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We, the modern people want to be happy. But since thousands of years, the world goes through a region of space, which is filled with poison only. There are various theories. The entire solar system passes through an area of the universe, wherever perished a universe and left their dust. By going through this dust, all living things are poisoned, not only here on the Earth but throughout the entire solar system all are poisoned, with a little exception of the Sun.


What is the reason for the destruction of some planets? It is the deviation of the Earth's axis from its primary position. This is the physical reason, but there are spiritual reasons for the destruction of the planets as well.


When are the stars rising? It is when you sleep. When does the Moon rise? It is when you eat. When does he Sun rise? When you wake up and go to work. So the Sun sets a work out, the Moon sets it inside, while the stars set the serenity of life, the rest, the balance of the energies. These are astrological interpretations.


The Ideal Life is a dream, everything is free. You come to real life, anywhere - money. Now what is real? What requires money or what is free? Which is easier? ("No money.") The things are working with money, but money is taken from the Sun. The Sun’ emblem is money. The Sun is involved with money, and then the Moon is involved, because silver is the Moon. Finally, the stars are involved with the metallic money. There are three types of coins: gold, silver and copper. There are three rises: the first sunrise is the dawn of the Sun, it is gold money; the second is the Moon rising - silver money; the third rise is of the stars - they are the copper money. When you have gold, you will work; when you have silver, your will be back home; when you have kapitza (copper coins) in your pocket, you'll sleep. When you have gold, you will work out because gold is the Sun; when you have silver coins, you will come home to eat; With copper money you will sleep. If you do not sleep, when you look about you will say:


"They've got to fill my pockets!" What will you do with the ten cents? When kapitza comes, you go bed to sleep, because there no money is required.


Who wants to be a genius, he must have the right relations with the Sun. The first thing that is required from all people is to settle their relations with one who loves them. Now everyone wants more glory outside. Do not deal with people, who do not love you, who do not know you. Settle your relations only with the one who loves you. Who is he? It is the Sun. So, the first task is to arrange your relations with the Sun. Once you settle your relations with the Sun, with the rest of the planets - Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Saturn they will be easily settled. Cannot a man settle his relations with the Sun, and with no other planet he cannot settle them. Therefore, all curved perceptions of people, religious or scientific, are due to their crooked relations with the Sun.


In the future three more planets will be found – they will become 12. The Sun is the main source of energy, and as a consequence is considered as the father of all the planets. Now in the solar system a new planet is formed and all perturbations that occur due to it. It is still transparent.


Looking at the solar system, the closest planet is Mercury, but is suggested that there is a nearby planet, but it is not visible. Mercury is the smallest, followed by Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter; Saturn. The smallest planet is the closest. As they go further, they get bigger. Between Mars and the Earth is one exception: the Earth is bigger and it's closer to the Sun. After Mars the largest planet Jupiter comes, then go the other planets smaller than Jupiter. Why do not the planets go in succession, so the first to be the largest? For the Earth, the law is correct. There are the same relations. Mercury is the smallest planet, and from the Sun to the Earth, the Earth is the largest. After the Earth comes a smaller planet - Mars, then the largest planet of the solar system.


Has the Earth created the Sun or the Sun has created the Earth? According to the Bible it is seen that initially God has created the heavens and the Earth, and on the fourth day has created the Sun.


According to modern scientific theories, it is a bit controversial because the Earth has come out of the Sun. According to them the Earth has ever been in the Sun and then has got out of it. The same can be said for the other planets. And they have come from the Sun. What have been the reasons for that, I will not stop to tell you. If you are interested in the causes, you can study astronomy. There you will find the reasons for the release of the planets from the Sun.


The Earth has older brothers. Many brothers it has, born after it. Jupiter was born before Uranus and Neptune, and they were born before the Earth. Mars was born before the Earth was born, then comes the Earth. It has three sisters. Our Earth on which we live is a female; we do not live on a male planet, but on a female planet. Women's world it is. That it is a female I can prove you with arguments: for it is women, so women are wrong first. In heaven the woman sinned, right? If a man enters the other world, where the world is male, there men sin first, then the women. This world, because the world is female, the women have to fix it, while men have to support it. These are hypotheses, these are theories. I say that our Earth is a woman of many wishes, very rough desires has the Earth.


There are creatures that have come from the Sun before the planets have come out. When the Sun has began to thicken, to separate all the end planets in the form of circles, there are creatures that have come afterwards. The first creatures in the first round differ from the creatures in the second, in the third, in the fourth and the most recent.


