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Man to know how to use any given moment the forces that are placed in the unit, this represents an important internal law.


Once you are in disobedience, contrary to love, sufferings will come. Once you are in breach of wisdom sufferings will come. Once you are in disaccord with reality, sufferings will come. The law is such. For anyone else, it is such! Any suffering in us, whatever it is, depends on that cut between us and the First Cause - God. There are some things that we are not responsible for. Many times we have tendencies, desires that are not ours. We participate in our personal lives; we participate in family life, in social life, in people's lives, in the life of all the mankind. The gains and losses that they have are put on us. One wife Eve has sinned in heaven and the entire humanity bears the consequences. But this is collectivity. Those consequences of a mistake in heaven must be paid. Every year, just look at - a lot has to be paid. You say: "I have nothing!" On general grounds you will pay! But the same law is for the common good, which they have acquired. For Eva you are suffering. One day when Eva fixes up her life and acquires wealth, then and you will have wealth. Then some good will come to you that you have not even dreamed of. There are hereditary traits - your mother and your father have lived well, they have been brilliant. These gifts you inherit them - without having worked, you become a genius.


You need to connect with nature, to come in obedience to have goods. Then the gifts of nature will proceed and the things you will have them for free. Christ says in one place: "Freely you have taken, freely you give" Things do not go freely now. Money is not for free. Light, air is free, but it is not without cost. Therefore, in this world where everything is not free, you cannot live happily. And the gift implies that there should be plenty.


Christ says: "I am the true vine, my Father is the gardener." Could Christ be the vine? This is likeness. He says that each branch of the vine does not abide in Him; the actual vine cannot bear fruit. And for man is the same law. There is a relation. Man is a stick of mankind, and if not lives in mankind, it is nothing to get. By the word "humanity" we mean the first man who stood out in the world. People have not shown up all at once. Today, they are 2 billion, but at first has appeared only one man and he has multiplied to a billion. One day all these billions of people will come together again and will form one man.


Nature recognizes the following law: when all parts of the body are healthy, the whole body is healthy. If only a part of the body is ill, the whole organism suffers. This law applies to both to the organic and to the psychic world.


If you make a crime, it is outside the law. In love, crime in no way you can make. You want me to prove to you that you cannot? I will prove it. Can you cut a piece of meat from your body to bake it and eat it? You cannot! There is not so stupid creature to begin to fret alone.


Just the bear sometimes puts its fingers in the mouth of its small to suck it. That is love: you cannot do a crime to yourself; from yourself you can not eat. If people apply this law it will be impossible to do harm someone - that man constitutes one with you. And then there is no need to make a crime.


The law, which exists in nature, is the following: if you commit a crime, if you have made it intentionally or not, whether you have made it or maybe thousands of other people who are in the same field, you will always feel sadness in your soul. Therefore any grief that exists in the world is a sign of a crime that has been committed.


So absolutely no murder! Once he commits murder, man begins to lie, then after the lie all the other vices are coming out. The law is: go from large to small errors, not from small to large. Start with the biggest sin – the murder and go to smaller ones. Murder has created all the sins. Brother killed his brother - the first murder. Since 8000 years mankind has not been able to get rid of this sin. It lies on the conscience of all the people. Do you know what 8000 years are? After all, they want to convince us that the murder has been allowed. Murder is not redeemed easily. Even Christ could not atone for the consequences of the murder committed by Cain. Be alert! Do not be fooled by the philosophy of your old teachers and professors! It will be swept away. So every professor should insert a new caption: "It is not allowed absolutely any murder!" Because we are karmically connected to each other, each of us is responsible for the crime committed by someone. Some ask me: "Why has your hair whitened?" It has whitened from your murders. Under the karmic law and I am involved in them. And your hair has turned white for the same reason. Every time when there are crimes, I feel them, I take part in the sufferings of the people. I see how the knife stabs in the chest of someone, I hear him crying, crying, praying this man until he dies. Somewhere is killed a woman or a child.


On the well being of all and our prosperity depends. This is the basic law that each of us must understand and apply in life if he wants to live wisely and be well. We are connected with the whole world and it is our homeland.


