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Throughout the year there cannot be spring only. For 3 months nature is active, the currents of the southern hemisphere come to the north. A change happens. After 3 months the same currents turn from the northern hemisphere to the southern. Spring returns.


Summer is much quieter. Autumn is even violent. Our autumn corresponds to the southern spring and our spring corresponds to southern autumn.


Sometimes rainy weather is associated with spots that appear on the Sun. We have warm currents. When these spots on the Sun disappear, then there is an electric infertility.


Cold shows that the atmosphere has accumulated a lot of electricity.


Outside it's cold. Why is it cold? We have 20 degrees cold. Why? These devices, which measure show that it is 15 to 20 degrees below zero. Then it is cold, because there is more dynamism. Cold is nice. It is a sign that people have become very bad and that is why bad weather is coming, the cold. Cold is taming bad people. The bad man shrinks a little when it is cold, he becomes better. When people become good, the weather gets warmer. But notwithstanding, what is nice for good people, the others are worse in warm weather. Take a snake - in winter it is quiet, saint, you can touch it and it is no harm to you, but in warm weather it bites and good people. It puts its poison and man dies from it.


So, sometimes you want the good life, not knowing that in the good life, the snakes bite, mosquitos bite. Once you come to the good, the evil appears as a consequence. Now I am defining what is evil: what is permanently taking is evil, notwithstanding, what is permanently giving is good.


There are very few people, even religious, thinking wrong about the wealth that nature gives. Good that we now have is very expensive, even the expenses of the sublime people, of those rational creatures, now it costs a lot to the Earth. From the perspective of the Invisible world they make very costly expenses and sometimes make God angry with the children of the Earth that they spend a lot. Sometimes God speaks, but when they do not understand there is a rod: years of famine, diseases, earthquakes, cyclones and whatever else. Learned men explain these phenomena scientifically. They can explain the causes of the phenomena as they want, but these are only external explanations. The reasons are other. Science can explain everything in detail, even where the ink has taken from to writing a letter, but the instigator reason for writing the letter sits much further. Some may even do not realise this.


In the spiritual world there is much cold than in the physical world. In this respect, the cold is counteracting the bad people and the bad spirits in the spiritual world. So, what is cold? It is energy that counteracts to the bad people in the world. What is heat? It is energy that gives life to all the good people to work. So, cold and heat are two forces in nature that have distributed their services are among the people on the Earth, and among the spirits in the spiritual world. If there is a great cold in the world, this shows that the bad people have taken over the good in life. If there is more heat, it shows that the good people have taken the upper hand in life.


Such a match is found, and in the world war: when the Germans have been allies with the Bulgarians and Turks and have prevailed in the war the weather ever has been cold; when the agreement has been taking control, the weather has always been warm. These and many other causes can affect the weather to become warmer or colder. When the alliance has been taking control, then has showed electricity that acts in a straight line, when the agreement has been taking control, magnetism has been occurring, acting on curves. In electricity, and in magnetism, act two states: ascending and descending.


Now you say: "I'm cold." I know, but you cannot get rid of the cold, not to get perfectly free of it, but to decrease it. Do you know how hard it is to be reached! If a man in the cold gets in contact with the best people, he will feel warm and mentally, and cordially, if he joins. Installation you should do. How do they make installations and plants and whole apartments, whole quarters are heated? As you get in contact with the best people, you will feel warm; if you do not get in contact you will tremble. As you are cold and if you fall in love with God, you will soon feel warm.


Sometimes it is predicted that the weather will be bad, but it is amended, it does not get worse, it surprises us. These are exceptions that are caused by something.


Sometimes the exceptions are due 75% to the Moon. For instance, the winds, humidity, changes in the Earth sometimes are due to the full moon. What is the position of the Moon in relation to the Earth in the full moon, on this will depend for some time what the weather would be.