From the Sun comes out a circle that passes through the centre of Mercury. Then another comes that passes through the centre of Venus, etc. These are the electric currents that create these circles. But very rarely such a combination happens, in which all the planets are in a straight line. Do you know then what impact will they have on the Earth? Imagine that you have a certain set point somewhere. Suppose that the Sun is one such fixed point. Suppose now that we go down a lever, to show that all the planets of the solar system are in line and design this line to the lowest point of the solar system, planets arrange these in turn. Assume now that this lever can rotate. Gradually, as the speed is increased, more distant planets with greater speed will be moving and the closer will move more slowly. But now it is not so in the solar system. In such a world, those bodies moving quickly under this law, we will consider that they are far away from the centre, and those that move very slowly, are closer to the centre. And in the current system it is just the opposite. In evolution, those objects that are closer to the Sun, are moving very quickly; and those bodies that are farther from the Sun, are moving very slowly.


Closeness or distance of the Earth from the Sun determines the qualities of the people. If a man is put on Jupiter or on Mercury, he will change his characteristics. That is why some people go away from a certain man, and others get closer. In the closeness of man to the Sun, in him developed some qualities and dispositions, and at a distance - other. In this respect, nature puts everyone at a distance from the Sun and the other planets, such as needed to develop certain skills and abilities. This law is true not only for the people of the Earth, but for all the beings, the inhabitants of Jupiter, Venus and so on. By the qualities that the different creatures have you know from which planet they come - from Jupiter, Venus, Saturn or Mercury. In the future all creatures will gather the Sun to form a new type. The Sun is the centre, which collects all the beings, bearers of good and light. This is an ordinary claim that to become scientific, must be well justified and proven.


You have a spiral. You have an external circuit and can take a radius from the centre of the spiral to the outer circle. This spiral is related to all the little circles, there is the same relation. Just the radius shows the base. On all the small circles the conditions are bad. As the circles get bigger, the conditions become better. When nebulosity becomes extensive, it shows that the external poor conditions are reduced, so it expands. When conditions become very favourable and it expanded even more. There has been a time when the Earth has been in very bad conditions. It is in these bad conditions that it has separated from the Sun. What has caused the Earth to be released? When Jupiter has released from the Sun there has been a dispute over personal feelings. Personal feelings have made Jupiter to be released. When Mars has been released, the question of war has been on the Sun. When the Earth has released, the question has been about wealth. How much wealth should have, it has been the question. The Earth has had a dissenting opinion and has left. When Venus has been formed, the question has been about love and because Venus has had a dissenting opinion, it has been released. When Mercury is separated, the issue has been about trading. Here's a new theory of the separation of the planets, about how the Solar System has been formed. This separation is due to certain ideas. Jupiter is the largest planet of all. When Saturn has separated there have been philosophical questions. Saturn has not agreed and has separated. When have separated Uranus, Neptune, then social issues have been solved. These questions now we solve. We solve the issues of Uranus and Neptune. The past is repeated, but in another sense.


The time will come when all the planets of the Sun will come together in one place. They will decide how to create a new world, and then each planet will recede and go in its direction. The solar system has been musically created. These are the intervals of the planets to the Sun. From the Sun to Mercury - an interval, the second interval to Venus, the third - to Earth, the fourth interval is to the Moon, then Mars; then you have an interval to Jupiter, an interval to Saturn, Uranus; Neptune. These are musical intervals. If you go to Jupiter, how the music sounds? What is the Jupiterian music? In Jupiter the music is high and solemn. On Mars music is warlike. Venus has very soft music and when you hear it, tears will flow in you.


Some ask what music is. I imagine this: C presents the Sun; D presents Mercury, E - Venus, F – the Moon, G presents Mars, A presents Jupiter and B - Saturn. A whole story about how the world has been created. Now, I give it for explanation only, it can be modified. You should not take it dogmatically, that I have said this. This is a comparison. Man has five senses, to primary music he has not yet come.


What we mean by C? By C is understood that primary energy, which organises. C is a conductor of this energy. It is not a question to put C, but this is the main, the basic tone, the base vibrations. The Sun gives C. Now, there is a combination.


To take C correctly, you should think about the Sun. To take D correctly, you should think about Mercury. To take E correctly, you should think about Venus. To take F correctly, you should think about the Moon, about the Earth. To take G correctly, you should think about Mars. To take A correctly, you should think about Jupiter. To take B correctly, you should think about Saturn. Who cannot take the tone correctly; he cannot think correctly, he cannot think critically. And then suspicion comes. Because always when a man cannot sing B, he falls in the darkness of life. When man cannot sing A correctly, he has no nobility. When man cannot sing G correctly, he cannot be a hero; he cannot compete for the truth. If he cannot take F correctly, he has no imagination, everything for him is senseless.


First you have the number 1. It represents the Sun. If you know how to perceive this energy, you will enjoy. One means the Sun, you have to understand its laws. The 1 is to understand the laws of energy that flows from the Sun. Two is the number of the Moon. You should know what the Moon means. Man who wants to get rid of any disease, who wants to progress, he should learn from the Moon. For cleaning the Moon is authority. After this we have 3. It is Jupiter's number, or the number of a son who must obey his father. Without the 3 you do not know how to serve God, 3 will teach you how to serve God, what attitude to have. He says, "I know to write 3." I might not know how to write three, but do you know how to act? If you do not know how to proceed, then the number 3 is it written?


