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The Man. Polarization - Electricity and Magnetism


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The Man


Polarization - Electricity and Magnetism


Bloodcirculation is mainly due to electromagnetic currents. If they did not support the movement of arterial blood, the heart alone would not have this opportunity. But the blood moves through the body because there is a cosmic impulse in the world, which is constantly regulating the circulation of all organisms. To the same cosmic electromagnetic flow are due the movements of the protoplasm in the cell, circulation and rotation, then the movement of the Sun, the planets and the other celestial bodies.


The energy that the Earth takes from the Sun can be compared to the arterial blood, and the one, sent to the Sun, can be compared to the venous blood. Our Sun plays the role of the heart and even plays better this role the central Sun. As impure blood from the tissues should go back to the heart and thence to the lungs to be purified as well as the energies of the Earth returned to the Sun to acquire their initial rhythm.


The stomach corresponds to the solid soil in life. Man should have a soil on which to walk. When you think about your stomach, you should think about the Earth and its relations, you should understand the properties of solids. When you come to the rivers, the seas, you should think of your bloodcirculation. If you think about these laws, and bloodcirculation in you will be right. When the wind blows and you think about the laws of that breath, you will know the laws of your breathing. If you know lightning, electricity and magnetism, and you will understand the laws of your brain and its structure. Current educated people can not make the connection between the stomach and the Earth, between the rivers, and water circulation, and the beating of the pulse between the blowing of the wind and the respiratory system between electricity, magnetism and brain. They consider these things from the outside, and man as if he has fallen from somewhere.


Our circulation has a rhythm, an impulse of this space electricity. Electricity is a form of light. Light is the impetus of this Primary reason in the world. It is not something material that fills the entire space. This light is which gives rhythm to our bloodcirculation. Someone, who wants to be healthy, it is necessary the light to be the rhythm of his bloodcirculation, sending blood and returning blood. This is going on as per the law of light.


There is fixed proportion of the elements, found in the human body. They are strictly distributed. In the body there are about 70-80 elements that are properly distributed. These elements are found in compounds condition. Sometimes in the human body there are destructive elements. Some complains that he is suffering from palpitations, his heart beats strong. He does not know what the cause of these palpitations. Sometimes heartbeat is due to an excessive amount of electricity or magnetism in the human body.


Sometimes irregular chemical processes also reflect badly on the body.


We have said earlier that the solar system is analogous to the body. In the body the processes are analogous to the processes in the solar system. Solar power coming into the brain undergoes modifications such as experienced as the Sun comes from the central Sun. it is hard to explain this, because people have mechanical rather than rational, mental perception. The negative pole is sensitivity, feelings and positive – the thoughts.


In the human body the brain is positive and the sympathetic nervous system is negative. And in space it is similar. In the left side of the body energy goes down to the left leg and then to the right leg and to right hand side is going up. Such electromagnetic current there is around every body. For example, on right eyebrow goes positive energy. It twists and hence it rushes into the right eye, where it turns to negative energy.


From there, it climbs above the left eye, and there it is becomes positive again. Then it goes down under the same eye as negative energy. Thus, moving in this way, the energy forms something like the figure eight.


At the point between the eyebrows or the root of the nose there is a reasonable center that regulates these currents around the eyes. This center can be called silent, reasonable in nature governing forces.


In humans there are two currents, which go up to form one loop around the eyes. This music center is formed by the intersection of these two centers. The angle formed at the intersection of these two currents, these two energies is the musical center. Therefore music in man is a node that connects electricity and magnetism to carry human virtues and deeds. If your mind is not affected by these nodes, if these conductors are not connected, there is nothing you could sweep in the world.