Cocks have crowed this morning at ten o'clock. This indicates that the weather will get worse. It is noticed, that when the cocks crow at ten o'clock at night, the weather gets worse, but when they crow at ten o'clock in the morning, the weather deteriorates again. Why is that so? It is because the animals, for instance, the cock in the case is set according to the changes in nature, then when there is a change in the nature, the cock senses the change in him, collects excess energy and it just bursts. Then it gets somewhere at a high place and crows. When crowing, it gets rid of the excess energy in itself. So, it crows willy-nilly because it is forced to and not because it likes to crow at the time. It knows that the weather will get worse, but says: "There will be something! Let us then at least crow that is what will. "However, the man who knows these things, which is after the changes in nature, knows this and says:" The cock crowed; the weather will be bad. He understands things correctly.”


When the weather gets worse in the atmosphere collects more electricity man electrifies and this electricity he cannot bear it. Then he seeks to confront someone, to say a few words, to get rid of the tension. Flies then go biting: here it will bite, there it'll bite. And man as a fly wants to bite. Once you see that people are starting to bite, the weather will spoil. Not that they want to, or that they are bad, but it's raise of energy and they want to spend it somewhere. Sometimes acidity is the nose, sometimes - the ear can bite or on the arm somewhere. It will become a small explosion. So, when the weather gets worse, you are saying: "I am indisposed." Discomfort is related to atmospheric pressure. Good disposal, it is relevant to atmospheric pressure.


Often huge amount of energy is collected on the surface of the body, waiting the slightest contact with the energy in the atmosphere. External electricity combines with the internal order and become explosions or small cracks, pins and needles in various parts of the body and you say "My heart is stabbing me." These are not the stabbings, but the influence of the external electricity. You should thank, that there are changes of the weather; otherwise man would be permanently drying. People, who have large amounts of electricity their hair becomes hard, and nails also, their body gets dry, their skin dries and finally large cracks are noticed. Then there the opposite process should come, to find a magnetic man, who under the law of magnetism may bring some softness in the nervous system and in the muscles.


So any change in nature is to regulate forces energies. Hair and skin pores tend to take moisture from the air, so when the atmosphere is full of moisture and magnetism, they use these powers from it. If a man is calmly left to their impact, this attracting of magnetic forces is very easy. However, until the exchange between electricity and magnetism happens, man can feel a tension in him and that something is shit. Once it starts raining, thundering, inside you comes a relief, suggesting that your hair has taken enough moisture that lets these magnetic forces to enter your body. Then the body comes to its normal state.


Sometimes a dark state strikes you. Many dark states that you are passing through now, are due to atmospheric changes. This is due to the properties of water. When you are very sensitive, there is a pressure on your astral double. And therefore you feel uncomfortable condition. You are spiritually undisposed. Then the atmospheric pressure improves and you're more relaxed. You must learn to understand things properly.


Sometimes epidemics, fatigue, reduced resistance of the body are closely dependent on cosmic atmosphere factors, but man wonders what has happened to him.


Some people are happy in wet weather, and some are happy in dry weather. Happy in wet weather, they are fish. And those who are happy in dry weather, they are of the birds. The external atmosphere affects, the air, the water has some influence on mood. Moisture has certain influence on the capillary vessels. Water in general contributes to the proper functioning of electricity. Sometimes electricity acts so strongly that it clears. Man from the electricity becomes very dark and dull, dry. If he does not change this, he can become so much sensitive, his nerves can become so tightened that he can not withstand the environment. And sometimes these currents can be so weak that magnetism prevails on man and then he can become obese - water substances in him will increase. Then even if he eats less, he will fatten.


Sometimes the atmosphere has more electricity and musicians can not play. If they are positive inside, there is secession and the tones are not pleasant. If the air is positive, you will become negative, you will become soft. If the air is negative, you will become positive, soft you will become. We have always to adjust. Sometimes the body is positive, we must become negative. When the body is negative, we need to become positive. Sometimes nature gives, sometimes it takes. When it takes, we have to give. When it gives, we should take. What it gives us we should be thankful for it, even for the small. It is because the small is precious. Anything that nature gives us, no matter how small it is, it is precious, it is increasing. Anything that you give to nature it uses it very well - it will return it back.


