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The head is the first experiment; the most ingenious thing man has created till now. All the animals - wolves, bears, tigers, sheep, etc. have created homes for themselves, but such a comfortable home, such as the human head, no animal has created. The head is in connection with any living creature. It has its apparatus: its radio, its trains; its communications. It is in contact with the stars, the sun, all the planets, all the universe in general, as well as with God. These connections are made with the head only. Once you push the radio you will immediately speak with God.


Someone’s radio has got rust and he can not enter into communication with God and asks:"Where is God?" Push the radio and you will hear the voice of God.


The human brain is an organ of the human thought. In it we experiment the thought. So when it comes to the thought, we understand the brain. As we come to the human brain, we see that on the thickness and on the quality of the gray matter depends the productivity of the human thought. The larger the striations of the gray matter are, the stronger the thought is. Some say that the brain itself produces the thought. This is not right. The human brain is similar to the Earth, which in itself does not bear. The creative force of the Earth comes from space, from the Sun, acting on its surface. Because the Earth has its foundation, on this basis, namely the Sun builds; produces; creates. The human spirit is the human Sun that shines on as the brain generates thoughts.


Each creature thinks. You think that the ox does not think. And the ox thinks, but in an ox way, ox-limited, and the snake and the lizard and the fly - every creature thinks, but according to its thought it is creating its own house or its body, or the body to live in. Our present body is the result of our thinking. Man builds according to his thought. By thinking man can extend his lungs as he wants. If the human spirit is making an effort, it can make a man's head very large, but it is not enough only his head to be large. It is whether he will be able to process it.


The pyramidal cells on the surface of the brain are carriers of human thought. When man thinks these cells stand, touching their feet each other and then man thinks, and when man is resting, these cells are bent.


The brain is connected to the Moon. In my research I have come to one conclusion. They say that the Earth is 56 times larger than the Moon. The brain that a man has should be proportional to his weight. If the brain is 1200 grams, what should be the weight of man? A man who has a brain of 1200 g, his height should not be higher than 165 cm; his shoulders should not be wider than 64 cm. It is scientific data.


In the human brain there are whole areas that are empty, not developed. They are like deserts. Why are these places empty? No water in them. Water is lost somewhere, about 2-3 thousand meters in depth. Why has this happened, and it has its reasons. Now Sahara is one of the worst places to live but one day it could be flooded by the Mediterranean Sea and could become a good place to live. Then the Europeans could live on the edge of Africa.


I say: modern people have such a Sahara in their brains. As in the world there are 5 continents and in the human head there are 5 foreheads. Today, only the front part of one of the foreheads is being developed, and all these five fronts have to be well developed. It has originally been developed the side of the human brain, as even today we see in animals, mainly carnivorous animals - tigers, lions and others. Herbivores develop another part of their brain. Only man has consciously started working to develop and other parts of his brain.


To man are given mainly two areas of the brain to develop. He must conquer these two areas of the brain. These areas are moral and mental. He has to develop them. In order to develop them properly, he needs to understand the laws of nature. If he develops them properly, then in the top part of the brain will be born female hormones, and in the front part of the brain will be born male hormones. By joining these two types of hormones, they will produce a new form that will cause rejuvenation.


One day mankind on the Earth will be organized as the brain is organized now. The brain has 3 billion and 600 million cells that have divided the work.


At the present state of the evolution, the light has four directions on the physical plane, four directions of waves, weaker and less dense and the less dense form the back part of the brain. Then the head grows to the back. As the weight of the brain in animals is behind the ears and due to this these animals are forced to walk on all fours. The plants weight is below, in the roots, therefore they are forced to be placed upside down in the ground to keep balance. In man the movement of the light is in front. The weight of the brain is in front, in front of the ears and consequently man has been forced to stand on two feet to keep balance. The fourth state begins now; it is able to form up purely spiritual Divine feelings in man - senior supersensitive world. So, when the light in you acts in four directions – back, inside, up and front, to form a cross. Then, when we draw this cross, according to the length of each side of the cross we will know in which direction the light is stronger. If the western part of the cross is developed, then the animal nature is stronger. If the bottom of the cross is longer, then plant aspirations in you are more developed. If the east side of the cross is longer, then human abilities and senses are more developed. Opposite up, the top shows the Divine in man.


