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Prayer is a Divine Law that exists in all of being. And when eating and when working man should pray. If his work does not go well, let him sing. The song opens up the path to the bright and the sublime world.


The law of prayer is the same as the law of eating. When deprived of food, man can feel some lack. When the soul is deprived of prayer it also feels some lack. Prayer is an inner need of the soul.


Prayer is continuous process. Prayer, which is interrupted, it is not true. You will pray and when you sleep and when you are waking up, you will pray and when you work, and when you rest. Your whole life should be a prayer. It is the law of love.


Prayer is a method. When you cannot resolve an issue, you should pray, you should pray but you should not just wait on it. Prayer is a statement of the case. If you meditate so, if you think that when praying you can do all, you are on the wrong path. Prayer is for convenience. Prayer is not to lose your life that you have in your body. Prayer is not to lose the sense that is in your heart, to lose the thought that you have in your mind. It is support. It will do an excellent job.


Once the prayer has kept the life that is in the body, once the prayer is kept the feeling that is in the heart, once the prayer has kept the thought that in the mind; then it is the power of God. Then we can achieve what we want.


Often you exaggerate your sufferings. You lose sometimes your disposition to pray. If you are not standing in yourself, you cannot pray. If you have the slightest ill will, the slightest bad thought, they would stop this current and you just cannot give your prayers to the invisible world. Then you have a condition that I can explain with the law of electricity: at the least mistake there is no contact and the light cannot leak. Taking away this malfunction from the installation the light immediately flows. Put away from your mind those thoughts, those feelings; those actions that hinder this relationship.


There is a situation in life: when breaking a Divine law, you pray and you feel that God cannot hear you. Before you have made this sin, when you go to someone sick, you pray, and he is healed and he starts walking. But when you do this transgression, it may be very small, microscopic, the patient does not move. And you look at yourself what is the reason, you apologize. You say: "I am not very wrong," "I have had not a bad intention," "It is a small sin." But the fact is that you have no strength.


As long as you are worried by your own thoughts, you are not a healthy man. As long as you are worried by your own feelings, you are not a healthy man. As long as you are worried by your own actions, you are not a healthy man. You say: "The conditions are such." You will bring to calm yourself, you will find this peace. You will turn to God, you will pray, you will pray, until the peace comes.


Now to you this process seems to be difficult, because you think that great efforts are required. You say: "Very long should man be praying." Long time implies an inner intensity. Man wishes all this with all humility of his soul. Because pride in man comes when he thinks that he does not anyone. It is a delusion. He says: "I do not need anybody." He needs his father, his mother, his brothers and his sisters. His mother has born him after carrying him for nine months – he has had no need. His father has been feeding him – he has had no need. Everything in the world works for us. He says: "I do not need anybody." When saying so, I do not know what man thinks. He needs air, he needs light, and he says he does not need anything. Where is the philosophy? We are so addicted! He is sitting down, he has blown up, and he sys: "I do not need anybody." It is a stupid job.


Yet one has to learn, to pray, to speak to his father so that each word has a light, in every word there should be heat and there should be and force inside. He should carry something noble, he should carry a fragrance. Just as you raise your eyes to God, from those eyes to go light as you open your mouth, to run out good as if honey is flowing out of your mouth. And as you drag your hand force to come out. The law is such: the weak, being a friend with a strong companion, he becomes strong. The stupid, when being a friend with a smart, becomes smart. The one whose heart is not warm, when being a friend with a man, whose heart is warm, and his heart becomes warm. With whatever man you become friends with, such you become.


Some believe that man should not pray. Man should pray because through prayer he learns the Divine language. If you do not pray, you will remain ignorant in the Divine world, you will not be connected. You decide to pray, you scratch at the neck, you say: "I am not well disposed". Disposed or undisposed, you have to pray, nothing more! You can have 100 indispositions, you will wait the disposal to come but this disposal may come after 10 years.


Then what are you waiting for? This is a misunderstanding. Another delusion, you say: "Because I am undisposed, my prayer will not be accepted." God does not need your prayer, it is not about him; it is for you. You open your mouth to eat meals not because of Petka, of Stoyan. It is a necessity, a law that you must fulfill. If you do not fulfill it, you will suffer. And in breathing is the same law. If you breathe properly, it is for you. When man prays, from the invisible world they will teach him the language of heaven. When he learns the language of Heaven, all the works will go. If you do not go, it is due to reason that you do not know the language of heaven. You go to England, you do not know how to say "bread" to the English and they do not understand you. Because the Englishman prices his time, he is a crisp. When you open your mouth and you start talking to him, it is a waste of time. They say: "Time is money." The soul is associated with higher beings; it is associated with the angels, while the human spirit is connected with God. You with your spirit are connected with God. And when you want to pray, you must climb to your spirit. Your soul should come and then you should pronounce the prayer and it will be heard.


There is one law: when you pray in Bulgarian, your thought is transformed - with these oscillations that it has, it does not work. If it goes like that, there will be a storm. Speech is transformed slowly and it is amplified. When it goes to God, the speech should be amplified. But it is not with whooping speech. The waves become smaller and smaller, and the thought is refined and becomes much softer. And the Divine grasps what you think and then God sends a response. If you do not know how to pray, some misfortune will come to you. It is like when you throw an object from the bottom of the well up. For example, you are at the bottom of the well, and fro there you throw up an apple. It cannot get out of the well and it will fall down on you.


