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The devil also has a kitchen. The Lord made water, and the devil made wine. The Lord made water, and the devil made spirits, the absinthes and cognacs. There are many creations of the devil.


Now I am speaking of the devil honestly, as a scholar. The devil says: “It’s not the Lord, who can make things. He only created water, and I can make a number of spirits. In this respect I am a better master than the Lord. The water, which the Lord has made, only serves to cool down people, and the beverages I make can also be used for entertainment. When they drink of my drinks, people will acquire inspiration. The Lord is not the only one who can make many things – I can too. Therefore put your faith in me.“ Modern science and life interest me, and with all the contradictions I encounter, I still manage to find many useful things. I admire much more a barefooted child than a rich and well-dress one. The poor child is excellent, because you can talk to it, it is humble. The well-dressed child has some external forms, dishonest, through which it wants to show that it is not simple. I encounter a very drunk person. He apologizes and says: “I am sorry, sir, I am a jackass, I am very drunk“. Here’s what I say to him: “You are not a jackass, because the jackass does not drink, but you are an honest man, for which I respect you“.


Sometimes a person, when he gets drunk, he can become a bourgeois, because a working man never gets drunk. All the drunkards are bourgeois.


More than 15 years ago I was in the Novi Pazar area, and there was an evangelist there, a Greek – he used to read the Gospel all they long and interpret it, and he was the owner of the pub in the village, and sold brandy, but he was so scrupulous that, when somebody came, he said: “Listen, I don’t want you to get drunk, you should drink just a little“. They asked him: “Then why do you sell us brandy?“ “This is the only way I can find you “, was his reply.


Those, who eat meat, smoke and drink, cannot rejuvenate.


The occult student is not allowed to drink alcohol, beer, boza (millet-ale), lemonades. In very rare cases, in case of stomach troubles, he can only drink a small glass pure home-made wine.


The salicylic acid, which is used as a wine preservative, is not good, it’s poisonous.


When you tell the intoxicated person that he should drink water, he replies: “Wine is made by God for us, and water is for frogs “. (…) Can you prove that the Lord has created wine? I know that water is from God, and wine is made by men.


The Lord has created grapes, and wine is your product. Therefore you just recite, and you don’t think. And they will take this wine, and make it “Christ’s blood “. But the wine, which is to flow out of our tongues, is the reasonable word.


Ask any of the contemporary rich people how many times a day he must eat. He will tell you that he must eat at least three times a day: a grilled chicken, accompanied by a litre of wine, because the grilled chicken is no good without wine. “And then why the Lord has created wine?“ This is a delusion! The Lord has not created wine. Grapes – yes, it is somewhat true, The Lord has created grapes, but not wine. The grilled chicken is also not grilled by the Lord.


There is a certain connection between water and wine. Wine is produced of the sweet water of grapes. It was said that Christ turned water into wine. This is not to be understood literally. There is a certain mysticism in the transformation of water into wine, and it is to be understood. The wine, which Christ made, was special. Such wine was worth drinking. Now you can’t find a man, who can turn water into wine, like Christ did 2 000 years ago.


You’ve had communion before, but you don’t know what kind of a symbol wine is. (…) Wine must get in and cool the life down. It has a great power, but because modern people are not prepared, it gets them excited – they don’t have the necessary organisms to make use of it. When the wine enters the bottle and starts fermenting, the bottle breaks.


If man needed wine, nature would have provided it. Water cleans the body and wine brings in sediments, which one has to clean, in order for the divine energy to get into him. Thus energy enters through the brain, through the heart and through the body. As soon as this energy gets into man’s body, it starts transforming him.


A religious person once went to the priest for a confession: “Father, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to influence myself. For quite some time something in me constantly urges me to drink wine. Whatever I do, something constantly repeats in me: “Wine, I want wine!“ the priest was a reasonable person, he knew well the human psychology, and that is why he said: “If you want to drink wine, have some“.


You would say that it is dangerous for a person to drink wine, because he may become a drunkard. There’s nothing dangerous in that because from that very moment, a lot of counteracting forces will occur in that person. Various desires will appear in him and he will start thinking. Whoever thinks, he can’t become a drunkard. If he drinks wine, a person can also drink water; drinking water, he can also drink wine.