So, if you drop down a vertical surface upside down, parallel to the human head, it splits into two. The rear part is the left path of his movement, and the front part of the head is the right path. If you drop another area from west to east, you have another division: the right side of the brain is right, and the left side of the brain – this is the wider road. The first only shows the state of the soul. The goal, it is left path, in principle. And the straight path - that is already action. Because on the right path goes only man who works and goes near those who do not work.


Between the Sun and the body exists such a connection like that between God and the human soul - without this connection man can not develop. The mind of man can flourish only under the influence of God's Spirit.


If you want to understand man, to know what capital he carries, pay attention to his brain. There is a science that people still do not know; it's so called "brain science." If you open the brain and watch the changes taking place in the pyramidal cells of the brain and in the gray matter, you will notice that in the different people - poets, scientists, philosophers, virtuous and righteous, the changes are different. The brains of all people are not equally organized, that is why they appear different. In general, the brain cells, and cells of the nervous system of a righteous man are different from the cells of ordinary people.


The brain system is like the roots, while the branches are similar to the sympathetic nervous system. In plants the head is below, the cerebral system is below, but the sympathetic nervous system is above. In humans we have the opposite process, the brain system is up and the sympathetic nervous system is down. This is the path that is outgoing.


When man has descended, he has been under the influence of the forces that have been in the center of the Earth. The roots are attracted to the center of the Earth, are attracted by the Earth. The head represents the branches; the roots represent the sympathetic nervous system. Branches above represent the brain system. But earlier it has been the opposite: his sympathetic nervous system has been in the branches, and the brain system has been in the roots. You can imagine - then the man's head has been buried in the ground, and the sympathetic nervous system has been outside, in the leaves. The leaves have been his lungs. His lungs have been out, he has been breathing with these leaves.


The entire surface of the human brain and the human body is a recipient of various energies that come from everywhere, from the entire nature.


The mind and the heart are working with energies that work in two opposite directions: the heart works from left to right and the brain - from right to left. From these two energies is formed a whole circle. If the energies are not found in this way, there will be no light.


Sometimes you make mistakes for the sole reason that you do not have enough light. Not that you are not good. You are good, but you do not have enough light in your brain, because one hemisphere of your brain is unorganized. Man now works only with his right hemisphere.


One hemisphere sits in the stock; the left hemisphere sits in stock. Because of this the brain abilities and the feelings, the brain centres that man works with, some of them are semi-developed.


The heart like a pump should pump the blood and should spread it throughout the whole body, to feed the entire organism. The work of the mind is to send electricity to the brain, to the entire brain system for a man to be able to work. Man works through the nervous system. If the nervous system is not working, no work in the body can be done. Therefore, man must be very careful not to end somehow the Divine energies in nature.


In the Sun there is music - it affects the solar mind. There is music and from the Moon - it affects the mind. Our music is not yet the music of the Sun; it is music of the Moon.


The brain has specific cells that perceive the light of the Sun in all its scales, which are 52 in number. We perceive only two. Other cells perceive the energies of the Earth.


If white light would be used in the human mind as well as it should, the brain would be placed in the normal state. But in the current situation the human brain usually takes many more from the red rays of the Sun and consequently the people are very martial.


Thought is at front, with the front part of the head, with the forehead man thinks. When man thinks with the rear part of the head, it is feelings. He feels with the top, he feels with the side of his head, he feels with the rear part of the head, but the thought is just ahead. Only with the bare part of the human face, where there is no hair, just with it man thinks. With those parts, where there is hair, man just feels.


In the front of the brain are formed some white threads that are woven of human consciousness. On these white threads depends how a man perceives light; on them depends how he perceives hearing. Each of you can make an experiment. We perceive sounds, but sometimes we perceive and some thoughts. A man thinks something and another says: "Yes, what would you like to tell me." He did not tell him anything, but while thinking that the other has grasped the thought. Ear, in this man is highly developed and he perceives thought as a sound. There are sounds concealed formed by Love and reflections of them. You know that this sound just love can produce it. As good comes only it can produce it. There is a sound that only love can produce. Only rational man can produce a sound. There is nothing hidden covered in the world. Things are hidden and covered for those who do not understand God's laws. So possibly ever strive to ennoble yourselves. So listen to your mind, to the beautiful in mind. That mind which does not produce in you a concussion. Whenever comes a nice thought, it rises you up. Listen to your heart - when a noble feeling comes to you, you again feel more rised.