Everything in nature is polarized. The right hemisphere of the brain is positive and the left - negative. The North Pole of the Earth corresponds to the right hand and the South – to the left. Put a man on the left side and put the same man on the right side and you will have different results. Let's say that you are nervous and he is nervous - if you go on his right side will have negative results, but if you go to his left side because it is the soft side, you will have positive results. There is polarization of the eyes. The eyes are permanently changing. If you have been watching the eyes in the daytime, one is positive, the other negative. In the morning works the right eye, in the evening – the left. On the next day they change the positive one becomes negative, the negative one – becomes positive. There is a shift of the eyes, they are resting. We also have two ears - with the one we perceive, with the other – we transmit. And the brain and it's a double. The lungs and they are double. The heart has two chambers. You can not get rid of the strong principle and the soft one as well.


That’s the woman – the left hand, here’s the man – the right hand. The right leg is the man, left leg is the woman; both legs are the man and the woman going together. Both eyes – the left eye is the woman, the right is the man. The nose has two nostrils, the left is the woman; the right hand is the man. Mouth and it has two holes, but they are hidden. One is for the stomach, the other - for the lungs. Now the woman passes the bread to the stomach, the man passes the air to the lungs. Two throats has man, he is choking. Man passes the air and through the nose.


Forces acting in nature are polarized, they have two poles. Therefore, on the Earth we have two poles, north and south hemisphere, north and south poles.


The North Pole is above and the South - below. So there are two currents that run from the North Pole to the South and back – from the South to the North. As a result of these two currents on the equator are formed the most favorable conditions for life, and the two poles are the forces that come from space, the entire area and go to the equator.


Do not think that these two poles are far away. In each smallest particle, be it atom, these two poles are there. And in every part of the Earth as well there are north and south poles. These poles are very close to each other. We know that God originally has created man from earth, and then has made male and female pole. Man, this is the North Pole and woman - the South Pole. So the woman’s forces, the forces of the South Pole they should pass through the North Pole and the forces of man, the North Pole, should pass through the South. This place is the equator, the best place. People today are not designed to live on the equator. The people that live on the equator do not think. They are mainly people of feelings. The equator creates more conditions for the development of the heart than of the mind, of the human thoughts. In the temperate and the cold zones man has better conditions for the creation of his mind, for the development of his thought.


These are the two poles of the Earth. Around these two poles are running the forces of the bloodcirculation: the arterial and the venous blood of the Earth, the electricity and the magnetism. Electricity and magnetism - that's bloodstream. Electricity is the arterial blood; the magnetism is the venous blood.


Electricity freezes things magnetism melts them. On the North Pole as much as you want electricity is produced, on the equator it is warm. On the equator it is warm; it is the place of magnetism. Man can mentally live on the poles, man can mentally live on the equator, man can live in the heart on the poles man can live in the heart on the equator.


There are two things in life that man can not imagine clearly. They are the great big and the great small. Taking the Sun as an expression of the great, how could you imagine it? Anyway, no matter how you imagine it, you can not imagine it as it is. As great as you imagine it, as many times as you increase it, you can not imagine it as great as it really is. And no matter how many times you increase the small, you still will not have a clear idea of how small it really is. Because, no matter how many times we increase the small, we lose the idea of small, the great is still great and after reducing it, but we lose the measure of their size. But this is not a hindrance, as these are extreme poles of existence. The poles of the things are the places, on which the beautiful things grow. There are materials that are collected for use. There are energies that branch. The warm, the temperate zones, these are the places where human life unfolds.


In man there are two streams: one of them is from the navel upwards to the head and the other from the navel down. The second leads to the center of the Earth, the first - to the center of the Sun. Finally, there is a third stream that joins the first two streams. The third one is called the human aura.


The second stream that leads to the center of the Earth includes all the lower energies of man, which he has acquired in his animal state. By studying the human body, we can see that the first two courses incorporate two currents.


All these streams are combined into one another. They can be seen in the thought and feelings of the people.


Magnetism and electricity are forces that flow from God (I am not talking about the mechanical forces). When these two forces descend from God, magnetism enters the heart and electricity –the mind and through them man can eliminate many obstacles from his path.


From the navel down is the physical man - these are all currents that go to the center of the Earth. And when these currents prevail in man, then they form compassion. All the energy begins to transfer down. Those, in which the energy is transferred to the spiritual world, their shoulders become broad, and when the energy goes to the mental world, the head grows. It all depends on what the currents are.