Number 3, it is Jupiter, 3 shows dignity. House is created on Jupiter’s home. The first is the Sun, it is already got engaged to 2, then 123 – 3 is the results. In the 3 is the sense of life.


C – the Sun -1, D – Mercury - 2, E - Venus – 3, F – the Moon and the Earth – 4, G - Mars - 5, A - Jupiter - 6, B - Saturn - 7.


You have a whole note - it is the note of the Sun. You have a half note – this is the note of the Moon. You have a crotchet – this is the note of the Earth. You have one eight note – this is the note of Saturn. You have one sixteenth note - this is the note of Venus. You have one thirty-second of a note – this is the note of Jupiter and the Moon joined. You have one sixty-fourth of note – this is the note of Venus and the Earth.


Do you know how Love comes? What is the period of Love? Various types of Love have their periods. They are the same as the circling of the planets around the Sun. Each planet has an impact on the Earth. There are good influences, when it is close; and bad influences, when it is far away. Sometimes there are bad influences, when it is close and has good effects, when it is far away. Imagine that Jupiter is closest to the Earth. What impact will it have on people? People will want to be exceedingly noble. When Jupiter is away, these feelings will become weaker. When Saturn is farther from the Earth, then people will be less suspicious. If Saturn is closest to the Earth, they will be exceedingly critical, suspicious, with pessimistic view of things.


Those who are under the influence of the Earth, do you know what impact will it have on them? It will make them greedy for treasure. When you note some greediness in man, it shows that the Earth has an influence over him. When in you arises desire and movement to do or create something, then Mercury has an impact on you. When your heart begins to like and to love, you are under the influence of the planet Venus. When Mars affects you, in you the desire to fight will rise, to show that you are strong and powerful. When Jupiter has an impact on you, you will begin to abstain will become a little more moderate, silent and strive for freedom and brotherhood. When Saturn influences you, your feelings; your sense of smell will increase. When Uranus has an impact, it will strengthen your heart. And when Neptune starts its influence, then you will develop a strengthened vision, you will become a clairvoyant. All the planets in the solar system with their influences cause in humans different effects. When all the planets simultaneously influence us, when they are alive and reasonable, then we all are in harmony.


And then - the songs should be uniform, not the same song to played continuously. No, varied songs should be sung by all generations. There should be the Sun’s songs that bring life, Mercury songs that bring practicality in life, Venus songs – love songs, with sense. Then -the Earth songs, to provide content, then Jovian songs to express the noble, Moon songs, with imagination, with daydreaming; then - Saturn songs intellectual. Saturn, you can not lie, he is a critic. Then you have Neptunian songs, Uranium songs and many other songs.


Now, what is a Mercurial song? Your work does not go in the world, because you have no Mercury songs. In love, your love does not go, because you do not have Venus songs. On the Earth your things do not go, because you have no Earth songs. The basic tone of the Earth is F. As you cannot take F, your works do not go. Or, let us say that you do not understand the songs of the Moon. Right, you have been young! The young it the evenings are strolling, watching the Moon and singing these songs. Someone will say: "These are silly things!" Any misunderstood thing is stupid. If you do not understand why you have come to the Earth, it is silly. If you do not know how to think, that is stupid. If you do not know how to feel, it is stupid. If you do not know how to act, it is stupid.


If on you the Moon acts, you are a man of the Moon. You sit and expect happiness to come from somewhere, lucky to come from somewhere. You are under the influence of the Moon. I say: how lucky could you be? You will be lucky so lucky, as the Moon can mature life, that's all. To be lucky the second line should come. Here Mercury comes - it is the practical school. Then the third line comes, or Venus feelings should come. Finally the Sun comes up. I call the Sun, the rational in man, that unites feelings, that stimulates. The first line is the Moon, the second is Mercury; the third is Venus and the fourth - of the Sun. Then you will be fortunate in life. Good fortune is in the four lines. This is a quart. What will you understand from the quart? In music from one note you will skip and go to the fourth, the fourth tone you will take. So in this case the 4 has completely other meaning. On some things, if you do not think you can not achieve the goal that you seek.


There, where there is a law, there is a crime. What an honour for a country that has laws? There are criminals in it, as there are laws. There, where there are no laws, the people there are saints. Which is better: to have criminals by law or saints without law? And if somebody makes so that criminals can live without law among the saints, he is a fool. The law is for the criminals.


