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Transformations. Cosmic Factors and Man


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Cosmic Factors and Man


Modern people need a new understanding of things to reorganize the brain, the lungs, the stomach and the muscle system. Until he does not rebuild his bodies, man can not properly perceive the light that comes from the Sun.


The task of man lies in harmonizing the forces of the body and the establishment of proper relations with all the stars. Present man does not perceive correctly the energies of the Cosmos, which leads to accumulation of more energy than he needs in some of the places in his body, and elsewhere less. This misallocation of energies in the human body creates its misery and sufferings, its discontents, and the most elevated energy stored in one place, creates an uncomfortable state.


There are two flows - from the Sun to the Earth and from the Earth to the Sun. This flow of energy that comes from the Sun to the Earth on its return from the Earth to the Sun forms a second flow. A circulation like the blood circulation is going on – the energy that comes from the Sun is the arterial flow and the flow that goes from the Earth to the Sun - venous.


There are two opposing flows of energy that produce two different results. One of the energies narrows the forms and the other expands them. Your brain takes the place of the Sun, the stomach takes place of the Earth, and lungs are the connective thread between the Earth and the Sun. Through the lungs pass the two flows: the arterial and the venous.


In nature there is a venous flow, which goes up and arterial flow which goes down. The venous flow is directed to the brain, ie to the Sun. Preliminarily the venous blood should pass through the heart and the lungs, to purify and then to go up, as in you, so it is in Nature as well. The blood should be ozonized and its vibration should be raised. All the impurities that are found in the venous blood, should be removed, and thus to raise the vibrations in the world. If you have tightness in your head - that means you can send the impure blood to purify. If your stomach aches, you should do the same.


The energy that the Earth taken from the Sun can be compared with arterial blood, and the one sent to the Sun, can be compared with venous blood. Our Sun plays the role of a heart and even better plays this role the central Sun. As the impure blood from the tissues should return to the heart and thence to the lungs to be purified, so the energies of the Earth should return to Sun to obtain the initial rhythm.


As you know the influence of planets on man, especially of the Sun, you must have the right attitude towards it. If man is in harmony with the Sun, he will be in harmony with the Moon and the Earth. The good influence of the Sun on man improves his arterial blood. The relation between the influence of the Sun and the arterial blood is hidden in the harmony between the thoughts and the feelings of man. The Sun raises the human thoughts and the feelings and thus the man's blood is purified. Conversely harmonious thoughts, feelings and actions of man harmonise with the energies of the Sun, Moon and Earth, due to which a person enjoys life and enjoys its benefits.


God has sent man to the Earth and has told him: "Go and possess the Earth and possess the elements" And because man has been unable to conquer the Earth, God has given him a little land that is inside his head - his brain. If you know the way how to conquer your brain, you will find the laws with which you will conquer the Earth. If you can not possess your brain centers, your feelings, if not you can direct your will in a straight line, how do you steer things outside of you? When we say that a man is normally developed, we understand that if one day the Earth stands perpendicular to its axis will have a temperate climate, very good conditions. Then and the people's axis will be good, their minds will be enlightened, their hearts will be warm and their wills will be strong, they will follow the laws that God has put on the Earth. It is because cold heart produces dark and cold thoughts. Cold heart and cold mind, it is darkness. When the mind is dark and the heart is cold, then darkness is born. Cold heart bears darkness. When the heart is warm, bright thoughts are born. What is now the temperature of the man? It is 37 degrees.


3 and 7 makes 10. Sometimes you want to straighten a thought of yours. At first, you will be able to straighten your thoughts if you can bring heat. With the heat of your feelings, whatever your thought is, you will be able to straighten it. If you can not bring warmth to feelings, you will not be able to straighten the thought. How could you straighten an iron without heat? You can not. Modern equipment without heat what would be? If there is no heat, what can we do? So, I say: when I talk about the heat, I mean this unity in the world.


In the organic world, there are more amenities. Organic substances are more resilient, hard-working, those, the non- organic, they are individuals, each living for himself. In the organic world there is already one collectivity, the people are collected in communities, villages, cities have. The non-organic are nomads who wander. The non-organic are nomads; the organic live in villages and towns. I say: in the future the scientists will see the world that way. We subtract rational from nature. Now they represent nature as if it works unconsciously. If we ask a learned man, why man's head is up, because as per the law of vibration the head should be down, as in plants, what would he say? We can see that the head is above and the feet - below. Man is made as per a very unstable system. So many million years have been necessary to pass in order man to learn to stand on his feet. Previously he has been insurrecting, insurrecting and falling, so he has been walking on all fours. When he has lifted up and has been standing, it has already been a great success, overcoming a major difficulty - to keep his head above.


