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Thoughts, Feelings and Actions


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Thoughts, Feelings and Actions


Between the physical world, the world of the feelings and the world of thought, there is a correlation: at first place is the human head, at the second – the human lungs, at the third - the human stomach and then come the other parts - arms and legs. Arms and legs are developed according to the relationship between the head and the lungs.


For the future, when children are educated, education must start with the education of the head, after that with the education of the lungs and the education of the stomach. At first you should bring up your mind, your nervous energy. You will learn to think. Not even as fakirs think. There are other ways of thinking. In Europe, have used these methods of the Hindus, but they do not apply to Caucasians. Methods do not match. They do not match for the sole reason that when their scientists have given to the people these methods, humanity has been going down. Under the law of involution are these methods. Since the human race has come down to the bottom, to the densest matter, but we have taken an evolutionary turn, those involutionary methods have no place. Our past beliefs, our past beliefs about God do not apply. We should have another conception of God. Under the law of involution we are constantly getting smaller, from us have taken something, we have been giving, giving. When people say, "You have to give" it is the law of involution, you have to give something in order to be free. Now we take up - we have started to acquire intangible things.


I say: never distort your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is an important law. If you twist your thoughts, you will twist your face. If you twist your feelings, you will twist your nose. If you twist your actions, you will twist your will - they will affect your beard. This is true not only in terms of human lives, but of societies and of nations as well. Therefore, each nation has its own form. Therefore, in order to return to its original image, man must accept the Divine science. In man there are great opportunities through which he can work.


As the planets revolve around each other, so and people revolve around each other. The same law applies and to the thoughts of man: around the strong thoughts are always circling weaker thoughts and thus are formed systems of thoughts. One of the great problems of man is to establish his mental world, to form a space in which thoughts are arranged in carefully planned systems. Between the systems of outer space and those of the mental world of man there is some correlation. Or said in other words: the macrocosm corresponds to the microcosm. What goes on in the outside world, the same is happening in the thoughts, feelings and actions of man. Scientists have tried these things, but the average man can check them. To reach the truth, man must find a correlation between the outer and inner world in him. As he goes right in his way, man will understand and apply the God's laws as all our brothers, who have completed their development, have understood and have applied them.


Feeling that knows what to do, it is the strongest. And action that knows how to act is strong. I take the action as something conscious - you realize that this action is the best. What you do, you realize that it is the best and the people around you will know it is the best. This law is true and in other respect. Let us say a singer wants to know how will meet him. I will go into the forest and sing to myself. Once singing after listening to myself, it is pleasant. I know that and the others will listen to me. What you like in yourself, it cannot be but nice to others as well. Love for the truth in all people, in one degree or another, is almost identical. In this case, what we experience in ourselves, in our thoughts, in our feelings and in our actions, it is true. If it is true, what I try, then your body must be healthy. If it is true, and the feelings should be normal, they should be healthy. If it is true, and our thoughts should be healthy. True is that simultaneously is confirmed by the mind, tby he heart and is confirmed by the human body. There is the Divine Truth.


Christ says: "What love confirms, what wisdom confirms and what truth confirms, that it is true." This, what life confirms, this what knowledge and light confirms this, what freedom confirms - it is true. These are maxims. So it should be, for who wants to be educated. This is a maxim. Do not say: ‘‘This is moral, that is moral." Life as a whole supports the threefold human life: a life that is in the mind, a life that is in the soul, a life that is in the body. Thought, which is above in the brain, thought, which is down in the human lungs and thought that is the human body. It is movement, which is in the brain, movement, which is in the lungs and movement, which is in the body. There should always be motion in our mind, there must be feeling in the mind and must be thought in the mind. These are maxims that you should have in order to be in harmony with the Divine world, because the Divine does not tolerate any contradiction. If you decide to contradict, God goes away. Once God withdraws from you, you become foreign to all people. Not only become foreign to all people, but to yourself. And then you see that there is no open door. People see like trees. Once the Divine in you comes, you start seeing the nice, the beautiful in man. Once the Divine disappears, you see the beast in man. By the word "beast" I understand fugitive, the non-organized things.


How to live, it is the largest art that one could attain on the Earth. He at first has to learn the laws of the human mind, how he should think in any given case. And he has to know how to feel in anyway to know how to regulate his heart. And then, he has to know how to act.


And it is the task of all the righteous, saints, ingenious people. This is an old aspiration - to know man how to think, how to feel, and optionally to know how to act. Such a relationship is not to the earthly life, but to heavenly. We must live, because we are subject to a higher world - and us on the Earth they study as we study the beetles. We are subject to the invisible world, as well as the plants are subject. As one plant gives good fruits and its leaves are greener, the more interested in it they are. And when you see a withered tree, you are not interested in it already. And the invisible world is not interested in dry trees. You may be a nice dry wood - for fuel good.


Each thought that you afflict in yourself should not be anything false - the first rule. This not a law for me, this is nevertheless a law of being. Thought must be absolutely clean. Every thought that enters the mind must be clean, any desire that enters the heart must be clean and every action should be clear. They are 3 basic things.