And if there is a law in nature, it exists only for the criminals. One law is not valid for humans. "But he's strict law" The law is for the physical body, because physical bodies are criminals. Do you know what the law is? If there were no law, our Earth would decamp. Because there is a law from afar they shout only. If Mars had a law, it would have destroyed the Earth. Sometimes though it is so far away, it sends his agitators for war or any hassle at home, Mars is reason. War, strife, there he is a master. Even the most exquisite goddess Venus, it is so jealous of the Earth that now the Earth would disappear, if there were no law, but there is a law. And Venus sends its agitators - makes people drink vine, living a dissolute life, educates them, it has its goals. Because people, live in abundance, its agitators ransack them and what is on the Earth, they bring it up.


With its descent to the Earth man has adapted to this life, as he has made heart and mind through which to send blessings to the whole body. The goods of his heart are his feelings, passions and desires that act in his body. According to the astrologers the heart with all its vessels presents Venus. What is the task of Venus? With its rough body modern man lives more in the lower regions of Venus, but one day, having created a Divine body, he will enter the top regions of Venus, of Love and thus will be laid the foundations of the future culture. Moral and spiritual life is hidden in the high regions of Venus.


Once landed on Earth, man has to deal with his brain, to be strong, to overcome the difficulties in his life. To develop his brain Mercury goes to help him. In some ways, Mercury and Saturn are alike. Mercury prepares the steps of Saturn, and Saturn is connected to the mind of man. It is a great hero, does no harm to anyone, but from where it passes it melts everything and says, "This is not so, that is not so", etc.


Therefore, man should start with the energies of the Sun, Venus and Mercury, i.e. the energies of rationality, Love and Wisdom. These energies exist in the whole space, in the entire cosmos. Who wants to perceive the energies of Love, he must go early in the morning to watch the rising of Venus.


Do you know why Venus is such a small planet? It is small because it works with small quantities, with small acts of Love. Today Venus is so great, as great is the human love. One day when human love increases and Venus will become a greater planet. And the Sun is now so great as wide is the human consciousness, as great is the human intelligence. One day, when people raise, and the Sun will get bigger. So when the human love increases, Venus will become as big as the Sun, and the Sun will be a hundred times greater than it is now. Then and the stars will have disks that today they do not have. In general, the sky with all the lights on it will become a thousand times more beautiful and larger than the present.


Beautiful and large worlds will be in the future. Then from the sky, from the Sun such sounds, such kind of music will come, as you can not imagine. If anyone today dares to say that he has heard a heavenly music that comes from the Sun, all will laugh at him. However, you should know that now the culture on the Earth comes from the Sun, from Venus and from Mercury. As to Mars, now it's gotten such a mess from which nothing can escape. One is safety: Today the Sun enters a new phase, and with it and mankind is raising one rung higher.


In astrology is said that Jupiter has had such and such impact on man. Then it is said that the Sun or Mars or Venus or Saturn - and they have had certain influence on people. How would we summarise these situations? Jupiter is a physical body. How can this physical body affect the mind of man? They say of someone that he has had something noble in himself that he has Jovian nature. Where is the nobility of Jupiter? Or they say about someone that is Saturnian type that looked bleak, pessimistic on life, that he has been critical, suspicious.


Why is unhappy Saturn? He has three crowns; the man is ready to marry. Why should he be unhappy? The only thing I guess about, it is that it can be doubted that his beloved will love him or not. He is the only one since thousand years that they try to marry, and is still not married. This is an allegory. They could not marry him for the sole reason that when he has decided to get married Jupiter has come and has said that this bride falls on him. Jupiter has tumbled his throne because he wanted to marry the same maid.


Our Earth is in love with the Sun, it is constantly spinning around it, but the Moon rotates as well. Jupiter revolves around the Sun of love to Venus, looking for it. In the solar system there are two women: Venus and our Moon. There are others that are known to the astrologers.


We have such a god - Saturn, those who study ancient mythology who study planets know that Saturn is a deity that has deteriorated. What are the reasons that it has degraded? A love working there: he has just prepared for the wedding to marry his fiancée, but she has got married to another. And from there on, he has decided not to marry.


Not that he has wanted to get married but there has been no one for whom to get married. In the world there is only one, who can marry. Others, it is fiction.


The moon is closest to the Sun. Sun does not want to be very close to Venus.