You see some sins and errors in yourself, which are not yours. You want to conceal them before you. These sins are not yours, and that is why you don’t need to conceal them. A young Bulgarian told me about his experiences. He told me how he became an abstainer. He told me: “My father was the reason for me to become an abstainer. He used to get drunk three times every week and beat up my mother.“ He was so shaken that decided never to drink any alcohol. So this is how he became an abstainer.


If it is about preference, it’s better for him to eat a grilled chicken, than to drink a kilo of wine.


We are not against fire, but maintain the idea that fire must not produce smoke. “Is that possible?“ If it is impossible now, it will be possible in the future. This means that we should get to the electric power. Only electricity can produce fire without smoke. For when you want to forbid someone’s smoking, give him a superior idea. Tell him he can smoke, but first to fine a tobacco, which does not produce smoke and not to contain any narcotic substances in itself. When you say that, a new thought will arise in that man and he shall start thinking.


Drunkenness has its origin. The reason for drunkenness is in the human feelings — you block or suppress the feelings of a man, who wants to express himself. When a person has an ideal of sorts, or whatever urge and you suppress the expression of these feelings in him, then three urges occur in that man. The first urge is the occurrence of a desire in that man to tear down that obstacle – he will want to fight. The second urge will be the flow of strong grief. The third urge will be his desire to drink, to get drunk. Put that man in his natural condition and drunkenness will disappear. Therefore drunkenness is a phenomena, occurring as a result of suppression of human feelings.


If a young lad falls in love with a gal and they suppress their feelings, he will feel a strong urge to drink. Doctors treat drunkenness with various medicines, but the best remedy in this case is to replace this feeling or desire to drink with a stronger, higher feeling. The strong feelings of a man always replace the weaker feelings. Drunkenness is not of the strongest feelings.


The unachieved desires in the world, that, which cannot be achieved, this is bartenders pub. You will drink and pay. In this respect it is interesting that the one, teaching people to drink, he is sober himself. The bartender who teaches people to drink, he is sober himself. The bartender is the most sober of all, he can never be a drunkard inside his own pub, his is a model of sobriety! He says: “Hey Dragan, don’t drink so much, a glass is enough!“ This man’s name is Dragan, because Ivan can never drink. Ivan may become an eremite and cut a man’s head, but he can never become a drunkard! And I will tell you why he can’t become a drunkard. In order to form in someone, what is necessary to make him drink, you must first stop his motion. What makes one drink, you must put him in a barrel, it must not flow constantly, you must constrain him and it obtains the quality to make men drink. So Ivan has something, which flows constantly. Is there a fountain in the world, which makes people drunk. You can do anything, but you can never make wine from a fountain! And nobody has ever tried to make a wine fountain. You can make wine flow out of a cask, but never out of a fountain.


Why does a man now want to drink some brandy, absinth, cognac, vermouth? He says this: “… it’s just a digestive“. What will this bring upon him? All these drinks, which can be found in modern culture, will have very bad consequences in the future, in the birth of the new generations. There are people, who degenerate. The current world suffers from drinking too much wine. It will be very bad for the future generations. For people have to know how to drink wine. Here’s what I say: we are discussing a matter, not in order to judge. We are only discussing the law.


If your lips are very thin, this shows that your sympathetic nervous system is poorly developed. Therefore there might be a shortage. Such people are choleric, nervous, they like getting angry, and they are usually dry. And if your lips are too thick, they you like to please yourselves, to eat and drink a lot. All those who like to drink, have thick lips. There are desires, originating from the sympathetic nervous system.


Here’s what I say: a drunkard can be taught not to drink, but you must know how. An experiment can be made, but it takes a lot of time. You must touch his upper or lower lips in a certain manner, and he will gradually learn not to drink. You will wake in him the normal desire to drink water, and not brandy or wine. Or I would heal somebody, who wants to drink wine — I have never told this remedy yet, I will tell you now, but you should never tell anybody. So you have a person, who wants to drink wine, and want to heal him — while he is sleeping, take a sponge and water his lips with it. When you do that for a year, the original urge to drink water, and not wine, will be restored in him. When he started drinking wine, he forgot the taste of water. Therefore if you water his lips, the desire to drink more water will arise in him. You can try that on you sometime: if you want to drink wine, take a sponge, water your lips and you will see what effect will that have. Some sick people, when not feeling well, they water their lips.


