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Life is supported by the Sun, but is purified on the Moon. All the impurities of the Earth are purified by the Moon. Silver is connected to the Moon.


The Moon influences the imagination, the silver as well.


The methods of the Moon act only on the imagination, without giving any results. However, the methods of the Sun ever give good results. When a person passes from a descending to ascending condition, he has already been working with the methods of the Sun. When we talk about low states, we consider the influence of the Moon on man.


Only the Earth and the Moon have low impacts.


The Moon, considered by some scientist a dead body, influences man a lot, as well as the entire Earth. And if ever it does not influence the Earth, this is due to special reasons; then it falls under another type of influences. And that is good, because if the Moon has been complete master of the Earth, the people would not be free, they would lose their freedom. And the Sun exercise certain influence on the Earth. But the Sun as well is not complete master of the Earth. The Moon regulates the solar system. If the Moon did not exist, then the light going out of the Sun would not be properly regulated. As a result of this our body would have been constructed in another way. Today our body, as a result of the influence of the Moon and the regulated by it sunlight is built harmoniously.


The Moon has cold currents that cool the people. The Moon is a sedative for large inflammations, to those passions that people have, for this violence. When the Moon shines, it stops the crimes. Even the wolves and even the bears, even those dangerous animals seek dark places, where to attack. When the Moon shines on them, they are afraid. Thus the Moon helps. Psychologically, when the Moon affects us, fewer crimes happen than when the Moon does not affect. And religion is like the Moon. All religious beliefs are compared to the Moon.


On the fantasy the Moon mainly acts.


The Moon has its own angel. This is that angel who fills the Moon and it is he who creates imagination. He knows - a rational being that rotates the Moon. In fact, this creature has descended from heaven and has come to this understanding, to entertain the Earth. It sits and plays with the Moon and entertains the Earth. Here the people are children and it is turning it at first on one side, then on the other side – it is playing a game. Then it asks: "Are you happy?" This is a hypothesis, a theory that has no basis. Psychologically this question is true - the Moon creates a fantasy. But just as we see it, there is not that consciousness there. An object cannot create in us what it does not have! The Moon influences and purifies the feelings not being hot and being sober. Sober feelings are religious.


If someone wants to become religious, he must go out at night to see the Moon in all phases, to love it and then he can become religious. Someone, who wants to have life in himself, to have a perfect body, to be happy and cheerful, to have warmth – he has necessarily to go out and pay attention to the Sun. He should follow the Sun as it rises and then to monitor it again. Not to ever watch it, but to benefit from its energy. The one, who uses more energy of the Sun, he has warm blood. The one, who uses more light of the Moon, he is cold-blooded, cool is. Now, if you take things literally, how will you understand it? In mental aspect, the Moon gives one peace to mind to think and the Sun gives energy. With the solar energy you can not be as you are with the energy of the Moon. There, where the power comes to the human mind - it is the Moon. The Moon has been created to regulate the minds of the bad consequences there.


All religious beliefs of the people are crooked as the movement of the Moon.


I say: the Moon, which some scholars take as a dead body, exercises great influence on the people and on the Earth. And if it ever does not exert influence on the Earth, this is due to special reasons; then it falls under the category of other influences. And that's good, because if the Moon was perfect mistress of the Earth, the people would not be free. They would lose their freedom. And the Sun exerts some influence on the Earth. And Sun is not a complete master of the Earth. The Moon regulates the sunlight. If the Moon did not exist, then the light from the Sun would not be adjusted properly. Consequently, and our body would be arranged differently. Today, our body, as a result of the influence of the Moon and the regulation of it in the sunlight, is arranged harmoniously.


When a statesman wants to create a law, he goes to the Moon. When a philosopher wants to philosophise a little he goes to the Moon. When a woman wants to become a mother, and her husband a father, they both go to the Moon to take an advice. There is no one in the world that has not been to the Moon, to take an advice.


Therefore, the moon, which is about 50 times smaller than the Earth is an important service. It shows the path of the people to the good. It is said in Genesis that God has created on the fourth day the Sun and the Moon to shine on the Earth. This implies not only the physical, the external Sun and the outside Moon. In man there is an inner sun and inner moon that illuminated his path. The Moon is put in the mental world of man. It is cold, but sober, it does not like to lie. When people have learned this art and have started to apply it, the Moon has ceased to rotate around its axis. Why? It is in order not to distort. Once it sees that someone is lying, it begins to escape. If he still continues to lie, it totally disappears, does not appear before our eyes. When man begins to regret, realising his mistake, the Moon appears again in heaven and smiles. It smiles to anyone who tells the truth.


All the plants grow at night. The Moon affects the plants at night. They accumulate energy by day, in the evenings they grow, 3, 4, 5 cm grow. The moon is love.


Sometimes the Moon is so beautiful that people are afraid of it. When the Bulgarians sow watermelons, as they always comply with the state in which the Moon is. They do not like to plant watermelons when the Moon is completely full, because they have noticed that then watermelons do not ripen well. It is good to sow watermelons when the Moon is a little empty.


When the Moon is empty it has an influence on phenomena in nature, when it is filled completely – completely different – the opposite. When you sow beans, corn, melons and other crops, it is good to do it at the time of filling of the Moon. Filling brings inspiration, impulse, but only plants stop. When the Moon begins to empty and growth begins. The light of the Moon when filling it adversely affects plant growth stops. When the patient wants to be cured of the disease, let him see when the Moon is empty and to connect to it, but if t is full, to close the shutters so that its light does not penetrate into the room. If the sunlight is concerned, there sick and healthy should be exposed to its beneficial effects.


A man who visits you in your home in the new moon, he brings you happiness. When he comes at full moon, he brings you misfortune - something bad will happen to you, something will not go well, something will tangle.


