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Similarities and Influences


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Similarities and Influences


Imagine a creature that can move objects without steam, without electricity, just by altering their tilt angles. Imagine a large area, which is one thousand kilometers long and one thousand kilometers wide and the area is held by thousands of people in the plane. But then another creature with enormous power comes. It is enough this creature only to tilt a little the area to the Earth's equator for all the items that are on this area to begin to move. So the movement of these objects depends on the slope. If you want to give them a little movement, just tilt them, ie give them a small incline. This creature can play with these objects. As it tilts the area just see all the objects bend to one side or to the other and begin to move. How do you explain this phenomenon? What is this force that causes objects to move? Modern astronomers can not explain that. For instance, there is a comet that travels in space to come to a place and rotate around the Sun. Why? It is because the Sun attracts it. Then it goes away in space and maybe after 10 or after 100 000 or after 2,000 years it will still return to the same spot and will spin around the Sun. What is the force that attracts this comet around the Sun? And what is the force that pushes it away from the Sun? This is an abstract object.


You think this has nothing to do with you. You think the Sun, the Moon have no relation to you, you think the planets, the stars, have nothing to do with you, you think that beings from another world, the world of reason are irrelevant to you. But whether you are aware or not aware, the world exerts some influence on you - nothing else. If you are smart, you will serve with what you know and your life will be happy. If you are stupid, you will serve with what you do not know and your life will be full of misery. Misery in life is nothing else but conflicts. And ignorant people in the world are nothing else but blind people who are in permanent conflict with the reality.


There is a biological law that you need to learn: to study the relation of the Earth to the human body. You should study the relations of the stars to the human body. And you should be put into action this inside principle that people call Love. The only real thing in the world is Love. This is the Love that has created all the organisms. This is how I understand it. This Love has created all the plants, everything has created. This Love has born and the Sun as well. All the heaven and all these things are born by Love. I say: if you can understand this, it is good if you do not understand it – just leave it. All these things are born by Love. How has it born them? It has given birth to them! Then the other concepts that you need are the following: The Sun is only a lantern in the city of God. Millions of suns, these are lanterns, lit to illuminate the inhabitants of the Divine world.


When we talk about the awakening of the human consciousness, we mean the relationship of man with God. When they do not know this law, many people ask themselves, why they should think of God. If man does not think about God, nothing will become of him. God should exist as a powerful idea in the consciousness and in the mind of man. If man does not think of nature as a subject to study, where from would he draw those materials to work with? Where from will he acquire the spiritual light in himself? Man lives in the infinite space, where from he receives gifts from all the celestial bodies, as if from a loving mother. From my point of view, the universe presents to man a great mother who sends her myriad gifts. And despite of this large amount of gifts that man receives it does not come to his mind to thank with a single letter. You say that there is no mail for that world. No, there is a post office, but you have forgotten where it is. Moreover, all people think they are scientists, and they have forgotten where this post is. They are scientists, but they often forget the most important things.


Today the planets are considered as symbols, but in the future man will reach higher stage of development. He will penetrate their essence, he will know what secrets are hidden in them. Planets are living rational beings that man is directly connected with, but he does not know it, nor has he the knowledge of the beings inhabiting these planets.


At first you need to understand the principles and then to form a process of communicating vessels, because these interconnected vessels exist in nature. We should understand the law of communicating. Which people should you communicate with? If you want to become a genius you should do a form in your mind of genius and gradually these forces will come to communicate with brilliant people and little by little you will become a genius. These forces that act in them will start working in you as well. If you can connect your shape with brilliant people, you will become a genius, if you can not i, you will stay normal.


Now we will bring that great law: under the "influence of the planets" means certain principles that work.


Iron is one form. But iron is here, there is no iron on Mars. The iron, which Mars has, is on the Earth, and Mars is a trader away from Mars, who has bought all the iron, and no one has the right to have or operate with this iron without it. In this case, Mars is a principle, an underlying hidden principle. So you can not use the iron to see its power, if you do not know its hidden power, if you do not know Mars. People still do not understand what iron is or the origin of iron or its forces exerted by Mars on human life.


So I say: in this case you should astrologically find: All the planets are the principles that act on the human consciousness. Therefore, if you can understand the principle of Mars, then you can understand the Earth, the iron. When you find this form, it is related to the other forms. Then only you can convert one form to another form. And if you can make some form, you can develop its strengths.


