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Primary light is that moves the blood. Our circulation has a rhythm, pulse, due to this cosmic energy - electricity. Electricity is a form of light. The light is an impulse of that primary cause in the world. It fills the entire space.


There is a pulse in nature that supports life. Bad thoughts sometimes act as brakes and when sometimes the heart does not throb or pulsates faster or slower, this depends on that pulse. Electricity is what moves the human heart. Living electricity in nature is which shrinks the human heart and the power of electricity moves the bloodstream.


If you want your heart to be healthy you should keep in order your brain where the magnetic currents of nature pass, and solar plexus, where the electrical currents pass.


This rhythm of the heart beat it is the rhythm of the cosmic electricity that makes all the hearts beat. If the rhythm of the heart stops, what is happening? There is magnetism that incites electricity to run.


Actually, the heart as a physical body has no power to drive the arterial blood in the body. The cause of the heart rate is due to cosmic electricity and magnetism. They bring life. Once the harmony between these forces is disturbed and activity of the human heart distorts.


First is the heart that perceives the sunrays then - the mind. The brain does not perceive directly, it is wrapped in a shell. Sun rays pass through that shell with great difficulty, but easily they pass through the chest and the heart. By "heart" is meant and unit amount of solar pit of the stomach, where the center of the sympathetic nervous system or the digestive brain is. The rear part of the brain no longer corresponds to it. It takes this energy and distributes it. The brain has a ration of light from the heart. In return, the brain sends more power to the heart from which has been formed this heat.


There is an illusion. When you draw the heart on one side it is seen flattened. It is perspective. The human heart has almost the same form. From this center A come out three focuses. Oval is the human heart, oval is man. So, there is not one center, it is polarized, there are two centers. The one side of the heart is associated with the sympathetic nervous system; the other side of the heart is associated with the cerebral system. Therefore, when there is discordance between the sympathetic nervous system and the brain nervous system, it affects the human heart. Heart does not beat regularly, pulse is mixed; there is no regular pulse. Once pulse is amended, health distorts. The heart must have a definite, rhythmic pulse in time and in beat. You say: "My heart does not beat." To amend your heart, you have to think better and to feel better. Once you feel good and if you think well, your heart beats well; if you can not think well if you can not feel well, the heart can not work. So your mind and the sympathetic nervous system do not help. Rhythm, this general idea of the whole of nature, is not able to go to your heart and to transmit to the entire body. The heart with this pulse transmits the pulse to the human thought. So, grab this beat, it is a bandmaster, it is transmitted regularly on the muscles and in the arterial and venous systems. This rhythm is transmitted to the whole body. Someone says: "You need to think well." So, with the mind must be perceived this Divine Thought of light. By the sympathetic nervous system should be perceived that heat of the spiritual world. Heat and light should serve in your heart simultaneously. Heart must have the vibration of light and vibration of heat. These are revivals. Light shows the idea, heat shows the feelings. When the heat is normal and the feelings are normal, when the light is normal and the thought is normal. These are diagnoses. Electricity is constantly flowing across the surface of the heart and thanks that, it shrinks and loosens, while spreading the blood throughout the entire body. If these electrical currents are removed from the heart, its movement immediately stops. Hindus know how to stop these currents. The heart stops and then its movement reconquers.


Some say that his heart is broken. Why is your heart broken? Any heart, which is broken, it is soft. No, the heart can not be broken. Do not think that hearts break. Heart can not be broken, because it is made by God. Everything in the world may be broken, but so far has not been found a force that can break the human heart. The only thing that can be done with the heart, it is to stop its cosmic pulse. All people have cosmic pulse that acts in all the nature. It moves the hearts of all people. For every person it is defined how much energy he should adopt. Sometimes man stops this energy from above so that his heart may stop. Once he can not regulate that energy, which makes the heart beat faster. Many fear when their heart beats faster. The heart beats faster when on it too much cosmic energy comes. When the heart beats slower, it indicates that the blood has tightened the valves, and energy from the outside can not come. If the blood often tightens the valves sometimes the heart can stop and then it is difficult to be recovered. Those who have studied this law, have come to trials, where when the heart stops, its activity can be restored again.


