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Liver and gall bladder

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Liver and gall bladder


What is liver? Liver is that matter, which has created the world. The Lord has created the world through the liver. What would you say to that? Do you know what acids, what powers acted during the creation of the liver? It will release them. Then it will say to the others: “I did my job “.


When someone is told that God first created the world through the liver, and then he created man, this will seem inexplicable and impossible. Because liver was able to create, the Lord assigned him once again with that job.


The Lord told him: “There’s no other organ like you, which can do that job – to serve digestion and support life “.


What are the scientific arguments, which can prove this great significance of liver? I can prove that to you. When you look at someone, who has a disordered liver, what do you see? That man is all yellow. If you marry a woman with a disturbed liver, you will have to suffer. The best people in the world are those with healthy livers.


A person lives in four bodies: physical, astral, mental and causal. Each body performs certain work and is formed of a specific matter, and each organ of the physical body is connected to the respective astral organ, i.e. to the world of feelings. The liver regulates the lower feelings of men, ingests the poisons of the human body and transforms them. If it is disordered, the poisons spread throughout the body and one dies.


The spiritual heart is located in the pit of the stomach and it is called “solar plexus“ — it is the most tender area, which one has to protect. The solar plexus is under the influence of the liver. All the filth of the mental and cardiac world goes to the liver, and from there – to the centre of the Earth, where it is purified. Therefore, the solar plexus serves as a channel for the purification of unclean thoughts and desires. One’s heart depends on the condition of his liver.


The lungs and liver are two transformers of energies – the lungs transform mental energy, they direct the mental energy towards the brain, and the liver transforms the sensual energies, directing them to the sympathetic nervous system. Feelings cannot be expressed without the liver.


The energies of the heart pass through the liver, there is an open path there, however there is no path from the liver to the heart. That is why you should never allow any negative feelings and energies in your hearts, which may affect negatively your liver.


When the solar, mental and sympathetic systems do not function properly, black circles are formed around one’s eyes – this happens also when the liver is overexcited. Liver is an undertaking in nature, where all the lower feelings are formed. The animal conditions, which are observed in animals, are all due to the liver. Our indisposition is due to the liver. It must function properly. It has two functions, two jobs to do: it helps digestion, and at the same time these animal feelings are all due to it. It is close, next to the stomach brain or the solar plexus.


When does the liver stop working well? It fails due to intensive feeling that you have. For example – when one accommodates utter self-esteem and fear at the same time – these are two countering forces. The utterly offended person wants revenge, and at the same time there’s fear. He wants revenge, but can’t achieve it. Fear holds him. Than that fear affects one’s liver. Every day personal feelings arise in people, every day fear arises.


If one’s liver is disordered, negative, unpleasant thoughts pass through one’s mind. The disorder of the liver results in cruelty. The liver is related to the lower feelings. Knowing that, one must protect his holy God-given health.


In the spiritual world, the liver presents all those materials, from which feelings are made.


Feelings also affect the liver’s health. Liver is necessary, but if it increases excessively, disasters may occur. To be too small is bad either. Liver must function properly and produce bile.


If one’s liver is disordered, that man is bankrupt. With the current structure of the body, everything depends on the liver.


Liver is a great factor in human body. If the liver is damaged, that man is broke. (...) If liver is disordered, one becomes indisposed, gloomy, pessimistic, unable to talk kindly, he starts hating, fighting, and might even commit a murder — all this is caused by the liver. And if there are so many criminals in the modern world, the main reason for that is people’s livers are disordered. Fix their livers! The insult, you live with, affects your liver, as a bitter feeling, which cannot be easily overcome. The good and bad condition of the liver affects feelings, and feelings affect the health of the liver. If it does not work well, one is nervous, easily gets angry or irritated. If someone says that he does not want to eat, that he can’t stand anybody around him, that he cannot get along with anybody, trusts nobody and does not believe in God, this is all liver’s fault. The liver is a small organ, which plays a very important role. It has an enormous effect on one’s mentality.


As long as liver is connected to creatures of the lower astral world, they start influencing a person, whispering to him pessimistic philosophy or making him commit suicide. These creatures are strong, but they are not well organized. Not understanding life, they are ready to kill anybody, who is in their way. If you find yourselves in a miserable spiritual state, you will know that you are in the area of the unorganized matter. All the saints have healthy livers, well organized lower feelings. The organized liver is the best servant of the heart.


Whenever the liver is functioning properly, the complexion of the face is pleasant and pink.