Each man represents a partnership, a collectivity. When one member of the partnership suffers or is in some need, the other members come to help him. What is the law? If all the people gather together in one place, no soul can manifest. So if life is fun it should be fun for all, if it is joy for all it should be joy.


Do you think that life is used after you have submitted hand to someone, have ever fed someone and you have given knowledge to someone? No! You must enter the causal world, where the basic law is the following: there lives one for all and all live for one; the benefit of one is a good to all and the good of all is a good to one.


Therefore, under this law, any creature in the world, no matter how small its activity is, its joy and its sorrow shall be holy to you. A fly can be, but with this fly you must be happy as with man and then only God can be joyful.


I say: we should change completely the way of thinking in order to form a relationship between us. We must consider the good of others as our own good. The law sits as follows: to have those blessings that God has decided to give to each soul. We can assist everyone to take the good God has defined to him. Nobody becomes an obstacle. Everyone should take fully God blessings, which God has provided. It is humanity in the future.


Everyone can be happy. But he must take into account not only his happiness, he should consider the happiness of others, then he will be happy, nothing more! Keep in mind not only the idea of your happiness, but keep the idea and for the happiness of others. So you will strengthen your mind. When you are looking for your right, keep and the right of the other people in your mind and you will be strong. This is a law that people are now improving together to help each other. What you are looking for yourself, keep it in mind and for the others. This awareness must be born in people. We now live further apart. We say: "I am happy, to the others to come what it will!" Thus a weakening goes on; we face, but when two objects face, there is a breaking. Some people say that rubbing of minds produces thought, develops it. Yes, sometimes, but sometimes rubbing breaks the thought. In the collective consciousness, according to another one law, people should collectively help each other. When you meet somebody, your brother, for example, do not criticize him in your soul, but make sure to find a good feature in him by the Divine Spirit to give him your support, for your uplifting is his, because his fall is yours. He will fall in one aspect, you - in another. I can explain you this law. From this law come many misfortunes. When someone makes a mistake in one respect; another makes a mistake in other aspect. When one makes good in one aspect, someone else will make good in another aspect. The good is common to us all and evil is common to us all.


Everyone can believe in whatever he wants. He has the right for that. But unwise for man is to believe and support what brings misfortune. To believe and to maintain what brings happiness, I understand. Because there is a law: the good of all the people is our good, and the misery of all the people is our misfortune. People today feel that law and see that the poor condition of a nation also affects the other nations. For the future this thing will be felt even more. And then if people band together, the world can be repaired in a more reasonable manner rather than now.


When we are happy; and the world is happy. And when we are unhappy and the world is unhappy. This is an inevitable law.


Sometimes you say: "Why should I deal with this, with that" You do not know. Maybe one day this man to whom you make services in a particular case you need him. In the world all people are closely related. This you should know. All the creatures are in an internal dependency. Even a tree can make you a favor. One tree can make you a huge favor. You sow a tree, saying: "Why should I play with a tree!" But it has happened, for three days you have not eaten and you pass by the tree that you have planted, fruits have ripped, you look, the tree says: "Come!" Here the tree makes a service. It says: "Thank you so much that you have planted me, take of my fruits." Someone says: "I do not need the services of others." No, you need the services of all, just that this service to come in time. This idea should be sitting in your mind.


We need the services of all living beings. All living creatures in a given case need us. All living creatures need our services. You are the man who can help, a plant can help, an animal can help and all the people in a given case can help. This is so. This great law is operating in nature. Such a broad mind you should have. You are discouraged sometimes. Why? It is because you individualize. You say you do not need this, you do not need that and you stay alone in the world.


The meaning of life is sitting in the mutual assistance, in helping each other. The law of mutual help says: no connection can exist between people while they are imbued with a strong desire to help each other.


In nature there is a law: every desire that is born in the human soul, it is not of the individual himself. This desire is of society and humanity. This desire of anyone should have its expression. It must be achieved. Nature has joint achievements for which it works. Your desire ever will be achieved. If you do not worry, it will be achieved in a natural way. You want to be good. It is not your own desire; it exists in all beings on the Earth. Every being wants to be good. Good is achievement. By the word "good" I mean the best achievement that man can achieve not only for myself but for everyone. People today are striving for achievement. And what is evil? What we have not achieved is evil. Therefore, from this point of view, evil stops man to achieve good and good assists people to achieve what they are striving.


