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Two Fish and Five Loaves


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Two Fish and Five Loaves


I told you that everything we see in nature - in the mineral kingdom, plants, animals, people, etc. - is presented to our eyes scattered and without any connection. Often we are deceived observing things without restoring the relations between them, although they exist in reality and always.


There are three worlds: 1. World of facts. 2. World of laws. 3. World of principles. Many facts related to each other and there are laws that govern them. One law governs many facts that are scattered. But the laws are governed by a higher world - the world of principles. One principle governs many laws, a law - many facts. If we want to learn all the facts in nature, we will not succeed because they are countless. We need to understand the law that governs many facts in all realms at once.


All symbols in religion are taken from the living zodiac. You know that the Sun passes through the zodiac in one year. Living point of the sky (the intersection of the ecliptic and the equator) corresponds to the vernal equinox and moves in the direction opposite to the Sun in the zodiac. Every 2160 years this point changes constellation, which coincides with changes in all kingdoms of life. There are forces at this time that begin to influence humanity through the new constellation. Initiates in Atlantis have known the present and the future through this connection. They have known what forces lie in signs and have been predicting the events that will happen when the vernal equinox will go through this or that constellation. Egyptian initiates have been recording everything on the pyramids. Chaldeans have been well acquainted with astrology.


Every religion is based on two constellations - that are opposite in the circle of the zodiac. They say that the Christian religion has been under the influence of Pisces and their opposite constellation - Virgo, Pisces - Virgo is the Christian axis.


In all religions we find the Virgin or the symbol of the Virgin: Isis - in Egypt, Devin - mother who has given birth to Krishna in India, she has given birth to a lotus in the water. This is an eternal image of nature. Virgo represents pure nature, undefiled, holy, which produces; that creates the eternal Son of humanity, the higher self, or as we call Him Christ.


Virgin is represented everywhere as a young girl bearing classes of wheat, which give bread. Always with the axis Christ has worked, talked, thought healed. We will see then how miracles can be made with this axis, if man builds his life on it. Fish are mentioned anywhere in the New Testament with the bread. In the parable of the five wise and five foolish virgins there is oil and lamps. Then you will see that they are still the same symbols. Fish and bread represent the New Testament, the two things that the disciples of Jesus Christ have been engaged with, and on that reasoning, because Jesus has taught them the secrets hidden in the fish and loaves.


Now we will study Pisces and the Virgin from astrological point of view. We will see that over the Virgin dominates Mercury and over Pisces - Jupiter (a little also Venus and Neptune, but Jupiter dominates). Mercury is represented as a young boy and Jupiter - an old man. All the planets are in conjunction with the human age: the Moon affects the conception and birth, Mercury - the children (all children are merkurians), Venus influences puberty, and the Sun follows it, when man decides to set up home, to create a situation, to work; Mars affects older, married man who struggles to keep his family, home and its security Jupiter affects adulthood – the father who has many children, who respect and obey him - someone who is respected in the world, which takes his place in society, Saturn represents grandfather, who has had a large family, which is very old and preparing for the next world.


Pisces are a constellation of Jupiter, and Virgin – of Mercury. Virgin is a symbol of purity and Pisces - of charity, mercy, Love and generosity.


Pisces - Virgo that is the axis of Jesus Christ. You should know that the Christian era, represented by this axis, has want to develop in the souls of all men the qualities of the Virgo constellation and those of the Pisces, ie two principles: the male principle - Mercury and the female principle - Venus. Therefore, the two principles are summarized in the Christian religion: compassion, benevolence, goodness, purity and chastity. Jesus Christ represents the axis that connects the 6th and the 12th houses. Sixth house in the horoscope represents illness, medicine, medicines, and 12th - all the obstacles, trials, tribulations, hidden trouble; it is the home of the troubles that exist in the world. Jesus Christ, who presents this axis is born of the Virgin and manifests as Pisces - Jesus himself has been called IHTIS - fish (Greek). Signs of the word serve as the first letters of each word in the following sentence: Jesus Christ Theos Ios Sotiris (Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior). This means that Jesus has been born of a Virgin and represents the Universal Fish, ie he has wanted to express all the qualities of fish, and we will see that a lot. Virgo - Pisces - that is the axis of Jesus.