If you see one’s face starting to turn yellow or red, you should try to find the reason in the liver first.


The disorder of the liver causes various diseases. Neurasthenia is also caused by a disorder of the liver. Whoever is not ready to help people, who are not in communion with God, he is sick, his liver is disordered. When you’re angry turn to God and ask him to give you more knowledge and light, so that you can set your liver straight. If you can’t stand people, if your life is not going well, if you’re not able to learn, this is again your liver’s fault. Its disorder affects the mental abilities and feelings of men, as well as his spiritual manifestations. The lower feelings affect liver, like termites devouring everything.


Whoever has managed to organize his feelings and thoughts, he has also organized his liver. His can make peace with everybody. You see how important liver is for everybody, it is also related to faith. If you believe in God, then you have an organized liver, this means that you have an organized mind, heart and soul. By “faith in God“ I mean a divine condition, where one feels strong enough to achieve everything he wants. Faith is a force which can achieve everything — it is necessary for the organization of the liver.


If the liver becomes sick, it is hard to heal; it is connected to the cerebellum.


All the doctors admit one thing: it is very hard to heal the liver. They know that if one contracts jaundice, it is difficult to cure him and the reason for that is liver. When the stomach is disordered, once again the reason is the liver. If the nervous system is disordered – again liver is the reason. If you are irritable or angry, the liver is the reason. You scold, reason is in the liver. When you set the liver right, you become a saint right away. Some saints, wise men, spent 20 years in the dessert, in order to deal with their liver.


Many of the diseases are the result of liver disorders. When it does not function properly, this results in damages to the body, diseases occur, which are hard to cure: hypochondria is the result of a liver disorder, neurasthenia is the result of a liver disorder, bad digestion is the result of a liver disorder.


You should keep the liver in a straight- up position, that you will not be nervous, intemperate. There are many specialties for treating liver, but I tell you to think and puts some lemon in your mouth, I give you the most harmless medicines.


When liver gets sick, you will talk to it, as if it is a rational being; you will talk to it every night, asking it to get well.


Scholars don’t know that if someone does not like any of his organs, that organ will be disordered. The liver is disordered. Why is that? Because you don’t like it. It gets angry and starts destroying itself. Start loving the liver and it will get better. The best heal-of for the liver is to love it and, knowing its importance, it will get better. If you start loving also the inconsistencies, you will keep your liver in perfect order. If you think the world is not functioning properly, you distress your liver. In this way you harm yourselves. Liver contains everything food, but what harms man is that does not think good of his liver. If you think good of your livers, you will be of benefit to yourselves and to the others.


The cure for the sick liver is: don’t hate anybody! There is a lurking hatred, which disorders the liver.


So here’s what I say: if digestion is not taking place properly and the eyes get yellow, then the liver is not fine. There was time when liver used to think. All the hatred and malice in men originates in liver. When someone hates you, he cannot hate you with his mind, but from the liver, which is thus disordered. Each case of hatred, of ill feelings, is connected to one’s liver. And being filled with hatred, the liver cannot perform its functions, digestions does not take place properly.


You may ask: “How should we cure our livers?“ You must breathe deeply and eat lemons, and not get angry. You all have a body, showing you precisely what you need.


When somebody loses his purity, his eyes get yellow, the liver is disordered. Then you should start healing it, massaging it.


“I don’t want to live anymore!“ This is a strange philosophy. The reason is that there’s an inert matter in you. Where is it? It is either in your liver, or in your stomach or in your blood circulation or in your heart, or in your respiratory system or in the brain. This is where it is. You should search for the reason.


Then, if your liver is disturbed, you need more citric acid. This citric acid can be obtained from light. You should know which ray of the sun you must use: red, orange, green, yellow, light blue, dark blue or violet and to know how to collect that light in order to send it to the liver.


The yellow color, which is in the mental world, if transferred to the physical world, means shows a certain physical disorder. If transferred to the body, it disorders the liver. The yellow color strengthens the brain, but disorders the liver. Therefore many people suffer from liver disorders, because they do not think. When one starts thinking, it is the thought that can consume the yellow color from the mind and put to work.


If the liver is disordered, you should only drink warm water and lemons. A person may want to set everything about him in order, to get his life going , and then start living, but while doing that he disorders his liver.


There is a close connection between the liver the gall-bladder. If this connection is interrupted, life is in danger.


When bile is excreted on time and where necessary, it helps digestion. If, however, the gall-bladder does not function properly, this makes a person suffer from dangerous diseases.