Why? It is because it is a woman. The Sun can also be Venus in awe that it cannot do its job. And the Earth has been put a little farther from the Sun. It is scared by it. Mars is even further away. Then comes Jupiter, who wants respect and reverence, a few would use it. Then Saturn goes. It is a great critic, a great philosopher, who sees everything upside down. The Sun has put Saturn away from itself. And you want to be free like the Sun. And from there the Sun sends its light to all the planets. This philosophy and the dedicated have studied since time immemorial times - to self- command their mind. These are whole stories, conversations between the planets, which, if translated, could put people in large delusions. One thing is true that Jupiter, and all the other planets, have an influence on man. When astrologers speak about the planets’ influence they have in mind that initial state when all the planets have been arranged in layers. Each belt is driven by a rational being. And what impact have these belts had, these planets on people, they learn about them only today. Once, when the planets have been in such zones, then they have affected people, not now, but only now the people understand about that, when the planets are separated. Today they have a very different purpose. An astrologer today cannot predict what the impact of the planet on man is. Some things are true and some are not. Some astrologers can predict events that will happen anytime soon, but they cannot predict distant events. For example, now are predicted many things and they need to be monitored if these things will become true. For a year, some things can come true, but some will not become true. There is a reason for certain predictions not come true. There are things that are not on predictions. Some predictions are not made properly. But there are things in nature that are specified.


The Sun is committed to life on the Earth. The whole life depends on the Sun. The mind of man depends on Mercury. The feelings of man depend on Venus; they do not depend, but create forms of the feelings of Venus. If man is not connected with Venus, here's what I mean: out of Venus go out certain influences that are transmitted to ether, the invisible as light. These currents have an influence of the cerebellum at the back of the brain, to some extent at the front of the brain. The Earth and the Moon and influence the thinking part of man. All planets are transformers of Divine energy in various organisms. All the planets are inhabited by intelligent beings. Yupiterians are with dignity, a sense of themselves, proud, but merciful. Saturnyans are philosophers, deep, suspicious, ever criticising, always doubting, they are the oldest inhabitants of the solar system, but Uranus and Neptune have gone before Saturn - their residents are older than those of Saturn.


What impact we get from Jupiter? When Jupiter affects people, it makes them lucky. It makes them lazy, lazy, making them swollen, causing them to think for themselves that are deities that were born to rule the world, to lead the people. This is the type of Jupiter. Are you looking for that type of Jupiter course in music, in art; it is unlikely to find it in him. If you come to the management, there it is the first Kapellmeister, it could orchestrate the greatest orchestras, it is brave.


In terms of ideas, Mars makes people strong. Venus makes people rounded, rounded shapes, while imports softness of character. It develops taste for the beautiful in man. Under the influence of Venus the mother treats her children softly, gently.


Mercury makes man practical, he can handle difficulties.


Jupiter makes man practical, noble and vainglorious.


Saturn makes man intelligent, a philosopher, it always brings something negative in everything it sees or is happening. It still stands in the dissenting opinion. Man cannot solve a contradiction until he understands


Saturn. In it as a principle hide the causes of good and evil. It brings high moral character, which stems from the inside. It cannot be bribed notoriety; no one can lie to him. Fame corrupts Jupiter.


The Moon patronises family, especially the mother. Son or daughter who is under the influence of the Moon better have a good attitude towards the mother.


Jupiter, whose influence is usually good, sometimes acts very sinister on man. Jupiter develops so much dignity in man that overshadows his mind and man wants to be always and in everything right - at any cost. The influence of Venus will make you soft, sweet and soft. Mercury will make you practical - to enter everywhere and everything to use. Saturn will make even egghead – in anything else not to believe, but in yourselves. Having experienced something 99 times, only then can believe you - that is why it is a very good banker. When lends you money, regulate your works so that you have three or four guarantors - he never loses. Uranius deal with spiritual gifts but they are petty. The ones that have remained clean, the solar types are not greedy. All others are greedy. All provide a guarantor. The only people who give without guarantors are the solar types. So I say: the word "spirit" means those clean solar types. It is the Spirit who gives. The word "solar system" means those reasonable, sublime types that regulate influences. Now, just as you imagine the types you may see the comic. But it is nevertheless a spiritual extensive science. Astrology is a vast science.


All you are destined for great wealth - to travel the whole world. You say that even now you want to go. Now you are not ready. I give you a ticket to the Moon, can you go? At first, to go to the Moon, the air is so thin there that you will suffocate. If I send you to Venus because it is closer to the Sun, its heat is so great that all of it is wrapped. People of Venus are very talented, they people of Love. They have wrapped the whole Venus, so that it can not see the Sun, they fear of the Love the Sun, the heat of the Sun. And our astronomers who are watching do not know what the surface of Venus is. It is hidden.


So the love of all the women is hidden because they are representatives of Venus. They are come very close to the Sun, wrapped with atmosphere, to hide what is happening. Any woman that you come closer to, puts a veil hiding and you do not know what happens in her. But as she travels, and the woman when comes to the Earth, to Mars, the more she goes into space, so that Love is mutating into life.


Now there is the least trial. On Venus there are the least trials. Very good is the atmosphere of Venus. Who wants to learn to love he should to go to Venus. If I were at your place, if you give me a ticket, I'll take the first ticket to Venus. I do not want to go to Mars, I do not want to Jupiter and Saturn I do not want, and to the Sun I will not go, but to Venus I will go. If I were you, I will do so. In the future, if they give you a ticket, you know, choose the ticket to go to Venus.


