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The lungs


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The lungs


When studying the laws of nature, a man comes to a situation where he makes the difference between the reasonable laws and the unreasonable. So there are reasonable and unreasonable laws that are due to various natural phenomena. For instance, modern scholars have noticed that the Earth, like all living creatures, breathes. Crust rises and falls at a height 25 cm, ie deep breathing is going. A great, reasonable law regulates breathing of the Earth and all living creatures that live on it. And if the rhythm of the breath of people is the same as the rhythm of the breath of the Earth, in their lives comes complete harmony. If the rhythm of the breath of people does not coincide with the rhythm of the Earth appears disharmony in the entire life.


And the Sun breathes. What scientists call "sun storms" are not any storms at all, but breathing. The Sun's surface rises and falls as the crust of the Earth. Breathing of the Earth and the Sun is associated with sound laws, as a result of which it can not be explained in a mechanical manner. There are organic processes that are also reasonable, but they differ from the breathing of the Earth and the Sun, which is managed by another intelligent race laws.


Often we study the morale of thousands of generations before us. However, from this morality there is nothing that we can apply. What was the morality of these people been? All plants, animals and they all have their own morality. At all times people had known method to act. However, in their minds, they have never had a common rule. They have had partial views. Just some of the very advanced beings of the human race have understood the thread that exists between all people. Here's what I understand of it. The dead man does not need our air. Therefore, in order to benefit from the air, man has to be alive, to live. Then het must have lungs. If a fish, it must have gills. Some microorganisms breathe through their skin. They have completely different breathing bodies. So, in this respect all enjoy equally the air because without air it is impossible. Through the air passes the energy of life. So you have to consciously breathe. The air is a common good. You say: what is the air? The air is, when a person starts to live and move.


Breast disease stems from one big contradiction of human emotions that are in collision with the human mind. If a man is fond of wealth and loses it, he will become consumptive. There's nothing to love. If a girl loves a boy, and he marries another, she when having no one to love in the great sorrow will either become consumptive or will commit a suicide. Give her something to love. There is nothing to love, becomes consumptive.


You say: "Where is that world?" It is up, not very far away. A few kilometers up it is. Where is the fish world? Fish asks: Where are the men? It does not see them. Out of you they are; they live in an environment less dense than water. "Do they breathe like us?" Therefore, there are beings who sit and who are higher than men. They do not breathe air, but are breathing ether. Fish breathe with gills, people breathe with lungs, and there are beings more high-ranked than people who breathe with special bodies, ie they breathe through their feelings or their sympathetic nervous system. They do not breathe with lungs, but with their solar plexus. So, when we say that man has to live right, we mean that he has to start now to learn to breathe with his sympathetic nervous system.


It is because, when passing through the physical world he will enter the semi- physical world, a world where he will stop breathing with his lungs. He will breathe through their feelings. When you love, you develop your future respiratory organs. If you do not love your future respiratory system remains underdeveloped. In this sit your misery. Therefore it makes sense to love and be good. All this will cause for the development of those bodies which are now in the bud. Like once our lungs have been in a rudimentary state, so now our sympathetic nervous system is the germ of future respiratory organs. The future lungs will change and we will breathe in a different way.


To be healthy, man must learn to breathe through his whole body. Have you taught how to breathe through your whole body? Have they taught you to breathe through your feet, through your hands, over your ears, in your eyes, to breathe through it all? It's healthy. Hindus breathe this way. This breathing they call full breathing, breathing through the whole body. Then they realize that they have the full power. This perception they call prana, or vital energy. But I call it a normal life, coming from health.


When he breathes fully, man is in such a condition that if he knows how to put, life will pass through him. And then the people, who doubt in that the world, will be such as accumulators or conductors.


As you breathe, you will look to connect with that sublime world will think of the beings of this world who do not breathe through lungs, like humans, not through gills like fish, but by the new bodies that can suck out the air. You need ether. Ether is the purest matter that man can suck out of the air. This ether presents life elixir. But if you can not connect with these beings that perceive the ether from the air, then breathing is not right.


The body of the future man will be finer than the current, and he shall dwell in the ether. He will then travel freely from the Earth to the Moon, because the space between the planets is filled with ether, in which man will be geared to live. However, the current man can not go to the Moon, he is not fit for there – his lungs can not yet perceive the ether. Who has developed lungs aligned to the ether is free to travel to the Moon. According to occultists there are such people on the Earth. They not only travel to the Moon, but also to other planets.


There is a science of breathing of the Hindus, but it lacks something. It lacks volitional breathing. This method of Hindus is accompanied by a major controversy: there are big profits but also losses. In this way of breathing become major crises. These methods are practiced by Hindus for thousands of years as a result of which they have great achievements. Whatever is good enough to these methods, they are not good for the Europeans. They make great sacrifices. The Europeans do not have the experience of Hindus.


One method of breathing is the following. After taking into your lungs fresh air and keep it 15-20-30 seconds, you can tell yourself in positive words: "Lord, because of the great good that you gave me, I am ready to do your will." These vibrations that come through the air, going into space, chronicle. And what I took from the air to form a response. And then adopted by the air force is adjusted in the body. The beings from the other world, as they listen to you, and they will interpret this formula, that for them is a good. So, simultaneously with you, they will take benefit from the air. Not only once you should say those words, but as many times as you breathe in the day, still you have to serve with any formula. Several formulas should be used in one breath. By breathing man can get rid of any oppressive state.


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