The planets relate to certain elements, especially metals. The Moon is related to silver, the Sun - to gold, Mars - to iron. If a man suffers from a deficiency of one of these elements in his blood, he gets ill. To improve his condition, this element must be imported in his blood. In general, any disorder in the physical body, either in the sympathetic or the nervous system shows a lack of certain element in his blood. As soon as the necessary quantity of an element is obtained, the condition of the body improves. The absence of any element in the blood is obtained not only from the food but also through the thoughts and the feelings of man. There are occasions when the body feels need of certain thoughts and feelings. They must necessarily enter into the mind and the heart of man. Knowing this, you should use astrology and through self-education to build up the nervous system. Then through the thoughts and the feelings you will bring in the blood all the elements that you feel poverty. This is a science that must be studied not only theoretically but also practically. This knowledge is not acquired overnight, but gradually.


Now I recommend you do a little botany. Someone who is not familiar with the plants still lacks something. And no one can enter heaven unless in course of botany, of plants. As you enter the door of the garden, there will be a commission that will test you in botany; then they will test you in zoology. Adam has kept a pretty good test of zoology, but when Eve has come, that has come out of him; they have put her in the plants. She has used a plant, has taken a fruit from a plant and has used it. Now can you tell in what mix she has eaten this fruit? ("She has eaten it in highly unfavorable combination.") Which are the ominous planets? ("They are Saturn and Mars. Saturn has imported these thoughts: "What's wrong if I eat?" And Mars has given him the courage to do it. ") And where have the other principles been? They have been silent. They have made a mistake for which we are stretched.


The influence of the planets is inevitable because they impact on the Earth, and therefore to us. Today the planets are considered as symbols, but in the future man will reach higher stage of development. He will penetrate their essence; he will know what secrets are hidden in them. The planets are living, sentient beings that man is directly connected with, but he does not know it, nor has he the knowledge of the beings inhabiting these planets.


Man has passed through all the planets. This finger, the middle one, has been formed when man has been on Saturn. The first finger has been formed when man has been on Jupiter. The third finger has been formed when man has been on the Sun. The fourth finger has been formed when man has been on Mercury. Where is Venus in palmistry area? When he passed through Venus the material side of man has been formed.


You have been on these planets! Everyone who has ambition, has been on Jupiter, everyone who blows the pumpkins has been on Saturn, anyone who likes to fight, argue, has been on Mars. We see only the physical planets; we see only the results and not the causes.


Modern people need to study the dynamics of the human body in relation to the planetary influences on it. Thus man will understand that certain body cells are under the influence of the Sun, others - under the influence of Sirius, the third - under the influence of Jupiter, etc. In general, with the more exalted creatures and planets man is connected, the more sublime and processed is the matter of his body. The more processed the matter of the human body is, the more sublime his life is. The level of human development is determined by the matter of his body. Human life is expressed through matter. The more developed the consciousness of man is, the more associated with the stars and planets he is. When using the influence of all the suns in space, man attains perfection.


"Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Doctrine of the Spirit is actually teaching that people today deny. Father is the creator of things. Spirit implies unity, implies an entity of things. Christ, the Son represents the juices that are constantly flowing in the Tree of Life. Spirit represents the conditions in which we live. Modern astrologers say that a man is in communion with the universe, ie all the beings are in a relationship between each other. The heart, the brain, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth are like doors through which pass the forces, corresponding to certain beings in the space. When between some of them starts fighting, in that part of the body man can feel a difference. Indeed, we see that he begins to complain of pain in the arm, the leg or any other part of the body. This is due to some external influence that comes, as scientists say, from Jupiter or Saturn or Mars, etc.


Someone will object: "How can Mars, for example, influence people?" My question is: if a nation with its thoughts can affect other nation, why can not a planet do the same? We see that England, France, Germany, Russia and other countries influence each other. On the same grounds, and the creatures that live on Mars through their thoughts have an influence on people. Their thoughts pass through the space, forming a current. Who falls under the influence of this current, he becomes belligerent.


