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Unity and Multitude


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Unity and Multitude


The law of nature is: the Divine always comes in multitude, but realized only in unity. In human comes just one wish, but realize a lot and therefore human life is meaningless, ie in human life there is no unity. In the Divine life there is unity, so then everything is harmonized together. However, to understand this thought a line of arguments is required.


Man can not simultaneously be loved by the world and by God, if the world loves him, the invisible world will not be interested in him, if the invisible world is interested in him, the world will hate him. Why the invisible world is not interested in man when the world loves him? Because the world is wealth, the invisible world does not want to deprive man of that wealth, does not want to split in two his consciousness. Being connected to the world, it implies to work hard throughout the year and at the end of the year to see that everything is beaten, killed by hail or taken away by a flood. You look here – you look there, there is nothing: neither cabbage, nor onions, nor potatoes, or beans. You are wondering what to do. Only now you see that all that which on which you have relied, has been an illusion.


People are often stumbled by the evil and ask why it has been allowed. The answer is very simple: if it is assumed good and evil must be assumed, as we allow the evil and the good must be allowed. If the evil is not allowed and the good cannot be allowed; if good is not allowed and evil cannot be allowed. Good and evil are inextricably linked. Can the world be like without good without evil? The good is the law of the one, of the single, of the unity and evil – is the law of the multitude. Therefore, if your yard is full of sheep, ducks, chickens, cattle, can it be clean? Where there is a multitude, there cannot be expected any purity. This yard will be completely impure.


This is a formula of life. And till now I have never seen any modern scholar who can solve this. This circle has a center, radius and circumference. What is the center? The center, it is the mental world of man. It is the First Cause. The radius is the sensual world. Something goes out of the mental world. You feel it. And the circle is the will, the action - should be handled. Therefore, at first you need to manifest your thought, then - your sense and then - your actions. There are seven principles to do the right thing. Who they are, I will not tell you now. Some talk about rhythm. You want to be happy, but it is a misunderstanding of life. Happiness is based on a reasonable law: you have to know how to move.


You cannot ever be happy. If the people in heaven are eternally happy, the people in Hell are eternally unhappy. Misfortune of some is happiness to others. And the happiness of some is misfortune to others.


If two saints gather in one place, they will quarrel, as well as two doctors and two priests, if do not know the laws of life, will quarrel. Who are the priests? Man and woman. They are priests. And they both serve. Here we have the law of polarization. There is polarity, duality in nature. What is this duality? Man has released the woman but she is not like him. Man comes from God, but he is not like him. Man comes out of the Earth, but is not like the Earth. The Earth loves man, it uses him and he uses it. Man loves the woman, because she has come out of him and he uses her. You say: "Why is that so?" How should it be? Everything has its reason. But behind every reason sits a wish. The reason stems from a desire. And behind every desire sits a thought. Therefore, the thought is the cause. Out of the thought the desire is born and out of the desire is born the action. Once you act, you have split up of things. What we do, it can be good and it can be bad.


Evil is a broken circle. Ever, when you break your life, there is a shock. When you kill someone, it is tearing of life. A man is born - you are joining the circle. You are tearing your thought – the evil comes, you are tearing your feelings - the evil comes; you are tearing your will – the evil comes. Where there is tearing of whatever, the evil occurs. And if you break love, the evil manifests. Once you break the Wisdom of God, the evil manifests. Once you break the God's Truth - too. Or put in another way: if you do not love, the evil comes; if you do not think well, the evil is coming; if you do not do good, the evil comes. Good sit in the righteous love. Love as God requires! Do not break your life! The broken life in its parts becomes dangerous. By collecting its parts, it becomes beautiful as a fruit, as a new outfit and as a valuable coin. The wholeness of life brings all the good things. It is difficult, indeed, in the large disturbance to sit quiet and calm, to think well. This requires sufficient strength of the human will, of the human heart, of the human mind. Why cannot we have that? If on the battlefield is used ten times more energy to fight, why in the good not to be at least such heroes? The real in the world is indivisible. It cannot be divided. In all nature there is a real effort to split. Until now, the most developed beings in the world have tried to decompose the real. The current scientists have managed to decompose the atoms and have succeeded, but the law is that the real cannot be divided. For example, when you take the breath of air and hold it, you make it part of yourself - your property. But then you release it. And then again another air enters by breathing in and out. You cannot hold it. If you keep it for half an hour, you will fall on the ground. In you there is a desire to command the people, to command one another. You can command. People command the air, but for 10 seconds. The air would not listen to you any more.