Love is the only force that goes absolutely impartial. Why? It is because it comes from God. In the Scriptures is said: "God is Love." The heart is the only organ in man that does not obey his will. It has a certain rhythm, a certain number of beats per minute, which are determined by the level of human development, ie the place to which man has reached in his development. By examining the pulse of man could be understood what is expecting him in the future. On the pulse of man is known what position he will occupy: professor, minister, musician, mother, father, etc. If you touch the pulse of the newborn child you will know whether the child will live, or will soon leave for the other world. In general, heart does not obey human laws. When the heart stops, and all human activity stops. Activity of the human mind is guided by the heart and the sympathetic nervous system, which is also not subject to human will.


Many complain about the failures in their life. Why do they not succeed? Because they have come in conflict with their hearts and they want to obey them to their will. If a man shows his rational will, why should he obey his heart? In the rational will acts Love and Love is God. If so, should you obey or win your heart? What gets a man if he beats himself? Beating yourself means to beat God. "But we should educate" By nature man is good, so there is no need to be educated. How can you cultivate good? Man should keep the good in himself, ie his natural upbringing. Put the man in his natural position and you will see that in him will show all the noble qualities. To illustrate the truth of my words, make the following experiment: put a child in the hands of prominent educators and another child leave to develop freely, without any pedagogical rules. The first child will be brought up under the strict supervision and morale of educators and the second - under the influence of good examples in life. The results of the education of the two children will be different. In most cases, free education leaves better children than those grown under restrictions and strict supervision.


Magnetism is needed because it builds and the electricity is running things. And electricity is in place in the body because it moves heartbeat. It is so called "cosmic electricity." If you live in accordance with God's laws, you will have a regular rhythm of your heart, a proper beat. This person can live a long time, but once breaks God's law, he loses the rhythm and his heart is not working properly. When the heart of a man is not working well, they say that the valves are loose. It is possible that, but the root causes of loosening the valves lie elsewhere. It is easy to say that a light bulb does not light because it is weakened. But why is it weakened? Electricity itself weakens the bulb. It is important that electricity tells people to think. To illuminate, the bulb must be well tightened.


Pulse must be uniform and not intersect with speeding and slowing. The rhythm of the heart should be music. Sometimes man burdens his heart with his pessimistic state and then the pulse is irregular. Throughout space there is a rhythm that drives the pulse of all living beings, and of insects, and of plants, and of animals and the people. This pulse is cosmic and regulates everything. In the heart there is a special nerve that determines how many times per minute the heart beats. If you follow the law of Love, your heart beats just as much as it is defined per minute.


What happens to a body if you suddenly stop its movement? The body produces a lot of heat that can ignite it. The same phenomenon happens with man when there is sudden counteraction to his feelings. Anger, frustration in man is nothing but a result of combat in his feelings. Restrained are not only the feelings, but also the thoughts of man. If he comes to this point, man has to unclog. To unclog his heart, man must pass from the visible to the invisible, from the rational to the irrational.


Blood is a conductor of human life. With its increase and with its decrease life is increased or decreased. Blood has two components: one liquid - plasma, and the other - cells - from the red and white cells, and some others. Blood carries these cells in the body. Blood carries oxygen to the body that is needed for life. It takes from the body the carbon dioxide, which is formed - it is a poison, and by venous blood brings it out. Constantly occurs this clear. When thought is impure, carbon dioxide increases. When pure thought increases, increases oxygen, carbon is reducing. When the heart is pure, increases oxygen, reduces carbon. If the deeds are right, increases oxygen, reduces carbon. The right deeds increase oxygen in the body. Right feelings increase oxygen in the heart and thoughts increase the oxygen in the human mind. If you are destroying the plasma in your blood, in your heart with your feelings; if you are destroying the plasma of your blood into your body with your actions, I ask, who can help? You will begin to suffocate.