If the mind of man is more developed than the heart, then his shoulders are straight and form a square. If the feelings in man are highly developed, he has rounded shoulders. In women, because their feelings are well developed, their shoulders are more rounded. Few women have straight shoulders as in men.


There is a maxim that determines the true state of manifests in life. In a broad sense, the right thought represents the shortest distance between two rational beings. In other words: a straight line is that at both ends of which sit two rational beings.


In this sense, I say: if the man is the beginning of the straight line, the ultimate limit of this line will surely be a woman. Therefore, according to this maxim, a straight line is always determined by one man and one woman, but never by two men or by two women. So, straight line, as a projection of certain force of nature, is always more active in the beginning than at the end. Early life manifests male or masculine, the positive force that in the end, because of the resistance that it meets on the road, gradually decreases and becomes negative force, ie the women principle, in general.


These changes occur with the solar beam. Early sun ray is positive, active, but since going through very small gaps, it gradually loses its energy, reduces and becomes negative.


There is a certain energy that descends from the Sun and is invisible. As this energy comes to the Earth, the feminine principle processes this energy and light is born. Light is born by a woman on the Earth. From the Sun comes through man the power. Through the brain, through the head the energy will come. And through the brain of the stomach (the solar plexus) this energy is transferred and life begins to function.


Only negative energies create. If you are clairvoyant, you will see that the light is the only negative side. When they say to someone that is attractive, it means that he has a negative energy in himself – this is magnetism. This person has to give and to take something from people.


Being is manifested through the female principle. What is the masculine principle, I do not know. Women principle is generally understood. This Sun, that we see is a female sun, it is not male. All the suns are female. Those male suns we do not see them, they all are dark, hidden away. Male suns, generally, we do not know what they are.


By the word "one" we mean: it is the totality of all existence, it is one. Since being splits during their built together, build up, it splits again. Poles are formed; the polarization of man appears: man and woman, men and women. How does a woman differ to a man? The light of man is sharp; the light of the woman is soft. The heat of the man is burning, the warmth of a woman is soft; the woman gives. The strength of the woman builds and orders and the power of man destroys. And the man who thinks that without the woman can do something, he will always destroy things. Anyone who wishes to destroy, he is a man. Anyone who uses violence, he is a man. He has taken the place of God. "Man" means "thought," but he does not know what the thought is. You may destroy, but in place of what you have destroyed, to create something better.


Magnetism is a force that contributes to the development of the universe and the development of all living beings. The movement of the Moon around the Earth, the Earth around the Sun, the Sun around other suns, this is due to magnetism. Magnetism maintains harmony in life in the universe. If it runs out, life can not manifest. Man, when he has lost his magnetism, becomes unhappy, gloomy, everything he sees ugly and in black. Who has little magnetism even if he sits in warmth he will still have cold. Magnetism gives attractiveness and warmth to man.


If a person is unmagnetized, he would do nothing. To gain something, he has to be magnetic. All educated people are magnetic, all healthy people are magnetic. When you are magnetic, you have confidence and faith that you will succeed in what you do and you are set, you do not worry. You say: "Otherwise it cannot be." Some are slow, act slowly and their work does not go – they are not magnetic.


Now scientists have suggested that magnetism is scattered. They say it makes diffusion. It has diffused throughout nature, is scattered everywhere. A plant can not use it the way people use it. And in man that diffused energy is collected, condensed into one and goes out. It is expressed in the so-called noble human magnetism. Such a man has dignity, a confidence in man. Who has this magnetic force in him, he never wavers in his actions, never regrets anything. Everything in him is measured; he does not make any mistakes. He is a rich man.


God requires all of you to be so magnetic to love, to acknowledge his dignity. Servant should realize the dignity of his master; the master should realize the dignity of his servant. Man should realize the dignity of his wife, and the wife should realize the dignity of her husband. Brother should realize the dignity of his sister and the sister - of his brother. Such relations should be among all people. This is a charming state.