When one is angry, irritated, excited, the gall-bladder does not function properly, resulting in various disorders of the body.


In order to transform his feelings and assimilate as he should the bile, man must eat such food that seems good to him, mainly fruits.


The human gall-bladder is under the influence of Mars. According to some astrologists the motion of the gall- bladder coincides with the motion of Mars.

Through the brain, lungs, heart, stomach, man connects to angels, cherubs, seraphim


If, for example, the lungs are not working well, connect with the cherubs – while breathing, think of these spirits and their wisdom


Through his heart man connects to another hierarchy — the thrones — the heartbeat shows that you are connected to the thrones


Through his stomach man is connected to the creatures of nobility, therefore, after man has his meal, he becomes more benevolent


Through his liver man is connected to the powers or the Divine Forces. If there is a disharmony in feelings, yellowing of the face and eyes, then there is a disharmony between the powers and man. Jaundice is treated through restoration of the harmony with the powers


Through the gall-bladder man is connected to the creatures of goodness. The loss of goodness and the bursting of the gall-bladder are synonyms. In order to reduce all, goodness has to increase


Through the spleen man is connected to another hierarchy — superiors or Divine Justice. The increase or disruption of the spleen shows that justice is disturbed


The kidneys are connected to the archangels — the creators of God’s Glory – they lead the peoples. Whoever fails to glorify God and be inspired by nature, by greatness in nature, cannot be in connection with the archangels and the kidneys are upset


Whoever has a healthy and normal digestive system, he is joyful, cheerful, diligent. Should you meet a man with a withered face, yellow, indisposed for work, you can be sure that his digestive system is not working properly. He cannot work, looks at everything gloomily, pessimistically, has not faith in life. In order to avoid such a condition, you should keep your digestive system in good order – this is a precondition for the wellbeing of man in the physical world — the first step of life


If you consider the stomach and stomach system in a broader sense, you will see that these form a complex machine, which is connected to the complete life


The celiac plexus or the solar plexus, or the “stomach brain” deals with all the functions of human body. The lower behaviours of man, his perception of good and evil, of joy and fun, all these are due to the stomach brain. The liver is connected with it, and this is one of the greatest servants – one of the assistants of that brain. Sometimes, when this assistant is sick, the entire stomach system is in an improper condition. The digestive system acts incorrectly, and – as a result – inorganic substances accumulate. Blood deposits form in this way as well


What is the purpose of nutrition? It must first – maintain the body in good order, second – maintain its activity or ability to work, and third – to protect it from the conditions of the environment


The physical world is the abdomen of man, which consists of three areas: hell —the large intestine, purgatory— the small intestines and heaven – the stomach


Hell is situated in the intestines of man. That is why, when a doctor has to treat somebody, he first cleans his intestine


The stomach provides the necessary materials for the construction of the human body, i.e. of the physical man. It participates actively in the construction of the body


The building material, which is then allocated in the entire body, is stored in the stomach


The stomach is the centre of the physical power of man. The strong one has an excellent stomach — it depends on the proper functioning of the sympathetic nervous system


If you act properly in the material works, your digestive system will work properly


You are responsible to your stomach, for the food, you take through your mouth


How will you eat, if your stomach is upset? You have everything to eat, but your stomach would not accept anything. Everyone with a disordered stomach, should know that Justice is not in his heart, Truth is not in his mind. In order to fix his stomach, one has to bring Justice into his heart and Truth to your mind. This must happen by all means, so that the stomach can digest food and process the juices, required for supporting the body. The truth is that in its simplest form, necessary for restoring the balance of the body, it keeps the digestive system in good order


Justice keeps the heart and lungs in good order. If there is no Justice, the heart and lungs will suffer


The reason for all the ulcers in the stomach is the lie. Lie alters the chemical composition of the blood and tissues in the body


If the stomach system of a person is well developed, he cannot resist great temptations and behaves amorally — he eats a lot, drinks a lot. He is not capable of transforming his physical energies into spiritual ones


The good deeds maintain the healthy condition of the stomach system, and as a result one eats and sleeps well


Act justly, so that your stomach works properly Whoever has a healthy stomach, he is a good man


Stomach defines the desires of a man


A person’s love of people regulates his stomach. If you have a healthy stomach, your love of people is correct. If your stomach aches, your love of people is not proper


When a man loves, his stomach expands, when he hates – his stomach shrinks


A man with a sick stomach, cannot love. Him, who has a sick chest or a sick brain cannot love either


