mother to go around the cradle of the child, rather than the child around his mother. Consequently, today the great moves around us and in time we will be moving around it.


Why does the Earth turn around the Sun? It is because it is greater. Always in space the small objects rotate around the big objects.


Fall of the Earth to the Sun, it is a thought. A force is pushing the Earth to the Sun, this is the goal. Since the fall of the Earth to the Sun causes energy from the Sun which produces light on Earth. If the Earth is no longer interested in the Sun and the Sun will cease to care about the Earth. There will be no light.


The Sun is the goal at which the Earth aims.


They say for instance, that the Sun attracts the Earth to itself. In this case, the Sun is the cause, but the Sun is drawn by another reason. In this case the Sun is not a cause but a consequence. The Sun pulls the Earth, because it is also pulled. If it sits in one place without moving, I understand, but the Sun is moving at a great speed. Its orbit is much larger than that of the Earth. The Earth uses 365 days to circle around the Sun once. The Sun needs even 25 million years to make its circle around its sun.


The Earth and the Sun have two opposite movements: the Sun moves in one direction and the Earth - in another. And always the Earth crosses the path of the Sun. But the way of the Earth is longer than the path of the Sun. While to our Sun, to make one turn around the centre of its circle, are needed 25 million years, the Earth has to turn 25 million times about the Sun and in addition to make together with the Sun a large circle. Who does more work? Both do a good job. The Sun consumes more energy and the Earth - more time.


The Earth sometimes gets closer to the Sun, sometimes moves away. By how much it is not known. In 100 million years the Earth is approaching at only one minute distance to the Sun. In the remaining minutes its distance to the Sun is the same. Therefore, you should know whether you live in the minute of getting closer or moving away of the Earth from the Sun. This getting closer or moving away of the Earth from the Sun shows the relations that exist between the rational creatures of the Sun and of the Earth.


The Sun moves along with the entire solar system. In the space the Earth crawls more and more new places. This space, which it is closer to - enlarges and that, which is away, is shrinking. We are in the suburbs of the Milky Way.


Now people are still looking at the steamer they are travelling with, and one day when they will learn it, they will be interested in the place they are passing through.


In the future the Earth will come closer to the Sun. Then its movement will accelerate and our life will become more active.


Our Earth is in perpetual motion. The Sun, the stars, everything is in perpetual motion. And we are moving, going somewhere, but where we do not know. Thanks to this movement, we get in a lofty world. In our view so far the universe has been going down, but according to the new views the universe moves in a spiral and gets up, goes up. A lifting is going on. And the higher up we go, the brighter thoughts and feelings will come. And now our Earth is going up. The Sun now gives more energy to the Earth than 2 thousand years ago. And in 2 thousand years it will be giving even more.


Our Earth is under the influence of the Sun, the Sun is under the influence of the Earth. All the planets and the stars influence each other.


You have a contradiction in you. You want something and you can not achieve it. If a creature lives in the Sun and wants to achieve something according to the laws of the Earth, nothing can be achieved. Let's say a man to be completely grown, to become at the age of 21 years, to admit him as an adult, how old must he be in the Sun, if a solar year is equal to 200 million years, 21 years how many will be there? Approximately one your second corresponds to one year, how many seconds we have in 365 days? How many hours and how many minutes? Therefore, at 250 kilometres per second, what should be the intelligence? Who is smarter who moves quickly or slowly? Who moves at 250 kilometres per second, or who moves at 29 and a halve kilometres per second? According to my calculations, it is not at 29 and a half, but at 30 kilometres. I dispute it, I have data on this.


The Earth is constantly moving around the Sun and is spinning around itself. So there are two states. I compare them as follows: the first condition, the rotation of the Earth around its axis is like you to think about yourself. This is your axis. And to love your neighbour, this law is like the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. And the Sun with the entire solar system moves around its centre and together with it we make a big circle. With Love in 24 hours, you will turn around yourself, for 365 days you will turn around the Sun. We talk about the Divine life in us. It requires a long period. To the Sun it takes 20 million years to turn around this divine centre. I ask: you to do this, how many times you have to come to Earth? If at any coming you will live 120 years, how many times you should be reborn to spend a sunny year in that Divine life? This you will calculate by dividing the 20 million to 120. If you turn around yourself, you will have a small gain. If you turn around the Sun, you will have a bigger gain. And if you turn together with the Sun around that centre you will have a large gain. And your life will have sense.


The Sun is moving at 250 kilometres per second, and the Earth at 29 kilometres per second.