There is a whole theory about the creation of the world. You can read about the original ether, of which the world has been created. There are centers of this ether that certain currents strive to and from each center on the top light is formed and heat is formed. These things are hard to explain and understand. This ether does not exist outside of us. The whole man is made out of ether only. If man understands the structure of his body, he will understand and the structure of the whole universe. All these bodies that exist in the universe, in man exist in miniature. All the stars are there in the human body. The same orbits, the same distances are observed. Not only that, but all the nebulae - and they exist in the body. There is ratio. That's why people are called a 'microcosmos'. It is a whole system that you have to study. If you do not understand the little universe in yourself, you can not understand the great macrocosmos, where the bodies are developing in their natural and normal way. Man, sometimes, when he can not understand some things, he gets discouraged and the question is only to understand his universe. The reasonable in the world is relevant to us. It wants to make sense of our lives, make us to be disciples and to be co-workers in life, to live, to use the benefits that it provides. This being that has sent us to the Earth, it does not want us to suffer, it does not want us to be ill, it does not want us to die, it does not want us to be imprisoned. This is not in its program.


You must have a thin wit to see that all things in nature are reasonable. There is an intimate connection that the heart of nature has established among all the animals and the humans. Anyone who has broken his relationship with God dies immediately. The heart of nature holds life and prolongs life. If you break the second connection - with the mind of Sun you will instantly become mad. You should keep the relation of your mind to the Sun, with the heart of nature and soul of the universe. Your heart is pulsing approximately as the pulse of nature. In some people, if the heart rate differs, it is according to the density of the environment in which they live. As man is organized, so are the beats. There are some mathematical relations of the beats. The hearts of nature, of people and of animals are connected. Through the heart of nature you will enter in a common contact. Until you do not know the heart of nature, while functioning with your heart, your love will be limited.


Your heart is like the heart of nature. Every cell in your body has a heart, and each of these hearts is connected with this common heart – they beat accordingly to this heart. When this heart is in malfunction with the general body, the body dies. If you admit the heart of nature, you can be treated. If you get hurt, then the heart of nature and its cells come to rescue the wound and it is immediately healed.


Piety in man contains three things: pious man must have love relations with all the living beings. He has to wish good to others as well as to himself. This is expressed on man's face. The man's face is the visible side of Love. Human head shows the wisdom that is embedded in it. It is the capital in its possession. In turn, what human will can do it is put in his hands. And who does not understand the meaning of his face, head, hands; he knows nothing of life that is given to him. You can believe in what you want, but this belief is not justified. If I have a hand, I'm in contact with all people; when I have a face like recipient, I'm in contact with live Nature and finally I have brain, so I am in contact with the whole cosmos. That way I can do whatever I want Our body is related to all the forces acting in nature and the universe. Matter is a reflection of the Spirit.


In the creation of the human body is hidden a great mystery. When it is said that the planets have an influence on the human body, it shows that they have given it something. It is a law of nature. Influence is only there, where there are relations of giving and taking.


In the occult science the matter that man has been made of is not only from the Earth. For the cosmic man matter is taken from the entire universe, from all the suns and the planets have been taken small amounts and the present body has been assembled.


This matter is related to us and influences us. As much matter we have taken from the planets, so much will be the impact they have on us in physical and mental terms.


I do not recommend you to think how old you are. You say: "I am 45 years old." 45 years what do they mean? If you are 45 years old and go to Jupiter, where it takes 12 years to Jupiter, to make a circle around the Sun - on Jupiter you will be almost 3 and a half years old. If you go to the Sun when you are 45 years old, these years will draw one minute - you will be in a child's life for one minute. Every year is important with what you have acquired during the year.


It is the year. As your 45 years, what you have gained. If you have learned to play for 45 years so to play, to resurrect people, you have learned. If you have learned to speak for 45 years and to become eloquent, saying that wherever you go, all the suffering goes, you have learned. You're 45 years old and say, "We have suffered a lot". I do not want to talk about suffering. We have suffered a lot, so we have not fulfilled God's law. In fulfilment of God's law is the sense of human life. A breach of the law of God is the meaning of all the sufferings of life.


You should all learn to study. Study yourself; study your neighbors, study nature, study plants, animals, water, air, the stars, the Sun. Study the snow, study everything. It is not a question just to sit at home and to sweep. You do not know for so many years, how much dust is lifted in one sweep. From everything you should learn.


Your brain represents the Sun, your heart, the solar plexus presents the Earth itself; the liver presents the Moon that moves.


