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Saturn, Mars and the Bulgarians


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Saturn, Mars and the Bulgarians


All the philosophy of Saturn is sitting in this: what should be the relations of nature to me? If the wind blows it will say that this is not on time. Or if it trips over the way, it will say that the road is not done well. It always sees the bad side. So it keeps the principles of a man for his personality. And Saturn has taken all the favourable and unfavourable conditions from the outside. Whatever you tell it, it will say: "The work does not sit like that" He always has a dissenting opinion. So Saturn in a case when the people are brave, it is because of the evolution of Saturn.


Saturn represents the worst conditions, whence man has deviated. These rings around Saturn are an emblem that shows the causes of deviation. Therefore, when studying the planets, man must learn the relationship between good and evil in the world within us, in our bodies, or opposing forces. You can not solve a contradiction in the world if you do not understand Saturn. Then Saturn principle knows the cause of good and evil and from it you will know how to be free. If you understand this principle, you will know how to get free. Only Saturn can resolve the contradiction. Then, Saturn is very moral. He is not lying. It is the most moral type. There is moral, fear in it. If you take the Saturn in its form, it features an inner fear. But the principle itself, it is the purest principle. Pure is, it says, that it sits above all, so there is nothing to lie to it. What still deals with Jupiter; because Jupiter can still be bribed with glory in this world. But a man who has eaten brew of this glory, you can not bribe him. A person who has a well developed this form of Saturn, you can not bribe him. A man in which dominates Saturn, you can not lie to him. He can not be lied to.


Saturn will make you egghead, anything else you should not believe, but yourself. As it experiences something 99 times, only then it can believe - that is why it is a good banker. When it lends money, it regulates the work so that it is guaranteed by three or four - he never loses. All the philosophy of Saturn is sitting in this: what should be the relations of nature and me? If the wind blows it will tell - not on time. Or if it falls on the way, he will say that the way is not done well. He has always sees the bad side. So, it keeps the principle of a man for his personality. And Saturn meanwhile has taken all the favourable and unfavourable conditions from outside. Whatever they tell it, it will say: "The work does not sit like that." He always has a dissenting opinion.


The most characteristic feature of the Bulgarian is his tenacity. In Europe there is no more stubborn than him. It is the liver of humanity. Saturn and Mars characterise the Bulgarian. Inquisitive, but Saturn makes a sceptic, so it wants with love to soften its character.


Saturn makes man intelligent; a philosopher, it always brings something negative in everything it sees or is happening. It still stands in the dissenting opinion. Man can not solve a contradiction until he does not understand Saturn. In it in principle hide the causes of good and evil. It brings its high moral character, which stems from the inside fear. It did not bribe notoriety; no one can lie to it.


All modern culture goes along the line of Saturn. So I call it, because they do not follow the line of happiness, but the line of misery. All people suspect that there will be some misfortune; they do not expect anything good. And indeed so it is. All the people end bad, with the exception of a few people who have not finished bad. All people on equal footing fail. People are frightened. Nobody expects anything good.


Affairs of Bulgaria have not been governed well because Saturn has been ruling, and this means that the successes will be delayed, all will be very tight; will be difficult to be performed.


Bulgarians love to think, to suspect, to philosophise. Bulgarian is energetic little Martian, but when Saturn comes, all his works are spoiled. From an astrological point of view it is interesting to know when the time will come for Bulgaria to be managed by another planet, other than Saturn. Today all ask themselves: "When has Saturn prevailed over the Bulgarians? When have Bulgarians declined under the influence of Saturn? "It's a metaphysical question, which I will not go. One thing that may raise the Bulgarians is to come under the influence of Venus. Saturn has a particular fondness of Venus. Once it sees it, its heart begins to beat as if it is alive. I see Venus as an advanced being, reflecting the influence whose Love of Bulgarians is lacking. Now they need to make a connection with these principles.


In Bulgaria, when training has began, at the first students who have been lazy, have fought in the phalanx. There have been two trees, they will put the student's legs in the phalanx, put him lay on the ground, two other students will take up the legs and the teacher with a stick will start beating. Indeed, these students have become scientists. They found that it is not practical to put the student down, to put his legs in phalanx, other students to take up the legs and the teacher to beat. After this, this method has been replaced by a more practical method: a student will take the guilty student by the hands and by the feet and will put him on his back; the teacher will beat him to the buttocks. They found that this method is not practical either: the teacher spends a lot of energy, feeling his arm faint of the beating. The third situation: they have begun to lay the students down on their knees on the ground and sometimes they have even laid maize grains under the knees. But they found that this method is not so practical as well. The fourth method: one cornel stick, very long is taken by the teacher and whoever of the students does not know, the teacher beats his hands. The teacher says: "Give me your hand!" The student gives his hand. The teacher hits him on the one hand and then on the other. The last method is the slaps. The teacher comes, slaps left, right, the issue is over. Now we have come to the slaps. All these methods are to compel children to learn. It is a misunderstood issue. All of you have been beaten. You have been displeased with beating. You, who have been resented by beating, you use beating. I wonder: we are displeased with beating, then why do we use it? We have to reject it, it is not needed. The reasons for beating in the world are that we are in the physical world. Beating comes from the only reason that we are on the physical plane: it is a manifestation of the physical world, because the physical plane is ruled by Mars, by activity. Always the method of Mars is for using the stick.


The first thing to be shown is that you must obey. If you do not obey, you will have a stick. It is the law of Mars. On the physical plane, who comes to the Earth should be beaten. To avoid beating, man must be very smart to deal with Mars. At the smallest thing, he is strong, he deals with beating. If you know how to deal with Mars, you will be released by a little beating. As father and mother serve on Mars, they say: "For the children there is a stick." You obey this law. You say: "What should we do?" You should enter the world of feelings, of senses. In the spiritual world are working with words. There should be no beating. As you enter the Divine world everything is done just by thinking of it. Once you think you do not do well you should immediately face your behaviour. In the spiritual world, when you feel the pain, it will disappear.


Because you are like Saturn, you look after yourself only. There is no etiquette in such a man. He sees himself only. He believes that everyone is inferior to him. "There is no man more worthy than me," he says. So thinks Saturn. Because Saturn dominates the Bulgarians, you should be careful with it. In what aspect should you be careful with it? You should not tell it about your ideas. Shut up, look to surprise it. When you have already realised something, only then it showed know about that. If you say what's on your mind, it will spoil the work. So the Bulgarians work goes until nobody knows about it. If anyone knows about it, everything breaks down. Take the example of the Balkan Union. You create it, but Saturn comes, intervenes and the union breaks. Saturn has made such a mess that the Bulgarians and the Serbs to this day can not be reconciled. In religious terms, it is Saturn that stands in the way. In the school - too, it is everywhere. I watch, doubts come, it again – it makes the same soup.


Bulgarians should get free from the influence of Saturn. The whole Balkan Peninsula is influenced by Saturn and Mars. It is needed to strengthen the faith.


Sugary foods refer to Venus sour - to Mercury, pungent - to Mars. Since the Bulgarian is Saturnian type, he loves salty, sour, he likes fruits that are hidden in shells.





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