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Truth, Wisdom and Love


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Truth, Wisdom and Love


All good crystals, all gems, all diamonds have all become under the power of light and heat. All animals have become under the power of light and heat. And we, the people have also become under the power of light and heat. Therefore under that law our souls have formed under the influence of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth. These are 3 great spirits who work for the creation of man. They call man the beloved Son of God. In these great spirits there is an unusual beauty, great beauty! The first major law implies the application of the truth. The kingdom of God does not tolerate any cheating of any kind. The second fundamental law is the application of wisdom and knowledge. Sensible world requires all people to learn with perseverance and love. The third fundamental law is love that gives birth to life. One of the qualities of life is joy. Who lives has to be happy.


We live in the era of dawn. Abundance of light will come, it will make things clearer. And life cannot be understood until things are not clear. The fruits ripen in light and heat. If there has been no light and heat of the Earth, there would be no life. The same law applies to human consciousness. Man has to bear in order the fruits of the spirit to show. Virtues - these are the fruits of the spirit. In this case love plays the role of the heat, wisdom – the role of the light that makes things grow. The truth occupies a middle position between love and wisdom.


As the sky is blurred now and man is in force to darken his life. How can man spoil his life? He can spoil his life by negative thoughts and feelings. Today he lets a negative thought in his mind and a negative feeling in his heart, tomorrow he lets another negative thought and a negative feeling and does not notice how his horizons gradually become cloudy and darken.


What does such a man resemble? He resembles a traveler who goes on a dusty road, stamping his feet, taking dust, making noise and nothing more. Today there is a blur with subject teaching. Between the upper and the lower layers of fog there is an intensive war. They allow an individual matter. The lower layers want to take up but the higher do not allow them to take up. If the lower succeed to put forth above, the sky will become clear. Based on the same law and in man becomes such an inner struggle, due to series of contradictory thoughts and feelings that occur in the mind and heart. In this struggle, man is the main factor that reconciles, convinces advises, until at last the fight is over. Then man wants to know love, wisdom, truth. But he should know that these things are not for him. He can be interested in their manifestations, but not in themselves alone.


Anyone comes to me and says: "Tell me, what wisdom is?" "Here, take this book with formulas and study it." "I do not understand it. You tell me something about wisdom. '"Look at this lake, this river, this sea! In them lies great wisdom. "'And them I do not understand." Look, Explore, learn! One day you will understand what love is, what - and what wisdom is- and what the truth is.


We want the world to be fine. How would the world be fixed if we do crimes in us? The outside world is an echo of what is happening within us.


This now you do not know, you think that if man gets a little angry, there is nothing. When he is a little angry, there are a few killed; when he is much angry, there are many killed. The war is either small or large.


First of all, why should man get angry? Why is he thinking? He is thinking to grow his head first. Thought is that has liberated man from the animal state, the religious feeling has made man free from the bondage of the material world, and even what has given consistency to him to be stable in human ideas, it is worldly feelings – to love society, to love his home, to love his country. These feelings make him sustainable.


Good is manifested in 3-way. God in 3 ways makes people free: according to the law of love for life, according to the law of wisdom and according to the law of truth. Once you respect the truth, the truth sets you free. Once you respect the wisdom, the wisdom makes you free. Once you respect love, love sets you free. Once you disregard love, you are closed; when you do not respect the wisdom, you are closed. If you do not respect the Divine laws of these great virtues upon which the universe is built, what can become out of you? You say: "What is love?" Without love life in the world can not be proved. All modern people suffer, because life is short.


Head of man in the Divine world is love. Head of man in the spiritual world is wisdom. Head of man in the physical world is the truth. So the Scripture says: "Head of Your Word is truth." Three heads has man, which head to study? You will mix them; these heads exist at the same time. With the head of truth you collect facts on the Earth. With the head of knowledge you handle these facts; in the spiritual world you learn the laws. With the third head of love, you learn the principles, you understand the internal things.