Every man has in his brain a sun; in his heart he has a moon. All the stars are inside him. The human heart, it has planets inside. In his head he has a Jupiter, in his head he has a Saturn, critically looking at the work. In his head he has a Martian, who loves to fight. In his head he has a Venus, loving to deal with love works. In his head he has Mercury that deals with commercial work. It is roughly said. Trade works, works pretty well, brings people together. Because every nation produces something, an exchange of products is going, of what is produced.


The respiratory system, the stomach and the nervous system have been created under different conditions and times under the influence of the planets. The same is valid for the parts of the body. For example, the hands are under the influence of Gemini and Mercury, the feet - under the influence of Pisces and Jupiter, the lungs - under the influence of Cancer, the head - mainly under the influence of Aries.


The astrological signs are not only outside man, but within him, in his brain. In the human brain there is a sun around which all the planets move. Whatever you see in the sky, it is in the brain. The movement of forces of power centers in the brain, is nothing else than the influence of the outer planets on the human brain. All astrological signs man carries in himself, in the brain.


The top of the head is the Moon, the forehead is reflecting the cold light, and the spoon is the reflection of the sunlight. At the solar plexus if you put your hand you should feel the heat. The solar split is the heart of man. There are three hearts: one heart is the spoon, another is between the lungs and the third is at the back of the head. When the solar split is operating properly, when the heart moves the blood properly, this is the normal state.


Mental world in the physical world is the head, sensual world are the lungs and volitional world is the stomach. There are three worlds together in one physical body. The head is a related to the mental world. Our mental world is connected with the Moon. Anyway, you will not suddenly connect to the Sun, because the human brain is not enough organized - if you accept energy directly from the Sun it will disrupt the brain. The energy of the Sun should pass through the Moon and the Moon should come into the brain or in other words: solar energy is absorbed by the solar plexus, the glands which produce gastric brain and from there the energy is transmitted up to the brain above. You have to transform solar energy to be affordable for the current human development.


The young have not yet they built the spiritual authority over which Saturn, Uranus and Mercury are beneficial. They have not yet developed their spiritual bodies and as they find themselves under the influence of these planets, the young use their spiritual strength for their physical needs. As a result they roughen. If man can not give an exact expression of the spiritual forces within himself, he surely roughens. It is impossible with physical efforts to have spiritual achievements.


If you cut this number, your things start not to go: you have 7 million pores 7,000,000 antennas at each window. If any of these windows are blocked, your things do not go. All the windows when you wake up in the morning should be open. All these 7,000,000 antennas must be tuned to perceive everything that happens in the world. These antennas are for the invisible world. Love has its own antennas Intelligence has its own antennas; Truth has its own antennas. Everything in the world has its antennas! As you perceive what happens in the outside world, you will be able to use it. You have such a wonderful radio! I am glad that my friends have a small radio. Some have big, but the best radio is the head. There is no better radio. This radio and with 4-5 billion you can not do it. There are antennas for the Sun, what happens there, there are antennas for the Moon, for Jupiter, for Venus, for Mars, for Uranus, for Neptune, for Sirius for all constellation, for all the stars in all universes.


The present man does not perceive correctly the energies of space, resulting in certain places in the body to be accumulated more energy than they should, while others - less. This misallocation of energies creates misery and suffering. Nature abhors any excess.


When does man get sick? He gets sick when his blood is impure. When the venous blood in the human body is purified and becomes arterial, man ceases to be sick. The blood of man should be absolutely pure and should not contain any impurities, no foreign elements, which are able to change his way of thinking and feeling. If in the blood dominates iron, it produces a kind of thoughts, if copper prevails - it produces a different kind of thoughts. In general, each element - iron, copper, tin, lead, silver; gold - produces specific influence on the thoughts and feelings of man. Depending on what elements prevail in man from astrological point of view, people are divided into different types: terrestrial, Jupiterian, Merkurian, Saturnian, Venerial, etc. Each type represents certain powers contained in man. The simpler a man is, the less the planets affect him. Great and brilliant people are usually mixed types, ie they are under the influence of many planets. They are multi-sided and wide-breast people. All the organs – the brain, the lungs, the heart, the stomach are proportionately developed, their relation is normal. Genius and sanctity of man depends on the proper and normal relations between the brain, the lungs and the stomach.


