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Listen to the instructions of your spirit and the directions of your soul, so that you are always well! The greatest thing one can do is, when he has power, to give freedom to the others. The greatest thing a man can do is, when he has Love to give the people bread. There are two paths, on which all the living beings on earth walk: the path of bread and the path of water. The first one is called “hunger“, and the second “thirst“. The first one is called “the path of bread “.


Bread does never walk along another path, only on the path of hunger. Bread visits only the hungry, water visits only the thirsty. The same law is: life visits only the dead. Bread and water are the real side of life. When life wants to express itself, it appears in the form of bread and water. When life goes on a visit, it pits on the garments of Love, which is called bread and water. When the hungry sees the clothing of life – Love, he strips it down and puts it on himself, and when the thirsty sees life, the clothing of Love, he strips it down and puts it on himself. This is called thirst. Bread and water are manifestations of life.


You can’t have any understanding, you can’t have an elevated Love, until you understand the meaning of eating. If you don’t understand Love in its lower expression — eating, you won’t understand anything. Note that the most intelligent beings in the world know how to eat and how nourish themselves. The least cultural beings, which hardly progress, has eating placed at the lowest possible level, and they have no idea how to eat, they have no proper concept of nutrition. Only the advance creatures know how the eat.


And I ask: have you asked yourselves the question, why Christ took upon Himself all the sins of men? I look at this matter a bit differently, not like they understand it. There are many theories. Aren’t diseases treated with food? Each disease can be treated with food, because people’s sin came only through food; the man ate poisonous food, it brought in death. Thus Christ brought another food from the tree of life. Christ was the first fruit of the tree of life. He said: “Whoever eats Me, he shall have a life within himself“. Therefore, when you ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, death came upon you. He then came and brought food from the tree of life. Which is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? The bad doctrine, evil brought death. The good doctrine of Love brought in life.


What hinders man in modern life is due to the fact that he is not acquainted with the magnetic power, working in the world. Thousands of names have been given to that power. The Gospel refers to it as “Love“, „Wisdom“ and „Truth“.


This is the power, through which God saves people. Scholars refer to it as “vital magnetism “, which exists as a strong connection between man’s mind, heart and will; that connection exists among the family members, between communities, as well as between the entire mankind. Scholars refer to it with other names as well, but they say that for a man to be healthy, he must work in various manners on himself, in order to acquire that magnetic power. In order to acquire this power, one has to eat, but this is not enough yet. He must know how to eat, what to eat, he must know how to walk, how to move.


Eating is connected with the process of Love. Whoever is incapable of proper eating, he cannot love either.


The internal link, connecting the body cells in a regular unit, is food. Man has to eat based on this law. This law refers not only to the body of man, but also to his feelings and thoughts. When the link between body cells weakens, the body weakens as well. Love is the internal connection between the parts of life, so Love enhances and supports life.


Man’s power is in Love. Everywhere I look I sea mutters of protest that the Lord made this bad, that bad. If you have Love, if you start loving the trees they will give more pears, more apples. Love the wheat and it will produce more as well. Love the cows and cows will produce more milk. Everything you love will produce more. Love the sun and it will produce more light. The air, everything you love, will bring upon you its benediction.


You can’t be pure without Love. If Love does not enter, you can’t be healthy. If Love is not in breathing, you can’t be healthy, you can’t breathe. If Love is not in eating, you can’t eat properly. If Love isn’t there in each thought, you can’t think correctly.


How would you know Love in your stomach? You will know it only through good food, which you always take. In order to have Love, you must take only the best, the purest food. If you don’t accept the finest food, you won’t be able to understand the Love of the physical world. Why do you have to breathe clean air? In order to understand Love in the spiritual world. Why do you have to have the purest thoughts? In order to understand the Love of the Divine world.


If there is Love in eating, then man takes in God. The process of eating is conscious and super-conscious.


People use food as much as they understand that God is in it. If, while eating, they don’t include the thought, that God is in the food, that food is rotting and only brings them sickness and death.