The Earth prepares the best servants, Mercury - best traders, Jupiter - best rulers, Uranus – the best socially active people.


It is difficult to prove the connection between the planet Mars and man, between Saturn and man. When we say that someone is a solar type, it is a symbol. In the people of the solar type the Sun is related to the human mind. I'll give you general thoughts on these superficial types. Solar types are nature lovers, poets, optimistic, have bright view of the future and are good and cheerful, they have robust philosophy of life, they deal with music are artists.


Venus deals with dense matter, the heart, the blood circulation – it reduces and thickens the blood, it deals with the smells of flowers, as it is the goddess of love it deceives people, it is a master of the form. People under the influence of Venus are hotter, have excellent blood circulation, they still talk about love - to be seen in various affairs, events. The blood of the Venus types differs from the blood of the solar types. The Venus types pay attention to foreign culture: beautiful clothes, hats, jewellery and fashion.


The Martian type is a heroic warrior, valorous. Pessimism, dissatisfaction is caused by Mars. Dominating influence in the body has the venous blood.


The Saturnian type people are dry, their digestive system is underdeveloped; their stomach is always something amiss. They have a strong spirit, critical mind. If you want someone to show you the right path, find Saturnian type. Reflective centre, personal feelings; fear are exceedingly developed in them. Ambition, umbrage, mistrust, pride, protection are features of the saturniants.


The Moon types never succeed, ever wonder why things do not go as they had thought, and are still surprised. But many do not get discouraged; they have faith, belief in luck. They do not like to work, they are inert are hope to luck. Above their forehead is wide, people are rounded, quite correct. They believe in the good side of fate.


If you love Venus you will elevate your heart. Venus works on human feelings. The growth and development of feelings is during the emptying of Venus.


Rejuvenation can happen only there, where forces are coordinated. If man can not coordinate, he tends to ageing. And every old man falls under the influence of Saturn, which is currently in descending degree.


What man is called young? While Saturn is not manifested in man, while hilarious, he's young. If Saturn is manifest in him, he is old.


Man does not know that human health depends on the Moon. He should be healthy. If ill, he has violated any law of the Moon. To be healthy, he needs to be connected with the Moon. If not agile, he is ageing, he becomes feeble, he can not move – he has violated the laws of the Sun, he is not in direct relation to the Sun. Lost his dignity – he is not connected with Jupiter. He is not energetic, he cannot defend himself – he has lost his relationship with Mars. Dislikes people – he has lost its relationship with Venus. Not enough mind to govern the practical work – he has lost relationship with Mercury. No philosophical mind, not looking critically on things – he has lost his relation with Saturn. He says: "I cannot think" - he is not associated with Saturn. There is no nobility – he is not associated with Jupiter. There is no life in him– he is not associated with the Sun.


Fire is from Mars. All those Martians have as much fire as you want. Those who feelings torture them they are Saturn types.


Cowardly is under the influence of Saturn. Who hates is under the influence of Mars. Who falls easily in love is under the influence of Venus, there is softness in him. Prudent is under the influence of Mercury. He, who seeks beauty, is under the influence of the Sun, such a person is happy, loves music, art, science.


What love can be expected between a lunar type and a type of Saturn? He (she) is changed as the Moon and lives in his (her) imagination, and Saturn criticises everything about him (her) constantly. Not much time passes, on the scene appears another Moon. What will this fallen god do with two moons? Physical strength of man depends on how the Sun is placed in a horoscope. If the Sun gets worse aspect of Saturn, the lifeblood of the man is weak, gets to anaemia. The physical strength of women is dependent on the Moon. If the Moon is in disharmonious aspect with Mars or Saturn, she is weak and anaemic. The Moon is associated with religion and religious forms. The woman is strong when she is religious. The man is stronger when he is spiritual and fair.


There are other streams of different planets to the Earth. Suppose one of you is under the influence of Jupiter, who is away 432 million miles from the Sun.


Such a man does not have a hot temper, because electric and magnetic currents that come from Jupiter differ from the currents that come from the Sun.


The winds of the Sun are secondary - they influence humans.


You should be thankful that from the invisible world they are playing and singing - if there they have not been playing and singing! Beautiful flowers are due to Sun musicians. As they have played a piece – everything is white, and if have played another - red. As they are playing, the fruits are born. Just then playing raises the temperature, the molecular vibrations are raised. Sometimes you have to make an experiment. When you are indisposed, you should play to make a change. Five minutes - it is Mercury, the 10 minutes is the Sun, 12 minutes if playing – it is Jupiter.