In order not to fall, man has to keep his mind focused strongly upward, toward the center of the Sun. Moral fallings of the people are due to the fact that their lives have no balance, they do not have the necessary proper moral principles.


Sin is nothing else but loss of balance due to which man falls. Whether he will fall morally, either physically, this is due to the loss of balance.


You should know how to keep your head to the center of the Sun – you should keep your head vertically to the Sun and the Earth. In order not to fall, not to sprain foot, not to crack your head, you should learn how to walk, how to stand, how to sit. If you often have troubles, you do not know how to go: your feet are not properly fitted to the center of the Earth, and your head is not properly inserted to the center of the Sun.


If you watch how people walk, you will see that some are upright, while others - bent. Why one has bent head and the other walks upright? The one goes, the other one has stop and observes. Why? The one who is leaning his head goes into the sensual world. He is in the thickest matter. Hindus call it the "prakriti". The densest matter is on the Earth, but it is moving in a rare environment called "prana", the solar energy. Thus exchange is going on.


If we think harmoniously, we will be in right relations with the Earth's center and the center of the Sun. Life will be more harmonious. From the navel down man adjusts from the center of Earth, from the navel up is governed by the center of the Sun. If we are not in harmony with the Earth, our stomach will be weak. The Earth is taken as a reasonable factor. Do not think that it is inanimate. It itself is very reasonable.


To offset the effects of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth you should overcome the influence of the Sun. In the current regime the Sun has absolutely beneficial effect on man’s life. Therefore we inquire to it. If our relations with the Sun are good, the Moon will surely meet us and the Earth as they are credited by the Sun. It credits the Moon and the Earth. So, if your relation with the Sun is right, the relations of the Moon and the Earth will be right to you.


Now in you appears a contradiction: why the Earth should be ill disposed towards you? Otherwise, I will say it scientifically: the Earth’s forces will not be able to function properly in your body. And lunar energies will not function properly; then the forces that come from the Sun will always seek balance. Once balanced, you have the things that you are looking for, you encourage – you say: "I will finish school" - but the Moon and the Earth have come, have pushed everything to discourage you; then the influence of the Sun comes again– you are again encouraged, etc. This is a deadlock state. You will receive the influence of the Sun to improve your arterial blood. Give an interpretation of arterial blood - improvement in what respect? You should improve your feelings and your thoughts. There are known methods about that. This is the occult science; it provides methods to modify your state in order to attract the energies of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth in a proper motion in your body, that's the occult science! If you do not understand the things like that, so you are not an occultist at all.


We should do good, because only in this good our soul can find those materials which to rebuild its bodies. When the earthly current (which comes from the center of the Earth) prevails in us it produces two opposite results in the human body: if it acts on the physical plane, man begins to dry, he becomes dry as mackerel; the other result is the opposite – man becomes fat, accumulates matter. Both results are dangerous. The other current that comes from above, from Heaven, organizes things - this matter is plastic and remains in man as much as he needs for his development.


In his unconsciousness man should consider the impact on the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, and he should be connected to the center of the Sun. According to me, the center of the Sun is the intelligence of the Sun. The Sun is rational, the Earth and the Moon are rational. Between these rationalities there is a relation. Visible Earth is the body of the Earth. And the Earth has a soul, and the Sun has a soul.


When he gets ill, man has to connect with the energy of the Sun and the Moon. If he can not connect directly with them, let him benefit from these plants and minerals, which are related to the energy of the Sun and Moon and transform them properly.


You should be in a normal relationship with the Earth. If the forces that are in your body are not in communication with the Earth and the Sun, you can not be healthy. The legs are conductors, the eyes are conductors, the ears are conductors, the mouth is conductor, the heart is conductor; the mind is conductor. You should know all the conductors.


Man is seeded on the Earth. You walk on the Earth; you have in common with it. You take something, but it takes something from you. Suppose that you are sick, you have some confusion. This malaise of the spirit is nothing else but the Earth energies that are accumulated in you. You have to deal with them. There is a current from the center of the Sun to the Earth and another - from the center of the Earth to the Sun. To get rid of this serious condition you should stand in the way of those currents that come from the Sun. They will pass through you, and the solar energy will forward the accumulated dense earthy substances to the center of the Earth. Then you'll feel better. So, you need to contact with the solar energy to be free of the burden of the Earth.