God is hidden in the food, that we eat, but we still don’t know that. There is a mighty power in bread. If you are sick, and think of a fine, freshly baked bread, of good things, you will soon get well. When you drink water, you will know that the Divine is in it, when you breathe air, you will know that the Divine life is in the air, when you take in light, you will know that God is in the light.


It must be known that the Divine world merges with the human world through eating. God has made the mouth and tongue so that this life can be taken in. When Christ said: “If you don’t eat My flesh and don’t drink My blood, you have no lived in yourselves “, He put a deep sense into that. The spiritual is concealed in the physical. The spiritual world becomes clear only through the physical, The soul is only accessible to us through the body.


Here’s what I say: we must want to know God, who reveals himself to us every moment. A holy yearning for him must be awoken in us, as our Father and we should do everything for Him with joy and mirth. Whether we work for money or without money – this is not important: if we use Love, money doesn’t make stains. For us it is important to perform everything with joy and mirth. Some say: “How much should I eat?“ If you eat without Love, whether you eat a little or a lot, that food won’t do you any good, it is not blessed. This is the law.


If someone drinks water and does not think that the Divine Spirit is in that fountain, he is a dishonest person. If he breathes air, if he eats bread and does not think that in the Divine Spirit is the air, in bread, this man is miserable.


Eating is the first communion with God, breathing is the second communion with God, and thinking is the third.


When we eat, we take the Divine Life in us, we get in contact with the Divine Power and the Divine Thought. Eating is the most sacred act in the world.


Eat with a great benevolence! Know that the life God has given to you, he has given you through food, and it passes straight from the God into you.


Several years ago a man came and said: “Tell me what is the best way for me to become good“. And I replied: “Eat well. When you sit down, eat well, eat musically, so that you are pleased with what you do. Don’t think of anything else, be thankful for the food, for having good bread. See the good that is in the bread, and make it transfer into you that goodness. When you eat pears, plums, see what is good in them. See what is good in apples. Sat to yourself: “The way apple is sweet, I will be sweet like it. The way bread is sweet, I will be sweet the same way.“ When you drink water, be good like water. What gets inside you, be like it, don’t look for anything outside.“ There is a law in the world: what you don’t love, you can’t use. You can only use things that you love.


And I ask myself: what makes contemporary people eat? Above all we still have not learned to eat out of Love. Because if a person eats without Love, this is violence. So something makes man eat.


Never eat food, which you don’t love. The fruit that you love, acts like a medicine. The law is the same for looking, never look at an object, which you don’t love. Always stop your look on what you love, this is healthy. Never listen to what you don’t love. Two people start to quarrel, go and listen to them. Listen to a good conversation, listen to the fine conversation, and see it smell sweet. Whatever good there is, pay attention to it, if you want to be healthy. Never touch things, which are rough. Touch those objects, which are smooth, soft, which make a pleasant impression. They are harmonic and healthy.


Don’t think that food provides power. If you love life, which is concealed in the food, all the cells will open up for it and accept it. If you don’t love a certain food, you don’t love the life that is in it, it will get in and out of your cells, without giving them any life, which is contained therein. This is to eat, without using the food that you take in.


If you don’t love the food, it remains closed. If you love it, it will open up and give you something. Otherwise you will only take the scraps of the food. We eat a lot but use just a tiny part of the food. It is important what we use of it.


If you eat without Love, you only take in rough matter, and the fine matter, where life is hidden, cannot be used by you.


Eat with Love and thankfulness, in order to use the food prana. The prana is a vital power, which exists in every person, but in different quantities.


Whose wounds heal quickly, he has a large amount of prana. No matter how big a wound is, if you put your hand on it and it is full of prana, the wound will immediately heal.


Eating is a process of internal harmony. One must love the food, he eats, in order to be able to use it. If you don’t love the food, it turns into a poison for you. If people understood what energy is concealed in food, they would make use of it. If they understood, by taking in food with Love, they would bring into their bodies the power, the life, which is concealed in it. Each apple, pear, plum, cherry, potato, conceal in them power, which may rejuvenate men. But everything is to be taken with Love, in order to produce the respective result. Love attracts life. Without Love life cannot manifest itself.