As a man to move freely, you must have only one desire. But if you bring in more desires simultaneously in your heart, you will not be able to move freely in your life and at every step you will stumble. The Divine philosophy says: "Learn!" For every given moment the Divine law allows only one volitional movement beyond time and space. In time and space it is allowed the realization of only one of those desires, thoughts and actions.


When we talk about time and space, this implies that for any given time is allowed to think on only one thought, to have only one wish and to show only one act of will. You might say that man cannot think without mind. No, one can think without mind and one can feel without heart. Then you say that a man can live without God. No, this is not true and cannot be! Thoughts and feelings come from God, and only pass through the brain and the heart and affecting by focus go out. Real things in the world can be or not to be. Such a philosophy does not exist.


In the world, the one, who has a number of 2, he serves the devil. Once you have only one man, you have God. A man or a woman, the law is the same - God is with you. Two women or two men, the law is exactly the opposite.


The human heart is made so that it can enter only a single man. That is the law.


There is a law that you cannot have simultaneously two friends. This means that in the physical world you can have only one friend, not two. According to the law of communicating vessels the friend of your friend will be at the same time and your friend.


Whoever loves you, when he comes, even if you are in bed you will stand up, you will survive. This law has no exception. Who loves you, he will bring you food. If two men and a woman come, if two doctors come and you are sick, you will die. If two doctors are treating a patient, he will die. One always brings good. I see the law of motion what it is, in the law of motion we ever step on one leg. With one leg we go. The other is relaxing. We step on the one; then we step on the other. And in the work it is the same. Right hand is the one that works and the left is a helper. With both hands we do not work. Now all people have started working with both hands. Hazardous work it is. And with both feet to walk is dangerous. If they bring you to a judge and you have one leg and they say that you have got on the cherry, will the judge believe it? If you have two legs, he will know that you have gone. If you have an arm and a leg, it is impossible to climb up on the cherry. A man who loves it is absolutely impossible for him to make a crime. You give him the whole world he will not make. I wonder how people make a crime. I wonder them! Great power it is to make a crime.


Number 2 – it is a red-hot iron. You, if you do not understand the law, you can touch, you can burn your hand. Number 2 always takes, it does not give. Number 2 is just what burns you. If you have any affliction in your life, this is the number 2. It always takes. May be hot iron, or may be a hammer, it is number 2, you should be careful when you deal with the conditions that come into the negative side of life.


Ask in a given case only one thing. Do not ask two things, do not ask three things. If you want two or three things – they have no place. Want only one thing - the smallest. As it is given to you, the other will come. The mind should never be split. Once there is a split in the will, if there is a split in the heart, when there is a split in mind, things are not working; the law does not work. The one with a split mind is unstable in all his ways, he is ambidextrous. Ambidextrous is in the heart, the mind is hesitating. What about the will, how would you determine him? He always hesitates.


One of the natural law states: that at some point man can have only one thought, only one feeling; only one desire. If he has two or more thoughts, feelings and desires, he himself stumbles. It is impossible at a moment to realize two ideas.


You walk through a garden and say: "This is God’s." That everything is of God that is true. But you want to eat a fruit. How much should you take? You have the right to pick from the tree only one fruit. You can choose the best, but to pick more, it is greed. If you pick a fruit and thank God, you will receive the entire blessing. But if you pick two fruits, it is a deviation, death will come upon you. Ever, as you pick two fruits and put them in your pocket, you are already breaking the law. A fruit as you pick and you eat with gratitude that fruit bears good in you. But if you pick two, you think both will arrange your life. No. The one fruit is. They make you a good. You are not happy. You want two goods. You are in trouble.


