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The present scientists give us an interesting fact: millions of years ago, 500 million years ago, it is the view of these scientists, the Earth has been molten. More rare material has been on the surface. Since then the Earth has been moving very rapidly around its axis, the day has been only 3 hours long. What the Earth is traveling now for 24 hours then it has been traveling for three hours. This rapid movement of the Earth has been the reason for the Moon to spin off from it and then has skipped and has formed the present Moon. It is a scientific theory for the formation of the current Moon.


Having been separated from the Earth, the Moon has reduced its speed and does not move so quickly. If we have been born on the Earth at that time when it ha been moving so fast in 3 hours it would have thrown us out of itself, we would not live in peace. To balance its movement, to increase the day and to reduce traffic and the Earth to become so accessible to the organic life, as now, under these conditions, the Moon has been supposed to be released in some way of the influence from the motion of the Earth. These are research positions. The second position, the second function of the Moon is that all the filth that people have, even in their most criminal intentions and wishes, them the Moon has reduced with 75 percent. In this respect, it absorbs the impurities of the Earth. If it has not been the Moon, people would have crimes a hundred percent and now the Moon absorbs 75 percent of their crimes, but still remain only 25 percent. By creating a second moon of the Earth, there would be no crime on the Earth people would be free from crime. When the second moon comes, it will perfectly balance the movement of the Earth.


Now you think the number 24 is a lucky number. It is created by two numbers 2 and 4. The couple is unhappy number and Quartet, the four is lucky number. By multiplying 2 by 2, you get 4. Knowing correctly to multiply two by two, it means you know how to turn evil into good. It's all alchemy. You have the number 2 and you do not know what to do. You have to multiply it to itself. Multiply it to itself, you get the number 4. Four gives shape human family.


In the solar system, the Earth has been in a very unfavourable location, therefore God has made the Moon and all the filth of the Earth is cleared by the Moon. You should thank that it is so. You say it has no effect. It has an impact. There are those lunatics. The moon affects people's religious beliefs. Now I give it to you as a fact. The facts can not be disputed. I do not want to prove it to you that it is so.


The truth can be discussed, but just as the Moon exists, it has its organic function within the solar system, and if we understand the laws of the Moon, we'll know more.


The Moon has distinct features, it plays an important role; it pulls all the toxins from the Earth. If not the Moon, the situation of people would be terrible. Almost half of the evil, of the evil that people do on the Earth the Moon pulls. It is a place of purification. In this respect, it helps the Sun. The power of cleaning comes from the Sun and the Moon performs it. Exterior beauty is governed by the Moon, because the image of the Sun we do not see it. The image of the Moon we see, but that of the Sun we do not know what it is. We see only its light, and what is inside we do not know.


Some of the solar energy should pass through the Moon to come to us. It is unbearable otherwise. The Moon is a transformer of solar energy. We must adopt this energy to become available for the treatment of our mind. If you are friends with the Moon, you will be ill much less. When you spoil your relationship with the Moon, diseases come very often. Once a person is a friend with the Moon diseases are coming less. Everything that exists in nature is not arbitrary one. Do you think that life is random?


The Moon I like it only in one respect: it is a screen, to which are sent the thoughts and the desires to become clear. We should be like the Moon – our thought should be clear. It's nice to be like the Sun as well – we should have that energy which the Sun sends.


To have an idea of the weight of the Moon, take the number 74 and behind it put 18 zeros.


There has been a time when the Moon has been spinning. Then, when the life has gone out of the Moon, the rotation has stopped. Therefore, when a planet stops spinning around its axis, this life force is lost, comes a chaotic state, a pole shift goes on. Now I do not want to defend any theory. I, if I want to see if the Moon rotates, go to the Moon and watch if it rotates. If it spins, while I am on the Moon, I will stop seeing the Earth. Since the Moon rotates around its axis, I will see the Earth as it should be. The Earth, while it rotates, is shone by the Sun. If our Earth stops rotating, then we will have to leave the Earth.


The Moon is facing only one side to us. This part of the Moon that is facing us is heavier, that is why one side of the Moon is constantly facing the Earth, and the other side is hidden from us. Who is to blame? It is the Earth’s fault. It, when loved the Moon, pulled it, pulled it, the Moon is split in itself and finally stopped spinning. If a man is spinning and if you call him, he stops to think of the road. The question has been about a marriage with the Sun. There is a myth that in the distant past the Moon and the Earth have been candidates to marry the Sun. The Earth has stopped the Moon, saying: "Do you think to marry the Sun?" The Moon has begun to think. While the Moon has been thinking of marrying or not marrying the Sun, the Earth has married. The Moon remained "on Monday." This is a myth only, but an educated man, he will understand what great secret is hidden in it.