The Earth moves at 29 kilometres per second. The number 11 saves humanity from major catastrophes that it could not survive on the Earth. All unbalanced beings descend to the Earth to balance, to acquire its rhythm of movement. By acquiring the necessary balance, they are sending them to other planets out there to learn. The word 'balance' is taken to mean toning. So, man and all other creatures descend to the Earth to tone, to balance forces, to find their equilibrium. The descent of man to the Earth implies correct taking of the basic tone. Until he takes the right basic tone of his life, he could not go to heaven. Before they start to sing and play music, musicians and singers take the basic tone. If they take it correctly, playing and singing go well. If they do not take it correctly, the bandmaster remains dissatisfied with them and makes them start again. Therefore, many times the man will descend to the Earth until he takes the basic tone of life. On whichever planet he is, he must come down to the Earth to learn to properly sing and play.


The whole dispute is in the 29. It is a war. The dispute is 2, two people quarrel. If you put 9, imposing a common ground, you see it yourself - battling, battling all over the Earth, only war everywhere. Two small creatures have caught each other by the throat, they quarrel. When people want to watch riots they come here to the theatre.


Proper movement in the world creates a cross, swastika, which justifies the whole movement. The Earth moves in this way.


The Earth as a living being has its own horoscope, its path to go. Its path now is not as smooth as it has been earlier. The Earth sometimes passes through certain perturbations. People often become infected by these influences of the Earth and various epidemic diseases appear. Thousands and millions of people die of these diseases sometimes.


Sometimes and the rivers make mischief without asking. When the mountains above inflate them, the snow is melting, flowing through the banks, they drag everything. They say: "We have no desire. We are very peaceful creatures; we have had a pure thought. Something has come, has stirred our minds, we have become muddy; someone has done some thing with us. "Who is that? The Sun is guilty. The Sun is guilty, and people are guilty because they have cut down the forests. If the forests have not been cut down, the things would go in a natural order. Then the works do not go, because the Earth rotates. You want your works on the Earth to go. Amazing work! If you get on one wheel and the wheel rotates, how would the works go? Nobody’s works will go on the Earth as people want because it rotates. It is because you all are on a carousel.


You're on the Earth. How do you think to get rid of the Earth? Sometimes the Earth has no power of attraction. You will watch when it is sleeping. But sometimes you have noticed some small deviations that happen on the Earth. The Earth goes on its orbit, not a straight line. The line on which the Earth runs in its orbit and it has its shape.


The Earth is attracted to the centre of the Sun. It is under the influence of the positive and negative forces of the Sun. When the positive forces of the Sun weaken and the negative amplify, then the Earth is attracted to the Sun. On another occasion it is rejected. The Earth is either attracted, or repelled in its course.


The Earth does not move at the same time with the same speed. There is a small decrease of the speed and there is an increase of the speed. Meanwhile it rests.


The Earth, when it turns 100 million times around the Sun, there is one exception disastrous and one beneficial. One such exception is coming now. Our Earth has made so much turns so that it is near to a catastrophe, but when will it come? I will not tell you the date! The same applies to the Sun. When it makes 100 million turns, comes the time of the exception..


The whole Earth is moving through space, and we with it. We at this moment, at every second we move with 29 kilometres as fast as the Earth is moving. We are in a different space. This space in which our Earth is moving, is amended hence we modify. People who live on the Earth are amended for the sole reason that the Earth moves. If the Earth stops, if it is not moving, and we will be like it fixed. That the Earth moves is shown by white hair, white beard, slouching. Together with the work performed by the Earth, and we ourselves get older. Now you understand the philosophy. These particles of which our body is made are from the Earth, they have participated in this movement and they have aged, it is not us. As they grow old, they say: "God, free us! For you for 30-60-70 years, so much work we have done! We want to go home. "They want to leave. You yourself cannot work. You have curved yourself, you convince them, saying: "Wait, wait!" They say: 'We can’t'. They abandon you; they want to return to the Earth. I say: they go to their own, and you go to yours. They go down, you go up – the Divine goes up. If your soul can go up, you have lived well. If your soul goes down along with them, then the work is a little painful. Then a new evolution starts, that is called reincarnation”.


All the planets and the Sun do not move in a circle, but in a spiral. All are walking in a spiral that increases from the centre and all will finally come to the opposite side. These objects have reverse movement; they descend in a spiral down. So, one day our Earth, for instance, because its circle increases, it will stop at the station. In how many millions of years it will come to the station of the Sun? You have no data, right? The Earth's come out of Sun? If it has come from the Sun, it nevertheless will return to the Sun. You do not know, but that captain who rules the Earth, he knows. The captain of the Earth knows, but we, the passengers, we do not know. All the passengers, when they boarded on the Earth, they have known that they are going on a trip into space, but they have not known after how many years they will be back again in the same place.


One day the Earth will not rotate around itself, a day will come when the Earth will not rotate around the Sun as well. So what will be then? There will be something nicer. There will be a movement much better than the spinning around itself and around the Sun. What will be, we do not know what will come to nature. But now that's a guess.


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