Achievement in the world depends on a law. Many writers can read. Some argue that man can achieve anything. But do you know what man is? You need to determine what man is. That modern man with his current understandings will achieve very little of his longings. The man who can do anything to achieve has understood the laws of the living nature, of the rational nature; he understands the laws of humanity, of all existence in which he lives. He wants everything he thinks, he feels, he acts, to be not only for his own benefit, but also to be for the benefit of all. Then such man can achieve anything. If you think from morning to night only for your own good, you cannot achieve anything. It is because there is cooperation. I know it. When a singer or a musician is playing, on the audience their success depends. If there is an audience that supports his idea; that cooperates with him, it immediately gives him inspiration, he plays and sings well. But if people are unhappy, they immediately break him. Therefore must nature agree with us or we have to agree with it? Does the body have to be coordinated with parts or all the parts must be coordinated with the body? By the word "body" I understand that reasonable that holds all the parts and puts them into action.


The law is such: when you wake up in the morning at first think of the Divine world, of the reasonable world, where there are no contradictions. It is located above the head. Send blood up. Then start thinking about the mental world, where all educated people have concentrated their mind. Some deal with the sky, others - with the human body, third - with pears, apples. All these scientists are studying different areas and come to the understanding how man should live. You, as you think, and the blood swells to your brain and develops your abilities, you will begin to perceive the thoughts of all those people. And so much you can become scientists, as much as you perceive the thoughts of scientists. An astronomer we can understand by perceiving his thought. The same goes for mathematics, for musician This Orlov, who plays, he does not play alone. There is a whole band of virtuosos. All are involved, not one, not two, but many. And they are as one. Man does not consist of only one finger, two fingers; three fingers. He is composed of hundreds of millions of cells. Also, thousands of these creatures form such a virtuoso. He is a group manifestation.


In the world there is a cooperation of the souls. Many times when a famous philosopher or poet is working on his work, many people work at the same time, they want to be philosophers or scientists with their idea to support the idea or the work of the philosopher - that way he expresses and their ideas. When you decide to make a good, simultaneously, many will want to make a good in different ways. So you have contributed something. Believe in the Divine laws! The law is: man himself great cannot do. This idea may seem strange but it is so.


For instance, if Tolstoy has become great, this is because of the people. People have made Tolstoy great, not he himself alone. What a man thinks of himself, it cannot make him great. Who has made the prophets great? The Jewish people have. One nation alone cannot become great if the other nations do not recognize this. No musician can become great if people do not love him. Once the people love him, he becomes great.


The law is: while man is alone, he cannot learn. When many people are gathered together, they collectively interact and then God shows commonly through their minds and souls.


There is a great law: every movement that you can do in a given case is a rational act. But if your mind is not involved, there would be no anticipated effect. With every move that you can do, some people will be happy. I know that when start going with my left leg, 10 people will be happy, 10 people will graduate. Every morning, with one your move, 10 people graduate. Sometimes you feel you have to go somewhere. If you do not go, others cannot do the university. But the human mind is not involved in this. Therefore, you do not know why. They will say - wandering. No wandering it is! Because of their wanderings those people end up becoming professors.


All movements that I make are reasonable. Therefore, when man walks, he should know that each movement, each thought - positive or negative, enter in the great economy of nature. Good and evil, you do, are on place. Other people will enjoy, you will not enjoy. For you it is not good, because you do not understand things. There are no empty things, stupid in nature. For man, for society it can be empty, silly, but for the whole life - no. This means Divine.


When you come to the Divine world, you have to think that God governs the world. Then you in the flying around of a fly or in the crawling of an ant will see the Divine beauty. The smart man see the bird flying around, he will be encouraged. The poet in spring as the flowers are blooming sees something powerful, beautiful. The most powerful force is when the flowers bloom. What has been missing, it has been underground and now it blooms, it gives the best aroma and says: "As this flower comes out of the ground and flourishes, so you do. You suffer because something in you seeks out to go on top." And as it goes out, a fragrance will spread through the air. Your suffering will pass. Man has to be patient. It is until he comes to join the awareness of the great laws that operate in the entire cosmos.


