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Without love nothing is achieved. This is a great, basic law. Love is organizing things.


God is therefore without which one cannot do. Life that works in us, that life which pulsates, it is God in us. Life is therefore in the reasonable. This life that flows out, it is God in us, who works in every soul. If you go down this road, well - whatever you want it will happen. But if you do not go, nothing will happen. You obey this law of life, this impulse, this deed, this love, go after it. Then let all the great people be like a rear in the world, all to help you. Do not ask it right or not. As you do it you will see if it is right or not. Everything in the world that is born without love will cause harm. Every thought that is born without love will cause suffering. Every word, every deed; every action; whatever you do without love in the future will bring hell. Hell is not anything but a world without love. All the bad thoughts, all the bad feelings and all the bad deeds of all mankind have created hell. All good thoughts, all the good feelings and all the good deeds of all humanity have created paradise. This is my creed. You can believe or not believe that, you are free. I believe. I create heaven, hell I create for myself. I create my paradise and my hell. You create your hell and your paradise. You might say that God has created heaven. God has created his paradise. He has his own paradise.


On three divine things man builds his life: on the light of his mind, on the warmth of his heart and the strength of his soul. A man has come to the Earth to proclaim the good that brings. If he is good, smart and strong, he will have friends; if he is not good, smart and strong, he will not have any friends. In friendship becomes a real exchange between souls. If you eat fruit that you love, between you and the fruit becomes proper metabolism. Love of a fetus is able to improve its quality. If you eat one fruit for a few years with love, you will see that the tree is improved. If a stupid man eats from the same fruit for several years without love, the condition of the tree is deteriorating. It is the law. Good and smart gardeners make good fruits. Greedy gardeners spoil the fruit trees in their gardens. In the trees appear different animals that eat the fruits.


In the kiss you can acquire, but you have to know how. Law is in nature. All things are real. If you take a sand grain and sow it, it will be a kiss that nothing will help. But if you sow the seed corn or wheat grain or seed malic and if you know where to plant it, at what depth, after one or more years this planting, the kiss will come across. Suppose that a man, who suffers from consumption, is dying. You go and kiss him, and he is healed. A prince's daughter is dying and when you kiss her, her health returns, do you think that she will forget that kiss? I say: kisses in the world are bearers of God's blessings. By kissing the Divine manifests. Which one of you is not going to kiss the tap? Who of you is not kissing apples? Who of you is not kissing pears? Who of you does not kiss all the things that are nice? You say: "I have not kissed anybody." It is the first lie. Kiss, kiss and how you kiss! Thus purified, the kiss makes already sense. A hug, a kiss, it is the Divine actions that give impulse to evolve our soul. If the Sun has not wanted to kiss us, if the wind has not wanted to hug us, if the air would not come in, what would be our situation? This food that comes into us, sacrifices for us, starts kissing us, hugs us. Digestion is the love of the food. Scientists say: "food is well digested." Food hugs and kisses the stomach. This food that comes in it, loves it. That food that comes out does not love it. I say: do not eat food that does not love you. If it does not kiss you, it will bite you.


Based on the law of similar, which states that like attracts the like, everyone will benefit from this life, who responds to him, that is which attracted by him. Man can attract to himself only the subject he loves. You cannot grow flowers, unless you love them. Flowers have their own language, which understand only those, who love them.


Old Bulgarians have known this law and they have applied it. They have worked the fields with love, they have planted corn and they have raised it with love, so they have enjoyed fertility.


Any nation in the world that does not serve love has no future. Whatever it is no distinction. Any man, who has been born and does not serve love, has no future. Any girl, who marries without love, has no future. A child, who is born without love, has no future. A servant, who serves without love, has no future. A scholar, who teaches without love, has no future. Anywhere in any direction, anything that does not love has no future. This law is inexorable, tried out since centuries. What the new is: you learn - learn with love, you play - play with love, you sing - sing with love, you cook - cook with love, you sleep - sleep with love, you dress - dress with love. Whatever you do, do it with love.


Remember, the following law is true: in the future with you will stay only what you love and what loved you. All that has come to you without love it would go like a current of water. In you just this water can stay that you love and that loves you. And other water goes to help those it loves and who love it.


