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If you draw a human face geometrically, it presents a beautiful figure. It concentrated all the cosmic forces. All the planets, all the solar systems, they all affect the human face. Therefore, the human face you can study all astronomy. The Sun, the Moon and the stars can be placed on the human face. Looking at it in this way, the human face has already sense. Many forces have worked for its establishment. Therefore, when you see the man's face, be glad that you see the entire cosmos in miniature. Do not think whether you are beautiful or not, but know that your face represents the Heaven and the Earth created by God. While watching the issue in this way, your face will always be young and beautiful. Once you stop looking at the face as a sky on which are seen the Sun, the Moon and the stars, it will start to become wrinkled and old. Today people get old for anything and nothing.


In the evolution there is nothing greater than the human face – there is no more beautiful shape and there is no grater synthesis at all. It's a combination: the whole cosmos is reflected on the human face. Everything that happens in nature is expressed on the face. Some perceive the face as something usual, but it's a great world. There is something divine in the face. When you look at it, you will see where you are, whether you are in the Milky Way, or on the Earth. Everyone should strive to have the best face so that the soul would be able to gradually manifest.


Man, drawn with straight lines only, in general, has mathematical relations. If the lines of the eyebrows are longer, there is one relation, if the lines of the eyes are longer, there would be another relation.


You, if you learn about yourself in a mirror, if you had a consciousness to observe yourself for ten years, you will see a change that is due to three factors: due to your thought, to the light that gets in your brain; you will notice a change which results from the heat that comes from your lungs, and other change that comes from the power that you use for chewing food. Man, when catches the food with his teeth - he has power- he shears the food with his teeth and does not think about anything. If your father and your mother have been very good people, if they have been smart, then they have had good hearts and have not abused their power, you will immediately notice that there is some symmetry, you like your face. Once you begin to move away from the influence of your father and your mother, of the influence you have in yourself, and the external environment starts influencing you, the people influence you, you will immediately notice a change in you – you may notice that you do not like your face. You do not know when and where it has happened, but you feel the change.


There is a circle around which the planets move. Astrologers take this circle and put it in the zodiac. This is true, but the real astrologers placed around the human face a circle and on the face they can easier predict. Therefore, physiognomic is a science that reveals that circle.


Venus makes the face an average of rounded and elliptical. Most rounded makes it the Moon. People with rounded faces walk the path of the least resistance. Mars makes the face wider.


In a pretty face curved lines should prevail. Once dominated by straight lines, the face is not beautiful. Straight lines are a sign of the presence of electricity; curved lines are a sign of the presence of magnetism. Therefore, in some faces the straight lines prevail, in others – the curved. Some people have beautiful foreheads, but their face is not beautiful. In some people the beard is not pretty; in some the ears are not beautiful. In some the nose is flattened below. It has a number of measures in nature, mathematical measures has it.


A scientist, when sees a man, he will at first put different signs on his body, plus, minus, he will perform a number of processes and when he puts all the signs into place, then he can decide. For example, if man has on his forehead a minus, he does not have all the powers of his thought. If his nose has a minus, this man does not have all the energy of his intelligence at his disposal. And if on his beard there is a minus, this man does not have all the force of his will at his disposal. Therefore, this man is one of those in which, according to the chemists, metalloids have prevailing influence. He has no activity; everything in him is at a standstill. This person is called phlegmatic. It is a swamp where no fresh water comes and all day long the frogs are quacking in it. We call this person - a swamp of the frogs. And he has a certain culture, but it is frogish. However, this may change. If the right side of forehead has a plus and the left has a minus, you have the right process. If the right side of the cheekbones has a minus, but the left – a plus, the process is still correct. And finally, if the right side of the chin is a plus, the left – a minus, you will have again the correct process. Plus and minus, plus and minus, it is a natural course of things.