Animals support the stomach system. Whoever wants to have a healthy and well regulated stomach system, must be reasonable and create proper relations with the animals


The more cheek-bones protrude, and cheeks sink-in, the weaker one’s stomach system is. When the stomach system is weak, one succumbs to pessimistic conditions This is due to the fact that digestion does not take place properly. In order not to be overwhelmed with pessimism, through the power of your will, you must work to improve your stomach system


If your stomach suffers, if a number of generations had suffered from their stomach system, hollow lines form on the face. When the stomach starts suffering indentions form on the face. When the stomach is healthy, these lines straighten and people become a bit stouter


If the lower part of the nose is thick, this shows that the stomach is well developed. The duration of man’s life depends on that


The length of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow represents the material world, or the stomach, from the elbow to the wrist – this is the spiritual world, the heart, and the wrist – the mental world, the mind


The upper arm corresponds to the stomach, to the belly. If this part of the arm is thick, then the stomach is well developed


The people, whose stomach is developed, have well developed finger bases. When the belly prevails, the finger bases prevail as well. When stomach is weak, fingers are weak as well


All people, in whim the belly is developed, have thick finger bases, without interspaces. Such people love to indulge themselves. And all those, with underdeveloped stomach system, have their first phalanx of the forefinger, here, below, a bit dry


When eyes start sinking, stomach starts getting worse. The one, who has good eyes, has a healthy stomach. The stomach is connected to vision. The stomach is connected with the longs, it is connected with the brain. One’s eyes can show if that person is smart, one’s eyes can also show if that person’s healthy in his lungs, eyes can show if the stomach system is normal


Some have glassy, sharp eyes which are not moist, people say: “He has glassy eyes“. His nervous system is upset. His eyes are misty – the stomach system is upset. You have no experience. When your stomach aches, you will see that your eyes become misty


When one’s eyes seem lighter, this shows the condition of his mind, and when they look darker – this shows the condition of his stomach


Often our eyes become bad, due to the food we eat. If the food is unhealthy, it corrupts the blood, and corrupted blood damages the eyes and then surgeries are necessary. Why? Our lives conform to God’s laws. As lamination occurs in the physical eye, similar lamination occurs in the spiritual eye, according to that law, and this lamination causes misery for both the individual, and the family, society, the nation and the entire mankind


If a vegetarian has misty eyes, the reason for that is the excess amount of sugar in his body. Nervous people worry for no real reason, for the air that they breathe. Sometimes an offensive word, said by someone, disturbs you so much that for 20 years you cannot forget that. And if someone says that you are a simpleton, you get angry and can’t get that word out of your mind for days, months and years


Americans are very active. They apply everything, but there are many systems, which have no application. In terms of hygiene, their very inconsistent. If you go to a winter party or dance in America, you will find yourselves at your wits’ end. You will be offered a 150 g. cup of ice-cream and then they will serve you a 250 g. cup of hot coffee. And when you look at these Americans, all their teeth are golden – they have not a single healthy tooth in their mouths. With these sudden changes between cold and hot, the enamel cracks. Many of them suffer from dyspepsia. Do you know what kind of disease dyspepsia is? This is a severe condition. Whoever suffers from dyspepsia, falls in a very poor condition, in hypochondria, he does not want to live, he can’t sleep, bad dreams bother him constantly, everything turns upside-down. I refer to this condition as a disorder of the sympathetic nervous system. This is not the result of an evil will


Some American psychologists explain to some extend these bad conditions with the indiscriminate extermination of the Indians, when Europeans came to America. And these spirits of those killed, now seek revenge. These are not scientific facts, but just allegations, these are only opinions. In one relation Americans are very pure, they maintain extreme hygiene in their lives, but on the other hand, they are great meat-eaters


Stomach is supported by many organs: the teeth, tongue, mouth, gullet, intestines


The white color of the teeth speaks of virtues. Whoever has white, nice teeth, he is a man of virtues


Those of you, who believe that you will come again in the future, should pray to God to give you healthy teeth. If it is impossible now, you will have them in the future. If you go to the other world, you’d want to have strong teeth there. If you don’t have healthy teeth there, you will be banished. They don’t accept people without teeth in the other world