Every feeling and every capability of man distil some light and heat. Who is in love, For instance, sends more light and heat than the one, who is not in love. As you get closer to a man who is in love with you, you feel the pleasant heat and light that he is sending to you. If he is not in love, he's cold and you do not feel pleasantness to go near him. And then I can quote you the situation: when the ice melts, when rivers flow, when the winds are blowing, when the flowers bloom, when the birds are singing, everywhere and everyone is nice and they have fun. This is something like the man in love. And the opposite happens: the water freezes, it turns to ice, rivers dry up, dry flowers, birds stop singing, storms are raging, they take out of the earth the trees and destroy everything, everywhere mourned gloom and darkness, man is sad. Such is the situation of man who does not love. He, who has despaired while it is light outside, the nice Sun is shining, but he is dark and gloomy, does not want to have fun. Why is this man frustrated? We need to recognize those gifts that are input inside us. If we do not realize them, then we are people unmagnetized, we are harmful to each other. All the people do not want to be poor; do not want to be sick. What is the remedy against poverty? What is the remedy against the diseases? For all this there is a cure, but you have to know it and to apply it. When you see a healthy person, do not feel sorry about it, but rejoice that he is healthy. You have to feel for the type pleasantness and thank God that you have the opportunity to meet him. When you see a man with a large heart, loving, rejoice that you have seen such a man who has given you the opportunity to see how to love. And we, when seeing such a man, our souls shrink. If the master feels that his servant loves another master more, his heart immediately shrinks and he starts hating his servant. If the church, to which you belong, knows that you prefer a different church, it will immediately give you the way. This is the way people live today. This is the crooked path.


God loves all people on the Earth equally. Do not get me wrong. God knows the aspirations of each soul and knows what excellence it has reached. The higher the aspirations of the soul are, the greater opportunities that soul has.


There are no more magnetic than the little children. That’s why they attract us so much.


There are no more magnetic beings than the small children. The small children are highly magnetic, but they disperse this force, this wealth that nature has given them. By age, people say: "I have had in me so great wealth, so much magnetism, but I have lost it. And if now someone blows me, I will fell to the ground." Animals have animal magnetism, so their head suffers. Magnetism that man has, and about which we talk, alone is something sensible. Magnetism attracts food and clothes and everything – when you move your finger, things come. But first of all, you should not be nervous, you should not believe that people are bad - that unmagnetizes.


If you go to a magnetic man, you become calm. Can you be angry and upset at the fountain? With the man, who permanently gives you, can you be upset? So why have faith? Go to God - he is rich. You say: "Where will I find him?" There's your mistake. You should find Him inside you.


Magnetic man has an inner disposition, he has a great faith; great hope, he has love, he is as abundant as the quiet water is. He is quiet, as if he does nothing, but he works intensively. He has no screaming ecstasy, he is like a bell.


Someone wants to be just good, and another - only worse. And one and the other are impossible. Life occurs between the two poles: darkness and light, evil and good, electricity and magnetism. If man does not understand the relationship between the opposites or the poles of life, he can not do anything. What is magnetism? When you come to the magnetism and electricity in science as a force, you know many things. But if you look at these forces in life between people, you will say that you know nothing. Yet often chant for the people saying that a man attracts you and another - repels you. Whoever attracts you, he is soft, a good man, because there is more magnetism in himself. The one who is sharp, peppery in nature, he repels you, because there is more electricity in him. For the first one we say that is magnetic kind; and for the second we say that is electric kind. If you want to use man for work, look for an electric one. In electric and in magnetic man there is something good and there is something bad. And here we have positive and negative electricity, positive and negative magnetism. When negative magnetism overcomes the man he is convicted to mental decay. To avoid the negative manifestations of internal forces in his body, man has to learn himself not only theoretically, but also practically. Only in this way he will verify the truth in himself. When the forces of the body are going in accordance with the laws and forces of nature, a man feels innerly confident, no matter of any difficulties in his way, he never loses his confidence.