Often you speak, but you speak much more. For instance, if you speak the language of the Sun - 15 minutes is enough. If you speak Mercurian language for 5 minutes, it is enough, course work. If you speak the language of Venus, six minutes is enough – to explain in love, 4 minutes is enough, you do not need any more. And I see, some write large explanations, more than 6 minutes, it is from slyness. Saturn takes 7 minutes. . Numbers can be seen from the Divine point of view: 1 is the Sun, 2 is the Moon, 3 is Jupiter, 4 is the Earth, 5 is Mercury, 6 is Venus, 7 is Saturn, 8is another, 9 is Mars. It is an attitude. Then there are complex numbers 15-16, because there is 16 in the world. Once shaken the basis of evil -15, then everything collapses - it is the number 16. There are numbers that ruin all the bad consequences. The planets that are orbiting the Earth, affect subjective, inner life of man. These planets are the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Earth. Those planets that are outside of the Earth's orbit, affecting the outer or objective life of man: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.


If we take astrologically the Earth as a point, we have Venus, Mercury, the Sun - they are the inner planets. Then we have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – they are outside planets. They are three internal and five external. For now we leave the Moon aside. These outer planets present the conditions. The inner planets and the Sun are manifested as tension in man. The inner express them outward from the centre to the periphery. The outer express themselves from the periphery to the centre. These are conditional works, do not make wrong conclusions. All the people who come into your sphere are options for you. All the people who surround you, you fall into their field, you have options for them, they establish conditions for you.


From the standpoint of the Sun all planets are condition for the Sun to manifest. If you like, what are people? If they love you, you are in their circle; you are an option to them. When you love, they are an option, you are condition. In this case, the one who loves you, he is a prerequisite for you; you are an option for him.


The question arises: what is the relation between option and condition? External and internal conditions, they are rational beings. Those creatures who think inside us - our inner circle – create the options. Moreover, we can make an experiment to try what our love is, what it produces. Those people in the circle of which we have stumbled, they are conditions for us; we will be the options for them, they should show the qualities of their love. The inner life is to check the quality of love that exists in the world. What the conditions would give you? From conditions comes life. The outer circle brings life, it is the raw matter. The inner options process this life. When you love, you give an option to love to show, you bring the raw matter.


To understand me well, to know the law: whenever they love you, and when you love inside, when you are condition and when – an option. When we are talking about the conditions of love we mean the raw matter that our love brings. When we are talking about the options of love we mean the matter inside. Therefore, we must have matter to process. When we have processed it, then a rational exchange happens and we rise up. This is the evolution of the human soul, or uplifting of the soul, passing from one state to another. If a love is not treated under the law of the possibilities, then that love cannot be realised. Consequently forgo love sufferings come. We denote given a plus, what has to be treated - with minus. We have minus, plus, then plus, minus. I have given, I'll take -I will process, I will give. We have minus, plus.


Many say that the Mars effects; the Moon has an impact on man, Venus has influence, Jupiter has an impact, Saturn; then the Earth ... And he seeks them in the sky. In the human brain there is only one sun, around which all the planets move. Whatever we see in the sky, it is the same in the brain. What we call movement of forces, of power centres in the brain, is nothing else than the influence of the outer planets on the brain.


Almost all the planets have points in the human brain. Jupiter is in the middle of the crown of the head; Saturn is in the upper side of the head, Venus - upper in the middle of the forehead and neck. Mars is on both sides of the head, above the ears. Jupiter gives the length of the head, activity. Saturn gives an extension of the human mind, of consciousness. The Moon gives an extension of the forehead. Extension gives and Mars. So, I say: the whole brain is connected. Various areas of the brain are associated with the planets. All the planets influence the human brain. Not only planets but the Earth and all the stars influence. Your brain is the recipient of what God has created.


When studying human skull, you will notice that each planet has put its stamp on a certain area. For example, the influence of Mars is printed behind the ears. In Martians this area of the skull is highly developed. Mars has affected the shape of the human face, has made it square, and the colour of the skin. Red colour is Martian. If this colour is in great superiority in man, his feelings are roughening; he is ready for anything to kill any man. In order man to develop correctly, all colours of the spectrum and matter must be equally represented in him. If the red colour of matter dominates, man is very combative and easily aroused. This man is under the influence of Mars as a planet not only that we see, but as crucibles forces and energies that we do not see. So, there is a visible and an invisible Mars. Sometimes invisible things are more dangerous than visible, but also they are better.


The forces of the Sun organise the heart and the lungs.


The forces of Saturn organise the liver and the bones.


The forces of Jupiter organise the stomach and the solar plexus.


The forces of Mars organise the bile and the urinary system.


The forces of Venus organise the kidneys.


The forces of Mercury and the Moon organise the brain and the nerves.


The spleen is a conduit of solar energy is influenced by the Sun.


Jupiter rules the thymus gland. Mercury rules the thyroid gland.


Saturn and Uranus organise the pituitary gland.