All the people on the Earth are like the stars. Every single man can affect you, and good and bad can affect you. If a man comes in the new moon to your house, he brings you happiness. If a man comes in a full moon, he brings you bad aspects. Why is that so? When he leaves, something bad happens to you, your work goes wrong. If he comes when the Moon is new: you have to pay – you will pay off; you are sick - you will recover; everything is governed. If comes at full moon, after he leaves, you get ill, you will be in debt, your work does not go. You want to go to the house of your friend, when to go? You go to a full moon, because it is lighten. If I were you, when I go there I will not fast for 3 days to be greedy, but I will need some food and if he gives me a breakfast, I will like it. If I'm hungry, I'll wait for a rich lunch.


If someone hates you, let him hate you when the moon is emptying; and when someone loves you, let him love you when the moon goes full.


The rabbit is fainthearted, because the Moon influences him.


All the people under the influence of the Moon are fearful.


The man of the Moon every month 4 times changes. Watch him - becomes smaller, after that becomes larger. Then, he starts to shrink, becomes smaller. People who look like the moon, you cannot count on them. Whatever they promise only a quarter fulfil. In the month you will find him only twice to perform notwithstanding, what he has said. What he says the other 26 days he will not do it. Only two days what he says - he makes. If he does not do what he says he is in 26 days. It is his nature. You cannot say to the moon to be constantly full. It is angry, it hides; it does not show. After this becomes sad and still show. Sometimes being angry, nobody wants to see. Lovers are often very angry. As angry woman who loves someone says, "I will not look!" Then she has a small light just to see him. At first the young woman is looking at him, and after that she steps away. As feelings are increasing the curtain begins to retire and finally the whole curtain is down, the moon is full. And again the curtain is pulled.


When you study the character and the abilities of man you see that they have been influenced by the conditions at which he has been born, under the influence of the planets. The ideas of man grow and develop in the period when the moon is emptied, and his virtues in the period when the moon goes full. When the Moon goes full it influences favourably the people who want to develop spiritually. In general, on the way of its movement each planet has its specific phases that it passes through. The various phases influence in a different way each man.


If a child is born in December when the Moon goes full, he will be forced to think. His mind will work more than his feelings. It is because the child is born in the winter, in the cold. Cold is one of the unfavourable conditions of life. Bad conditions force man to think. By thinking he solves the most difficult problems.


The moon in its phases of filling and emptying is particularly influencing to some sensitive natures, they are restless, cannot sleep. When the moon begins to empty, they are calm. Their anxiety at filling is due to the excess energy in them, which affects the brain, the lungs or their stomach, so they must work on themselves to find a way to deal with the excess energy.


When a person is nervous, he should look at the moon for a while, it would act favourably; it draws toxins and negative forces.


There are cases when the moon pulls all human malignant forces that destroy man. This explains why some lunatics in the filling and emptying of the moon change their states.


If you are very healthy, do not look at the moon, but if you are sick or indisposed, at nights go out and expose to the light of the moon, it acts healing, but by no means do not sleep. If you sleep when the moon shines and the light falls on you, then it is as dangerous as it is dangerous the shade of the walnut. If you are awake, the light of the moon can shine on you.


If you are sick, you will love the moon to help you recover quickly. If you become ill with emptying of the moon, the disease will easily pass.


If a child becomes ill during the emptying of the moon, it will surely get better. If the child becomes ill during the time when the sun goes to the southern hemisphere - from September 22 onwards, it will surely get better. But even at these favourable conditions for the recovery of the child, with her negative thoughts the mother could complicate the child’s condition and prematurely send the child to the other world.


Silver is a healing element. If you understand the properties of the moon, you could use silver as an element in the treatment of many diseases. The moon drives silver.


Silver is the conductor of the energies, coming from the Moon. These energies clean the body. Who wants to clean from his sins should connect to the Moon. Various are the reactions between the silver in the blood and the Moon in the periods of its filling and emptying. Silver is an emblem of the moon. Silver has many medicinal properties. Silver kills many germs pest. If someone has a headache should wear silver. Silver is conductor of cathartic forces and cathartic actions.


Silver heals. If you have any pain, take pure silver, put it in water to stand 24 hours, and occasionally then you drink this water.


Silver is associated with the moon. Therefore, you if you want to be treated, you can put silver into water and then pass it under the rays of the moon and so to heal. This requires knowledge.


The happiness of the people depends on the happiness of the Moon. The old astronomers that have studied the Moon have put silver as its emblem. It has a lot of curable properties. It kills many dangerous germs. If someone has a headache he should hang a silver coin or a chain. Silver is conductor of cathartic forces and actions. All these influences of the Moon act favourably. When a man is nervous he should look for a while at the Moon, it acts favourably, because it attracts the toxins, the negative forces.


It is good each of you to have a silver ring. If you wear a silver ring, you will suffer less. If your material works do not go well, you should wear the silver ring on your small finger, it will arrange the matter. Understand me now: you will arrange the things, if you understand the language, because when you put the ring it starts talking to you. You do not wear clean clothes, you do not like nice and beautiful in nature, the silver ring you should wear on your fourth finger or the ring finger. If you want to be conscientious, you should wear the ring the middle finger. If you want to have noble feelings, you should wear the silver ring on the first finger, on the thumb. If you want to act in Divine manner, it is the thumb. Every time I want to handle the work, I make a silver ring that you can not see. You will say: "We have no silver." You should put the ring on the finger mentally. Man will wear an invisible ring.


"The sun will not go down to set any more." This implies a pure Divine world. When man has enlightened mind and a pure, noble heart, then he will have more than one sun, but two suns and a moon. One day, when our moon ignites and burns as the sun burns without burning out, we have permanent inner light.


The moon starts to run the world now. The age of Mars has terminated in March (1944).





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