What should man do in order not to lose his confidence? He should study the life and nature not only from the outside, as his eyes see, but internally, using its internal forces and capabilities. Once he submits his inner and outer look at nature, man understands that there is great intelligence in the world, that space is filled with smart, exalted beings subject of this intelligence. He understands that the world is in the hands of intelligent beings. Therefore, what is happening outside and inside us is not accidental. Is it possible with such an understanding of nature and the world a man to lose his confidence? He has stepped on a rock that nothing in the world can not shake and break. From this point of view, the entire cosmos is inhabited by intelligent beings that differ from one another in the degree of their development. So there are no irrational beings in the world, but there are creatures of low and high level of development.


Between two positive bodies with positive electricity, mandatory there should be put a body with negative electricity. If the third body does not come between the first two bodies will necessarily be a collision, an accident will happen or a blast - what only will happen! Two positive forces ever give birth to evil in the world. And two negative forces also give birth to evil in the world. However, one positive and one negative force always give birth to good in the world, ie they do not give birth, but they give the opportunity to the good to manifest. Therefore, in the physical world there are two possibilities for the evil and one opportunity for the good.


If you bring two men together, whose electricity is negative and both are negative, they would be repulsed, there will be born an outrage in them. But anger will bring doubt, fear, and they both will doubt, they shall be afraid of each other, they will fear.


In the first case both that are positive, will fight, will duel. One of them must die. He is positive. In the latter case, each is afraid for his life. Duel will not be announced, but in them as a result will appear hypocrisy and deceit. In bypass in a clever way one would look to make the other and thus to revenge.


If you want to duel, you should know that your electricity is positive. You act on the physical plane. If in you are born fear, doubt, hypocrisy in you the electricity is negative. You are on the negative side of the electricity. Both you and your opponent are negative. Because if your opponent has been positive, and you - negative, you would love him, he's the man to whom you are alike.


The physical body is a great system of nature. This system has dual function: positive and negative electricity, and positive and negative magnetism. Your bodies are not tinted, physically are not tinted. Most of you are positive, the rest are negative. If the two of you have positive electricity, you gather, there will surely be a collision. And after that, this is what will be born: if you gather and talk and move away from each other, you will feel unwell - one in himself is unhappy and the other is unhappy. In this case, if one of you can not alter the positive electricity in the negative, he must find a mate with negative electricity. Now this is on the physical plane. Will be born a feud and you will become active in the development of an active character. Activity, which is good, can become rough. Thus appears harshness as a result. Indifferent man or woman, they can become rough. Because electricity chooses the shortest path, but rudeness is a statement of the shortest path.


Sometimes you get angry - you have accumulated certain energy, this energy goes into nature. When people get angry, that energy is consumed, it serves. You serve with a hammer, beat with it, but the energy that is applied to the stones it goes in nature and is used. You beat the stones, crush them, make material of it, but it takes energy from you or puts your mind to work. You think how to make this work, you save some energy and it gives you something and still gets something from you. When you get angry, when you have will, it draws, when you love and respect - thus it draws again. It does not let anything, what comes out of you, fall. All this it collects in bottles and uses it in the work. You sometimes regret. It has bottles of suspicion or gathered some energy when you are angry and has put one tag. You're angry, you've given a lot. The one, who is very angry, he has been very generous. Who is a bit angry, he has been greedy. Sometimes its estimations differ from our own. Who gets very angry, he is giving a lot, who gets a little angry, he gives a little. It uses both. What we call our weaknesses it uses them, and then returns them back to us. Who has given a lot - it gives him a lot; who has given a little – it gives him a little. A little of your will you give, and it gives you a little; you give a lot, and it gives you a lot. That's why they say - the law is true - that all things work together for good. After all, man should not regret about what has happened, but to learn. When a person is angry, it is far-fetched work.


If you're willing to quarrel with the first man you meet, electricity is on the right side, even if you're undisposed, pessimistic, it is on the left side.


