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First of all you should train your hand. Man should begin his training with the hand at first. He should at first start with the left hand and then go to the right hand. For this purpose there are a number of scientific rules.


Someone clenches or crosses his hands, not knowing what to do, how to keep them.


The under side of the hand - the palm - is the mother. The upper side of of the hand is the father. The thumb is adviser to the other fingers, and the mother and father are the divine counsel. The four fingers are the sons that should be educated.


Man should always consult his hands. The hand is a reference book. All the astrology is on the hand. All the planets are put here, on the hand. All the acting forces in nature act on the hand. It is a great treasure given.


These lines of the hand are formed by many higher creatures. This is geometry! For the creation of the human hand have worked such sublime creatures that you even do not expect. They have used the efforts to draw the human hand, to build it beautiful, to draw lines and characters with great inner meaning. All this kingdom of living souls, they are all in the body.


On the inner side you will see that in some people the lines are opened, and in some - closed. In some people the lines are like a snail, and in some – they are built differently. What are the reasons? They have been good reasons. People with the snail-like lines are closed in themselves, they are hidden; they are not open. The snail-like lines show how the universe has been created; they are still in a cosmic state.


Now you will say: How does this what I am telling you concern life? Hand is the result of the past. Your hand has been created thousands of years ago. Now with this hand you have to do something.


Through the left hand enters death. Through the right it goes out. Through the right hand enters life. When you sin through the left hand life goes out. As soon as the good enters, the evil drives it out through the right hand.


If your hand is cold, they take more from you. If your hand is warm, you give more. If your hand is wet, things will start to rot in you. If your hand is very dry, things will start to dry out in you.


The man's hand on the bottom should be a little warmer, and on the top a little colder, so that his whole body to be in order. Electricity always brings cold and magnetism - heat. Between these two currents is acting the law of Love that creates the connection. Connection gives the course of life. Between electricity and magnetism heat is born. Heat is the result of the primary connection between electricity and magnetism.


Out of your hand always pour out life- giving powers. Salvation, help, that you expect comes from inside, from yourself and is contained within you. Everything depends on you, on what you can perceive. With your right hand you can give, and with your left hand you can take. Make an experiment. Such a thing you have done without knowing the reasons for the result. For example, if your stomach aches, you put your hands on your belly and you bend. An hour or two have not yet passed and the pain has gone away. The reason for the pain is that in the solar plexus has gathered more energy and when you put your hands there, they are like two wires that take this energy, spend it, and so the pain goes. Sometimes you can thus help your head, sometimes - to your feet, in general, you can help yourself at any place of your body in this way.


Long arms, with a well formed head, with a proper face and well placed and designed hands, mean dexterity. These people are no longer thieves, but any job you give them, they will be able to do it. Therefore, after time, when thoughts in man, feelings and will operate properly and harmoniously, these bad habits can become good features and could be harnessed in good, productive work. Then they become a great asset for man.

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