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The refusal

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The refusal


It is not easy to teach people not to lie. The only thing, which nature now deals with, the hardest problem to solve is not murder, it is not fornication, but lie. Man will be free of all the other vices, when he is free of lie. All crimes originate in the lie. The lie is the basis of all sins. In order to kill a man, you must be very mercenary. When you kill a chicken, you say that you need its meet, and that if it does not die – you will die. You say: “It is better that it dies and I live “. This is also how cannibals think.


You have still not studied those specific deeds, existing in the current culture. A man’s hair will turn white with horror immediately, if he sees how finely people eat each other now. These are the ultimate, bad results of the lie. We all suffer, for we subconsciously feel weight in the air, which presses us down. Sometimes we remain silent, we suffer and think that there is no reason for that. And this is the lie within, which tortures us. It is a horrible thing! The biggest poison, existing in the world is the lie.


How can you teach a wolf not to eat sheep? I have elaborated something: I will make an artificial sheep of chopped vegetarian meatballs, a ice sheep – and it will move mechanically. I will put some fur on it as well. The wolf would eat it in the old manner, but half an hour after that the wolf will throw up everything. After I give it to eat from that sheep three times, I will tell it: “Eat!“ But it will reply: “I don’t want it anymore!“ This is the law that is coming now. People must come to a repulsion. They must be repulsed by the old sins and errors, because they cause us thousands of sufferings.


When he eats meat, man receives from the animals such unnatural energies and elements, which take hundreds and thousands of years of clean life, to purge.


The reason for the sickness of people, is precisely the poisons of the meat food.


In order to cleanse the human blood from those meat poisons in a natural manner, at least 10 generations of clean life are required. There aware methods for fast blood cleansing, but these are given to very few – only to those, who are ready to submit their lives to serving God.


The human food is fully dependant on his thoughts and feelings. Whatever his thoughts and feelings, this would be his food. Therefore you can’t change your food, if you don’t change your thoughts and feelings. Not only by their form, but also by their nature. If you don’t change your thoughts and feelings, you won’t be able to change your food either. If you can’t change your food, you can’t change your life.


All the meat-eating people, aspire to the centre of the earth.


Everyone who aspires to the sun, is a fruit-eater or vegetarian.


People of the darkness can eat whatever they want, but people of the light have no right to eat whatever thy want.


Many think that even if they eat meat, they can still be spiritual, moral. The wolf would also say: I shall eat sheep and still be good.


The beginning of the spiritual life is vegetarianism. It is also the beginning of education, because the spiritual life excludes violence. No one can be spiritual, if he is not vegetarian.


When it is said that man is to be educated, that his character is to be built, you cannot educate yourselves, or built your character without a musical thought. You can think of that literally, or figuratively. In both cases it is true. Each thought will cause an urge for some specific food. To like sweet food, sour food, apples, pears, eggs, beans, potatoes, all that is caused by certain thoughts and desires. Whatever the thoughts and desires, the same is the relevant food. Therefore, if a man has a broad, diverse thought, he will cause in himself the consumption of the finest food. The food will conform to his thought. His brain and body will be according to his food. This is what the future hygiene or the future diet will be based on. Good life must start with good thought. This is what food will depend on. For a person cannot eat a certain food, if he does not have a taste for it.


The Lord teaches people and spirits not to eat meat. When they stop eating meat, there will be no more death in the world.


The three of knowledge of good and evil is the meat food. Who must not eat meat? The wolf can eat meat – this I understand, but to feed the sheep with meat – this I don’t understand. So, what is now better for you? To make errors and to sin – this is the easier food. And what is to live, according to the law of Love, this is vegetarianism. I believe every a person, who lives well is a vegetarian. And every person, who lives well, is a meat-eater.


If a person wants to have a pure and good life, he must abandon meat-eating for deep internal convictions, regarding the harmfulness of this food, and for moral conviction – not to take the life, which he cannot create himself.


Whoever is incapable of abandoning meat food, he cannot free himself from evil. Whoever failed to enter the causal world, he is not a true vegetarian. A complete vegetarian is only the one whose ancestors for four generations have been vegetarians.


A person not only is capable of giving up meat food, but he can also give up certain vices and bad habits. To give up certain feelings, which are very dense, certain sensations, which may harm his character, if you keep them while eating. And the mind must be fed with pure thoughts. And the heart must be fed with noble feelings. A man becomes what he eats.


What is the use of being a vegetarian, and not eat meat, if you have not changed your thoughts and feelings? Not only by their form, but also in their essence – if you have not changed your food, thoughts and feelings, you can’t change your life either.


The true vegetarian must consume not only pure food, but also pure thoughts, feelings and deeds.


Everybody, who breaks the great laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth, is a meat- water. Everybody, who fails to fulfil God’s law is a meat-eater.


In order for a person to be a fruit-eater or vegetarian, there must always be Love. It is this Love that will bring the nutrients, necessary for the body. Love is the best food. Eternal life depends on Love.


A man without Love cannot become a vegetarian. Without Love he is always a meat-eater.


The issue with meat-eating exists not only on the Earth, it is there in the spiritual world as well, where there are advance beings, angels, who has once fallen, and then – as meat-eaters, they suck out people’s vital juices. Somebody is a vegetarian, but at the same time he gives money against interest. He does not poison his blood, as a meat-eater, but poisons his soul.