In the world people can like each other, only when they have the same length of the vibrations. Two people can love each other if they have the same vibrations, the same wavelength of Love. Once they have the same vibrations, the same length, they can Love each other. If not, they can not love. For instance, the light of this hall is due to the fact that the vibrlations are the same with the light. Electricity goes in a straight line, in short lines. And feelings are on curves. If you want to develop your feelings, you should form a straight line and curves around it. Those who have more electricity, electricity acts abruptly. When thought is fair, it is sharp.


Intelligence is related to electricity and magnetism - to love. You can not cause a magnetic state in you if you do not like. And you can not cause an electric state in you if you do not think. You can not be healthy, if you're not magnetic.


The outward form of human thought is made of electricity and magnetism, showing those powerful forces.


The more intense the energy that our body contains is, the more beneficial it is. The less intense the energy, the more harmful it is.


It is not high temperature that gives life, but there is another high temperature in the world that does not destroy. If you pass 2-3 thousand volts through man, het will immediately die, but if you pass 50 to 60 thousand volts, this voltage will pass through him without causing him harm. Physicist Tesla explains it this way: at high voltage electrical particles of matter so small they can pass through the pores of the man without causing him harm. Particles of lower voltage are large and tear tissues and consequently man dies. Or at high voltage electricity is refined energy that can pass through the finest matter. In the future people will be treated in this way.


We live in a matter that is not pure. We will become dirty. There is enough water to be cleansed. They say about Edison, after working all day long in his laboratory, he has sprayed his clothes with some chemicals and in the evening has been sitting on a chair and through a drive has let electric current pass. For 20 minutes his clothes have been cleaned. You should put yourself to the Divine friction, you should let the current pass and after 20 minutes you will be cleaned and all the stains will disappear.


Some physicists suggest that if you use electricity 10-20 000 or 100 000 volts on the human body, it would be renovated in a very short time it will take children's youth. Then we would say: "Thank God, the kingdom of God has come to the Earth." God has sent death and has said: "Call this old child and place it on a disc of death to renovate and live another life." Then he pivots the wheel of life with 100,000 volts and 50 or 100 years have not yet passed, the same man comes back, but now renovated with new energy and a new name.


This is the law of reincarnation - changing the energies. The soul can take many thousands of forms.


In the future the people will rejuvenate with the help of the electricity. Man, who wants to rejuvenate, will sit in an area of high voltage to 10 million volts, and when he stands up from this area, he would be like a small child. There will be complete retouching. There will be no dead then. When a dead person will be put in this area he would immediately recover. But only the righteous will be able to profit from this privilege to be put on such a disk. Only those of you who have taken the exam as students, they will have the right to sit on this disk. Who has not taken the exam he would not be able to rotate on this disk.


In the future the plants will be best fertilized with electricity In the space, at 500 kilometers above the Earth, there is an immendous ocean of electricity. And if a cable is passed to the sky, to this height, the entire world could be heated by this electricity. But the question is how to take this electricity down. One day this electricity will be used, but for now electricity is produced by water and in other ways, requiring great expenses.


The scientists say that up in the space, at a height of about 500 kilometers there is an enormous quantity of electricity that might be used for heating and lighting of humanity. Then in winter time everyone will have in his boots, in his clothes, in his sleeves small batteries to heat himself. He will not feel any cold. Not only thus, but with the help of this energy will be planted various plants in especially heated spaces and everyone will be able to profit from the tropical plants and fruits, which is impossible at present.Even now you can make experiments to profit from the energy in nature. Someone complains that his clothes have been thin and as a result he has caught cold. One winter I have made the following experiment: it has been one of the coldest winters, but I have bought a very thin material and I have made of it a coat without any lining, even without buttons. So, I have been wearing this coat in great cold, 25 degrees below zero, without feeling any cold. Just the opposite, I have been feeling pleasant warmth in it. Many have thought that I feel cold, that I will catch cold with such a thin coat. Who does not know the laws, he could even “revive” in such coat. In order to manage with it in the great cold, he should concentrate his thoughts; he should focus his feelings and his will to profit from the energy in space. When you make this experiment, you will see that it is reality.