When the bad weather comes, go to your room and look from inside, you do not need entertainment. Hide at home and watch from the window how the wind blows, how it snows or rains, how it thunders. As the storm and the bad weather pass away, get out, be happy with all things.


Health depends a lot on watching, on the eyes. You should never see dissonance in nature, or when you see dissonance you should immediately turn it into something beautiful.


You have a wrong understanding of the spiritual, the rational world - an atavistic understanding. In modern Christianity are imported many of the pagan myths since centuries. Christ has cleaned, has cleared and has not managed to clear them. When have all these delusions been imported? For example, if a black cat crosses your path you consider it a sign of bad luck. If you meet on the road a priest, you consider it unfortunate. You will go back. And you do not know how to explain it. Why is Tuesday considered to be a miserable day for some people, and for others - happy? Why is it unfortunate if a black cat crosses your path? If you sit at a window and they throw cold spray, you will catch cold. But why are you afraid of the wind? You can not catch cold of it. But if you have a bad thought you can catch cold. However, if you love the wind, you'll see that someone breathes in the world. There is such a legend of the blowing wind. What causes it? It is the collective breathing of living nature. Taking the air and breathing it forms a breeze. This is what the occultists claim. Sometimes it keeps the air.


When the wind is calm, it takes and holds air. But if the weather is calm 5, 6, 10, 15, 20 days, it breathes out air, it throws it as a flow. If I do not accept this legend I will make an objection: what huge creatures!


Another explanation is that warm air rises up, cold air enters. An exchange is going on. Now we ask: in this exchange this phenomenon is it reasonable or unreasonable? You have a clock. As it is made, it moves without realising it. This process is mechanical; its master has never thought that his clock will be hung on the wall. But we know that behind this clock there is rationality. And behind our body, behind the cells that make up our body hides a great intelligence.


When a warm current blows over and after it comes a cold one, immediately hail is formed; when it comes a cold current and after it a warm one, rain is formed.


Every movement has a meaning in nature. I've noticed when a storm is coming, when it is quiet, how much intelligence there is! Sometimes I have measured what an angle nature makes. There is an angle at which when the wind blows, it is very pleasant. Once it exceed this angle, the blowing is unpleasant. When it is at 60 degrees, is more pleasant. It is organic movement notwithstanding, intelligent movement it is. The one that blows it is as if a rational creature. This slight blowing of the wind is nice. It shakes the plants. At some storms the angles are incorrect, they are very large.


Religious people support something they do not believe in. With their consciousness and self-awareness they may believe, but in their subconscious and over-consciousness they do not believe notwithstanding what they preach. There are learned men who are preaching something not believe internally - only externally they believe. For example, a scientist can say that there are laws; there is order and harmony in nature but does not acknowledge that there are some intelligent beings behind these laws. He acknowledges the reasonableness of these laws, but does not believe there are any reasonable forces that regulate them. And believe it and not believe it that there are certain reasonable forces outside us or within us, you should study the laws of nature - as well as each one manifests.


Today all people want this present world to be good. And they wonder what will happen to the world. The Earth will travel as far, and it has traveled till now. The Sun will shine as it has shone so far. Only one thing will happen. The snow and the ice that are accumulated on the north and south poles will melt. In the future, the Earth will pass through an atmosphere that will ignite, i.e. it will pass through the fire. All dry, nasty and dirty things will burn and will remain a clean Earth. All people who have lower vibrations will burn. Some will fade away and others will survive. Those who will survive, they will pass through the new resurrection. New Resurrection shows that these people will go through a new atmosphere. We are now entering in this atmosphere where people melt. What people call "nerve", "nervous disease" is nothing more than burning. Melts, burns already that man. He does not know what is happening to him. I say: you burn, but you must endure. And then, the only armour with which man can be saved from that fire, that's God's Love, God's Wisdom, that God’s Truth, it is the Divine Life, is the Divine Knowledge and the Divine Freedom. These things should have man if he wants to be saved.

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