You should all study the Earth. Modern culture is devoid of many goods of the Earth. Summer time we go in animal shoes and we are afraid to take them off and to go barefoot. There are extremes there. Then, do not know how to make clothes to enable the solar energy to enter. Then we do not know how to walk on the Earth and to adopt from its energy.


The Earth is very demanding. Many modern disorders are due to the fact that man has no potential power that the Earth gives. If you do not have this earth energy, you can not have a stand. The forces of the Earth must pass, this energy, that sustain should appear. In the evening you should correct all the solar energy to the center of the Sun and from the center of the Earth you should perceive the energies of the Earth. And in the morning you have to do the opposite: all the earth energies you should send to the center of the Earth and you should perceive solar energy. This is an entire science that can create happiness at home; that can create a good family and a long life.


Some have a stooped posture. Why do you suggest? So the conditions are bad, they cringe. Others are straight - everything is wide, they have a bright, nice thought in their mind. Once tribulation is coming, you lean. Because you have a tough mind and a heavy feeling you are looking for a way to escape. Bending is very natural. A tree before it is born its branches are bent, but once born, it straightens up. And it thinks about how to get rid of the burden. Let's say you have a thought, it is a fruit. Or you have a feeling. And it is a fruit. Concentrate your mind on the center of the Earth, it can help you, it can take off those fruits, that weight. Man should know how to purify. When you have heavy thoughts and heavy emotions, when you go through the currents from the Sun and from the center of the Earth, you must know how to convert them to get rid of them. When you want to lift up, be aware that there are currents from the Earth to the Sun. You may be in one room, but you should know where the currents of Sun and where the currents of the Earth are. In this room do you know where the currents of Sun and where the currents of the Earth are? You do not know them. And it is very difficult to determine. If you come to the currents of the Sun, you will immediately get rid of a burden. Some have prayer rooms, they call them "uppers." There are the currents of the Sun. But sometimes in the prayer room currents come from the center of the Earth to the Sun. These are simple works that must be known. But they are hard to learn.


Someone put his hand in the founding of the nose. What does he mean by that? It is a science. When he puts his hand like that, thereby he wants to recall what he has forgotten. You should calmly lean, consider. You have two hands. Current flows through them, through which rational forces give and take. Through the right hand the forces give, and through the left hand they accept. So the right hand gives, the left receives. As you put the left hand on the nose, you take what it gives. Then you put the left hand on the forehead. You focus; you recall and do your job.


Whatever the Earth gives you; you perceive it with the left leg and forward it upward. Man simultaneously receives and transmits. Receives from the Earth and transmits up. When the left hand is up and the right is down, how would you interpret this? In one case you are taking from the Earth and passing to the Sun, in the other case you are taking from the Sun and you are transmitting to the Earth. But any time you have to be in a harmonious state in order to properly convey the energy of the Sun and the energies of the Earth. This should be followed. You should think that the Earth is a living being. You should thank that it has been good to you. What it gives you, you should accept it. In the same way you will correctly receive the energies coming from the Sun and you will properly transmit them. This idea should be on your mind. Only on this condition you will think properly.


If a thought is stuck in your mind that bothers you, find the exact opposite, to replace it. Thus you will get healed. To heal, you must couple the center of the Earth to the center of the Sun.


When someone is angry, he should immediately invest his energy in the Earth. This energy belongs to the Earth and should be transmitted to it. If you do not give the energy to the Earth, you will get nothing from the invisible world. We feed with the energy that comes from the center of the Earth and with the energy that comes from the center of the Sun.


Exchange with the Earth energy is not correct. Any discomfort of the spirit is due to the earth's energy. Until now the Earth has been in the thirteenth sphere, it is not yet purified.


What the Earth gives - anything you take from it, it saves you. What you get from the Sun, it saves you. All the other things, religion, these are outside conditions that help, but are not factors. Whether behind religion is sitting that powerful, that we need to understand? The Sun affects mainly the solar plexus and the sympathetic nervous system. To coordinate the forces of his body, man should contact the sympathetic nervous system with the brain and the skeletal with the muscle as well.


The solar unit accumulates the heat that comes from the Sun and converts it. The solar unit; the heart, know what is going on inside the Sun and what happens there will happen in inside us as well. We can not get rid of the consequences of the cosmic process in nature. We participate in all good things, but we also participate in the deficit of the solar system. Each year some of the budget is for us, when there is profit.