What has to do with us the Sun's heat, which is 50 million degrees at the center of the Sun? What acquaintance can be formed with this light? Reasonable is that light. Or some scientist doing research wants to show us what 50 million degrees heat is; he says: "If we have a fine needle and if the needle does not melt, and if we pass the energy through this needle, this stitch will warm an area of 1500 km immediately." So, economically, we have these laws: we need a thin needle to pass the electric current 1500 km and to heat the housings well. If there are two needles - will not be able to bear the heat and if we pass the energy through three needles – we will melt.


Modern culture must be free from the use of coal. In the future, we need to find educated people to harness the solar energy for heating and lighting from the Sun to take fuel. When we come to this position to use the solar heat and power, we will be cultural people such as humanity is waiting for.


One day the smoke in the cities will be discontinued will be used only electricity. Coal brings disharmony, burning coal releases inferior spirits who have lived before the flood and this has a bad impact on culture, their use spoils human nature, people lose their peace, and the cities become impure. And how nice is the air to be clean! In the upper atmospheric layers there is an ocean of electricity and a time will come it to be used, living conditions will be improved, but even today it is not allowed, because people will abuse this power. Yet these billions of tons of coal are deposited in the ground for a long use, so it has been envisaged that people will have heat and will use them until they start using the atmospheric electricity.


After time this electricity will be attracted to the Earth by a special antenna.


In the future the electricity will be transferred even without cables. Then each man will have his own proper lamp. What is this lamp? It is the human brain. When man thinks his head will give light and he will be able to read at this light. When man stops thinking and his lamp will be off. If man has such a lamp, he will be able to walk around with it in the dark. When he wants, he will light it, when he wants, he will put it off.


I sit up in my room and read an important book, the author writes what influence spiritism has exercised on current cultural world, because, he says, his research data, as Englishman, and I have come to a place I want to see what his conclusion is, on what grounds his statements "for" and "against" are, he has preached the good and the bad sides, and suddenly my power goes out: I sit, the issue remains unresolved, I do not know what the author has meant. I sit in the dark 5, 10 minutes, the power is gone, why it has been cut, a fuse might have blown? Has not yet passed half an hour, someone comes and starts fixing it, the lamps Illuminate, then go out again, I want to find the connection: it means that the brother who is fixing it has not yet found the reason and is looking for a method. You, if you are in my shoes, what would you think? That's what happens often in your mind - sometimes enlightens, sometimes goes off, and in life is the same. But there is one connection - in this case I have become a reason to burn the fuse. In the intense thought that I had to resolve the issue, an excitement has been formed, some scratching and the fuse has blown. Between human thought and the electricity that operates on the Earth there is connection. If you want, we can put out all the fuses.


There will come a day when the minds of men will be raised up to the point when the lights will be lit and without keys. Has it been previously thought that without wires electricity can not be transferred? But it turned out that electrical waves can be transferred through space without wires. Now we think that only in this way the electricity can light the lights, but there are other ways that we just have to know. Many times it seems to us that things are impossible, but they are possible only by keeping the law. Now we suggest: it is not so interesting if you turn on the light or not, but it has a different philosophy - to be able to change one state to another. This represents philosophy! To improve the situation, so to say, if you are in the hardships of life you should be able to change your position. This constitutes a science! At present conditions we find certain difficulties. What is suffering in the world? The whole world is penetrated by certain forces, certain currents that differ in amps and in voltage. It could be 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1 000, might be even million volts tension.


There are two kinds of electricity: one is negative, descending electricity, and the other is positive, upward. When the first kind of electricity enters in man, it reflects badly on the nervous system of man and he goes crazy. To get rid of this state, man should discard the negative thoughts from his mind, not to see any error, nothing wrong in others. This negative state of man is useless baggage that he has to put aside, to get rid of it and to start thinking well. Do not think that evil is the master of the world. You have a distorted idea of evil. Evil exists as one-third and good is two-thirds. Suppose that more of the people on the Earth are bad. In contrast to the other solar systems, where there are more saints, more good people. Therefore, as we compare the number of the bad people on the Earth to the good and the saints of the other solar systems, would appear that the bad people make up only one-third of all the beings in the world. The human race lives in different stages of development on various planets. People are not only on the Earth.