Love must enter eating as a method to transform energies in a superior form. If you eat with Love, gets inside you pure. Love will show you what food to use. At present the finest food is the fruit food, you should eat fruits until the Word starts being food for you.


The main, the basic law for eating is Love. To eat, only when you feel like it, to eat with Love and thankfulness.


Between man and the food, which he uses, there must be a certain relation — he must love the food, he eats, but the food also has to be disposed favourably towards him. This we call living food, living bread. Christ says: “I am the living bread“. You will find this bread in all foods and fruits. If you look for the Divine, you will find it in the foods, and fruits. In order to connect with the Divine in the food, one has to eat everything with thankfulness and Love. This is where the philosophy of eating is. Who has managed to eat at least once in his life with Love and thankfulness, he has understood the meaning of eating. It is not a matter of eating diverse food, but one has to eat with Love and thank God for the great good, he is given. Then even the simplest food shall be blessed.


You can eat the fanciest food, but have you not Love, it is no use for you.


A housewife cannot cook a tasty meal, if she does not love. She must love somebody. Whether it is her beloved one or the kids, or the father - anybody. (...) She must love at least one of them and she will be able to cook the meal, to saw a dress, to be able to learn well and play well. If she has only one person to love, she becomes a virtuoso.


Believe only in those things, which have been given with Love. Only they have power. Everything, given without Love, has no power in itself. If there is no power, you can’t believe it. This is a law, which everybody can try. Give a man a quarter or half a bread with Love, or two breads without Love and see which meal will satisfy him better.


When you go to a sick person, bring him something he loves.


The first thing in the new doctrine is that everybody must become a servant of Love in his thought and his heart, and in his body. So that when he goes to bed, to serve, when the sleeps – to serve, when he eats – to serve, to become a servant of God’s Love. This is how the world will be corrected.


There is a great difficulty in applying Love. Do you know what it is? If someone eats too much, and another – too little – they cannot love each other. If two people eat too much, once again they cannot love each other. And if two people don’t eat at all – again they cannot love each other. In order for two people to love each other, one has to give half of his food to his brother. This is how people can love each other. This is the law of nature. The mother, when she eats, uses a part of the food for herself, and gives the other half to her child. That bird - if it finds a seed – it swallows it alone, but if she is a mother, she would first give it to her children and then try to find another seed for herself.


What I have checked is true. You can do the test yourselves. If you have one whole loaf of bread, an ordinary one kilo loaf, when somebody comes and asks you for a part of it, give him half the loaf. After he is gone, my loaf is once again whole. The other man goes away with half the loaf, and if he gives to somebody half of his piece – his loaf will also become whole again. The one, having taking a quarter of a bread, if he cuts that quarter into eights, the loaf will once again be whole. The loaf is being halved and given away, but the loaf of the giving person remains whole. Good has this property: there can never be a separate part – good always remains whole. It is like a fountain, which never empties, whatever comes out of it, always comes abundant. I say: this is true in Love’s law. If all the people served Love with complete faith, there would never be any insufficiency. If sometimes there is insufficiency, it is caused by lovelessness. This law is true. We suffer from lovelessness. All the diseases are the result of lovelessness, ignorance is in fact lovelessness.


Every time a person does something, there is always a reward. The deed itself brings a reward. Love itself has something that rewards you. You eat something – why? Food rewards you.


What brings joy, what brings happiness, what gives light, what gives warmth, what gives abundance and all the goods, all this is God, who manifests himself everyday. The bread that you eat – it is light, collected in one place. The fruit you eat, it is light, collected in another place. The water that you drink – this is light, collected in one place. The air that you breathe – this is light, and light itself brings life. It is in the light.