Sometimes man likes to bite – this is another issue, a habit acquired from the animal kingdom, from those animals, who didn’t understand their purpose. A man who bites, does not know how to play. I have looked at many, who, when sawing, don’t use scissors, but bite the thread to cut it, they use their teeth to break walnuts. They break one tooth, damage another. Don’t break nuts with your teeth! Then, in order for the teeth to be healthy and strong, you must not eat your soup while hot. You’d want, when you come to the Earth, not to eat any soup. It damages your teeth. You drink hot water, drink cold water, then the enamel cracks, and teeth are damaged


When you know how to eat well, your teeth will be strong and healthy and you’ll be a king. When your teeth fall, you’ve been fire, you become a pensioner


Never eat or drink anything cold after having something hot and vice-versa, for this is how teeth are most easily damaged. If teeth are damaged, the stomach is also damaged and then the brain system. The destruction of teeth is related to the cerebellum. When the cerebellum is not functioning properly, when the liver is not functioning properly, the teeth start deteriorating and thus make things worse. Everything can get worse, due to ignorance, incomprehension. With our worries, with our disbelief, with the violence that we reveal, we only make our lives more complicated


Nowadays few people enjoy good teeth. The reason for the early deterioration or falling off of the teeth is the life of former generations. They lived in a way damaging their gums


When electricity connects properly with magnetism, it produces regular shapes, the tone is right. If not all of them join in one, then there is a discord, the tone is not true. If there are 32 oscillations, 16 are positive and 16 are negative


Now some may say: “Why should we bother about music?“ Well, you eat, and that is music. You have 32 teeth, each tooth has an individual tone. The teeth form a harp. Sometimes people lose their teeth, then a discord is produced. The improper life damages people’s bones and teeth


Teeth should not always be brushed – it is enough to wash them with warm water and soap or some alcohol. Many diseases are caused by the germs, which develop in teeth


When you chew mastic, you unconsciously clean your teeth, and at the same time you fill your gums with blood and thus the teeth are fed and strengthened


When teeth go bad, the heart goes bad as well


You should alternate the left and right side, while you eat, and you should eat slowly and chew well, so that you get good results. If you only chew on the left side, you will become very sensitive, and if you only chew on your right side, you will only develop your thought. In order to achieve harmony between your thoughts and feelings and achieve inner peace, you should chew now on your right side and now on you left


He, who can’t think, he has bad teeth. People say about someone: “His lips are beautiful as a rose“. What are the lips? They express human heart — they show if one is warm- or cold-hearted, how communicative and frank he is. You will notice that those who have good appetite have rather thick lips. This is a physiological law. More blood flows in the lips and that is why they are both thick and red


The lips reflect the digestive system. If the lower lip is thicker, if the perceptions are stronger, this shows that the person with the thicker lower lip is rather a passive person, a person of perceptions. If the upper lip is thicker, that the person is more active. If perceptions are stronger, than he would consume more food


When you get up in the morning, you should take a look at your face, reflect a little on your appearance, and when you notice a defect in you, you should correct it immediately. If your lip has become a little twisted, or if your mouth is black – the lack of beauty is a measure, you should always look at the color of your mouth. Stick out our tongue – if it is whitish, this is not a good sign. Your tongue should be red. Stick it out, look in the mirror to check if it is red or white. If the tongue gets white, you are getting older. When the tongue is getting red, then you are getting younger. The white tongue shows that the digestion is not right. Then you should try to improve your stomach so that your tongue gets better as well


The tongue is connected to the sense of smell. It has three functions: first – it tastes food, this is the inspector, who checks things. Tongue’s second function is to turn the food around. Its third function is to speak. Thoughts are expressed through speech


The cells of the tongue perceive the oscillations of food and give us an idea of the various types of food


One’s tongue has to be so sensitive that it can distinguish the quality of water. For this purpose one has to experiment, to go to the mountains and drink water from clean springs, then he has to compare different types of water so that he can develop an expert sense in order to identify the water quality


The small blisters, appearing on your tongue, are the result of some bad words that you have said about your friends. In the human development, one of the first senses that have appeared is the sense of appetite, zest, desire to eat. This centre is situated in front of the ears. Thanks to that centre, man has the desire to try, to taste things, that is why the mouth has appeared


Mouth is the original manifestation of the human being


Mouth is stomach’s door


Mouth is the expression of feelings. The taste and health of a person also depend on the mouth. If you have a mouth, you feel well, you speak well and eat well


Mouth solves a lot of issues. It is enough to eat properly and speak reasonably in order to deal successfully with a lot of difficulties