Neptune organises the pineal gland (epiphysis).


Hands are under the influence of Gemini and Mercury.


Feet are under the influence of Pisces and Jupiter.


The lungs are under the influence of Cancer the head is under the influence of Aries. Gold is related to the Sun, copper - to Venus, silver – to the Moon, iron - to Mars, tin - to Jupiter, lead - to Saturn, platinum - to Uranus.


Each planet has its own elements of the Earth. If you understand Mars as a rule, you will find what effect it has on the Earth by iron.


If you know how to deal with Mars you will be released with a little beating.


Now, as the father and mother serve Mars, that is why they say: "For the children there is a tree." You obey this law. You say: "What should we do?" You will enter the world of feelings, of senses. In the spiritual world things are working with words. There will be no fighting. When you enter the Divine world things happen just by thinking of them. Once you think you do not do well will immediately face behaviour. In the spiritual world when you feel your pain, your suffering will disappear. That's why in the physical plane, we do not want to suffer. Everyone, who suffers does not live on the physical plane.


People on the physical plane will ever put someone to blame. Jews on the physical plane have understood that Christ is found guilty, have said: "The man in the Roman Empire will create more misery. We do not need his teachings. As people he will destroy us. He does not bring anything new to the world. "Now I say that finding, which appears for life. All of us, who obey the Martian physical life, we mutilate. Three units are related in one, now lord of the Earth from astrological point of view: Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter deals with the spiritual world, Mercury – with the divine world. It is astrological philosophy. But I say: The Divine world is a world of thought, the spiritual world is a world of feelings; the physical world is a world of action. It is external world. In the physical world they can not love you. They will love you here as they love God. If you plow they will love you and will give you some straw. As a horse you can pull a cart, there will be a whip.


What are the influences of Mars, when it acts in man? ("Man is muscular, energetic; very active in all aspects.") How will you know whether a principal acts normally or abnormally on man? Suppose that you need to do a dam An educated man, an engineer - genius who made his calculations very well, but because he has not build the pond, but others, who have missed something from his calculations, have made the wall thinner than they should. The water comes and destroys the dam, drags and the people and everything. Where is the mistake? Can his intelligence help in this case? No matter how smart man is, he cannot help. Here's where the mistakes: in all his work workers had to be interconnected vessels with him. There is the whole mistake. He has not been a docked vessel. In him Mars has acted more than needed.


An engineer in this case should know the tension of this principle. Let us say that he blocks certain river up. The mere strive, the descent of water currents, it is Mars. He has to put a resistance to neutralise to some extent the tension on Mars. Or he should find a board that balances these violent currents. So, down the mighty currents of this plane should be balanced; should be harnessed in a new way the energy of nature. So, I say: the energy that exists in nature comes to us in a very steep slope. Art is there - any energy that enters into the human brain, man should put it on so that he can use it.


Read Isaiah, he has spoken very valuable things and is one of the cardinal points in astrology. Ezekiel is the second cardinal point Jeremiah is the third cardinal point and Daniel - the fourth. Learn the prophets; try to understand them, because everyone speaks his language.


Who has developed heart loves John, who has developed mind, likes Paul, who is dogmatic, loves Peter; the righteous loves to read Jacob.


Throughout the week observe the Moon and record the first thought that goes through your mind. Watch the Moon all the week, and every day of the week stop your attention upon that planet that is associated with that day. For example, on Tuesday observe Mars, on Wednesday - Mercury, on Thursday - Jupiter, on Friday - Venus, on Saturday - Saturn, on Sunday – the Sun, when rising. By observing these planets you should also record the first thought that passed through your mind at this time. You should note the weather, whether it has been windy, cloudy or clear. By doing these observations you will increase your knowledge. You have to learn and plants from astrological point of view. This builds astrological botany. Each plant is under the influence of a planet. Organs in the human body that are under the influence of a planet and a zodiac sign are treated with plants that are influenced by the same planet and the same zodiac sign. For example, the lungs and heart are under the influence of the Lion and the Sun and will be treated with plants that are under their influence. Oak is Jupiter plant. When a man wants to be sustainable, he should eat acorns. Acorn is healing.


Cherry is under the influence of Venus, therefore it is round and has a pink colour. Apple is under the influence of Venus and Scorpio. Plants and fruits contain this kind of energy as the planets, to which they are connected. Planets are connected with the stars of the zodiac.


Do you want to affect in any way your character you need to use such food that gives the corresponding energies. In the future man will use food in accordance with the planets acting on this day. On Monday you should eat food that is under the influence of the Moon, on Tuesday - that under the influence of Mars, etc.


Mercury has an impact on dogs. The dog is a merkurian. It complies with all. It rotates its tail.


And the cat is as cold as the Moon. When it finds a house, does not leave it any more. Can the Moon leave the Earth?


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