Looking at the Sun, man should mentally send the energies from the back part of the brain to the front part of the brain.


You need to know how to polarize and concentrate these forces. Do not hinder them. If you stop them, you will be restrained and this may create a whole catastrophe in yourself. Forward these powers up.


A is the keynote of movement in nature. In G there is movement up, but in A the movement is down. Therefore, with tone of G you are connected to the physical world – the tension from the center of Earth comes up. If you stop this current, then it will become a disaster in your life. All suffering stems from a stop, detention. You have stopped. But if you move faster or slower than you should, you will suffer again. But it makes a difference. In slow motion suffering will be less. It is because can an accident with one buffalo car happen? You are a focus, through which the Sun as well as the Earth energy is passing.


From morning to noon, through you go solar energies that come from above and go to the center of the Earth. In the afternoon the movement is in the opposite direction - the Earth energies from the Earth's center go through your legs and go to the Sun. Therefore, if you make some moves in the morning or in the evening, you will have different results. In general, discomfort in some people comes in afternoon, because then through them pass the currents of the Earth.


Sometimes feeling something in the gut – something tightens you. Something weighs in your heart like a stone, chills pass on you. This indicates that the solar unit does not work, there is some disharmony there, between the mind and the heart there is disharmony, between the earth currents there is disharmony. In this case, do the following: in the morning when you get up, you will send your mind to the Sun, you will make certain movements and you will immediately attract the necessary energy from the heart to the brain. Taking a while, you will start again the same movements, but will concentrate your thought toward the center of the Earth and then from the center of the Earth you will attract the opposite current. So you can wake up various currents. When you attract the current of the Earth and the current of the Sun, what has fallen like a ball on the heart, will be removed. Who has understood me he would give me a thousand Levs for the lesson.


We simultaneously feed with dual energy: energy that comes from the center of Earth and with an energy that comes from the center of the Sun. Solar energy does not impede us, but so far a little impedes us the Earth energy. Conversion of that energy can not be done properly. For instance any discomfort of the spirit is due to the Earth's energy. Until now the Earth has been in the 13th area and it has not been purified. Why man does exercises? In the morning when solar energy is the most active, man perceives this energy through his brain, through the lungs, through his stomach, and it takes all those sediments away towards the center of the Earth, making man free of them.


By doing these exercises for about half an hour, man feels fresh and refreshed. Who understand this law, they will check it, but you should not think that this is idolatry. Well, to be angry, is not that idolatry? When you want to perceive energy from the Sun, you should do exercises in the morning and when you want to get rid of the collected energy during the day, you should do exercises in the evening. The Earth takes everything, but in the morning you will be full again.


Man has to make in the morning gymnastic exercises when the solar energy is most active. Man perceives this energy through his brain, through the lungs, through his stomach, and it takes all those sediments away towards the center of the Earth, and frees him from them. By doing these exercises for half an hour, he feels fresh and refreshed.


I say to you: You should lift your hands up early before dawn, you should concentrate for about ten minutes towards the Sun and then you should forward all the solar energy throughout all your body.You should do this for five-six times.


In the evening you should begin from underneath, from the center of the Earth, the earth energy will come and then the unnecessary from your mind it will take to the Sun and there will be exchange of energy and and the energy from the center of the Sun to the Earth's center will start to function and you will be in the middle, on the equator, then everything will go well. All reasonable and noble creatures live that way. The adepts do that, the Saints – too.


Cold feet are the first condition for neurasthenia. Good for neurotics and for those who often lose their condition is from time to time to remove their shoes and walk barefoot on sand or soft grass. So your feet are in direct contact with the vital forces of the Earth and toning. In the morning exercises by lifting your hands up, you perceive the solar energy and through the feet -the earth energy. So in the morning you will take solar energy, in the evening you should do exercises to get rid of the collected energy during the day; in the morning you perceive energy rom the Sun in the evening you will give the excess energy to the Earth.


If you want to be in connection with an earthly current you should stretch your hands, feet, muscles of the entire body in just a few seconds and you will immediately regulate the currents in yourselves.


You should know that with every move you connect with the currents of nature. Once you stretch your hand and keep your mind focused, you are already in contact with these currents. And then in any given case, you can have a connection either with the electricity on the Earth, either with the electricity of the Sun. At each stretch of your hand you can have more contact with either the earth magnetism, or the solar magnetism. Magnetism is at all connected with prana, ie with the vital energy of nature. So when stretching the hands and legs and concentrating the mind man uses the vital energies of nature and becomes healthy and strong. In loose hands-on forces of nature can not be used.