If you let an impure thought, an impure desire and an unclean action, you already create what is explained by karma. Karma means you to let into your mind not Divine things. Or otherwise to tell you: never in a Divine bottle pour human water. Never in a human bottle pour Divine water. In the human water bottle pour human water and in the Divine bottle pour Divine water. You want to be free. Divine thoughts make people free. There are Divine thoughts and there are human thoughts, there are human desires and human actions. Not bad. Evil sits when you swap. Cannot be exchanged human thoughts, human desires and human actions, an exchange coin they can not become. On the Earth it is different.


Many of you will say: "What for is the music for us?" Music is the ultimate limit of the mental world. It is frontier.


You need to learn music because it is the limit of the mental life. If you do not learn music, you will not know how great the state is. Music is the limit, because on it depends. Some people's head is wider, some people's narrower. It depends on the state how wide it is. You do not know how to sing, if you cannot sing, you cannot fulfill the law of that state. A man who knows how to sing, he knows how to fulfill the will of God. Someone who does not know how to sing, he cannot fulfill God's Will. You think, it means to fulfill God's will, to feel it means to fulfill God's Will, to act well it means to fulfill God's Will. In any case, the most important thing is the thought. It is connected with the name of God. Feelings are associated with the kingdom of God, and yet God's Will is related to material life. If you do not know how to fulfill the will of God in your physical life you cannot be well. If you do not know how to think, you will not know how to glorify the name of God. If you do not know how to feel well, you can not be a citizen of the Kingdom of God.


A human thought has at least 10 keys. There are 3 keys for physical plane, 3 keys to the spiritual world and 3 for the mental world. And there is a special key to the Divine world. You have come and you have put any key. When you come to the Earth you need to know how to turn the 3 keys. We must act according to the laws, on which our heart is built, on which our brain is built, to act according to the laws that God has set.


I when I drink water, I take 3 spoons of warm water and rest 3 times. I want to make the water dynamic. You should not make this experiment, I only brighten the work. I am giving three impulses. With number 3 I am coming out of that unorganized matter, of a deadlock. Once I enter the number 3, the first rays of the Sun come up, there is nothing to work. This sunlight you will use to your advantage. If you know how to collect sunlight rays and break them, you will supply heat to yourself. If you understand the laws of heat, water will put working and steam - too. You will make a big wheel, it will start moving. As we perceive light we will drive our minds to work. By gathering light we will drive our heart to work. Knowing how of the light to form the strength of the body, we will put the body in motion. It is a process.


Light, heat and power provide a constant movement. When we say that we have to think well, it means to perceive light well. When we say that we have to feel well, we should take the heat. When we say - to act well, should be formed strength in us. Light, heat and power are already giving a correct direction of movement. Movement I, the man, will use for a good in my life. If I do not have a bright idea, a warm feeling and a good action, the strength cannot be proved.


God always meets a bright mind, a warm feeling and a good will. Ever, there are no exceptions.


Every thought that is relevant to your whole life is a good idea. And every thought that is not relevant to your whole being, it is not a good idea. If there is no respect to the whole, it is a bad idea. Any desire that is relevant to your life, to your heart, it is a good desire; if it is not relevant, it is a bad desire. And every action that is relevant to your life, it is a good action. And how these relationships can be seen? Once there is respect, you feel certain joy already, there is an extension in you, if there is no respect, many times it seems well, but something torments you.


So, this is the law. If you want to work on yourself, over your fellow building, to elevate your heart and mind, you should know that internal law of relationship. And thoughts have respect. Each thought is related to the feelings, the feelings are related to the actions, and all of this is related to the whole. It is the human spirit. The highest in man is his spirit! From this point of view, you have the spirit and the human mind, they are progressive; they are shapeless. Something which is free of form, it is understood that it is in motion.


The disease is treated in 3 ways. A disease is treated by the thought, a disease is treated by the feelings, a disease is treated by the deeds. If you do not act well, you cannot recover; if you do not feel well, you cannot recover; if you do not think well, you can not recover. Human health depends on his thought. You cannot be happy if you do not feel well. You cannot get rich if you do not act well. You want to be a poet - though the same law is. You cannot be a poet, if you do not think well. If you want to become a musician - though the same law it is. You cannot become a musician, if you do not think well in the simple way. It is because music is a relation to good, beautiful methods for coming of life. You cannot have a beautiful life if you do not have this music sense to express emotion. You assume everyone a poet. All of you are poets. Once you enjoy, you are a poet.


Curved lines are formed by women; straight lines are formed by men. You see that a straight line is long. What is the size of a straight line? Each straight line has only two points. The curved line is always longer than the straight line.


So, curved lines arise from the energies of the heart, straight lines result from the energies of the mind. Therefore, when in a man overcome straight lines, we say that in him the mind works more, when curved lines overcome the heart works harder. Because the mind and heart work, there must be harmony between curves and straight lines. Then symmetry yields. Because there are lines of mind and there are lines of the heart, of the head and face, they have left footprints everywhere. Once the lines are thicker, it is the will. If a man writes at first thin and then getting fat, it shows will. He starts with straight lines. And the straight lines indicate that the mind begins to work. As the mind begins to work, manifests the will. Once the lines thicken, it is the will. Once you make a lot of mistakes, it indicates that your will is strong, because you must allow yourself to fix these mistakes. You break a window. You break here, you break there – it shows that your will is strong, you do not go according to the laws of mind and heart.