They say that in that world all dead were lined, quiet, nothing to talk about. Sent from here is sitting in front of them, they just watch it. Before maybe 10-15 years in America have received a letter from the other world. Someone has written to his father: everything, he says, we have, but cannot be eaten. Whatever you think of it is there. He says that the tables are stacked with everything. "It is what we want. But if we say to get closer to the table and the table moves. Whatever we approach to, everything goes away. "Do you think that everything in this world can be eaten? You pass sometimes, eating is sitting out, but you have no money in your pocket. You watch it – you do not eat it. In that world you cannot eat if you have no money. And there need money. In that world, you cannot take something from the chef who has cooked it, if you do not love him. He gives nothing. Once you love him, the table does not move. If you do not love him, the mass is moving, running away from you. In this world, is not it so? A girl who does not love the young man is running away from him. As she loves him, she talks to him. Once the boy loves the girl, and she stands. If he does not love her, he runs. The law is the same.


Man walking on the path of love, is delivered from all evils - a way of deliverance it is. You cross the border from one country to another. When you chase someone in one country and he passes to another, he is released. If you are out of love, the law catches you. In love, the law does not catch you. The law chases you to love. You walk in love, they say: "Leave him!" If you go out of love, the law holds you, it says: "pay". I say: it is a practical application. This idea should remain in your mind.


This life you must leave, you must go out of this life. This life must become the law of small reasons. If you are going to learn with love, you will get the Divine knowledge. If you are going to learn without love, you will still get knowledge, but this knowledge will bring trouble - you will understand life and you will begin to suffer more. If you are going to learn music with love, you will learn a lot and will get a blessing. If you are going to learn without love, you can get music, but this music will cause you suffering.


The law of love is associated with obedience. The same law, however, gives a true knowledge to man. Who has no love in himself, he cannot learn, he cannot acquire knowledge. Real knowledge can be acquired only through love. That all people should know. Who loses his love, he loses his knowledge. Once he loses and his knowledge, he will lose the meaning of life. Man does not have to stop on knowledge, to search it but should seek the First Cause in which all actions are continuous.


You have all been students, right? You have been asked some hard tasks that you cannot solve all of a sudden. You sit, you decide, but you cannot come to any result. You work for an hour or two and at a time a light shines in your mind. Then immediately you solve the problem. Once you have light the issues are easily solved. This happens not only in mathematics but also in all subjects. You have tried this and in the natural sciences, and in languages. There is one law - the law of love. According to this law, if you love what you study, you will immediately have the result.


Any presence, devoid of love, does not bring any benefit; every thought, devoid of love, has no force; every feeling, devoid of love, has no content; every act, devoid of love, can not be realized. Love is the greatest law in order to achieve what we have come to the Earth.


The laws of the Divine world absolutely do not allow a woman to marry a man she does not love. The laws of the Divine world do not allow and a man to marry a woman he does not love. These laws do not allow the mother to give birth to a child that is not loved before conception. And the child is not allowed to be born, if he does not love his mother before his coming to the Earth.


Note: children can be born with love and without love. Jews say: "We are born in fornication." A doctrine of Christ says: "Every child that is born out of love, it is illegitimate" - no exceptions! Every desire, every thought, every action that is not made by that Divine Love, there is no sanction in the Divine life. So sits the law. We can read the Word of God for thousands of years, for thousands of years we can discuss on things, but love is out of time and space. And the moral life is not in the physical, it is outside. In the physical world there is no morality. Morality can only exist between rational beings, it is just about attitude. This is morality in this wider sense. And life has a double meaning within itself. It is in matter, and outside matter. Life in the matter we call "material", and life outside the matter we call "spiritual." Therefore, if you are inside the matter, you cannot have morality.


The greatest in the world is: man is happy with the little thoughts that help him. Sometimes you can say so: "Why I am not gifted?" You are gifted, but a teacher should come to inspire something. In a grain of wheat there are opportunities to create something, but it is necessary the Sun to come, the light; the heat, to give an impulse. So, all those brilliant people in the world, they have adopted a stimulus from the outside, that has developed their talents. The first stirrings give the mother and father. The strongest incentive for any gift is giving the mother and the father. Secondly comes the teacher, the third is the external society. These are the factors.


So, let me now tell you who your mother is. Any person who has knowledge, who understands the law and can help you; he is the father of you. The father must pay a certain power in man, the mother to give direction to those energies. So you will understand your mother and father. You will find your father; you do not know your father. That may be your mother, who can develop your talents and make you happy in the world. A father is the one who can inspire you, who can raise you. Anyone, who limits you, is neither father nor mother. So I see the mother and father. Whether a teacher, I apply the same law. Is a master - the same law, if a servant – tit is still he same law. Everywhere acts this law. The servant, if he loves you, he will serve you. If his master loves his servant, he is a good master. If the teacher loves his students, he is a good teacher. And if a student loves his teacher, he learns and is a good student. Always there where there is love, there is already a base.