In the morning, as the Sun rises, turn your left side at it, then the right, then the chest, the back and say, "God, I thank You that You have created a lot of good in the world. I want to be reasonable, to understand your ways and live for you.


Now I'm back from a deviation which I have done. " Hands – lifted up, well strained and folded over the fingers. Concentrate your mind and thoughts and mentally direct the sun energies to pass through your hands, to flow around your body. At this position of the hands say the formula: "I am living in harmony with nature. Let God's grace flow through me! "Hands lower down.


Left hand up, right down. You should mentally try to perceive the two currents. With your right hand will perceive the flow of the Earth, and with the left hand – the flow of the Sun. In this position you should stay for 3 minutes. Try to feel the effects of the currents on the hands.


Right hand up, left down, squatting, the fingers of the left hand touching the ground with the words: "I connect with the center of the Earth and evil through my left hand to move to this center". While getting up, the right hand remains up, left down, saying: "I'm connected to all intelligent forces of all sentient beings, divine beings and with God, and let divine energy to flow through my whole body!" Squatting and formula are repeated for three times.


Formulas are mentally pronounced and with awe in the souls.


You can instantly have knowledge. But such moments come rarely so far. Very favorable conditions are required. Questions on certain subject can instantly shine on you and you can become clear and you can become clear in a progressive manner. But there is an instant way. There is a progressive and a quick way and you can go in one, and the other way. All mankind is going in three ways or roads. Man can go and progressively slow, but he will be soliciting these achievements you have ever lost them. For example, in ancient times the most ignorant people have had such knowledge of astrology, as now most learned astrologers do not have. In the past, the most ignorant have had much more knowledge than now the greatest astrologers have.


Now is considered to be the century of knowledge. It is not only to know the theoretical side but also practically to know at what time to be used this principle of the Moon. On what occasion would you use the Moon? ["It is then, when the Moon is in a favorable aspect with the Sun, when it is getting full."] Imagine that you are an astrologer and you are coincidentally ill, it happens and astrologers to become infected. The only principles that can help the disease in this case are the Sun and the Moon. How to harness the Sun or the Moon on the Earth to help? It is because the Sun is absent, and the Moon is far and the two principles are away. You will find the practical side: You will find a man in whom the solar energy can be transformed. You will find a solar type and a lunar type and then you will spend the energies of the Sun and the Moon through your body and you will be healed. No need to be just people, but you will find two creatures: You can find two plants, one that has the energy of the Sun, and another plant that has the energy of the Moon, then these two plants will be harnessed and will help, or you can find two animals, two butterflies can be found, you may harness and two crystals, but you should know that one crystal should be built in the form of the Sun and the other - in principle of the Moon, you can place and animals and finally and man to be harnessed. These ancient astrologers have known since antiquity. They all have drawn their power from the Sun and plants. It is said that God has put in paradise the rational beings and the most intelligent plants as well have been there. And the first man has been a very great botanist, who has known to regulate his senses with plants.


If you want to be treated, you should work during the months of May and June, when from the Sun goes down a stream that passes through the equator and splits to the poles. In the meantime, if you take a hoe or shovel and work, you will be rejuvenated. Half an hour to work is enough. Nature is full of energy from March to July, and if you work in the garden in the morning until about 10:00 at this time, you will be healthy.


There is some earth energy that comes from the southern hemisphere and goes to the northern hemisphere; then returns back again to the south. Growth, flowering forms, ripening of fruits depend on that energy. People need to be in communication with the Earth, especially in the months of April, May, June and July, to become one exchange. These impurities, those weeds out of your body should go down to the Earth and fresh forces to rise in your body. There are other months in which to fix the heart, third months there in which you fix your mind. These are three periods that are negative; there are three periods that are positive. A positive period is always followed by a negative one.


If half of May, June, half July each morning before the rising of the Sun, you are working only for half an hour in your garden, you would be healthy. Then there is an earth energy that comes from the southern hemisphere and goes to north, making a full circle; then returns back to the southern hemisphere. Growth, flowering, creation of forms, fruits depend on that energy. All people suffer from this lack of energy because they do not want to have communication with the earth, but one exchange between man and the earth is needed. Dirt, mud, weeds from your body should go down into the earth so that fresh forces rise in you.


If you want to heal, you should be working the ground in May and in June – they are the best months for communication with Earth.


