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People today do not know the purpose of eyebrows. Some say they serve the sweat not to fall in the eyes - nevertheless this is on second place. Eyebrows have a great purpose in the mental form of man. In our observations all that have eyebrows like Taras Bulba by Gogol, are people from a very material world. Such a man could not be poor. Eyebrows of such a reseller are not thin. A man with such thick eyebrows can not be a teacher. It is because he operates with the long waves of the human life. Thin eyebrows operate with the short waves of electricity and magnetism. Therefore, a woman with thin eyebrows when she sees a man, she would say to her husband: "You should have nothing to do with this man!" Her husband needs 10 years to understand this. These are proved facts. Since it so happens, there is no time for long explanations now. Thin eyebrows, it is already a school. But you have to know which eyebrows are thin. You have to take some hairs, to know which are thin. Man with thin eyebrows and thick eyebrows, they are two different characters. Man with thick hairs on the head can be an ordinary person, can become a janitor, can become plowman, may become a blacksmith, but scientists can not become.


When looking at the eyebrows, I take not only the thickness of the eyebrows, but the thickness and the length of the hairs of the eyebrows, if the eyebrows are thin, if they are joined. Eyebrows may have various curves. Geometrical lines there are. Someone has curved eyebrows – it shows that before him thousands have worked to distort the eyebrows.


Eyebrows mean intelligence, they mean an inner intelligence. Thin eyebrows mean objective mind. If you have thin eyebrows, trust the objective mind. If you have thick eyebrows, trust your inner mind. Some rub the hairs of their eyebrows. Do not rub your eyebrows, but trust them. Some shave them. Others from the thin ones want to make thick, and some of the thick want to make thin. Leave them exactly as they are.


Eyebrows provide radios as pebbles are in the radios. And serve as receivers. Once you open the buttons on the radio, the lights light up immediately. After 2-3 minutes, you hear talking, singing or playing. Such things represent and the hairs of man. You put you hand over your eyebrow, you connect to a station. It will not pass a long time and you will get an answer.


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