Music heals. In the treatment of any disease is not required any great art. Modern physicians serve with some drugs that dull the sensitivity of man and he does not feel great pain. The pain is located on the front of the brain. There are numerous white threads. Modern man feels the pain more than the man of the past. He is more sensitive. The brain has a line connecting threads that convey resistance to the brain. Some large resistances are transmitted as major obstacles, but once these obstacles are transmitted as much pain. And so man can not stop this pain so that he does not feel it. When some major surgery is needed to be done on the human body, doctors anesthetize with cocaine the hurts, so that man does not feel any pain. Indeed, the affected area becomes insensitive as wood and the doctor cuts calmly. However, as the operation is over, the pain is doubled. Nature does not like to be pressed her energies.


The brain must be kept in normal condition. Modern humans have depleted brain. Why? They worry about anything and even the smallest things.


All people draw new plans and projects for God. All projects that people make to God, will go into the archives of oblivion. Before that God reviews every human project, each human discontent, and then sends it in the archives. From there, it is sent back to the Earth.


The Sun has three phases. Our supreme rationality is governed by the solar energy. Our heart, it is also governed by the Sun; our activity is regulated by the Sun. You think the light comes from the mind. No, at all the mind does not still give light. If you take your mind, your brain is cold. The brain substance is the most consistent. There is a lot of pressure, but it passes it. In various diseases the body can lose 30 to 40 pounds, the brain is not lost at all, it is very resistant. The brain is under another influence. The only thing that is associated with the Sun, it is the heart - the solar unit. The closest to the heart is the solar unit, or soul, which is linked to the Sun.


For now thought is supported by the Moon. The solar unit is supported by the Sun. These two systems are intertwined, and the Sun and the Moon are two springs, of which man takes energy.


The inner heart, not what moves the blood, but the one that forms the feelings, is called "solar plexus." This sunny unit is a body that collects solar energy. The mind is an organ that collects energy from the Moon and other planets and stars, stores light and makes finest matter, the images of thought.


Mental world in the physical world is the head, sensual world are the lungs and volitional world is the stomach. These three worlds, together in one, form the physical body. The head has links with the thought world. Our mental world is connected with the Moon. However you think you can not directly connect to the Sun. The human brain is not organized and if you take energy directly from the Sun, it will be upset. This energy from the Sun should pass through the Moon and the Moon should come to mind. Or in other words: solar energy is received through the solar plexus by glands which produce gastric brain, and hence the energy is transmitted into the brain above. You have to transform solar energy to be affordable for the current human development.


The task of the modern science is to start studying the human brain from all sides.


It has not yet been studied properly. Misfortunes in modern life are due to the fact that the surface of our brain is not equally illuminated. And the surface of our heart is not equally illuminated. In this respect, our brain represents a solar system. The brain shows the movement of the Earth around the Sun, and the sympathetic nervous system represents the movement of the Earth around its axis. Therefore, the sympathetic nervous system is involved in digestion, as the Earth around its axis is concerned only with itself. All miseries on the Earth now come from that abnormal state in which are found our sympathetic nervous system and brain.


The brain has exactly the same planes like the Earth. As the Earth is structured, and the human brain is so developed - according to the rules of the Earth. In the future the Earth will have exactly the same shape like the head, so it will be grooved.


In the brain is noted the human thought. It is like a garden – as the soil in the human brain is, such will be and its thoughts. The human brain has the same zones as the Earth. In it the thoughts grow as the flowers grow on the Earth.


And man has the same belts and the Earth. For example, the tropical belt of man is in the ears. From this region arise all the miseries, all the bad things. From this tropic all the wars are created, all the materialism of the world. And those who are engaged in this research have found certain data. Some around the ears, around this tropic is formed a circle and if the diameter of the circle increases and comes to 19 inches or 21 cm in length and 14 cm in width, this man is gentle and peaceful. But if its width is 15 or 16 cm, this man is prone to crime. So when around the ears is formed an ellipse on the diameters of which depends the nature of man.