If you look at the Zodiac in this way each year at the beginning of winter, at midnight, you will see that the constellation of Virgo is coming on the horizon on the 24th or 25th of December. In the opposite direction you will see Pisces, in height are seen Gemini and opposite - Sagittarius. All this is not accidental - Virgin to the east, Pisces - to the west. One more thing: if you learn the signs of Cancer and Pisces, you will see that they represent a fish - male and female, joined together, one character is the opposite of the other.


A century ago, by studying the fish, the researchers have been surprised by noticing that all eels that live in the rivers and the lakes are female. They researchers could not understand how the eels multiply, because they have never found eggs of eels. They have not known that there are other male fish and have thought that these fish are hermaphroditic. Many theories have been invented to explain these facts and the multiplicity of eels in Europe. One day as they have studied the ocean, at a depth of 500 meters they have found swimming eels in huge quantity - all travelling to the Sargosovo Sea. A major study of the issue has led to the discovery that all eels from Europe gather there and spawn there. The eggs hatch small fish, 2 mm long, transparent, which adrift returned to Europe; where from their parents have come. This return lasts for two years; small fish reach a length of 10-12 centimeters. When they have reached the shores of Europe, they have scattered in estuaries - females by river currents penetrate and take over all rivers, lakes and marshes.


Scientists wonder why eels go to lay their eggs right there, but so far have not found the cause. How do they know this place? This is a tradition in their family for centuries - eels are the only fish that make such a trip. Eels look like snakes, and Jesus Christ says: "If you want fish from your father will he give you a snake?" Why eels unique cross the ocean and look like snakes? Those who study the winds are telling us that the clouds displaced are formed well over Sargosovo Sea at various heights up to a thousand meters. These clouds grouped cross the ocean and come (from west to east) to Europe, are scattered over Russia. All this is unusual, and the real reason is unknown because scientists explain this in a physical way. But you understand that such explanations are insufficient to understand things in their true sense.


The same place eels spawn and cloud masses that pass over Europe form. What's in this section? What a wonderful force works there? Are there magnetic storms, or the sea there has some energy that attracts eels, or is there something else? Whoever studies the nature, knows that all things are interconnected, that nothing is due to the chance. What is a secret to ordinary science, it is not a secret to the Divine, because first learns the facts alone, without linking them without seeking the main reasons that makes the discovery of the true causes more painful. There are other reasons for the formation of these storms. Consider and maybe you will find these reasons, from scientific and occult perspective.


This place is Atlantis, the continent that is already gone. There has previously been a large current. There are other currents that flow there, but that is not the main reason for the observed facts. There is one other point on the globe, which is the source of the influences acting there. Every year eels leave but not in a random time. They choose the astrological moment when the Sun comes out of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. At this hour all eels from Europe gather in a cordon of kilometers long and travel across the ocean. In two directions there is a circulation of eels. From east to west they use six months to reach the place where they spawn. From west to east the young eels use two years to reach the coast. They leave Europe in the autumn (October- November) and when spring bursts they return slowly. Today's talk is about migration of eels that are beginning to return to Europe, because the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon will come tonight at midnight in Sagittarius and eels are coming. Therefore, occult students and occultists know that this year there is a meeting of many erected students who travel like eels. Where do they go? To the big ceremony Vayzak in India - a place that initiates know better. There gather all initiates. At what time? Each year at the full Moon in May Today the Moon is full and we are in May, the 14th day, when it is in Sagittarius after midnight. All true and dedicated students leave their bodies and head to this place in India to attend the big ceremony Vayzak with the great teachers of mankind. What is going on there, know only those who will go tonight and the next few days. I have permission to talk about these things, even though it is forbidden to talk about it in the usual time. These things are sacred and are not for everyone, but the great Teachers who attend this ceremony, not afraid of anything, because one can not enter into the kingdom of the content and meaning will ever know, even if he is shown the great secrets of nature. He stays connected to the physical body of the Earth. The opposite – who will know, he will come to that place. He will go where the great Masters will give immortal food - both fish and five loaves.


What does the following ratio mean: Count 74 degrees east longitude and 30 degrees north latitude - These are the Himalayas, Agartha, where is Vayzak ceremony. Count 75 degrees west longitude and 30 degrees north latitude - that is where eels spawn - a favorable location for the formation of cloud masses. These two points have a certain ratio. Agartha, meeting of sublime beings who form the magnetic and electric currents which, radiating from the city to the initiates, will focus at this point of the Atlantic. Consider this extraordinary relationship between students and eels, which are true disciples, because these fish are from the same species as them. Among people exist "eels", ie people, erected by those who know where to go. Students- fish know that they need to go to 75 degrees west longitude and 30 degrees north latitude. Here many things can be learnt. The fish lay their eggs there. There are billions births. Agar, there are too, but tof he feelings and of the thoughts.