How can drunkenness be healed? Make the drunkard drink 2—3 litres of water every day he will be healed. In the process of heeling healing, he must start from the smallest amount of water and gradually increase it: the first day he may only drink a glass of water, on the second day – two glasses, on the third day – 3 glasses, then 4, 5, 6 glasses, until he reaches 1520 glasses every day. If he fulfils these instructions, soon he will stop using spirits. When a drunkard starts to like water, he will stop drinking wine and brandy.


Some ask, why people don’t accept the truth. That is because their taste is distorted. Make a pub and sell water – nobody will come then, very few people will appear. They say: “This is destiny. That is how it has to be.“ When a person drinks wine, I don’t judge him – I say: “This man is a comedy“. He thinks that when he drinks wine, he will acquire something. I see that he is going to lose even that which he now has. Because in comedy the bar-keeper always wins, and customers always loose. In drama there is abstention. Where does suffering come from? When you decide to be an abstainer, for you have a habit, you look at the glass and try not to drink. You abstain – this is the drama. When you finally completely give up drinking, it is the tragedy. When you give up all the bad life on Earth, it is the great tragedy, which will come upon you one day. When you forget about crimes, you will disappear from the Earth.


Trust in what God has put in you. Be joyful in the comedy of life, in the habits you have formed. Be joyful also in the drama, so that when you look at things, you laugh once again. How do you want to drink? I have given the example, about the person, who spent all his fortunes and then he became an abstainer. He read the Gospel and understood that he had to live a sober life. Drunkards won’t inherit the Kingdom of God. He wanted to teach himself a lesson. So he went to the pub and said: “Give me a kilo of wine! Give me a glass of water! And fill another glass with wine!“ So he took the glass of wine, put it up to his mouth, and then left it again down on the table. Something from within wants wine. E said: “Listen, for 30 years I listened to you and did whatever you ordered. Now you will listen to me – you won’t drink any wine!“ And then he took the glass of water and drank. The voice within said: “Wine!“ So that man once again took the glass of wine to his lips and said: “I listened to you for 30 years, and now you will listen to me!“ Then again he picked up the glass of water – drank it, paid for the wine, left it there and went out. And this is how he finished with that issue..


When a man drinks wine or brandy, he becomes a conductor of spirits, of irrational beings. Each thought, which confuses your minds, each desire, which confuses your hearts, each deed, which confuses your will, should be avoided by – you should not consume those. Don’t accept a dark thought, or a dark desire or a dark deed either.


When a spirit talks to you, it does not talk to yourself, but to the others. It does not see you. It speaks to the spirits around you. Sometimes the spirits in you fight. Because many are sent from the other world. They send one, then a second, third fourth spirit etc., and they fight with each other to decide who is going to get in first. And you, not understanding the law, interfere with spirit’s business. And whoever interferes with spirits’ business has to pay. A spirit asks: “Why are you here? You are of the black.“ And another says: “You are of the white“. When they say to each other: “You are of the white“, you think that you are of the white. And when they say to each other: “You are of the black“, you think that you are of the black. And you are neither white, nor black. The spirits are quarrelling between themselves.


So, many of you have entered this area. Some say: “There’s something bad in me, which speaks“. And I say: “When the spirits quarrel in you, just be silent. So that they don’t know you. They fight, argue, and when they reconcile, when the black one comes, he will say: “Don’t you have some wine? Wine from Malaga – French.“ A Bulgarian would come and say: “Don’t you have 20-year wine?“ or the spirit will tell you: “You must live, why are you so yellow. You don’t live well. An soon you will pay, you will depart for the other world. Kill a chicken and make a soup with rice and lemon, and eating that you will gain some redness and people will see that you are well again.“ The other one, when he comes, will give you another diet. He is a vegetarian and will tell you: “Don’t eat that. Teat good fruits, apples, pears, good cherries, then bananas, oranges.“ and then he will say: “And no butter. Just consume things, as they are. Don’t cook tomatoes. Eat them as they are. Wash them a little and eat them. Don’t eat that bread. Don’t mill the wheat. Boil the what well and eat it.“ If you are a clerk, you don’t have time.


When will you boil that? In order to boil wheat properly, you need 45 hours. With the new, hermetically sealed pots, cooking under high pressure, the wheat can be ready in half an hour. Or you can cook at night.


You listen and you don’t know what to do. These are desires of the spirits. If the spirits, living in the trees, come, they will say: “Listen, you will plant the seed into the ground.“ Others will come and say: “You should mill this wheat and sell it.“ Yet others will come and teach you another thing; these others may say: “You won’t live only on bread!“ Can a man do without food? Of course he can. It is not the only way we now live.