Remember one thing: all the gifts and achievements in the world are running only according to one law - the law of love. Love is that brings all the gifts. If you have love, all the achievements you can have gradually. But if you do not have love, achievements you cannot have in any direction. An order of generations must go by the law of love, to have some achievements. You cannot acquire strength, if you do not have love. You cannot become musical, outside, if you do not have love. You cannot become beautiful, rich or to have achievements in any other way, if you do not have love. If you do not walk in the law of love, outer achievements you cannot have. If you have achievements, it means that an order of generations, your ancestors have walked this path. But if you break love and the gifts, as have come, in the same path will disappear. You say: "We need to pray to God." It is not about praying to God only. In the new concept we all have to take the road of love as a science. You will use a religious method, a spiritual method, a moral method you can use, thousands of methods. Thousands methods are allowed, but in all these methods you have to walk in the path of love, to have achievements.


You are free when everything is subordinated to the Divine. Obedience without love, it is slavery. Obedience with love, this is freedom. This should be known. If the man, to whom you serve, does not love you, you are not free. If he loves you and you serve him, he releases you. If you serve him without love and he is not free. If he accepts your service, you are free. If you do someone a service without love, he is not free, you enslave him. To be free, I have to do things with love and you should take them with love. If you take them with love, I am free. If I make them with love, you are free. These maxims you should keep them. Out of these laws there are no other. If you do things with love, you free the others, if they do it for you with love, they release you. Simultaneously, we all must be free. Love must come in two ways.


Anything you do with love. Love is twofold: the one love gives; the other takes. You have to study both laws to be perfect in perception and perfect in giving. Then will be formed this internal peace. The one, who loves you, and you will love him. This law has no exception. If someone does not love you, it shows that under these conditions you are not for each other. Do not push your works. If the one you love does not come, prefer to be alone than to force yourself. Another can come, but then you will have great difficulties and hardships and you will regret for your actions. This law you can apply in respect to any material object. Do not force the order of things.


Some might say: "I do not want to love him." This is nonsense, these are your delusions. To love is God's work. You will obey God's law. You say: "I am free to love." Love brings freedom. Freedom comes out of love. When love comes, then freedom comes. Love brings and knowledge. You say: "I know this business." You without love can not know anything. If you would have love, you would not have been old; your heads would not have been white. And you would not have wrinkles, malaise, etc. If you have had love, you would not have the diseases.


Remember: each fruit eaten without love, each hat worn without love, every shoe, every coat worn without love lead to misery. Conversely: every hat, every coat, worn with love lead to happiness; each apple eaten with love, every man accepted with love, bring happiness. It is the law.


Trust only those things that are given with love. Only they have the power. Anything given without love, it has no power in itself. If it has no power, it cannot be trusted. This is a law that everyone can try. Give the man a quarter or half a loaf of bread with love or two bread without love and see in which case he will be better fed.


In Egypt there are mummies, on which they are uttered incantations and everyone who has taken these mummies, misfortune has befallen him. On each fruit there can be spell. Do not eat what does not have God's blessing! I want to tell you the law: do not eat in what there is no love! Do not eat what does not have thought, do not eat what has no good! Why does the world suffer? Let us say that someone wants to share his thoughts with you. No man can share his thoughts with you, if you do not have love for him. You either should not share your thoughts with another man, who does not love you. He can humiliate you. He can say: "How stupid!" Everyone who entrusts you his thoughts and his feelings, you should appreciate him. He is like a gem. Someone will say: "These works are stupid." There is nothing foolish in the world. We need to know. To understand things we need to appreciate them. All things that in themselves have the Divine Love, the Divine Wisdom and that goodness, they bring a blessing.


The impossible in one respect is possible in another. This is the law that I bring. Sometimes you say: "This thing is impossible." It is impossible under certain conditions, but it is possible under other conditions. It is impossible a man that you hate to give you money. Maybe when you hate him to give you money, but you need to go with a gun and say: "I will kill you!" He will bring, will give you, but if he is loose, you can never force him with hatred to give you money. If you like him, he will give you money; if you hate him, he does not give you money. Now what is the law of love? The law of love is the law that achieves all the desires of a rational being. We have thousands of desires in the world. Love is a correct way in which everything is achieved. Why should we love? To achieve what we want. Now is thought clear? Scientifically it is not proven, it is alleged; it is given. So if you hate, hatred stumbles your progress. You are making an attempt, second, third, fourth, fifth and a row of controversy is imported into your feelings, contradictions - in your mind, controversy - in your deeds. You say: "What should I do?" Replace hatred with love and your works will be settled.