Human eels lay their warm thoughts and feelings in order to repopulate the world. If you study astosphera you will also find a miracle. Clouds travel in width and eels - in the depths of the ocean where currents are regulated, away from the Earth's surface, in the waters. Also, students like to rise high into the atmosphere to reach stable layers, where reigns a great calm. All this is similar, but the movements are in opposite directions on either side of the Greenwich meridian. Human eels head in May; eels-fish head in October- November – the inverse month. Their return happens when the students rush to the Himalayas. It is not a coincidence. If we understand and think about this, we will find many wonders.


I told you to notice that many things in nature are scattered outside and we have to put them together. Having oxygen and hydrogen is not enough to have the water. We need to unite them. Oxygen is the male principle, hydrogen – the female. Oxygen is our mind, and hydrogen - our heart. We study many facts, all sciences; all philosophies. We understand perfectly these facts, we know all moral precepts, all real ways, but when we have to fulfil, to apply this - means to know, in us appears tension between the mind and the heart. The mind knows one thing, but the heart feels another. This duality exists within us, in society, in nations, wherever man is. Our hearts are not related to our minds, the hydrogen is not united with oxygen in us. Therefore, we have no water and we are dry. Tomorrow’s students will understand this and will unite the mind and the heart to form water in man. It is because without it we are dry, ie deprived of Love. All nervous diseases come from this stretch, as neurasthenia.


It is caused by lack of water in the nervous system, not physical water because water is astral, mental; spiritual. This drying causes nerve compression and man becomes neurotic, he needs water. The time will come when our mind and heart will be joined to work together. This means we have: 1.To fulfil what we know 2. To feel according to what our consciences dictates. We know a lot about the life on heaven, of the angels, but we feel the opposite. This duality creates all diseases and difficulties and grievances. Water symbolizes unity between mind and heart. Everywhere in nature things are scattered and should be united.


You know now that eels meet a natural law, and also eminent students (often unknowingly) attracted to Agartha, where there is a kind of magnetism that exerts its action on pure souls. You must understand that the axis that connects the Himalayas with Sargosovo Sea is the axis of Jesus Christ. It is that of Pisces and Virgin, on which all dedicated achieve the birth of ultimate I in them.


Initiates go to these places to eat five loaves and two fishes to enable them to be born in them Divine Principle - Jesus Christ. One day, all human eels will head to this holy place, invited by this attraction, by this light, by this purity that live there. Maybe among you tonight some people will go there, will see the miracles happen and will learn many things. Up to now suspected has brought nothing to us; it has created a duality in us, a true death. Because suspicion, criticism, hatred created in us sever between our soul and the universe that destroys lives and prevents erection.


Note one thing more important than what I said: Jesus Christ and the apostles speak of two fish, five loaves and 5 thousand people, and we know that their words are measured. Explore human anatomically. But that can not happen, because we know only a few things. We must turn to physiology, because studying the functions, relationships that exist between the members. This is the second study. Then you have a third study - a psychological study, which explains the order of higher facts. This is the third world. Thus there are three areas: 1. Anatomy, which is a description of the world (this is astronomy, which ranks bodies as comets, planets, suns, nebula) 2. Astrology, which explains the relationship between the stars and influences, the conditions of life which they exhibit, that it is the physiology of the world, 3. Kabbalah is the psychology of the world.


Let us try to learn the anatomy of the human being. Try to look where there are within it Pisces and Virgo.


According to astrology, Virgo is located in the solar plexus, and Pisces are associated with the feet. Feet and solar plexus are interconnected. They represent the axis of Jesus Christ. If we study the solar plexus, we find wondrous works. Sympathetic nervous system is composed of many nodes and glands. It has three pairs of glands in the level of the neck and the base of the brain. There are 12 pairs related to the spine and liver, 4 pairs associated with the stomach and 4 pairs in the internal organs. The first three pairs are called by science "cerebral glands", the twelve pairs are called "spinal glands" etc. You can see that there are a total of 23 pairs of glands. This is not accidentally. I will explain that later. There is some relation between the sympathetic nervous system and the heart. The first 3 pairs of glands are symbols of the spiritual world - Kabbalah. The next 12 are the astrological world - nature; 4 of them are elements of the alchemists and the following are a reflection of matter in hell. What interests us is that Virgo rules the solar plexus. It looks like the sign of the Sun. Under it there are two glands, having the shape of fish. There are also five glands in the solar plexus, they represent the five loaves. We find the five loaves and the two fish. It may seem strange, but it is so. There is one male and one female fish interconnected.