Somebody is a vegetarian in the physical world, but in the spiritual world he is a complete meat-eater — he is vainglorious, high-minded, suspecting everybody. Every food, which leaves many excesses in the body, and is hard to digest, whether it is physical or spiritual food, is inappropriate.


Which is the meat food? If you say an offensive word – this is the meat food. If your word is sweet, this is vegetarian, fruit food. Someone says: “I am vegetarian“. Vegetarianism, fruit-eating is in all three worlds: in the spiritual world, in the Divine and the physical worlds. There is meat in the Divine world as well. Do you think that when you want to punish somebody, from the Divine perspective this is not meat food? One must become a vegetarian in physical, mental and spiritual aspect. Somebody can be a vegetarian physically, but in his thoughts and manners, he may be not. In you feelings and thoughts, you must go in parallel with vegetarianism. If there is a single destructive thought or a single destructive desire – this is meat-eating. A new philosophy of vegetarianism is required.


If you, being vegetarians, want to eat meat food, you will meet death. The law is almost the same, when they want to turn a meat-eater into a vegetarian — he will undergo the same thing. It is not easy to become a vegetarian. There must be a transitive state in your food.


The danger of vegetarianism for some people, consists only of their having animal urges, while wanting to live like humans. A certain conflict occurs in the stomachs of such people, and they say: vegetarianism does not suit us. One has to be a vegetarian by conviction. Then he will be able to properly digest the food he consumes.


Some people have a good desire to become vegetarians, but they only have thoughts of no longer eating meat – nothing else.


It was during the summer, we passed through a garden, there were tables there with stakes, and he sighed. He thought: how good it used to be back in the days! And this is what is my philosophy: I tried to pass the garden as soon as possible, for it smelled bad to me, and he sighed.


When I speak of natural food, I don’t have ay intention to impose upon you my understanding of food, but I strongly advise you to consume only food that you like, and that your body can handle. What good there is if somebody becomes a vegetarian and constantly peeks at the meat, feeling sorry that has given it up? It is better for him to remain a meat eater, than to be vegetarian and torture himself. When you change your eating habits and your entire lives, first try to see how the change will affect you. If it affects your body well, follow it. Otherwise you can return to the old way of life and eating. (…) A man has to live only the life, which can bring some improvement into his nervous system.


Pork can only be eaten as a remedy. Healthy people should not eat pork. The sick may also eat mutton, chicken and eggs. I consider vegetarians not those who sit in front of me and don’t eat meat, but those who don’t have a desire to eat, who don’t feel it natural to eat meat. The meat food is very impure. Those who want to eat a lot of meat, especially when they smell it, it is because due to atavistic reasons, they still have the desire to eat meat.


A true vegetarian does not eat meat even in his dream. There is a world of astral mud – whoever passes that road – even if he is a saint – will get muddy. After that a man has to clean himself a lot of time, in order to wash away that mud.


Animals do not have good food. Only butterflies and bees eat quite properly. But they also lead unnatural lives. He is yet to begin learning. A society has to make that experiment. I have yet to find a society, which eats well and properly. I have studied the eating habits of the English, Americans, Germans, Russians and I see that they all eat in the same way. It is just now that there are some societies that want to use this new way of eating, but they do not now how to begin.


The people of the new— sixth race — will eat exclusively fruit food. Meat is a strong food, but harmful and it won’t even be mentioned in the future. Meat- eating is one of the reasons for cruelty and rudeness of people, and for neurasthenia. Man will recreate his body through food. If he does not do that, he will live a long time with the animal urges.


The perfect food is fruits. The student must consume mostly them. They cleanse his body, thoughts and feelings.


Fruits are a rich literature in the invisible world and if vegetarianism shifts to a higher field, it will have the expected result.


Vegetarianism is the future method of eating for the entire mankind and that is why, who is now a vegetarian, he is in the avant-garde of the new culture, which is now coming.


The great spiritual warm wave, which is now coming to this world, destroys the ices and turns them into water. A thousand years from now, not only people will change, but the wolves will also stop eating sheep. They will be repulsed from the meat and will consume plant food.


If we eat wheat and fruit, our lives will be purer. When Christ’s doctrine came to sprout in the human hearts, many people will go crazy and, just like old wine-bags, they will burst.


One day the wolves will disappear. All the meat-eating animals will disappear and they will be transformed. Spiders, eating flies, all the creatures who love meat food, will disappear, because that food is not healthy — that is it. It is not good for constructing the body.


Why are people allowed to eat sheep, and wolves are not? Why a wolf, after eating a sheep, may be killed by anybody? The law allows it to be killed, and when a man eats a sheep, he is not killed for that. There is a misunderstanding – the crime is the same.


So I ask: what is the future of the wolves? They have not future. And all the wolves will be terminated from the face of the Earth. And the wolves may not inherit the Earth. All the meat-eating animals won’t heirs of the Earth – tigers, lions, cats, dogs – all these will be gone and won’t be able to inherit the earth. And all people, acting in the same way, they will be gone too. The law is the same – they won’t inherit the Earth either. However bad people will depart a bit later. Bad animals will depart first, and bad people will go away gradually, and they won’t inherit the Earth.



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