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The Inclination of Earth's Axis


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The Inclination of Earth's Axis


In the world, people are divided into two camps: the good and the bad. What limits people is darkness, but what extends - it is light. Therefore, the bad people serve to the darkness. They study the life that oppresses the matters and gives them shape. They understand life so. You say: "Why are there bad people in the world?" They are needed. The Earth has been formed due to the bad people. They have formed the solid soil. This can be proven scientifically. When changes have occurred on the Earth, the situation has almost been the same as we see it today on the north and south poles.


And then has happened especial oppression. The cold has increased as a result of which the water has hardened and has acquired another state, another form. What happens today is the North Pole happens in man himself. Current scientific evidence indicates that the north and south poles have once been tropical locations. They suggest that the Earth has undergone a crisis. Then its axis has been horizontal. Do you know what a horizontal axis on the ecliptic at which the move means? The state of the Earth then shows the status of the animals. With the distortion of the axis of the Earth the animals and the plants have begun to change. This means coming to bad conditions on the Earth.


And now the Earth's axis has to straighten, to become perpendicular. Same axis exists in man. And today he seeks to straighten his axis, to put it in the perpendicular position, to form a straight line from the Sun to the Earth. The plight of all modern people is due to the fact that there has been a deviation from the perpendicular of about 23 degrees. This deviation has reflected on his thoughts, feelings and actions. Until man does not straighten his axis, he will never learn to live properly. "How should we straighten our axis?" This straightening cannot happen suddenly, because if it happens at once, there will be a whole upheaval in man. For straightening of only one degree of the Earth's axis 100 years are required. So, to straighten this deviation of 23 degrees, it will take 23 centuries. Multiplying 23 centuries in 100 years, you have 2,300 years. So many years are needed to straighten the Earth's axis. There has been a time when the axis has been perpendicular to the plane of its orbit. Now it is tilted at 23 degrees. What relation can there be between a horizontal axis and an axis perpendicular to the Earth? When the Earth's axis has been horizontal to its surface, the Earth has been sleeping; it has been in a sleeping state. There has been no mental life; the intelligence has been beyond the Earth. Large perturbations have been going on in the Earth, inside and outside. With the lifting of the axis the awakening of the Earth has happened, of these creatures that have come. With the appearance of man on the Earth the axis has been perpendicular.


So, I say: each of you when is waking up religiously, should pass a certain road. Of a worldly man the orbit is horizontal to the road he is walking on, and he is moving around a certain idea. There are large perturbations going on in him and he does not understand their meaning. Man can suffer without understanding why he is suffering. There are great sufferings. Sometimes people think that when they die, they will go to tell God how much they have suffered. God is not the least interested in our sufferings. Sufferings are a problem. Difficulties come from what you are learning. If you have learned something, then it makes sense.


If you have suffered and learned nothing, makes no sense. Let's say a man has suffered to become good. If he has not become good what should he speak about his sufferings? Sometimes you ask: "What for sufferings are?" This is an educational method for your mind. If you understand the meaning of suffering, then it will reform your face: forehead shall be raised, will go ahead. Recumbent forehead is at 75 degrees and to 90 degrees there are still 15 degrees of deviation. The face should be perpendicular to the axis of the spine, i.e. we take as a basis the centre of the Sun and the Earth's centre, draw a straight line descent plummet and it is to this perpendicular hasteth from the Sun to the Earth, the human body goes. In earlier times, the forehead has gone away. In plants, the fish, with the release of the birds in the air is constantly changing and the axis of man, his mental world is amended, he begins to rise up. In mammals the axis of the spine is horizontal to the earth, because they are placed in very unfavourable conditions.


So, I say: the plants show where the North Pole has been when the plants have come. When the animals have come, it has been to our east, and when the man has come - he has come the last; it is there, where the pole is now. The sin of man is due to shifting of the Earth's axis at 23 degrees. This is the human fall. It is the fall inside you. At 23 degrees is gone away your axis from your right direction, the right direction of Love. And because the rays of Love in the human soul do not go right, consequently there is a dissonance in man. The Earth is remote - that is not a mistake. The mistake is inside us.


So, I say: to our future axis, which we move in the physical world must be perpendicular to the Divine Sun, around which we are moving. All you need to straighten your axis. And then the Scripture says: "born of God does not sin." To born of God the axis is straightened. To unborn of God – the axis is distorted. Let us say, you spin, how do you rotate the spindle? When you spin, this spindle rotates from left to right. It moves vertically, not sideways.


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