Where there is division, separation, there the Divine Spirit does not work. Once parted in yourself and you get into conflict, God is outside of you. It is a psychological law.


Remember that occult law does not tolerate disunity. Branching it can tolerate, but not disunity.


Words have meaning only when they are closely connected. It is a law of nature.


The word "connected" has double meaning, so it is not a strong word. This word does not mean a particular idea. You can connect a bad person, you can contact and a good man. So that word is not strong. When our minds are ruled by this word - "connected" in the subconsciousness it produces the opposite effect. And the modern languages of the cultural peoples as Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, are negative. All these nations in their language have fewer words exactly specified, that mean only one idea. For example, when you say "thirst", you do not think about anything but getting drunk with water. When you say "hunger", "death", you mean only what these words express. The word "love" is with double meaning, it has no force, no sense. They say "love," but what kind of love is implied? The words "thirst", "hunger", "death", "disease", "fire" are strong, they are meaningful and therefore the present culture is grown due to the language. In diplomacy, those who understand all the subtleties of the language choose such expressions that only with one comma the diplomat can escape from a situation such as fish or a snake. They say about someone: "A whole diplomat he is" A diplomat is someone who can go through each hole, who can spin any situation.


What is the desire of people under the present conditions of life? Have you asked the specific question - what do you want? Everyone has at least one special desire or a particular thought in him that he seeks to realize. No man can at some point have two specific wishes or two specific thoughts. If he puts in his mind two thoughts or two in his heart two desires, he will surely be parted.


That is why people today need to learn the law of unity. Every man should have one main thought in his mind, one fundamental desire in his heart and one main action in his will. Every man should find this basic idea, this basic feeling and action in him. However, in the current culture of man, his main idea is moving around his "I" - there he has stopped. And the animals and the plants have stopped there. So this principle exists in all living beings. We see huge forms, scrap from the past that have created the self in man. We see huge forms of animals and plants, residues from the past, that are created under the influence of the same law. Of those huge forms of the past sensible nature has prepared thick layers of coal, the modern cultural world uses. So the culture of the past is now used in our factories. Consequently, modern people in their aspirations are experiencing the aspirations of the beings of the antediluvian times. Wars, killings of people today are due to the culture of coal that is the main engine of the modern technology.


Now many say: "You know what has contributed the modern factory century to the culture of humanity?" This century has released all the spirits, all the souls of the creatures that have died in the distant past. They have been imprisoned in the coal and with their use as a fuel their deliverance has come. So the people today fight left and right. And when some ask me when evil in the world is born, I say: "Evil in the world is born for the first time when the first smoke has formed." In your mind you have to be uniform. This is the Divine law for all.


The first thing is: each of you should seek to learn the law of unity - unity of thought.


Unity of consciousness and connection with the Divine consciousness are laws through which man is released from discontent.


People today suffer because they are not given the appropriate place. Which place are they looking for? They look for the first. In the world there is only one first place that belongs to God. The remaining seats are for the humans. Do not seek to sit in the first place. Who is looking for the first place, he will bear great responsibilities. No man, no living creature is for the first place. Who is looking for the first place, he is mistaken. The first place is associated with greater responsibilities. Therefore, you should know that the law of unity exists everywhere in nature: a first place, a man, a woman, a father, a mother, a child - everything in the world is one, and many are its reflections.


The law is: the good of one is good for all. If a man loses his welfare, humanity is also losing. When Adam has lost his life and humanity has lost him. When we bring the good in a soul, we import it in all the souls. If we can not bring the good in one soul, we can not bring it in all the humanity.