The first law of God states: when you see that God's love is manifested somewhere become happy in your soul. Once you are happy, and God will bless you. In this respect, both young and old do not comply with this law and consequently cannot be happy. Once a man has come to the Earth, he is relevant to the minds of all people. Therefore, he must at least for a moment get in touch with the consciousness of all the people. If man succeeds to make a conscious connection with humanity, he would be free to go to that world at will. For such a man we are saying that he has completed his evolution. For the one who does not consciously make this connection, we say that he has to work a lot on the Earth, to leave for the other world and still comes come back until finally he completes his evolution.


If a desire appears in someone to go ahead, leave him, let him go ahead. After him will go a second; then a third, etc. The day will come when all will reach the top. If one rises up and reaches the top and the rest will follow him; and if one of them comes back and the rest will be back. That is the law.


According to the law of the community we need to enter into communion with the awakened soul, not with soundly. Awakened soul is the one that fulfills God's law. Once you get in touch with a soul at the same enter in contact with all people. You should study this law. You want to get in touch with a soundly soul, work on it until you awaken its love.


You have still to learn what love is. That is where all your mistakes come from. 1 – I write unit, then - 2, it makes 12, is not it? Which one wins? The unit or the two wins? How many times the unit increases? 10. Two has not increased. Add 3 behind, it becomes 123. How many times the unit increases? 100, the two - 10 and three remains the same.


Any further increases the number before- going. That is the law. You are afraid that someone will replace you. You win. Everyone who comes to replace you, he will increase you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - are all increased. How much are they increased? Every single man who comes after you, he is growing you. Anyone who goes before you, you help him grow. Therefore, you will go ahead when the other has to help you, you will go back when you have to help the other.


You do not understand this law. You say: "The man must be crowing at home." There is the philosophy. The unit crows, but nothing wins. Who is crowing? Two, it is raised, it gives. The one who wins is aware that the power is not in him, but in the two. By removing the two, the unit again becomes one. The Scripture says: "God will be your rear guard." The numbers after the unit are rear guard. Then this unit is increased by millions and is strong and powerful. Any number that is to come has a future. Everyone who is rear of all of you, the least he has increased you 10 times. Thank him that he has come. In every society, when a man comes, he adds cost. Once there comes a soul will lift you up, your value tenfold. Every soul that comes in a society that every child is born into the world has lifted 10 times.


Human thought can be common and single. All people do not allow simultaneously the same question, but they all stand on the same path. According to the law of harmony, some go forward, others - after them. But each allows a certain task. Even just one to solve this task, it is common to all. Each individual says: "If I solve it I" Whoever solves it, it is all the same. It is important to get the idea and resolve. I like the idea of a newborn child. As a child is born, everything will come: and diapers, and clothes, and cart. The important is the child, ie the idea to be born.


The French, the British, the Bulgarians, the Russians, the Americans - all the nations have equal rights on the Earth. Every nation has a right to live well. Some people say that everyone needs to look at his own life. But such are the laws of individual life; such are the laws about home, community, for the people, for all the mankind. Laws that operate in the parts and in the whole function, but only in their application, they are larger in size. You must not be guided by the idea that you will live only for yourselves. It is the old philosophy, but in the new philosophy you have to hold to the whole. The Englishmen, the Frenchmen, all the good people let live. They represent God's people who are connected. They are connected with the invisible world. But there are other Englishmen, Frenchmen, Bulgarian men who are not yet connected with the invisible world. They have yet to connect. We say: "God's kingdom to come! Let His will be done as in heaven above and on the Earth below. The name of God to sanctify and in heaven above and on the Earth below." So this law and order on top must be taken down to the Earth. You are all called to become members of this great nation. Everyone wherever he lives there to be the bearer of the new views of love.