What is important is the distance between the eyes and the mouth. Personality changes as the distance between the mouth and the eyes gets shorter. If the mouth is further from the eyes, one’s personality takes another direction. If the mouth is in the focus, everything you see is perceived simultaneously with all the other organs – through your tongue, nose, ear. This is how you understand that you see and know things


When the temple areas of someone are well developed, similarly developed are also the lips. There is a correlation between the human temples and lips. The better developed the temple areas are, the thicker the lips become. This can be notices especially in people, who have their nose near the lips. Because the nose is related to the sense of smell, every time a nice dish is smelled, the nose promotes a blood flow to the lips, thus making them thicker


Mouth is the centre of certain energy. Mouth is separated in two parts of a specific radius. It is strictly established how big the human mouth can be. It depends also on the size of the stomach — on the ability to eat more or less. The thickness of the lips shows one’s predisposition to eating


When your lips become very thin, you will stop sensing the taste of fruits, of food The people, who have good appetite, have thick lips and the reason for that is this: because they feel the food, more blood flows to the lips


When the lips are thick, well developed, this means that this person has a well developed appetite and sensuality. When the lips are thin, the sensuality is not developed well


The bigger one’s mouth, the closer his desires are, the smaller the mouth – the further his desires, i.e. his objects are far


Your appetite can be determined, based on the opening of your mouth. The wider the mouth opens, the hungrier you are


The mouth of which of you does not smell, tell me that! You must clean your mouth and teeth constantly – washing your mouth even ten times a day is not enough


Your breath smells, because you don’t give properly, or because your stomach is not well


You must wash your mouth constantly, so that you don’t make it possible for poisons to form in the channels. The mouth and hands must always be clean


You throw away your saliva in such an outrageous way, and sometimes it can be healing


If your knee aches, start spitting on it – 4-5-100 times – you’ll see that there will be a change. Try it – this medicine is free. Didn’t Christ heal the blind with spittle and mud! You have a wound. Put some spittle on your wound, cover it with cotton or gauze and it will heal. Don’t pick at it


You get bitten by a mosquito — spit on the bitten place. Also, if someone insults you, put some spittle on the ear, with which you heard the insult. If you can’t solve a problem, spit on your finger and put it on your forehead. If you can’t remember something, spit on your finger and put it in the middle of your forehead, where the centre of memory is located


The composition of saliva changes every minute and it defines the changes, happening in one’s mind. This is a field of science, which will be studied in the future


In order to know how permanent or transient your achievements are, you should study your mouth. How long will you live – this can be told by your mouth, your tongue, and, in particular, by the taste. If everything you taste, is accepted without any conflict and with a good disposition, you will continue your life


Until several years ago, scholars were unable to determine the function of the blind gut and that is why they maintained that the blind gut, as a remnant of the past, may be cut and thrown away. In the US there was a habit of cutting away children’s blind guts, but they noticed that this resulted in constipation, digestion didn’t happen properly. They used to poison children in this way. The modern physiologists have determined that the blind gut helped the small and large intestines to separate the impurities more easily. However if someone’s blind gut is cut away, that man was destined to new suffering


The blind gut helps the small and large intestines to separate the impurities more easily, if it is cut away, then constipation and a lot of other sufferings start. There is no organ in human body, which is useless — all of them have their great purposes. A lot of the past and current sufferings of people are due to the fact that they failed to everything necessary to fully use the organs that God gave them


From the navel down man is regulated by the centre of the Earth, and from the navel up – from the centre of the sun. If we are not in harmony with the earth, than our digestion is pure. When we are in harmony with the earth, then our digestion works fine. One has to be in harmony with the Earth. I consider the Earth a reasonable factor


There are two diameters in a circle, and they are equal. However the ellipse has two diameters, which are not equal. One is longer, the other is shorter. What does that mean? The shape of men is not round, but elliptic. Therefore a men’s length, aligned with the earth is perpendicular. Man is perpendicular to the centre of the Sun and the centre of the Earth. This shows his intelligence. The length of this ellipse shows his reasonableness, and the width shows his sensitivity


Animals have the reverse process — their feelings are wider, than their intelligence. Animals differ from the people by having more feelings than they need. Man has more reason and less feeling than he needs. And then there should be some relations, an exchange between animals and people. When people don’t know how to make this business exchange, they start to slaughter animals and eat them. They eat animals to take their feelings, i.e. to get what they lack. But they have started along the wrong path, this is a misunderstanding. On the other hand, animals, when they need more intelligence, they also eat people, to get what they lack. Animals eat people and people eat animals. However neither the animals have become smarter, nor have people become more sensitive.


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