Any restrained feelings bring certain irregularity in the functions of the heart, resulting in pulse rate change. To restore normal functioning of the heart, man must enter into harmony with Nature, to connect his heart with the common pulse of the cosmic heart. Each planetary system also has its heart, which is connected to the general space heart.


The heart of our solar system is the Sun.


Rhythmic flow of blood in the human heart is determined by the rhythmic waves of the Sun. For ten days make the following experiment: every day, three times - in the morning, at noon and in evening, focus and say: "I want my heart to beat rhythmically, to merge with the pulse of the Sun and to send correctly energy throughout the body, as the Sun sends energy throughout the world." The human heart is associated with the Sun. The human heart has a rhythm just like the Sun. As the Sun vibrates such a rhythm, such a pulse has and the heart. In some beats 50 in others 60 times.


Normal heart rate is associated with the Sun.


The heart is the pulse of the entire cosmos. In calculus there are calculations that we do not know. There are some tables where the calculations are made for the heartbeat of everyone. There are not two men, whose hearts beat the same rate. In some people when the heart makes 10 beats, a small gap appears; in others - after 20 beats there is a small gap; in third - after 30 beats, in fourth - after 100 beats etc. Do you know what for are those gaps? This is related to other worlds. Consequently, according to the ratio of the rhythm that gap is showing the worlds that you are connected with - the Milky Way and other constellations. At this point these worlds bring into your soul various virtues.


Heart is associated with cosmic energy. With each of its beats new energy comes as a result of which the whole body is renewed. The beats are 72 – this number plays an important role in the life of nature. When man lives normally under the law of Love, his heart rate is normal, if this law breaks the pulse changes. All negative states anger, envy, frustration, doubt, without love, jealousy, etc., reflect badly on the pulse and with this is being amended pace and the cosmic pulse – a carrier of God's blessing. On man depends to open or close the roads of this blessing.


Nature has its own pace, its own rhythm. We have 72 heartbeats. The first number 7, it's a full Moon. When the Moon has a good influence, the 2, the negative side is well represented.


You have 27, but 7 in this case is the number of the Moon, the full Moon. Plants on the Earth are regulated by the Moon, the low tide and the high tide, the bloodcirculation is regulated by the Moon. If the Moon is well placed in you, I understand that the blood circulation in you is regular. If you do not have regular blood circulation, if there is more venous blood, it is the number 2. Arterial blood - it is number 7, the full Moon. Now I'm talking about 27, it is the process of circulation. I am looking how the sign in nature is put. In nature, where there is a plus it indicates that the blood circulation is good. If there is a minus, then it weakens.


As for the heartbeat, it is noticed that in the first 12 hours of the day the heart beats faster and with a few beats higher than the normal beating. During these 12 hours the heart is in the upward position. During the second 12 hours of the day, ie in the second half of the day, heartbeat reduces with several beats and the heart is in the descending condition. The same thing is observed in the months and years. The first 14 days the heart is in the upward position, the second 14 days the heart is in a downward position. The first half of the year the heart is in ascending state, and in the second half of the year – in descending. It's important for man to know when his heart is in the ascending position and when in descending.


If in the bloodcirculation there is not enough iron, life can not function properly. If the blood does not have enough gold, man can not show his character. If the blood does not have enough amount of silver, man can not manifest his purity.


Meningitis is due to a tide, to one unharmonious state of the sympathetic nervous system, to the heart. Consumption and meningitis are heart disease.


The cause of the diseases of the human heart due to the fact that in it flow more acids, not salts. Heartbeats show that his ritmus must be reasonable. Once there is some anomaly the ritmus must be modified to become normal. So far, the human heart has more acid than needed. Salt is a little. Therefore, the human heart needs thought.


In the Scriptures it is said: "If the salt has lost its savor, to be thrown away." Salt represents the law that balances things out. You want to be a smart man, but you can not be smart if you do not have salt. The word "salt" means "balance".


The substrate must pass through the heart, the acid - through the human mind, and salt -through the body. In the Scriptures it is said: "My son, give me your heart." So God does not want the human mind, but wants his heart. God wants the substrate, because for the future on this base will be formed all forms.


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