What I have checked, it is true. You may also make the experiment. If I have a loaf of bread, an ordinary bread of a kilo and someone comes to me and wants to give him half. Once he is gone, my bread is whole again. It comes with half. And if he gives me half of his bread and his bread will still be intact. One who has taken a quarter if the quarter has made eighth, his bread would be whole again. Permanently reduces the bread, but who gives his bread still remains whole. The good has the following property: never remains piece. The good is always a whole in itself. It is like a spring that never empties, always what comes out of it, it comes abundantly. I say: in the law of love this is true. If everyone would serve to love with complete faith, there would have never been shortages. If sometimes shortage is born, it is of unloving. This law is correct. We suffer from lack of Love. Diseases appear from unloving, ignorance appears from unloving.


If man understands life so, as God has created it, if we go according to the great law of God, there will be no controversy. We are number 2, God is one. Our will enters into conflict with God's will, our mind comes into conflict with God's mind, our heart comes into conflict with God's heart; our body enters into conflict with the body of nature. Then how will you go? So the mind of every one of you should come in line with that rational in nature. You have to see that sound that exists in nature. This rationality, it is God who manifests. Sometimes you are doing something, something inside you says: "Do not!" Thousands of people have told me their experience and anyone who has not listened to what the inside has spoken, has always been hurt.


Someone says: "I can do whatever I want." You can do whatever you want, but and he can do whatever he wants. So we in ourselves have one creature that always is sensible. We are developing, but it exists. And when we say: "Who are you, what can you do?" It says: "There is something I can do. I can impose on all the rules." And then it begins! Is it not that some of you say: "Hey, I am tired, you tortured!" Well, who has tortured you? This sensible being, has tortured you. And now you say: "How could this sensible being torture you?" How can you, stupid being, bother him? The smart creature never lets the silly bother him. A rule of nature is: anything can happen, but a clever creature never lets silly creature torments him! There is a reflection of the actions of nature. Nature is smart - as you do an unnatural act, there are deprivations. Now, immediately, at the very moment, not after centuries, nature does not wait. So, I say: these contradictions that exist in you, it is wise laws in nature or in the intelligent beings that sit higher than you with all the good will. Once you want to act in accordance with its rules, it will always be at your disposal. But once you transgress one of the sacred rules, and they have their own measures.


So failures in the lives of all people are due to that internal conflict. If man is the master of the situation, he cannot be in conflict with himself; as he is in conflict with himself, he is double.


Man can never have outside what he does not have inside. Man to be healthy means to have right and sober thought. If the spirit of man is not strong, powerful then and the body cannot be healthy. The spirit of man is that which includes everything in itself. The spirit of modern man is not so powerful, due to the frequent split of his consciousness. Whatever he does, he cannot avoid this dichotomy. For now, it is an inevitable law. Bifurcation of consciousness corresponds to the existence of day and night in nature. Whatever you do, your consciousness will always move between the poles, day and night, light and darkness. Passing through these processes, the human consciousness gradually awakes. When man comes up to full awakening, we say that he is risen. Resurrection implies acquiring immortality.


True love is expressed by making the thought of all the creatures in one direction. When the consciousness of all beings is heading to the same direction, they will have a lot in common with each other. However, if man starts to rotate only about his center, around him, everything is lost. Someone says: "For me, life has no meaning." I say: if you want your life to be meaningful, you should direct your consciousness up. This is not a tough job. What could be easier than that man to think in one direction? According to me it is, more difficult for man to think in two or more directions, as modern humans do rather than to think in one direction. Many times people have uttered their thought up, they know the place, but it has not come to their mind that there is a common time when all the beings simultaneously send their thoughts to God. Like it or not, it becomes an internal, implacable law. Who does not want to obey this law he will be forced to. How? He will catch a disease and he will seek God, he will direct his thought to God and he will thank that he has got sick to think about God. Not only in diseases but also in many other ways man can be forced to seek the place of God. One hour, one minute or one second is required to direct the consciousness of all beings to God. Great is this hour of the day! Great is this minute of the hour! Great is this second of the minute!

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