Occultists claim that the Moon is the mother of the Earth; I will not go into details at length. The Moon mother has been going to marry the Sun, has loved it, but even her daughter played her. She has also fallen in love with the Sun, and the Sun turned its attention to the Earth and the Moon mother has been left. So from that point onward, while being disappointed, all the moisture that it has had has been lost, all the feelings have disappeared, its life has lost its sense. It is said that there is no life at the Moon, the life there has disappeared. It sometimes, when is becoming complete, looks at its daughter to see if progresses as married, and when looks at it, says: "I do not want to see you" - and again reduces. Then, as a mother, it says again: "Let me see the child!" It still becomes full, yet empties and only fills and empties all the time.


The Earth rotates around itself, and rotates around the centre, which it has gone out of, as supposed. I say: when the wheels spin in a machine in a factory, whether by themselves spin those wheels? At first a rational being has made the factory, has made the big wheel; has put one belt that connects the wheel with the smaller. All these wheels are connected with large belts, some are connected with teeth. A man to revolve around himself, it means that he has a consciousness that he is a man. To revolve around yourself, it means that you have self-consciousness that you are a man. To revolve around yourself, it means that you love yourself. Loving yourself is spinning around your centre. From the Love to God goes the spinning around the Sun; from self-love comes spinning around oneself.


When a planet dies, they begin to bury it. There are planets that are buried. The Moon does not rotate - time has come to bury it. It can take several million years to bury it. Around its axis it does not rotate, but around the Earth it rotates.


And around the Sun, it as well rotates. It revolves around two centres. The Earth, when revolving around the Sun, together with it and the Moon rotates as well, making a movement without wanting it.


So, I say: if man takes the position of the Moon and stops spinning around him, what will happen to him? If you observe the Moon, the one side of the Moon is heavier, so it does not rotate. The gravity of the Moon is not equally distributed everywhere. So the one side of the Moon is heavier, therefore it does not rotate. The Moon together with the Earth rotates from west to east.


Everything that happens on the Moon is the result of an inner life. The world is created as a reflection of everything that exists in the real world. Now, I will prove to you whether the Moon turns or not around its axis. Let the scientists prove it. But all the real people who live, they rotate around their axis. So the father is the Sun, the mother is the Earth, the Moon is the child. In life at first most children do not turn around themselves, do not think about themselves. The child always holds to the mother. This child when grows up becomes an adult and begins to spin around himself.


Mistake is, when we consider: "Can not I do the Earth to revolve around me?" What would happen if the Earth starts to rotate around the Moon? The Moon will be the tail of the Earth. Because comets belong to the animal kingdom, comets I call them "animals with long tails." The tail of the comet indicates that it thinks with its rump. An animal by shaking its tail, it shakes the nerves of the brain, spinal cord and thus is awaking its thought. Once feared, it tucks its tail, it does not think any more.


In application of the Divine law we will put us into place as the Moon. The Moon is always taken as a symbol of all our religious beliefs. The Moon is the symbol of ordinary human life. The Sun is the symbol of the actual life of man. Therefore, the Earth and the Moon accept energy from the Sun. The Moon accepts energy from the Sun and the Earth accepts energy from the Sun.


This law is: The Sun in the world is only God. All the occultist teachers have one Divine Sun around which all they rotate. All the suns rotate around the Divine Sun. All the lands, planets, comets, they are symbols of rational creatures. Each creature has its projection. Some creatures have projections in the plants, some rational creatures have projections in the minerals, some have projections in fish; some creatures have projections in birds. Some rational creatures have projections in beetles, in butterflies, some have projections in mammals. And finally, there are sublime creatures that have projections in man. The people, we are projections.


You look at the Moon and you say: “There is no water there, there is no air”. There is air, but it is so fine, there is water, there is moisture, but it is so pure, so crystal, that it does not look like the water here, it does not make any clouds. I would like to have at least one liter of this water. I would give for it a British pound, because it is so pure, so crystal, it is without any microbes, approximately it is like an elixir.


I will give you a rule how to get rid of the problems in life: ask the Moon how it has become beautiful, what are the reasons for which God has honoured it with the creatures to live on it. Beautiful people live there. Some think that there is no water on the Moon. The water there is very nice. This water there is in specific state, it is not like the water on the Earth. There are completely different plants there, with a special life. The plants on the Moon are colourless. The astronomers, observing the Moon, want to see vegetation similar to the one on the Earth and water, similar to that on the Earth and when they do not see such things, they say that on the Moon there is no water, there is no vegetation. It is because the plants on the Moon are colourless.


Now comes a new era, which creates a new moon. About this The Scripture says: "Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, a new sun and a new moon." I do not know if all these things are there in The Scripture. If they are not, I venture to insert them. If they keep me responsible for this, I agree, I do not refuse to answer. So, I say: in The Scripture it is said that He will create a new heaven, a new earth, a new sun and a new moon, and new stars. Come, ye blessed of God, who have come out of Love and inherit the Kingdom of God. The Sun, this is the future social life.


The Moon, it's the future religion of the world. The stars are all good the people, all the researchers from all the fields of science, they will be these plead of stars that will decorate the sky. Everywhere will speak these stars. The Heaven, this is God in Whom we live and move. And I am the man who watches it all and I enjoy what God has created.


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