Man is related to space, he is the microcosmos, so everything out that is in the macrocosmos, is within man as well. As many planets and stars there are out, so many there are inside the human brain. Internal Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are connected with the external. You have an inner sun as well, which is related to the external.


The scientists have found out that the center of Mars is around the ears and a little above them. The center of the Earth is aside of the head and slightly in front, where the center of cupidity is. The center of Jupiter is slightly above. Man should know where in the body are the centers of the Milky Way and the stars of the first magnitude. Some influences of Venus are behind the head, while others are above the head, where the center of compassion is. Each planet has three effects on man physical, astral and mental. Venus as a morning star and as an evening star has different effects on people. Then the phases of Venus influence. Venus has four phases: two emptying and two filling. In the rising the phases are descending and in the filling – ascending. Unfortunately, now astrology is studied as geometry and life is not put into it.


According to the thickness of the gray matter is the performance of the human brain. The larger striations are in this gray matter, the stronger the thought is. The brain is similar to the Earth, which in itself does not bear, but creativity comes from space - it is the Sun acting on the Earth's surface, and as there is a foundation, the Sun builds, produces; creates. The human spirit is the human heart that shines like the brain, gives rise to these thoughts. And the ox thinks, but in an ox’s way; and the snake thinks, but in a snake’s way; and the lizard, and the fly, they also think, but in their own ways. Our current body is the result of thought, we have, according to this thought we build it. You can make your lungs very broad or your head much bigger, but that's not important, the important is whether the brain will be able to process it. Knowing how to master our minds, we will find the laws by which we will master the Earth.


The heart can not be healthy if it does not connect with the Sun. There is a way to connect with the energy of the Sun. The mind can not be healthy; the brain can not be healthy if man does not know how to connect to the Moon. And the stomach can not be healthy, active, if not connected with Mars. They are the planetary influences. There are certain energies, currents, which should be contacted.


The same planet during the year has different impacts on man. Why? It is because during the year there are different changes on it as well.


Throughout the day, the effects of all the planets will pass through the human body. Some will have a positive effect, some will have negative impact, and so they are building the temperament of man.


From astrological point of view, if you make someone a horoscope, you can pinpoint the year, the day and the time when an important event in his life will happen, that will have crucial importance to him. If he is reasonable, he can avoid the event.


Do not stop the internal processes of your life! There are natural processes of your body; there are processes of your heart and your mind. Never stop Divine processes which nature uses! And anyone who has stopped such a process, he has stopped the wheel of fortune. When man stops the processes of nature, this great work there, he is unhappy. Or said in another way: always be in harmony with the sound of nature. Anything that you want to achieve, accomplish it in one reasonable way in which living nature desires it. Before you have been born on the Earth, it has provided everything for you. And there is nothing that anyone would take from you, but what your real nature has drawn. Take physiognomic, astrology, palmistry, all the occult sciences and all others who determine that man carries his gifts with him. For example, there it is shown that on the 20th or 30th year there is a matching of the planets, or a matching for getting rich or matching for a journey, or matching for joining a university, meet up with some people and lift up. When this time comes, immediately the conditions become favorable. Or somewhere astrologically it is put that in such time you will have a great misfortune. And to protect you, be very careful while this crisis passes. All these things are envisaged in life. In all occult sciences the exceptions are very small, and the goods that are put, are more.


Pick a plum, a cherry and kiss it three times: once for the Sun, once for the Moon, and once again for Jupiter. Stop at number 3, do not go further. To see what you will experience. If you have had one sad state of mind, you will see if it will change, or if you have had a painful condition of the stomach, to see if it will change. The experiment should be based on something real. If you make an experiment and there are no results or a half only, you have not done them properly. Nature responds to all experiments that are rational. Any rational thing is a blessing to man.


This is the way you all should consider. But it is a very difficult way. Tough is for the only reason that many of you are not familiar, and even those who are familiar with astrology, can not serve with this knowledge. For instance, a chart for yourself you can not do. And when you make a horoscope, you do not believe it. You yourself do it, you see it and you do not believe it, you look for something else. But once you hit your head, you say: "I saw it, but I did not believe it." If it's a science you should believe! Besides, sometimes you make a horoscope, the time comes, you have not done the calculations correctly, and when it fails, you will be deceived. But this is due to the calculation, which is not right. Man can put himself to a study, as a second person - not to be interested.


