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The construction of the Sun and the construction of the cells are similar. The Sun has in itself three areas: one of them makes the energy, the second accumulates and transforms it; the third forwards it to the Earth. Also in the cell there are three areas: external, which adopts the solar energy; middle, which accumulates it in itself; and inside that process it and transforms it into a life force. These three areas exist as well and in the body in a more developed form. They are most easily visible in the fetus. The first, the external embryonic shell is called ectoderm; the second, the middle one is called mesoderm; and the one that is in the center, is called endoderm.


I guess there are about 60 billion cells souls. The human race is about 60 billion. Two billion are on the Earth, and the others are in the space.


The human body is composed of approximately 60 trillion cells that are characterized by a great intelligence. All these cells incorporate qualities and abilities of creatures from a different culture and intelligence. For example, some of the cells of the body are carrying the culture of the plants. Some of them are familiar with chemistry, physics, others are excellent agriculturists, they choose the conditions under which must develop; they know what soil is good for them and what is not good. There are cells that know the laws of crystallization. Still others have gone through the culture of fish, and of birds and of mammals. Finally there are cells that have passed through the culture of highly advanced, intelligent beings. These cells today form the human brain.


In the brain there are specific cells that perceive the light of the Sun in all its ranges. There are 52 scales, of which only 2 we have studied. Only two scales of this light are studied. Everything else is an unknown world. In the brain, there are some cells that perceive the energies of the Earth, there are some cells in the brain that perceive the industry, there are cells in the brain that perceive science, there are cells in the brain that perceive the disease. All this is provided for drainage. All these cells think so smart, they are so smart that we should not impede them; there are some cells that predict the future. They say to the master: "According to the science, you know, this will happen." You say: It is nevertheless an intuition. They are in specific offices that embrace the space on the radio, send and receive. Some want to determine what intuition is. Intuition provides things that can happen in the distant future. You can predict things that will happen in 10 years, 20 years. You can see things and immediately recognize them. But this is special or divine. Each man has a mind which can predict things.


In our body there are 700-800 million individual nerves through which we perceive the energies of nature. Do you know how many millions of creatures who have worked for these wires? Each human cell has so much energy that it could shift the Earth's axis at 1 meter from its path. What power would be a man, if all the cells of his body were in agreement and harmony! People today put more power in destruction rather than in construction. If the power of thought is harnessed only for creativity and construction, what immense results could be produced! You should study the forces of your body, to be reasonable to interact. However, you should know the language of the cells making up your organs and chat with them. The more intelligent and highly organized the man is, so and the cells of his body are more intelligent. Know that man can not arbitrarily think, act and feel. Any disharmony in his thoughts, feelings and actions are reflected on the cells, and hence on the state of the whole organism. Man should respect the good of his body. If you do not think for the good of your body and your body does not think for your good. Man should not overwork his body, nor leave it in complete inactivity. It should work moderately, rest moderately and eat moderately. When looking at the work of his cells, man sees that between them there are chemists, scientists, professors, who make their experiments, carry out numerous complex reactions as a man in his laboratories can not do.


You say: "It is a stone". The stone is alive, and plants, and air and water and light - everything is alive. In nature there are no dead things. Everything in nature is alive. "Well, this or that man is dead." No, he is not dead, but the cells that have been working in him, abandon the work and go on vacation. When he dies, man forgives with all his cells, shakes hands with them, apologizes to them and says: "Forgive me that when you were with me, I did not know how to deal with you, did not know how to manage you. Now I am going to God to learn so that when I come again, I should know how to manage you. " Man thinks that he is the master of his body, but in fact some of his servants know more than their master. Man is the master, but a simple master. One day, he must turn to God with the words: "God, I would like to know at least as much as the servants in my head know." Brain cells are great scientists. Humility is required from man. He should know that he does not know much.


All of our cells that we consider ignorant know art that we do not know - they weave cloth of light.


The beautiful part of our body, with which we think, live, feel and act is woven of these sunbeams. The rough part of our body, it is not woven of beams.


Those cells that live in the brain are different from those who live in the legs. And the cells of the feet are reasonable - they carry the entire burden of man, but their world is not as organized as the world of brain cells.


After millions of years the cells of the feet will go up in the head, to get organized and brain cells will go down to the legs - a sort of exchange and bloodcirculation will happen. In this circulation are the process of evolution and involution. Not only the cells but also man himself descends and ascends to acquire experience.


There is a law of nature for renewal - biological law, awaking the life of the cells. Certain cells in the body are immortal. If you study their language, you can stimulate them and you can renew your body.


In the human body there is an immortal cell – the primary that everyone has to find. It is the granddaddy of all cells. This primary living cell differs from the others in that it contains within itself keratin. Nutrients in it are more than in other cells, thanks to keratin, it features a high resistance, and withstands the worst conditions.


We die for the sole reason that the original cells from which we are built, we lose them. As we lose more than half of these cells, we are condemned to death. Life in them does not work - then poisoning happens. Poisoning comes through the human thoughts, through the human feelings and through the human will. This is the new philosophy.


Life sits in the primary life of the cells.


The cells in the human body do not die. When a man dies, the cells of his body begin to live their original life. The same is valid for our feelings, because feelings constitute life. While man controls all the cells, he lives; but when he loses this control, in him starts the reverse process.


Cells, of which our body is composed, once have been in an unfortunate position. Our current body is made up of contradictory creatures that have ever existed on the Earth. All these cells Nature judges them by us, telling us: "Put law and order, learn these cells how to live!" Scientists estimate that the brain has about 3 billion and 600 million cells. How many cells are there in the whole body, can you imagine? In this respect, the population living in the human body is so great that the population of the Earth, compared to it, is nothing. In the human body there are more cells, there are larger populations than in all animals, in all plants, in all minerals and precious stones. In this respect, man represents a king. And all cells in him, like the citizens of a realm, have their own desires, their own requirements. Sometimes you wonder how to deal with these cells. They are like in a chamber, giving their opinion about one or another situation. And you as their king, sometimes you wonder what to do with this society in this great state of cells. You wonder how to satisfy them. If in the world is found only one scholar who has resolved the issue with his subjects, he will make a new order in himself and will show to the people how to save the world. Christ has said: "Do not resist to evil." But this is the negative side of the issue, which allows the other issues in the world to be resolved. His whole essay Tolstoy has laid precisely on this verse: "Do not resist to evil." Tolstoy has been right when he has said not to resist the evil, but the positive side of this law is this: Love your enemies, love your neighbor; love God. So the main solution to the problem sits in the love of God, love of neighbor and love of enemies. The enemy, this is you to yourself. The biggest enemy in the world, this is man to himself. That he is an enemy to himself is seen from the fact that when in despair, he is immediately ready to commit a suicide.

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