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Faith, Hope and Love


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Faith, Hope and Love


You cannot love someone if you do not trust him, you cannot trust him if you do not love him. Therefore, when you cease to trust someone and your love for him ceases. Conversely: as someone falls out of love, and your faith to him ceases. "I have love, but I have no faith." No, you do not understand the law; love, faith and hope are 3 forms that always go together. Losing one form, with it you will lose the other two.


The Scripture says: "Without faith no one can work." Without faith, without love and without hope you cannot work. If we have no faith, hope and love, we cannot work with God! And the law is the same: with hope, with faith and love man is going to work with his father. With them you will work with your mother and with your brother will work, and with your friend. This, in whom you hope and whom you trust and who you love, surely can help you.


You say: "We must have faith." But faith is a law of equilibrium of the human mind. If you have no faith, you will not be able to balance your mind. Then you have to have hope. Hope is the law of the human heart. If you do not have hope, you will not be able to support your feelings. If you do not love, you cannot support your mind, you can not think. In the world, as people remain without love, everything darkens.


Hope is the law to keep your body. The hope is that great law that gives value to all material, static things. Faith is a law that assesses heart. The power is there. So you need to develop your faith. Therefore, the power, the contents of your life come from your faith. Why you need to increase your faith? You need to increase your faith in order to increase the strength. If you do not increase your faith, you cannot be strong. You will not be able to manifest in your life, as you want. Life to occur, there must be strength. Besides this strength, it is reasonable to use, you must have love. What for is love? It is to comprehend life. Love gives meaning, faith strengthens; hope stabilizes things.


Here is the law: if hope is strong in you, God, who has created the material world, has confidence in you, you have an open door. All material resources are at your disposal, when the mind is strong. By "strong mind" I mean a man who has those 3 virtues - love, wisdom and truth. When love, wisdom and truth are combined in their entirety, then hope is the guarantee of the material world. Once in you hope is strong, then all the material goods are at your disposal. If you are not given material goods, the reason is that your hope is weak. For me it is very natural. A grandfather has come, how will I give him a whole sack? I will give him a kilo. "Why is it so little?" It is because he can hardly carry a kilo.


By the word "hope" I mean a strong man to whom nature can provide a lot of material goods. Once his faith is strong, he has at his disposal the benefits of the spiritual world. Once love is strong, he has at his disposal the Divine world.


I say: do not be discouraged! Enters your mind a negative thought and you say: "I am not a gifted man, nothing will come out of me." Put a comma after the particle "no" and say: "No, I am gifted." Particle "no" is a river with both its banks. You cannot cross from the one shore to the other, if you do not put a bridge between them. The letter "N" indicates that you should put a bridge over the river and go to the other shore, where awaits you the letter "O". This letter shows how to solve the problem. It is a law of harmony. For the one, who does not understand this law, "no" is a negative particle. For the one, who understands "no" is a positive particle. The letter "N" says: "Do you think I can not do this thing?" With this letter begin some of the nicest words. For example, "hope." (a play of words, in Bulgarian hope starts with ‘N’)That word is law for people who live on the Earth. Faith is the law of the angels. It is connected to the spiritual world. Love is the law of the gods. It is related to the Divine world. Faith is the law for the mind, hope is the law for the heart, and love – is the law for the soul.


You will apply hope to the small works, but faith – to the big affairs, ie, to infinite. You are wrong, because you mix up things: through hope you to do the work of love, and those of faith. This is impossible. Hope is for just one day: from the rising of the Sun to its setting; faith is for a longer time, and love – is for eternity.


You are now tortured by the thought of poverty, that you have no money. My question is: Is this a reasonable thought? Imagine a child who has a father and a mother who love him. Does the child have to worry that he will die fasting? Now you say: "what is going to happen to us?” I am not talking about long-term faith. Long-term faith is a static faith.


Faith is ever tried at a time. It is tried in times of difficulties, not when you are wealthy, when you are healthy. This is knowledge. Faith is tried at major contradictions in life. The one who is dying, who loses his life and believes that his life will return to him, that is faith.


The force that can bring back what you have lost, it is faith. You cannot have faith until you reach the end limit of your faith. Uttermost of your faith is love. Anyone who has not reached the end limit of faith, he has a little faith.


You, when you go in love, in it has been implemented the longing for faith. It is because faith is the law of life. The outside is faith and love is the inner side of life. This is the Divine by which faith is realized.


In present people it is very difficult to meet faith. Beliefs you can meet as many as you want. Faith is different from belief in that of 10,000 beliefs only one happens. And in the faith of 10,000 only one does not happen. These are my statistics. You say: "this work does not go." Walk in the law of belief. Walk in faith. In faith one in 10 000 will not work. It is like a cure. There should be an exception. Therefore what does not happen, it is the starting point: because of what is not happening, you will go to the law of love, where everything happens. Proportion of Hope is in the 10,000 two do not happen.


There, where everything happens, it is love - if you want to statistically determine what love is - in 10,000 all is done. What is faith? Of 10,000 one does not happen. What is hope? Of 10,000 two do not happen. What is hatred? Of 10,000 nine hundred ninety-nine do not happen.


Believe this is a specific situation, but to live in it sits the essence of life. Therefore, subject to certain difficulties faith is the only impulse of thought to go forward, to know that you will achieve what you want. But faith cannot be set as the basis of life. By faith not all things can be achieved. Once you apply faith in your life, it must couple you with God. Once you are connected with God, it ceases to be faith. In other words, faith is a movement towards the Primary Cause. Once you are in contact with the Primary Cause, faith ceases to act.


While you have not yet received money from your friend, you believe that he will give them. Once you get the money from your friend, is there a need to believe? Faith makes sense for a man until it touches his consciousness – when it touches his consciousness, it already stops, and love begins to act. Who does not understand this law, he thinks he can solve all questions only through faith.


No, where faith stops, there love begins.


Hope makes alive, faith raises and love unites. Hope is related to the heart, the feelings; the physical life. If you need hope, say: "God, put me in hope!" Hope is not given, but it is dressed. It is a garment with which people dress.


It is said that faith resurrects from the dead. It is related to the human mind. Therefore resurrection implies acquisition of light. When you need a faith, you will say: "God, fill me with faith!" Faith is not given, it fills people. When you need love, you say: "God, unite me with love!" So, life is acquired by the hope, the resurrection - through faith and connection - through love. Bulgarians say: "Unity makes strength". Something is missing here. It is correct to say: "Love makes the unity, and the unity makes strength." If Bulgarians want their works to go well, they have to serve with the whole expression, not just with the last part - "Unity makes strength". To be strong as a people, as believers, we must be united in love.


This unity will make us stronger.


By going to some fruit, it can tell you: "I am not mature, I am still cute. I need 2-3 months to mature. "By the word "three" I understand to unite in one love, faith and hope to work together. This is the law of the three. And nine is when you connect the physical, spiritual and the Divine life in one. Three times three makes nine. On three places three – it makes nine. So, the Divine should be applied on the physical plane, in the spiritual world and in the Divine world. This is a big job that will teach you how to manifest the Divine.


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