The most favorable conditions are on the equator, because the heat there is the greatest. The North Pole is cold. There the cold is the greatest and on the equator the heat is the greatest.


Therefore there is balance between these two forces. Now, where is the north pole of man and where is his south pole? The head is the north pole of man, the equator is his navel and his legs are his south pole. There, where the stomach is, is the equator. Digestion is put at the warmest. The most favorable conditions nutrition has. The lungs are located in the temperate zones. Just the thought is in the cold region. If we pay more attention to the stomach, we live on the equator. If we pay more attention to the heart, we live in a temperate zone. If we pay more attention to the thoughs – we are on the cold pole. Hence, life will be hard, where man pays more attention. Now, sometimes you look at people and say: "They eat and drink!" they are on the equator. Someone works more – he is in the temperate zones. Someone is in the cold zone - there the mind works. Each one of you should know in what area of life works and should take appropriate measures in order to cope. Do you think that all the people are at the same place? The Moon is the mother of the man, of religion; all religions are formed by the Moon. And life itself, the forms of life, the ways how life is now formed, are organized by the Sun, and the matter that things are dressed in, are taken from the Earth. Therefore, the mother is dealing with the human mind, the Sun deals with the heart of man, and the Earth is concerned with the whole man, with the human body. This is a sketch and then come the other planets.


How will I know what changes have occurred in the body itself? If we have an excellent blood circulation system, if we have an excellent respiratory system, we will have an excellent temperament, we will be happy, cheerful, optimistic, then the influence of the Sun acts positively, and if we have the influences of the Moon, how could we guess that? If the influence of the Moon has taken the upper hand, then I will have prevailing influence of the venous blood, because the Moon increases, creates things, but does not give them direction; the Sun creates them and gives them direction; but in this case the Earth is only a publican, it loves just to take it like one banker and keeps an accurate account: whatever it gives you, you will pay it exactly. It holds a double expense accounting. If at man overcomes the influence of the Earth, he will be greedy, he will be selfish to willy-nilly. He is banker.


Now thought is supported by the Moon. The solar unit is supported by the Sun. These two systems are intertwined, and the Sun and the Moon are two springs, of which man takes energy.


The heart can not be healthy if you do not connect to the Sun. There is a way to connect with the energy of the Sun. The mind can not be healthy; the brain can not be healthy if you do not know how to connect to the Moon. And the stomach can not be healthy, active, if not connected with Mars.


Now according to the law of evolution the heart will go to the right side or will come in the middle. It will go neither to the left nor to the right, or less to the right. It is because there are currents that run right to left, they will replace heart. Those of you, whose heart is to the left, are going down. All of you have not stopped going down. When the heart starts moving to the right, then you will find out that you are going up into the sky. Now you have not yet started. This work will be very hard work. I say: at first the projection should be moved. At first you need to replace feelings. For instance, the branches that are to the south are slightly longer than those to the north. Fruits, born of the same tree, that are to the south, are slightly sweeter than those to the north. What determines this? If you take the poles and the equator of the Earth, the Sun's rays fall perpendicular to the equator and to the poles - bent. In the northern and southern hemisphere they fall tilted and they do not take so much light and heat as on the equator. So I say: this law is the same. In us, the Divine Sun rays do not fall perpendicularly. Many of you are far from the equator, are far from the Divine equator, some are even on the north pole, some are on the south pole.


If you take the North and South poles, the distance in a straight line, it is 12,000 km. It is to the Earth. But in a cage these poles are close to each other, not so much away. On the Earth they are apart. On each little bit there is a north and a south pole. Why is the south pole down, and the north - up? By taking the orbit, the way in which the Earth moves, the South Pole is at the bottom, it is heavier. One day, when the North Pole becomes heavier, the entire axis will be turned. If the north becomes south and the south becomes north, what would happen to the Earth? Even under present conditions gradually the axis stands. The axis stands, because the south is heavier. These are abstract works, but any change that is happening on the Earth is happening in us either. And your mind should have the same slopes.


The North and South Pole have a lot of water collected in the solid state. It is capital, but that capital should be changed. Certain current is formed, you get off; you go around the Earth. The most favorable conditions are on the equator, because there the heat is the greatest. The North Pole is cold. There the cold is the greatest and on the equator the heat is the greatest.