In your brain can gather enough energy to kill someone. Energy gathers today, tomorrow and if you do not know how to handle this energy one day inside you would be born a criminal desire. And in man with a criminal desire, those who study human nature have noticed that his head has begun to grow more in width than in height. When the ratio of the width and length are changed, crime will surely come. When the ratio is changed - there is a certain proportion, a mathematical relationship between the length and the breadth of the brain - when the brain becomes wider than long, crime comes and as a consequence of the width of the head explosions happen.


Good in man depends on the height of the brain Tis extension gives energy, stability of character. Length gives flexibility, mobility. Morality depends on the height of the brain. There is a respect - third line, if draw down to a horizontal plane, it is a perpendicular. There are two variables that are interlaced: width shows the power of man, and the height of the brain showed that moral and mental sustainability, which man has achieved - the perpendicular of the human brain shows the possibility that man has for achievements. Therefore, if this perpendicular has not correct slope to the plane of the lines, to the length and breadth of the brain, there are no new relationships. Then nothing in the world sould be achieved, and to be achieved, there are certain laws that have to be met at first between people. In the entire society, in the way of thinking, in public life, in the spiritual life, anywhere should be followed these rules. Now we have people with asymmetric heads. Displaced are the diameters, perpendiculars are misaligned and therefore have all the contradictions.


So, what is then required? To fix this perpendicular of man, this perpendicular should correspond to the center of the Sun and should correspond to the center of the Earth, and then the relations between the two lines should correspond to that area in which the entire solar system is moving. The width and the length of the diameter of this solar system, this is the orbit of the Earth and all the planets. Then you will have a ratio. Once we have this ratio, we will have a man of genius, we will have a saint, a mahatma. If there is an internal relation between these lines, then we will have ordinary people who are close to the straight line.


Imagine that AB is the long diameter of the human brain. This line represents a supergenious man. Such people do not exist organically. How many centimeters do you think that there are in this line? It's forty-one centimeters long and AD is twenty-one centimeters long, it shows the height of the head. This man is a genius of evil; this man will make a lot of bad. He has no control. He resembles water, dragging everything, rocks; trees. So it's not a man who has organized himself. I often say that your energy should be organized, the matter that you have should be organized. You say: we should bear. Patience is a process of organizing, charity is a process of organizing, prudence is a process of organizing; music is a process of organizing. You should be organized. AC is already a line of manifestation. These are the main given lines. What is AC? AC is the hypotenuse.


The human brain is not equally organized. Part of the human brain is semi-organized. The human brain, and it is in a process of development, and all the misfortunes in the world come from the unorganised human brain.


For instance, you will find that someone’s all miseries arise from the back of his brain. His head is so turned that there is much more brain at the back than in front. And this, hindbrain, it likes to eat a lot and drink extensively, loves facilities in the world and therefore goes in debts and is just paying debts all life long. If the cerebellum is not organized, you know what will come of it. All the evil to man comes from the cerebellum.


If unorganised, it will not be satisfied. If it is a man, he will not be satisfied with a maid: 2, 3, 5 or 10 maids wants to be hovering. If it is a woman, she loves to have not a man, not a servant, but she wants 10 men servants as she can not tolerate women.


Wisdom and deep knowledge is necessary to have for the origin. Man has a great origin. He has forgotten that, but it is enough only to remember it. Man comes from a place of light, he enters the darkness, but the darkness is fleeting and man will go back to the light, where from he has come. The world is not an illusion. It is not a world of air; it is not a water world, a world that we can describe, but a world in which there is eternal happiness, eternal joy. A world in which there is absolutely no contradiction and everything that your soul desires, could be achieved, it will not be so limited. These are the future prospectives. I'm talking about things that can happen in millions of years.


Hundred million years are like 20 years.


The human brain after thousands of years, after 10,000 years, will have work for another 100 million years. The present brain has about more 100 million years to develop. And after 100 million years the human brain will hardly weighs two kilogrammes. But this dynamic brain will not be like the present - it will be almost immortal brain and will not die. Man will carry his treasure everywhere. Two kilogrammes to carry is not a hard work.

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