You do not understand even the great law that love bears and violence gives birth to violence. There is no other law, no other system, except love that can fix your life. You can apply it practically, but to properly apply it. Someone says: "To give away our possessions." No, brother, if you give away your possessions without love, do not give it away, because in my soul will appear the same principles, the same feeling as in your soul and I will become your biggest enemy. If you give your money with love and you forget that you have given that money, you win a good friend. That is the law. This is an issue that you can check.


The task of man is to determine his relationship to love. Who has achieved that he knows what he can want from it and how grateful to be for everything it gives him. Here, exactly, the law is applied: whatever he wants, man can achieve it. Without love nothing is achieved, with love everything is achieved. The question is only the time. Man must strongly want something to achieve it. If he does not achieve it all at once, he will wait. Someone requires from nature to immediately realize his wishes and if he is not satisfied, he gets angry. Anger is the result of human pride. Can the child be angry with his mother? Nature is the mother of man. Seeing that he gets angry, it puts him to sleep. Once he wakes up, it feeds him; it caresses him and gets him to sleep again. Do not think that you will achieve something with anger. Not only that you will achieve nothing, but you will even harm yourself. Therefore, if it comes to nature, your mother, you should be sensible, you should know how to want and what to want.


I say: we should wish to know God, that every moment is revealed. In us should be awaken awe to Him as our Father and to do everything for Him with joy and gladness. Whether we will work with money or without money, it is not important: if we serve with love, money does not denigrate. It is important to us to do everything with joy and gladness. Someone says: "How much to eat?" If you eat without love and a bit, and plenty to eat this meal is taken away of place, it is not blessed. That is the law.


Then the law says so: you cannot fulfill God's Will without love. Once you fulfill the will of God without love, there is already violence. To fulfill God's Will without violence, you must have love in freedom. We put love as a free process for human thought, a free process for human feelings and a free process for human actions. It is love. What gives freedom to feelings, what gives freedom of actions, what gives freedom to think, this is love. It is a power that frees man of the contradictions appearing in life as a necessity.


Now I will bring you to that Divine law: all the people should be perfect. Perfection man can acquire only in love. We live in love and we should take all that God has created, and we should not have two opinions about life. We now ignore God's Love because of someone. Take one daughter – she thinks that with her beloved one she will be happy to leave her father's house. She goes with a stranger, who tells her that he is her lover. He can be. How to know a man if he is loved or not? There are two ways you can know him: if he can simultaneously become a servant to you and become a master to you, he is your lover; and at the same time, if you can become his servant and if you can become his master, you are for each other. But if he can not become your servant and master, and if you can not be his servant and master, you are not for each other.


Now tell me: "How to understand?" In the dark night, when it is 25 degrees cold outside, you are not going to dig in the field. When you have no money in the pocket, you are not going to eat in the inn. When you have money in your pocket, nice clothes you will not put on your back. When you have money in your pocket, in excellent apartments you are not going to live. So when the day is bright, go to work. When the day is warm, go to work. When you have all the favorable conditions, go to work. Or put in the new understanding: do any work with love, with love and with love of God and for God, from yourself and for yourself, from the neighbor and for the neighbor.


To succeed you have to love the truth. If you do not love it, lies will inevitably come. If a woman does not love a man, she will commit a crime; if the man does not love a woman, and he will make a crime. It is the law. You should love somebody. The least thing it is, you should love. It may be a fly, a beetle, a flower, a bird, an animal or a man, but you have to love. If you can love everyone even the better. Start with the love of truth. By going from this love, you will create a measure that will measure everything.


You have come to the Earth for a job. What you have promised above, do it! What you have come for, do it and what you must become, accomplish it! You need to become much more than what you want. You want very little. I wish that you are not satisfied with less. In nature, there is one law, one rule: all or nothing! You say: "small is preferable to the big." The small in which there is love, is preferable to the big, in which there is no love. Poverty in love is better than riches without love. But wealth with love is better than poverty, in which love is not present. It contains more wealth than all the biggest wealth that is in the world. It is not poverty. And what is the word "wealth"? It is these opportunities that the rich can use. If you have the opportunity to do something, you are a rich man. And finally, the whole world has been created for those, who walk in God's path. These are the future benefits that await us. You are not here to suffer, no! You have come to learn. Then one day they will put you on Venus, on he Sun or on any other place of service. One day, when they put to service, will know. Until then, it is dressage.


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