Each Divine Thought must be accepted, every thought that is not Divine, you should lay aside. Only under this law you will strengthen, you will be healthy, strong and you will create harmony between each other. Otherwise, without this law you cannot achieve anything. Only love is able to make man perfect. Love gives life. Therefore, who gains life he has already been born in more than love. Then the wisdom comes to complement man’s life, to give him direction. Wisdom incorporates in itself the elements of knowledge and light, here already the wisdom stops and the truth starts acting that brings freedom. When he sets the ideal for knowledge of God, man becomes free.


Love has a scent. I have seen people of love that smell nice. And men of wisdom have fragrance, but the people of truth have the best scent. When you see such a man, you are well disposed to him, you have trust in him. You are ready to put everything in his hands. In this man of light you have trust, you know that he will never lie to you.


They say: "What is love, what is wisdom, what is truth?" If you are not ready to a man to give the same freedom that you want for yourself, you do not know the truth. If you are not ready to a man to give the same love, just as you want for yourself, you do not know love. If you are not ready to give the same knowledge to others, just as you want it for yourself, you do not understand knowledge.


I want knowledge with which to exercise influence over myself, to face my life. Not to exercise influence on people - it is not a solution. I want knowledge with which to put myself in harmony with the Divine laws. I want love only for myself with which to face my life and to be consistent with the Divine life. I want freedom, not to give it to other people, but with this freedom as I face myself, all the results in me to be for the good of the others, they to benefit from it. It is the Divine source.


The main question is sitting in the law: use love for the development of your heart, use wisdom to develop your mind, use the truth for the development of your body, your strength. This is what distinguishes the new teaching. Those who are able to operate with these three great powers in the world, they are already on the right path, life for them makes sense. Of course, this is a theory that you should check, but you do not have an experience on which to stand, to be ready. You say: "We do not know whether it is true or not." For nature it is true. For me 101% it is true. And hardly one of 101% is not true. It is not easy to convince someone of the truth. The hardest thing in the world is to believe in the truth. Love is easier to believe and wisdom is to be believed, but the truth is the hardest to believe. When man learns to trust the truth, he has overcome all the difficulties in the world.


The basis of all diseases is sitting in violation of the law of love. The law of all diseases of the nervous system is due to the violation of the law of knowledge, of wisdom. The law of physical illnesses is due to violation of the law of truth. Once you break the truth known our bodies will begin to suffer. Once you break the law of wisdom known our bodies will begin to suffer. Once you break the love, then the whole body from the head to the toes, will find in an area of great controversy.


You have 1 - a measure of what you have and then the number 2 - 3. A beautiful number is 123. A Divine number, which becomes the basis of every home, it has harmony inside. If you remove the 2 and just 3 remains immediately this number becomes dangerous: 13. Now you have a harmonious blend. This unit itself is active, it contains all the acids. For number 2 you say it is bad, but this number is that can tame the unit. It calms its energy, puts it to work. Number 3 harmonizes. In this combination there is Divine order.


Divine Love has intervened inside. The three virtues have intervened. The unit is the love, the couple has the wisdom and the trio is the truth. It is the most beautiful combination. To understand it, you need to enter the Divine world. Once you come down to the physical plane, in the range of people, these numbers are already producing the greatest suffering. This number forms home: the unit is the father, the 2 is the mother and the 3 is the son. One day the son gets ill, the mother is worried, the father is worried. The son dies and the misery comes home, life becomes pointless - the 3 is missing. In a world in which the son dies and leaves the father and the mother, they have no purpose in life. Or in a world where the father and the mother die, the son is left, life becomes meaningless again.


Man sees the good in the other only when he loves him. It depends on the harmony that exists between two people. If between two people there is only one point of contact, inconsistency will appear, if there are two points of contact disagreement will appear, if there are three points of contact reasonable harmony will appear. Therefore intelligent life is based on three points of contact.


Based on that law, when a family is without children, they have only two points of contact with each other, so they form a straight line. When there is a child is triangle formed. The son is the truth, he is the peak in the triangle. The father and the mother see in their child's brain the truth and begin to understand the meaning of life. It is said that we are children of God, created in His image and likeness. So, sometimes, in the creation of the universe, we have been the ideal of God. He has wanted to create us, so he has created and all the planets, all the suns. God has created everything in the universe for the intelligent beings, for his reasonable children. So, I ask: if between two human ideas is not born the truth, where is the man of the truth? The truth must live in every man, so when you see him, you should say: "Here is the man of complete freedom!" How will you know the man of the truth, who serves the great God's law? If this man meets a stranger who has no one anywhere, he will immediately recognize him, he will read in his eyes that no one has accepted him. The man of truth will be the last to meet him and help him. These people represent the good, the credit in the world. If all people live wisely and serve the great God's law, they will create their future happiness. Only through God's Love, Wisdom and Truth modern people can turn any simple stone, all coals into diamonds and precious stones, of which they will build their future life.