As we observe the lines of the human face, we see that some are convex and others - concave. This is the ratio between positive and negative forces. You can calculate which of the two forces prevails. There are convex faces. This indicates that the difficulties of such people are outside. When the lines of the face are concave, then the difficulties come from the inside. External difficulties round the face and internal difficulties and trials make the face dry, drunk. The biggest difficulties are coming from inside. There is no man without difficulties.


All concave lines that you have on the face are negative, all the convex - positive. If you have convex cheekbones, they are positive. Under the cheekbones is concave, it is negative. In the temples it is negative, aside of the forehead it is positive. Those who think philosophically, the upper part of the forehead is convex, is positive. When it is not convex, negative is, these people are not interested in philosophy. Once the upper forehead is convex, man is positive in philosophy, reasoning from cause to effect. Those who do not have a philosophy, they are only interested in results. Those who have a philosophy, they are interested in the causes, and in the results.


When you meet a man whose cheekbones are convex, and the lower part of the face is concave, what does it show? It shows the gastric disorder. If the cheeks are very concave, this shows that the stomach is not developed.


If your stomach suffers, if a number of your generations have suffered from gastric disorders, concave facial lines are formed. Once the stomach begins to suffer, concaves are formed on the face. Once the stomach is healthy, this line straightens up, people get a little plumper.


You have a man with narrow views, his forehead is narrow. You have someone open-minded, his forehead is broad. You have someone who has depth, but that depth is determined by the height of the forehead. Objective mind of man is determined by the lower part of the forehead. In some people, this part has been developed, the forehead is jutted out. In other people the forehead is convex at the top. Then the subjective mind is developed. Once you enter the causal world, the lines of reasoning are developed.


When a person observes, specific lines are formed. When man observes, studies, while observing more straight lines are formed. Once studying literature, more curved lines are formed. As you come to philosophy, then other lines are formed. When a man loves to watch, there are more straight lines. This man is in this world, close works interest him. He walks in a straight line, wants fast performance. The one who loves literature, curved lines dominate in him. Because he meets impedance, he walks the path of the least resistance. The curved line is the line of the least resistance. Why the line becomes curve, what is the reason? The pressure from the outside is less, and the resistance inside, the pressure inside is greater. Consequently the line is curved. When the external pressure and internal pressure are balanced, then we have a straight line. Once the pressure inside is stronger, then we have this curved line. In one case the tension has been greater and the pressure lower, so the one side is convex. At the other end the tension has been less and the pressure greater, so the line has bent, it is concave.The concave line shows what the external conditions are.


The bare part of the face represents the reasonable man. On the forehead, on the cheekbones, on the face, you know whether you can rely on the man or not, whether he is simple. The ear shows through which conditions has passed our Earth in its development, it represents the whole being. The eyes, the nose, the ears, the hands are talking about how, in which way has worked and has evolved nature.


The face must be woven of fine muscles that express subtle feelings in man. How could you express virtue in yourself? There are muscles in the human face, which express Love in its highest form. You say that someone has laughed with his eyes. If you remove the eyelids, you will see that the eyes themselves are not laughing. By the eyes only, you can not know whether a man is laughing or not. In the eyelids there are some cuts and extensions that show what man's love is. When someone is lying, when he does not tell the truth, ie when love is not expressed properly, such a man, when he sees you, one eye is looking up and the other down. And then, if the right is looking up and the other down, it shows that the mind thinks well, and with his heart looks at the ground. But sometimes it is the opposite: with his mind he is looking down, but with his heart - up. Both cases are dangerous.


The head, in general, shows all the capital which God has implanted in man. The whole brain is that capital. The face shows the capital in circulation. On the face you can know how much of this capital is in circulation. And the hands show that capital, which has income, how much of the capital gives income. A learned man, when looks at the hands, sees how many of the opportunities you have you will reach, how many things you will achieve. On your head he will know what your capital is, on your face he will see how much of the capital is in circulation. If your face becomes ugly, it is a bad sign. If your hand becomes ugly, it is a bad sign.


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