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Astrologers take into account only the planets and in this all the stars have a huge impact on man. Diversity among people is due to the influence of the stars.


To awaken the soul, it is necessary that it have sorrows, sufferings. If a man comes up to these afflictions, he should be happy because God visits us in the evening, in times of grief and suffering. In the evening, when we go out under the open sky and around us is only darkness, but we look at the sky, we will see countless stars, countless suns that send us their light. Through them, we can only know and understand the true poetry, the true music and the true beauty in life. The more often a person raises his eyes to heaven, the easier he will rise above the pettiness of life. Astrologers say that the stars authorise the issue of life. And indeed it is: each star is a reasonable point through which God speaks to people.


There are people who are less interested in the sky and the stars. This is available for people with high intelligence, with lofty mind. Stars set the culture. To deal with stars man should be advanced. At first he should have been taught in stars’ school, and then he should have studied at the University of the Sun. For many people, these things are pointless. And they are right. It is pointless talking to deaf man, the light to blind people.


Christ had 12 apostles. The figure 12 shows a whole era. It is a number that shows the path of the entire humanity. The 12 signs include all humanity. And having output it means to come to an agreement with all mankind. To understand what this Zodiac is - those are blessings that God has created in this zodiac. Get around that as a whole circle in which humanity lives, and be as happy inside. It means to be in agreement with all living people in the world.


In the right context behind each sign there are 90 degrees. These 90 degrees represent all the possibilities that man at a time can perceive light.


Zodiacal circle is divided into 12 equal parts, called homes. Each home is linked to a specific zodiacal constellation. Each home serves as a reservoir in which flows if not all, then at least part of the energy of the stars of the constellation, which is connected to this home. One is under the influence of the home where he was born.


On March 22 the Sun enters the sign of "Aries". This sign is fire.


Ancient scholars have put the sign of Aries as a symbol of self-sacrifice. Today, everyone knows that in March the equinox occurs. The second equinox is in September. Equinox or the sign of Aries represents the Divine principle of self-sacrifice. The passage of the Sun through the North Pole, through the pole of truth, implies the law of self-sacrifice. To know the truth, the Divine must descend into the material world, to those people who are already on the Earth. When we say that there is a drama, a tragedy of the human soul, we have in mind a kind of entanglement of these people in the matter. These souls should be freed! They are oppressed by the weight of a large building, what represents the material world, but no one suspects that. Nobody knows whence he has come, why he has come, and where he will go. Modern man has lost his past history, the history of its existence. Coming to the law of self-sacrifice, he will return to his being.


After the first equinox, in April enters the sign of Taurus, or the Bull, which is generally the mother, i.e. a force that connects all things. Then the sign Gemini comes, which represents the cosmic principle, i.e. the Divine mind. It connects all things together. These three characters in the zodiac represent a triad that is repeated four times during the year. They correspond to the four fields through which man has passed, until his coming to the Earth: he has descended from the causal world to the mental, from the mental – to the astral, from the astral – to the physical, where he finally has stopped.


You say: "These are the three months of the year - March, April and May, which we all know." I ask: Do you understand the significance of March? If you understand the importance of this month, you could fix your intricate work. How? As you face your relationship with God. In April you can straighten your relationship to your neighbours. You will straighten your relationship with yourself in May. So, it is enough for man to come into a right relationship with the forces that have influence during these months, so that in one-month only to improve your life.


In the current era the equinoctial point is in the constellation Aquarius.


Astrologically fish is associated with the period of Aquarius. It is the most mystic century that is the completion of a cycle. Since several years now we have entered in Aquarius, where all the snow and ice began to melt. Many contradictions would appear at this time, but one will be attained - purity. The main quality of Aquarius is purity. What has gone into this area, he certainly should be purified. Purity is associated with water through which new life will come. (4 December 1927)


Every 25,000 years the zodiacal circle makes complete conversion.


When you enter the pool, where there were many sick, Christ stopped his attention on the ill since 38 years. Why at this patient Christ turned his attention? It is because the number 3 is the symbol of the Son, i.e. of Christ, and 8 - of the Divine Mother. From the Divine point of view, both numbers are rigorous and demanding. Number 3 makes life meaningful, to which the soul seeks and the 8 contains favourable conditions under which it can develop now and in the future. When enters into the world or the human soul, the Divine Mother does not judge, but goes strictly, never apologies.


Make an experiment with the words "God is Love" to see what power lies within them. Put these words in your mind, in the heart and the will, and you will see that if you are ill, you will recover; if you've only ever watched, from now on you will see; if you've only felt, from now on you will love. Great, Love is a powerful force, but you should know how to apply it. . 


What should man do? He should add 1 to the numbers 3 + 8. It makes 12, a number that shows the orbit in which man moves. And the Earth to move from one area to another, it is passing through the 12 signs. And the Sun has its signs, and each solar year is equal to 25,000 of our years. According to the signs of the Sun we are the last. Since the Earth has entered in this sign have passed 145,000 years, there are still 2,008 years to get out of this sign. Then the Earth will enter the sign of the planets and people will stop fighting. After 2,008 years to check the veracity of my words.


In ancient occult and esoteric schools have given to the students in a mysterious box. Spring, which opened the box, has been so skillfully hidden that only advanced students could find it. Who has found the spring opens the box and sees a golden egg inside, on which have been written the names of the 12 Gods who work in nature. They represent 12 natural forces that control and govern all creatures.


Now comes the time when the planets will be found in favourable mix and will begin a favourable evolution. Then the conditions on the Earth will change. The planets and the stars will change their relation towards the Earth. At this path the people go on, they can never be happy. Not that happiness is unachievable, but it is a combination of all astrological principles that work. 





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