Each day of April is worth ten gold leva. What you can take from April, from any pharmacy you can not buy it.


Health rests on a great law; it rests on a gland which is placed under the ribs of man. Therefore, if you know when this energy flows from the Sun, you can connect this gland with solar energy. It is because every day there is a high tide and a low tide. You have to know when the high tide is and when the low tide is. In each year there is a big high tide and a big low tide. You have to know when that time is. Always and everywhere there is this high tide and this low tide in small and large periods of solar energy. You can only then use it. Contemporary scientists are only now beginning to study the tides of solar energy. This solar energy you will get that elixir of life. Hindus have a science of prana, they have created a whole theory and there are only few who understand it, they are out. Hindus and they die and just their adepts, who live in the mountains, live a long life, some live a thousand years.


There are laws of vision. Depends on how you look at a subject. The man in love, the man who has Love, only he can see properly. Someone you can not watch, because you can not find that focus to see the symmetry of the face. By watching someone, you can make a connection. There is a look at which you will make a connection. When you go out in the mountain, there is a point, and when you find that point, the mountain is alive. With such watching, the mountain will become live. Or when you look at the sky, you should know which place to look at. I would recommend you to get up in the morning, when Sirius rises, and when the morning star rises. If you want to bring in your soul something good, wake up in the morning and look at the Morning Star when rising. Wake up 40- 50 times and you will see what a change you will have in your soul. Get up in the morning not to watch the Sun, as usual, but to see something special. See the first beam and then you can even go before the sunshine. The first ray of the Sun is like a small star. Once the Sun rises, no star is visible. Sometimes God goes away from us, to see the other little things, the smaller our brethren, we can see smaller works and understand that they are as well so important.


Throughout the whole week observe the Moon and record the first thought that comes to your mind. You will observe the Moon all the week; every day of the week you will stop your attention on that planet that is associated with that day. For example, on Tuesday you will observe Mars, on Wednesday - Mercury, on Thursday - Jupiter, on Friday - Venus, on Saturday - Saturn, on Sunday – the Sun, when rising. While observing these planets at the same time you should write the first thought that passed through your mind at this time. You should note the weather, whether it has been windy, cloudy or clear. By doing these observations you will increase your knowledge.


Planets are related to certain elements, particularly metals. The Moon is related to silver, the Sun - to gold, Mars - to iron. If man suffers from a lack of one of these elements in the blood, he falls ill. To improve his condition, this element must be introduced into the blood. In general, any disorder in the physical body of man or in the sympathetic or his nervous system is indicating a lack of one element in his blood. Once the required quantity of the element is obtained, the state of the body is improved. The absence of any element in the blood of man is compensated not only through the food but also through his thoughts and feelings. There are occasions when the body feels a need of certain thoughts and feelings. They must necessarily come into the mind and the heart of man. Knowing this, you have to use astrology and by self-education to build the nervous system. Then, through your thoughts and feelings you will bring to your blood all the elements that you feel poverty in. This is a science that must be studied not only theoretically but also practically. This knowledge is not acquired overnight, but gradually.


Everyone should be interested in the Moon, because it affects the nervous system, the mind of man. Development of the individual, the family, the society, the state, and of all the mankind depend on the influence of the planets on the Earth. Therefore, to know the conditions of his lives, as well as of the largest units, man should have a broad interest in the occult sciences to study the laws that govern life. He will understand that whatever happens in him, happens and out of him.


Once thinking, breathing and digestion are not functioning properly in man, and in society do not function properly. To deal with this the families, the communities and the nations should at first straighten the individual, to create a healthy body with straight thoughts, feelings and actions.


Many of the creatures that live in the physical world are on a low level of development and consequently draw strength from those beings that stand on a higher level than them. If you come across their path, they will draw energy from you and you will feel strengthless. To obtain the consumed strength you must be connected with the lofty world, hence to draw energy. Whatever you do, you can not get rid of the influence of the lower world. Thus, from one place they will draw from you, from elsewhere you will draw. To say it in other words: until man is connected with the Earth he permanently loses his energies; if he is connected with the Sun he draws from its energy and recovers.


It is often talked about magnetizing and demagnetizing, you say: "Do not touch me, because I will be sucked!" And it is so. If you are a small well, everyone will suck you, but if you are a great source, who can suck you? When the great mind comes, you will be such a great spring and from this spring there will be enough for millions and millions of people to drink. Such is the great power that comes from the Sun and the stars, which ran from God, but through the visible world.

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