Throughout space there is a rhythm that drives the pulse of all living creatures: and insects, and plants and animals as they come to man. This pulse of life regulates everything. It is the cosmic pulse. And the heart has a special nerve, which determines the number of times the heart should beat. So it is defined the number of times heart of every man should pulsate. And if you keep the law of love, your heart will throb just as many times as specified. Also, your brain will work properly. Your thoughts, your feelings will go on the right track. The entire atmosphere of the outside world will go well. All people in the world represent interconnected vessels. Whether they realize it or not, is not important, but all people strive for a greater purpose. Whether they know it or not, all people want the benefit of all mankind. When the father desires the good of his home, this is an excellent idea. When a statesman wants the good of his people, and this is an excellent idea. When a sociologist writes a book he is referring to the benefit of mankind.


All those who are fighting for the right of humanity, they are innovators, people who carry the new ideas; they are reformers - this is an excellent idea.


A law states: that in every nation there is something good. By joining nations this good is considered a good to all people.


The law is: man uses only what he could have applied. Whatever man alone implements, it remains in perpetuity.


Therefore, he can not rely on what people apply. Whoever whatever implements it remains for him. In the future, whoever whatever has applied it remains as capital of the entire life. Keep in mind the thought: all the goods that people have acquired in the past and are now acquiring will be generally available to all the mankind.


Our thoughts, our feelings and our actions are factors that build our lives and the lives of the peoples and of all the humanity. Thoughts, feelings, desires and actions of a people in the arts, in industry, in agriculture - all this affects the people themselves. If a nation is farmers, some parts of the face will grow more than others, if a nation is more concerned on technical science or art, or is it more religious, this will affect its face.


The whole development of the peoples, of all nations, the benefits of all historical times and ages, from the establishment of the world to the current development of the mankind, will be condition of individuals. So, in the future, when you come to the Earth, will have the same benefits as the people have. These benefits provide socialization of the commons, nature has a plan for the socialization of the commons, but it goes in a reasonable law. People have not come to this socialization. Some have these gifts, but others do not have. Therefore, you see that every man collectively works for the lift up of all the mankind. All the peoples are working for uplifting of the humanity. In what direction and to move the mankind, everything is for good. And the wars are for good, and the earthquakes are for good and the social crises are for good, and poverty for good, and science and knowledge and the arts, everything that happens in nature is all for good. Not from a human point of view, but from the standpoint of the higher overhead world.


When we talk about good and evil, we mean the relationships that exist between the parts and the whole, between us, the people who are on the Earth, and of all other beings of whatever stage of development they are. The law is the same according to their stage of development. So the spirit is not something unreal, as some think. It has a form, an image and force. The word "spirit" means reasonable. (...) The righteous cannot be just if he is not reasonable, and the sinner can not be wrong, if he is not ignorant. He thinks he is a very smart man. If he is ignorant, he is smart about some things, but he is not wise for the future consequences. The question now is not to avoid the consequences of sin, which come out. This is not the point. It is relatively right in the world. You are afraid not to suffer - the issue is not there. For a wise man the law is not to compromise the overall harmony of the whole, not that he will suffer. General harmony there should be! Because every crime committed in any sense, all the bad things affect the whole. And then they all take to repair - harmony cannot be broken. But what is lost is the reverence that more advanced beings have to a being that does not sin and already this creature is set out an order of sufferings.


We will return to the main thought: in your current position God has put what you need to do. He has connected you with famous people, and you have to find them, to feel them and with those people you will have to work. These two, three and more people will come with others and will work together. So are combined people, homes and all the mankind. Under the same law are organized the ants and the bees. Each ant knows its purpose. Who organizes the ants, who organizes the bees? Work goes in a mechanical way. And we, who are mistaken here and there, we think that we have been created more differently. No, and we are organized as them, but we walk away. This hustle, this sinful condition has taken us away from the right path of development.


Each method is useful because if you apply a method, it will reveal what its weaknesses are. Will apply the second method, it will also reveal its weaknesses. And by applying this method for a day, 2, 3, you yourself will find the mistakes, you will correct them. These errors occur naturally. Do not think that every job will be perfect - there will be an order of mistakes, but over time, if you trust the Divine Law and Divine Wisdom that works, the creatures that are interested will help us to organize.

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