"Head" means home. This, with which you can handle, it is the human head. That's why, if you can not resolve any question, measure your head. This head should think. As frustrated, you will say: "This head should not be discouraged." What does discouragement mean? Thoughts are not transmitted on the radio, there is shivering. You listen, but you can not grasp. When a radio is very well done, the speech is transmitted clearly; these parasitic waves do not interfere. And we have such parasites. You think, but you can not grasp, so there are parasites. Then you get to serve with short waves. There these parasites do not exist. Or said in another way: man has to lift over the evil, to get rid of the parasitic waves of evil. When a man is approaching evil, evil is what gives the parasitic waves, you become entangled and you can not think straight.


I ask metaphysically: where from have these oscillations appeared in nature, 6 thousand per second, forming the sound and the 6 million forming the first sense, which appears, or 40 million vibrations that give the first color? This is a phenomenon in nature. How to call these oscillations so that you understand them? Oscillations are reasonable manifestations. Things are measured.


For them, space is measured. All oscillations that have measured spaces, having harmonious relations, are correct. So between an oscillation and another there is a certain relation. So they express oscillations in the form of a wavy curve. In each vibration you have a convex part and a concave. In such a way the vibrations are running. Between a wave, a vibration and another vibration, there is certain relation, an empty space that is not filled. Then in this wave there are smaller waves. There are short and long waves. Short waves penetrate the long waves. If man wants his thought to penetrate things, he has to use the short waves. What is the scientific term for short waves, how do they call them? A weak thought has bigger waves. When the waves of a thought are shorter, the thought penetrates more. The more vibrations the thought has, the stronger it is; the less number of vibrations the thought has, the weaker it is. And you will come to the point, when the vibrations are reduced to some extent, the thought is lost. When the thought is lost the vibrations are weak. By strengthening the thought the vibrations could be so much that man still would not get it.


There is a certain limit of the human thought at present. To certain level, to a certain number of vibrations you can get it. You think about the infinity of space, but you come to a place and you are troubled. Do you want to know where the limit of infinite is, you think a day, or two, or three, you can not find the limit; you are like a traveler who has lost his way. You do not know where to go. Imagine that you enter the space to travel somewhere, how do you navigate? Imagine that you enter a space where all the objects are dark, there is no light. How to navigate? You can navigate if you have a center; the Sun is a bright center. The Sun is to the East, West is the opposite direction; then there is up and down. Imagine that you are moving into a dark space, an infinite space. How will you know where are you moving in the infinite space? How will you know how much you have walked? If you travel in an empty space, you will have no idea that you have walked someplace. Even if you have traveled millions and millions of miles, you would think you have been at place.


Man can not be healthy if he finds himself below, under a strong underground current, under a stream of water that develops tremendous power. Man can not be healthy if he puts his head in that direction in which the water flows. You have a house, but you say: "I do not like this house; there is something in it that creates some discomfort. There is a stream at the bottom. "The reason for this is that the soil where the house has been built is not magnetic but electric. As you get up in the morning, you feel agitated; you have in your body more electricity than you need, you do not know where and how to use it. So you move from one house to another. You have just placed in a good house, but soon comes the owner of the house and says, "Come on go to another house, I need this house." And finally you say to yourself, "It is like that when man has no house!" But if you have built your own house that is worth 150,000 Levs and then it appears that the soil on which it has been built is very electric and you can not live in it, what would you do? These are just practical rules that you should consider.


Changes in the human character are sometimes due to the place where he lives.


When you go to heaven, only then will you see if what I am talking to you about now is true. Only there you will check your beliefs, you will check Love. Love can not be checked on the Earth. On the Earth, there is no check at all. The check is only in that world. There is no man who can verify this, but he would verify it only in that world.


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