I have told you that female eels live in rivers, swamps, lakes, while males remain on the banks of major rivers. But one day, when the Sun enters the constellation of Sagittarius, females and males gather in Sargosovo Sea to spawn. This particular life and this collection are extraordinary. In the solar plexus the two fish symbolize the Moon, so the science calls them "hemisperes", but it does not know why they are there. Jesus Christ has left Palestine (whose width is 30 degrees) to go to the Himalayas to eat Divine food and learn everything there is in human nature. He has remained for a long time to study in Agartha and 30 years old has returned to Palestine in order to feed the people with the five loaves and the two fish. But they have not been fish physically.


You know that the child in the womb is linked to her by a cordon and thus feeds. At birth, they cut that connection that comes out of his navel and connects with the mother who represents the Virgin, nature. When the cordon is cut, there is another, invisible, which connects directly to the child's navel the untouched nature, the Universe, which feeds him. Those who break the connection will die because there is no where to eat. Through the solar plexus that cordon rests creature with the body, which is the Virgin according to astrology which is really the Virgin, which is nature. Why are there two fish of the solar plexus? Why are they placed so? The one who knows how to use them can travel in space, because man can not do it, if he is not free, if he has not developed the two fish and the five loaves, which are the five virtues: Compassion, Justice, Love, Wisdom and Truth Mercury is the child who has brought 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread. Then the crowd has fed. The crowd, these are all the cells that make up our physical body and who every day eat five loaves and two fishes from the solar plexus. Because if it has not worked well and has not distributed Divine food, all the cells will starve and die. Who feeds that crowd of 5,000 people, this nation of cells? It is solar unit, the Virgo; this is the Son - the Supreme Consciousness, intuition that is born in Virgo. He, who does not understand these things, has no intuition, no Love, no light, no self- newborn Jesus. And therefore can not feed the crowd in him and it is hungry.


Today, even though we own two fish and five loaves in the solar plexus; we feed only physically, since the Supreme consciousness, Jesus Christ, ie the intuition, this light, this Divine Love is not even born in us. Then we look for someone to feed us. How a creature can feed everyone? Suppose we have 5,000 people who gathered here tonight, and wait to feed them with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes. What should I do? I can not tell you how any of you could eat every day through his solar unit. If I have given you physical food, tomorrow you will want more, but if I give you a way you yourself to draw from the inexhaustible source of life, your thirst will be quenched. Very simple and easy it is. It is only necessary man to know it, to want it, because often man knows, but he does not want to.


No one who is not clean, he can not penetrate into Agartha. With purity in action, food, feelings and thoughts can not enter there. When a man cleanse his feet, will relate with the solar plexus and the 2 fishes. Man will be able to travel, anticipating future events and food all these cells. Then everyone will be happy and will remain 12 baskets full of scraps for animals and others. This will be done through Love and purity through Pisces and Virgo, which are connected by the Christian axis. Why Christ represents the axis and why he has been crucified? To understand it, we must look at the Zodiac. He has come to feed humanity, to manifest purity, Love and Wisdom. As in Pisces - Virgo axis are those 6th and 12th houses, this is the same that brings all difficulties. Jesus has healed the sick with his cleanliness, saying: "Only with fasting and prayer you can drive out the devils and to command the spirits." He chased the devils, the evil spirits who left the sick at His command, entered the souls of the Pharisees and Sadducees to take revenge on them. It is because these demons would like to remain in the patients who who have been sinful creatures and who has fed them very well. Christ, making them waving away, has had to pay the debts of these patients. Here is what the sacrifice of Christ is: he has had with all his strength to escape paying these evil spirits of patients and their entry into the Sadducees and Pharisees. He has known that he would suffer and would be crucified. In the 12th house of Judah has met him. He has been waiting for him and has said he should be betrayed.


Jesus has known that in the 12th house of Pisces someone has had to betray him. But Judas has been a collective being, his role has been necessary. The sacrifice of Jesus has been: as innocent to give people that freedom, that Wisdom, that light that flow through Virgin and which obliged him to suffer in Pisces. But now we eat fish without knowing the reason why. We'll talk about it one day.


(14 May 1938)

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