Bad desires are always denser. A desire comes to you and clouds your mind. A desire comes, and the urge you have to work, suddenly disappears. Then you must know the laws, in order to free yourselves. The inspirations influence the world. Those, who have departed for the other world, your grandparents and ancestors, when they come, they can get you back, in order to convince you to live an old life. If you have a grandfather, who likes to drink wine, when he comes, he would say: “Why don’t you drink some wine, treat yourself and treat me!“ So you give him wine once, twice… then you become a drunkard. He does not drink, he is sober. He does not even know that he does not have a stomach. And when you drink, he is happy.


When a person is healthy, he may easily free himself, using his positive thought from the suggestions, of those who suggested to him that he was sick, and of those sinful souls, who departed for the other world, but – being sinful –were not able to get far from the Earth, and continued to move between the earth and heaven, in the form of jelly, getting easily into people’s bodies. Some mediums often get under their influence and act, as those sinful souls command them Such souls are sometimes referred to as vampires.


The bad spirits, who have possessed you, may be driven out by fasting, prayer, force and knowledge.


If someone is possessed by bad spirits, the prayers and reverse passes are the salvation.


Spirits are afraid of hunger. Spirits don’t like being hungry. Therefore, in order to free yourselves from them, if attacked – you must fast.


This is what the Bible says about the first man: “And the Lord made man in His image, after His likeness “. It was a magnificent picture, when the gods lived. The Kingdom of God was then on the Earth. Then something happened, a fall of those elevated beings. It is no known what the reasons for that were.


It is known, but I should not explain that to you. I can tell you why two man fight over one woman, and explain to you why two women fight over a man, but what good would that be for you? I can also explain to you why men drink wine, there are reasons for that. Nothings happens without a reason. A man always starts drinking wine out of lovelessness. Everyone who is disappointed in love, becomes a drunkard. Everyone, who accepts Love, becomes a sober person. Sobriety without Love is impossible. Now people preach abstention. Abstention must come to the reason.


Love is to be put into the human soul and that man will then be sober. This applies also to vegetarianism. In order for one to be an abstainer, or to be a vegetarian, or a fruit-eater, he must have Love. It is Love that will bring the necessary nutritional materials, substances. Love is the best food. Eternal love depends on Love. The shortest love depends on hope. When you loose Love, you enter into faith. When you loose faith, you go down to hope. When you get down to hope – this is the lowest position. All the creatures, even the smallest ones, have started with hope, then ascended into faith and came to Love.


There is a law that you will experience before long. You haven’t experienced that law yet. An angel will come with his sword, he will knock and say: “You are under arrest“. You try to resist – and he sticks the knife into your chest. In the morning they will say: “He had a heart attack“. The angel came from the invisible world, saying: “You shall come up there, you’ve been summoned“. So he grabs you by the hair or the neck, or to say that scientifically: after he stabs the person, the soul comes out of that hole, so he takes out a bottle and when the person enters the bottle, the angel plugs the bottle and takes it to the other world. When he takes him to the other world, he says: “Seize him!“ and, like predators do, they will form an union, they will form a body and say: “Why did you drink wine? What was the reasons for you to drink wine?“ We, they say, have created water, the best thing, why did you drink of the other wine? Who permitted you to do that? There is a law that you can’t live without water — whoever refuses water – dies. We imposed the “wet regime”. Because in the spiritual world to drink water is the wet regime, and to drink wine is the dry regime. After you drink wine, your thirst arises, it does not satisfy your thirst at all.


The crime is in the fact that wine was not made by God. It is a human invention. Man took the Divine wine, and made it red. He lies and says: “I did that!“ It is a lie. Let him make wine himself, and not take from the Divine wine and sell it as his own.


Everything, which obstructs the progress of the human mind is immoral. Everything, which obstructs human life is immoral. Everything, which obstructs human force is immoral. Everything, which obstructs human force – force in the good sense – is immoral. Everything that obstructs you from manifesting yourself as a person, is immoral. You must stay away from those things, which obstruct you. Things won’t come to you, but sometimes you go to them. The cask does not go to the drunkard, but the drunkard goes to the cask. Does the bar- owner go to the drunkard, or does the drunkard go to the bar owner? Don’t go to the pub, nothing more! “We won’t drink, we will obey God’s law, we have will, will, will! We are

living creatures, not slaves, and we will serve God!"

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