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The Life on the Moon


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The Life on the Moon


Last night I have been making an observation of the Moon. And for the first time on the Moon I have found on a place some special light that cannot be found anywhere. Light, the features of which are not of the white light, which is powerful but light, which acts, live light, which shines. In one of the great circuses is noticed big light, which shines, vibrations go out of it, there is motion, there is live light. Light, which is reflected, has no vibrations.


I sit and I am thinking whether this is not an illusion of my eyes. I notice where the place is and watch it for a second time to see whether it is real. So, on this place there are living creatures. Nothing else! And not only alive, but rational! Because the place, where this light is, it is the best, the ideal, the excellent place for observation.


Last night I gathered some brothers and sisters to show them the Moon. While watching, they say: “How it is colourful” about what they see, but the Moon passes through various forms. When it is full, it shows such as it is not. I sit and I am listening to them. Each gives his opinion. They say: “How it is colourful, how bright it is”. Everyone watches and thinks: there are a lot of bright dots on it. I say: “All these bright dots represent circuses that are enlightened inside. The circuses have depth. These circuses are 1000 meters in depth, but are so often met that if you travel you can fall in them. These circuses are enlightened inside with powerful light not to fall down and to kill yourself” We are talking from the Earth’s point of view. But what for are these circuses? They are storages for gathering the solar energy in which the inhabitants of the Moon live. I do not want you to believe this, consider it as “Thousand and one nights”. Now you should take it as a tale.


About the Moon they say that it is desolate, that there is no life there. It is amazing how this small Moon, which is 50 times smaller than the Earth, takes up the water, lifts it at a height of 60 feet.


How is it possible? You say that it is a dead object. How is it possible a dead body to have the power to lift up? It has no attractive force. Only life can attract things. This, that attracts, we say, it has life inside it. On the Moon there is life. Life is that attracts the water flows, not the dead matter, as they think now.


There is life on the Moon. In the universe there are no empty worlds, even on the most underdeveloped stars there are living creatures.


On the Moon there is life. There live adepts, highly raised creatures that can manage with the conditions. They cannot live on the Earth, but they can live on the Moon. According to some scientists on the Moon there are bright dots that represent a special race of the antediluvian ash, this ash reflects the light. According to them on the Moon there is neither water, nor snow. We support the idea that on the Moon there are about 100 thousand creatures with high culture and knowledge. Once on the Moon there has been water, but because their inhabitants have not need it, most of it they have sent to the Earth in the form of the deluge, and for them they have left only a little water. This is one of the theories about the deluge on the Earth, as well as about the life on the Moon, which could be believed or not believed.


You are now interested in what will happen to the world. I ask: have you resolved the question what will happen with you? One day we will have to leave the entire Earth, like the people on the Moon have left it millions of years ago. On the Moon there is no water, no fish exist there. There are no animals. They say that there have remained 100 thousand of rational creatures, the most rational, that sometimes descend to the Earth.


The Earth has extracted the moisture from the Moon and what is left the inhabitants of the Moon use sparingly. They are afraid of the people on the Earth and that is why they live under the crust, under the surface of the Moon. They use a little water only because it is stolen by the people on the Earth. On the Moon millions of years ago, even before there has been life on the Earth; there has been advanced cultural life.


The present inhabitants of the Earth have descended from the Moon through space, but not in the shape that we know. When they have descended to the Earth more rational creatures have built for them proper bodies. They have been the pioneers that have come to the Earth, and the inhabitants of the Moon, the attendants, they have returned back, but sometimes they descend to watch the people and they say nothing.


You can not believe this, but I know that what it is – it is and that what it is not – it is not. It is impossible not to have inhabitants of the Sun, of the Moon, as well as of all the planets.


The temperature is the least that impedes the existence of life. The heat; the temperature of a planet are a result of life itself. Life produces heat. It is the master.


Many of the scientists say that the Moon is uninhabited, desolate, that there is no life on it. Ordinary people think so, talented doubt whether it is so or not, genius start exploring it and the saint and the teachers know that on the Moon there is life and very sublime. Because not many people live on the Moon, there are no criminals there and therefore there are no prisons as well. Genius man on the Moon cannot live, neither talented, the lowest degree there is genius. So, on the Moon live saints and genii - first class only.


The life on the Moon is very beautiful! It is much more beautiful than on the Earth. There's an old story - it is not nice to tell – that on the Moon 144,000 people live, the smartest people, and to get rid of all the controversy, much water they do not need. They have taken the cold out and the heat they have trapped inside. The atmosphere for their research is good; they have a great atmosphere, from where heaven can be seen. No germs, no diseases that exist here, there are no conditions for them to breed. 140 degrees cold is outside, 150 degrees (...). At this temperature, even such substances as hydrogen can become a liquid and a solid.


Those creatures that inhabited the Moon are about 100,000 out there, because it is 50 times smaller than the Earth. There are 100,000 people who live under the bark of the Moon. Now I do not want you to believe it. I know that there are 100-150 thousand people who live there. Many scientists live under the bark; they have gardens, fruit trees. They use sunlight, inject it under the skin and go out because they have a very nice environment to study the sky - it is always clear, there is no steam. There are no germs there. On the Moon they live as they want.


The Moon is not dead, there are gardens, but not on the surface, but under its crust. They breathe ether, they are dressed in ethereal bodies, the residents and the fruits are ethereal. Oranges melt in your mouth, they are not like these here - to chew it; then spit it.


On the Moon it is 150 degrees of cold. Its inhabitants are breathing ether and have ethereal bodies.


All events that happen on the Moon are reported. In the evening set the radio on this wave to listen to news. On the Moon there are about 100-150 thousand people and all of them are educated people. I do not know whether in the solar system there is another planet than the Moon, from which to make better observations of the sky. Ideal position for observation is only there. The sky there is clear and clean, there are no storms there. Purgatory is there. If you need to clean, they'll send you there. The righteous are clean and when they die, there they send them. And when they purge them completely, they go to Mercury, Venus, and then return them back to the Earth.


Some scientists say that there is life on the moon, while others deny this. Both, the ones and the others can not positively prove his assertion. And Flammarion, who has been an advanced spirit, has been saying that there is life on the Moon, but he has also been afraid to assert positively that he has known. Life on the Moon has existed before the one on the Earth. The creatures there are more learned, more cultural than the people on the Earth. The people of the Earth are children in respect to the creatures that live on the Moon. Some will say that either there is life on the Moon or not. However, there is a law that states: nature does not tolerate empty spaces. From here we draw the conclusion that all the places in nature are inhabited. So, everywhere, on all the planets there are living beings that differ from each other in the structure of their body. This is very natural: the different climatic conditions create different shapes, different organisms. Because the solar system is still under unfavourable conditions, so the creatures that live on the Moon are under its crust, not on its surface. When the solar system comes to favourable conditions, the inhabitants of the Moon will come out on the surface and there they will continue their life. They will begin to empower the people of the Earth and they will somehow come into communication.


For now the Moon is considered a dead body. In this aspect the learned people, the savants from the East do not agree with these statements. These learned people of the East have their ways and their knowledge and they go to the Moon and come back. Many of them go and complete their studies on the Moon. What would you say about that?


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