Do not think that there is a difference in the understanding of love. And you know love the way I understand it. I understand it as you see it. Some say: "Dress us with love." There is nothing for to dress with love. Love teaches people. When you come in love, you will see that it is real. But it alone remains incomprehensible. Love without knowledge is not love. Love without truth is not love. Wisdom without love is not wisdom. Wisdom without truth is not wisdom. The same law applies to the truth. If truth does not contain love and knowledge, it is not truth. Truth must contain in itself wisdom and love. Therefore, truth is what contains knowledge and love in itself. Once it contains everything in itself, that truth is useful not only for one man, but for all people, for all nations, for all the mankind. Thus all the people should grasp the truth.


What brings the smallest light in the human mind, it is first fruits of love. What brings the most, it is wisdom; it brings the most light. The situation is such that it falls normally, so it is giving a lot. Love walks in a straight line, wisdom goes as normal. Its strikes are strong, so it is called ruthless. Not that it is merciless, but its nature is such. Love and truth go in a straight line, they are two poles. Love and truth are two sides. If man wants to understand love, he should have on the opposite pole the truth. Sometimes you want to know love by wisdom, the law is now different. Angles of 90 degrees are formed. Between love and truth you can draw only one straight line. Between two beings it can be drawn a straight line. Two beings can love only when one is on the pole of love, the other one is on the pole of truth. Only in this way can be formed some kind of relationship between them.


These are some considerations. If these reflections become alive in your mind, you will have a clear idea of how to work. You say: "How to love him?" You cannot love a man if he is not on the pole of truth. If he is the pole of the truth, he may have confidence in you. If you are on the pole of love and if you want someone to have full confidence in you, surely he must be on the pole of the truth, and you at the pole of love. Otherwise no one can have confidence. This law is correct. If you are in the law of love, all will have faith in you. If you are on the pole of the truth, everyone will love you. The only thing that can be loved, it is the truth. The only thing that can love the truth, it is love. There is nothing else with which you can love the truth. You cannot have any idea of the truth, if you do not love. You will have an idea of the truth only if you love it.


Many people ask me whether Christ would deliver them. Christ has redeemed all those who have accepted the law of love, the law of wisdom and the law of the truth. Christ has redeemed all those who have ceased to lie. But for those who are not yet in the three roads that have not ceased to lie, there is no salvation. None of these people will rise again. This is absolutely true. Someone will ask me if I speak true. I will ask him: "Do you understand true?" If you understand the laws of God, no one will torment you, you will not be sick, you will not be poor, but you will be a true citizen of the Kingdom of God, you will be free everywhere. "But what should I do with the conditions?" Conditions will obey you, you will be the master.


Without discord, with love! Settle all discords within yourself and remember one thing: without love there is no life, without wisdom there is no happiness, without truth there is no freedom. Love, you must look for it, because it will make life in its totality. Everything that is alive in the world, respect and honor. Everything that gives light and knowledge in you, respect it and honor it. All that which gives you freedom in your life, respect it and honor it. This is the great law that operates within all people.


The Sun shines for the intelligent, the wind blows for the living and the water flows to the industrious.


He who has created the Heavens and the Earth should live in you. Listen to His voice and your future He will define. You will have knowledge. You will check things out. I do not want you to believe. You will check. You might be sick, you will recover. You may be ignorant, you will become a scientist. You may be a bad servant, you will become good. Everything will change. When one day you find yourself in the position of an angel who knows the laws, then you will be free.


Then you say: "There is the One, who has created the Heaven and the Earth, to whom I will serve." Because there are three things that last forever: love that brings life, wisdom that brings knowledge and truth that brings eternal freedom of the human soul.

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