Therefore there is balance between these two forces. Now, where is the north pole of man and where the south pole is? The head is the North Pole, the equator is his navel and the legs are the South Pole. There, where the stomach is, is the equator. Digestion is put on the warmest. The most favorable conditions nutrition has. The lungs are located in the temperate zones. Just the thought is in the cold region. If we pay more attention to the stomach, live on the equator. If we pay more attention to the heart, we live in a temperate zone. If we pay more attention to the thoughts, we are in the cold pole. Hence, life will be enhanced where man pays more attention. Now, sometimes you look at people and say: "Eat and drink!" Man is on the equator. Someone works more – he is in temperate zones. Someone is in the cold zone - there the mind works. Each one of you should know what area of life he works in and should take appropriate measures in order to cope. Do you think that all people are at the same place? Now anyone with small ideas will say: "What a strange thing! How dare people say that they carry the Earth and the solar system on their back, or that they are masters of the universe? Could it be? "Let's say you're a master of the universe – it implies that you have traveled it from one end to the other. For the reasonable man the distance from his head to his feet represents the whole universe. Therefore, when he says he is the master of the universe, it implies that he knows his body from the head to the toe. So he carries the universe in himself. And as much time he needs to stretch his hands from the head to the foot, so much time he would need to travel from one end of the universe to the other. It is enough to move his hand and he will instantly go from one end of the universe to the other. Things are distant only when separated from the general body. Once everyone is together in the body, they are close. The term "close" refers to the organization of all sentient beings together. Non-organized means away.


When you say that someone has offended you or hinder you with something, then either this being that offended you, is out of the total body, and you're in it, or both of you are out of this organism. If you are both in the general body, between you can not be any contradiction. Can there be any conflict between the fingers? So what that some fingers are on the left and some - on the right hand? Whether some fingers are on the left and the other - on the right hand, is indifferent, they can help one another.


When a man freely, voluntarily makes a service, I call it "sunny" way. It is because there are three ways. Sometimes, when you look at a man, he says: "Can I make you a favor?" These people I call them "sunny". Twice as you look at him, he says: "Can I make you a favor?" It is a lunar type. Three times as you look at him, he says: "Can I make you a favor?" This is a Jovian type. The best people are the solar types. They look at you immediately ready to do you a favor. They look at you, to see what you can borrow. The other two should be telling them that you have no father, no mother you have, you have no friends, you have no sister, only then they go into your situation. Solar type does not want to know if you have a father or mother, he says: "This man needs. To this man should be done a good. "And he does it. I would like you to be solar types. I've met very few solar types.


The clear sunny types have abundance, they are bearers of life and go from planet to planet as trippers, and then they return to the Sun. Each sunny type, passing through the Earth, leaves an impact on the Earth. Many solar types that we have on the Earth are reflects of the Sun's types who have been through it. Being under the influence of the Sun, means you can be so filled with light that can not be tempted. When comes the sunny type, then all the others can be harmonized, then we have perfect people.


Sometimes astrologers speak of the sunny type in the world. The solar types in the world are of that Divine smile. Only reasonable man has a smile. When you see someone, do not forget the solar type. When he smiles to the dead, the dead becomes alive. Smile, that can not bring consolation, it's not a smile. I believe that the first ray of Sun, it's the best smile. There is a time, just before the Sun appears, then you have a nice smile, and if the artists were able to paint, they would have created one of the most beautiful forms that exist in the physical world.


You will grow and one day you will become like angels, good and beautiful. Then people will not be that depressed as they are now. You will have bright faces, clear eyes and clean look. Then we will not talk about the funeral, but you will speak a completely different language. Wherever you want you will walk. You will walk on the Moon, on Jupiter, on Saturn, and even on Sirius. If you are bored by the life on the Earth, you can wander the planets and the different star. Then the issues will be resolved easily. When a man and a woman do not get along, she will get a ticket and go to the Sun. From there she will send a telegram to her husband and tell him: "I am on the Sun." The man would be astonished that she has gone to the Sun, but nothing to say. Man can no longer command the woman, who goes to the Sun and back. The woman can not command a man who goes to the Sun. However, if you can not go to the Sun, you will be ordered. If you want to be free, go to the Sun, and walk, then go back again. I often advise you to go to the Sun. In the Scripture it is said: "Sun of life." So there is another sun.

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