Here’s what I say: kisses in the world are the carriers of God’s blessing. The Divine is expressed through kisses. Who among you does not go to kiss the fountain,? Who among you does not kiss the apples? Who among you does not kiss the pears? Who among you does not kiss everything that pleases him? You may say: “I haven’t kissed anybody “. This is the first lie. You kiss, oh how you kiss! Purified this way, the kiss already makes sense. A hug, a kiss – these are divine actions, which urge our soul to develop. If the sun did not want to kiss us, if the wind did not want to hug us, if the air did not want to get inside of us, what would our condition be? This food, which gets inside of us, sacrifices itself – it starts kissing and hugging us. Digestion is food’s love. The scholars say: “The food is well digested “. Food hugs and kisses the stomach. That food, which gets inside, loves it. The food, which goes out, does not love it. Here’s what I say: don’t eat food that does not love you. If it does not kiss you, it will bite you.


In the world that you live in, you pay attention to everybody who loves you, who feel love towards you. You love a fruit, because it loves you, you have something to eat of it, and that is why you love it. The things that don’t love you, have not prepared anything for you, and that is why you don’t love them. You say: “I love pears“, because pears love you. You love water, because water loves you. You love the Sun, because the Sun loves you. All the things that love you and you love them; the things that don’t love you – you don’t love them either.


Sometimes you think that by loving the apple, you give it something. It’s the other way around – apples have something for you, they sacrifice themselves for you. They give you of their love. They enter our world. They have a desire, they love you. In order to get into your world, they sacrifice themselves, they die. These things enter the purgatory of your life, the customs office – the stomach. After that, whatever they have brought there, they take it to the lungs, to the brain, to the various centres. They start studying human life.


But I say: a rational concept is thus created. Now we think that the apple is not rational. These are just our beliefs. They are not rational, because we don’t love them. Each thing that we love, is rational. All the things that we love are rational. Everything that we don’t love is irrational for us.


A man builds his life on three Divine things: on the light of his mind, on the warmth of his heart and on the strength of his soul. Man cam upon the earth to manifest the good that he has in himself. If he is good, smart and strong, he will have friends. If he is not good, smart and strong, he will have no friends. A true exchange between souls occurs in friendship. If you eat a fruit that you love, a proper change takes place between you and the fruit. The Love towards a certain fruit is capable of improving its quality. If you eat a kind of fruit for several consecutive years with Love, you will see that the tree is improving. If a stupid person eats one and the same type of fruit for several years without Love, the condition of the tree will get worse. This is a law. The good and clever gardeners produce good fruits. The self-interested gardeners damage the trees in their orchards. Various animals, which eat the fruits, appear in the trees.


Based on the law of similarity, which states that similarities attract each other, everyone uses the life which becomes him, i.e. which attracts him. A man can attract to himself only the objects, which he loves. You can’t grow flowers, if you don’t love them. Flowers have a language of their own, which only those who love them can understand. The old Bulgarians knew that law and applied it. They worked their fields with Love, planted wheat and grew it with Love, and that is why they enjoyed fertility.


So you say: “These cherries are no good “. The reason for this cherry not to be sweet, is you. I have made tests – I planted watermelons, which were not sweet and they became sweet. I planted sweet watermelons, and they did not get sweet. This does not happen right away. The good gardeners, who have Love, improve the varieties.


Good feelings organize matter. For there are feelings and deeds of people, which play an important role in the sweetness of fruits. The better people become, the sweeter the fruits are; the worse the people – the bitter the fruits. These bitter fruits are due to the human thoughts, , feelings and deeds. The venomous snakes learned that art, when people were the worst. The cobra was created during times, when people lived very bad lives. Tigers have remained from times, when people lived very bad lives, they are remnants. Sheep are the remnants of times, when people lived very good lives and we – if we want to leave a future, if we live well, we will leave something: some good animals will remain, fruits will become sweeter, sheep will become better, wolves will become graminivorous.


If you can obtain food in the proper way, you have God’s blessing. You can perform a test: if you have been waiting for 45 days for God to manifest himself to you, a friend of yours, who loves you, who hasn’t seen you for 10 years, will come to visit. When you are in the greatest miseries and grief, you will start to bag, saying: “I will die hungry“ I would prefer to die hungry, than to loose Love, and have food. Food without Love is nothing to me. Food, which does not give me thought, is no good for me.


Food, which does not give me freedom is no good. Food, which brings you freedom is Godsend. We must free ourselves.




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