In the world there is a psychological law, which can be translated like that: when the endpoints of the human mind and the end points of the human heart are weak, then bending goes in the ends, but the will is convex. We say then: this man has a strong will, and such a person has morals in himself, you can count on him. But if the end points of a line are thicker, then there will be another bending - at the center. In this case, the will is weaker, but the mind and heart are strong. Such men we call low moral people that you cannot count on. This task is in the Solomon's character intermingling of the two triangles.


When a person's will is weak, he always goes down, when a person's will is strong, he amounts to. When the heart and the mind of man are strong, but the will is weak, he always goes down, when the mind of man is weak and when the human heart is weak, but the will is strong, he always amounts. This is only in respect of earthly life. To keep the balance, what is required in this case? What calculation or what relation you can make between the human mind and human will and the human heart and the human will? What relation can exist? It is an equilateral triangle. This is a physical principle, but you need to create an impulse of will. Some people’s will is affected by the heart; some are affected by the mind. Sometimes will is not be affected by the heart and cannot be impulsed. Then the pulses of good should be transmitted through the promptings of the human mind. Somewhere the heart of man is directly related to the will; then the mind must transmit the impulses through the heart. It is because many people work through the heart. Those who work with the mind, they reflect a long time. I call this "objective mind." They make their own accounts, and who are working through the heart, it is an impulse of the mind.


Some of you have more love than they need, but have no knowledge. Some have knowledge but do not have love. Some of you do not have will. I mean the truth by "will", because the truth is dealing with the human will, with the soul of man. No man can strengthen his will, unless he does not understand the law of truth. In truth you should know how to do things. It is because we are in a static position.


All start from the point. You have one wish; it does not occupy any space. You will at first give an impulse to the desire in a straight line. But this line, it only has length, it has no thickness. It is countless points in a straight line. One point is therefore the reason to form all points. The straight line is the result of the movement. Once rolling all points in another direction, a plane will be formed. If your mind can from form one point a straight line, from a straight line to form a plane and from a plane to form a cube or a body, what you want, you can achieve it. It is an achievement. But if you desire can not be projected on a plane, it is impossible. Any desire should go in a straight line, the straight line - in a plane and the plane - in the third dimension.


There is one law: at first you will work with your mind, you will work with your heart; you will perform the work with your will. The mind is an impulse. The mind will make straight lines, the heart will make the planes; the will will make the body. After that, when an object is created, all things are possible. When we say that certain things are impossible, we understand: it is impossible something to happen without the mind, the heart and the will have not participated. This is the concentration of the human laws. Wherever the human heart and the human will participate without contradiction, all things are attainable. There are things, however we want, they are not achievable. Ask for things that are possible for your mind.


You say that even without good is possible to live. Maybe, but those opportunities are fatal. Without virtues there is no life, there are no ideals. How will you travel barefoot on a rocky road? If necessary, you will travel, but you will be unhappy with the injured feet. If you are well dressed and with good shoes, in any way and you pass, you will be pleased and happy. In this case, the air, water, light and food are conditions for manifestation of life. What represents the solid ground? Consciousness on which develops ordinary human consciousness. Besides the solid earth as consciousness, there are liquid soil - conscious feelings and aeriform soil - conscious mind, ie of the mental world. It is the consciousness and of the Divine world. The law is: you cannot think, unless someone else does not think of you; you cannot feel if someone else does not feel for you. Consequently, when you think you connect with those who think of you, as you feel you connect with those who have good feelings for you. This is God's Love, on which is based the human love.


Mental life is a garden where thoughts have to ripen. If I tell you that human thoughts should blossom and ripen as the fruit, what will you understand? A human thought has to blossom and mature as a fruit. And for an action is the same law. In nature there is a similarity between things. A thought that can not blossom and ripen properly, it is a thought that is not materialized and may not be realized. So that is why I say: you are gardeners, you have 3 gardens: a garden of your feelings, a garden of your thoughts and a garden of your body. Therefore, 3 great laws you should know, you should know what to do. The law of your mind will be the law of wisdom, the law of knowledge. Light must be a law. In the light you will know how to think. Then you need the law of love. Only in its warmth you can feel. There, where there is warmth, feelings normally develop and may have fruits. Where there is light in the world of thought, there are fruits. Where there is heat in the soul, there is fruit. You have finally the law of truth, which means the physical world, the freedom. We seek freedom. This is a way to realize things. Just then in the state in which you are, the truth is that law that can realize things. Truth and hope are linked together. Faith and wisdom are still connected. And what love is connected with? Love is connected with the spirit. Man, who has love has a spirit in him. Love that does not bring man to the spirit, it is a static love. Love that leads him to that original source is love. By "love" we mean that area from which all things arise. This is God. All the possibilities for achievements, they are love - God. There everything is accomplished. Without this area, things remain unachieved.


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