Many people do not understand what love is. They imagine it sometimes as force, sometimes as a feeling, then as a state. Love is the most sublime feeling, which connects man with God. In this respect the prayer is relation with love. When man prays, love knocks on his door. He goes, opens it and starts talking to love. Love is God. You say: "Is it possible then me to speak to God?" Once you talk to love, you will speak with God. Today, many people are praying, kissing the icon of Christ, and when he knocks on their door, they do not open it. No, interrupt your prayer to open the door to Christ and follow Him! To follow Christ is the true prayer.


The law is: when man calls God with all his heart, God will call him; he will call him from everywhere.


"Whatever you beg in my name, I will do it." This is the great law of love, which Christ has preached.


Who wants, he always gets. The law is. Someone says: "God knows what I need and he will give me the needed." Not, it is given only to this, who wants.


In the occult school the law of transformation of energy is connected with the need of things. Ever, when you start trying the law, you will begin with the necessity in life. For instance, you are hungry. Put no other thought but concentrate your mind to acquire food to eat. Then you will concentrate your thoughts to sleep somewhere. Then according to this you will order all your needs - according to the degree of the need. If you observe this law, then you may get an answer to your prayers. But if you put all these desires in a masse, if you want everything all of a sudden, all these things will be delayed and all your plans will not be implemented, because you have not complied with this law for the sequence. You will pray for first necessary without which you can not do, then for a second, a third, a fourth, etc.


So the Divine law works with mathematical precision. But if you change things, you should put first a minor thing, the law itself is amended.


Not only what you can do. Sometimes you pray for some things and your praying is not heard. In the world there is one law: some things with a man do not work; then you will gather two people to fulfill the law. You can gather and three. It is said: "Where two or three people are gathered, I am there!" One in the world is only God. If you like as a man your prayer to be heard, it will not be heard. Since this is a prerogative of God alone. One is only God, and yet you are set. Therefore, to be true to the Earth, the many will summon two or three to show that you, the crowd, you are one with God. If you want to stay alone to pray, if you do not take others to help you, you cannot be heard. You are then in the law of unity. When you are in the law of unity you should not ask anything. God requires nothing. God requires something of us, by the law of the crowd, for our good. God has everything, but because many are involved in it and it is relevant to the unit. God regulates his relations.


Some Christians boast that God has ever listened to them. Whatever they pray for at once they are given. When you say that everything you ask it is given, it is because God has given you all as you were born. And now when you pray everything comes by itself. Once promised God does not change his promises. If anyone thinks that he has received something because he prays, he is lying. Someone says: "I have prayed and I have been give." However, after 2- 3 days he prays again, but no voice, no listening to his prayer. Another says: "I have prayed for a sick and he has healed." Okay, so now ask for another sick. "I have prayed, but he has not cured. I do not know how to pray for him. "So it is still not time for that patient to be helped. With empty words works are not covered. Many say that whatever they thought of it has happened. There are scientists who say the same. They say: "Whatever a person thinks, everything becomes." This is a wrong interpretation of the law. This law must be expressed in the following formula: the good thing a person thinks of and wishes, to happen. This law is given in a positive sense.


The law is: When you pray for others, your prayer yields a magical power, only if accompanied with love for them.


If any man sins, pray for him and he will be fixed and will have a good disposition towards you.


The law is: when a man prays earnestly with him pray together all the people with whom he is in harmony. You cannot get someone to pray for you, if it is not in harmony with you. Prayer is a Divine act.


Prayer is the act of watering. It is used to attract all the good influences. When man prays, everything around him should grow and should develop. When man understands the great law of prayer he will become a real man, he will become one of the greatest adepts.


Today scientists serve with telescopes to study the stars, but one day when people develop their eyesight, when they restore their original vision, they will serve with their eyes as if as with telescopes. So far, people do not need to develop more their eyes, because there is nothing good to be seen on the Earth, but one day when they develop spiritually, they will see not only the most distant objects on the Earth, but everything that happens on the Sun, the stars and other planets. One day they will come to a position to understand the language of the other planets. You say: "These are illusions." I agree with that. But whatever you have in the world it is illusions. You are a clerk, a professor, you are working till 60-70-80 years, but one day you lose everything, you bankrupt and you go to the other world, out there where you do not know anything. You leave calm that you are leaving the Earth to the heirs.


Above all, you can never leave heirs, because what you have is not yours. If it is not yours, how will you leave it as heritage? The only thing we leave to our loved ones, it is our debt. I have not seen any father who would not have left to his successors the debts that Hindus call karma. Nobody has left to his successors “argent compte” (from French:”money in an account”). So everybody says, "I have to pay for my karma." Good deeds are much less than the evil. Therefore, the good that is coming into the world is neither from the father nor from grandfather. The good comes from God and you will remember. The only one who can give you the inheritance is God and Him you will remember. This is not a philosophical question. This is not a question that you can find in a book; this is a question that each person must examine in himself, in nature itself. There are ways through which man can examine these issues. There are people who have partly checked it. This law works everywhere.


An Englishmen has written a book, has given over statistics. This statistic is as follows: he has described the responses of one and a half million prayers. He has lived 95 years and in that time God he has given to God one and a half million prayers that have been answered. With the money he has received as an answer to his prayers, he has raised more than 2,000 orphaned children in an orphanage without asking straight from people money. He has prayed without telling anyone that he needs money; that grows orphans. He has prayed and has expected.


I adduce an exceptional case. Second such case there is not. Such a book a second time cannot be written. This is something unprecedented, since we cannot take out a general conclusion. This man has been confident in his prayer. He has drawn a law that is described in the book by an order of statistics. If you read this book, in it you will find no theories, no explanations. It is just the facts. He has written in his book how many times he has prayed and how many times they have responded. He has written: as a sincerer has his prayer been, the sooner he has received an answer. The more entangled in a philosophical theory he has become, the more his work has not been going.


Prayer is a Divine ray that comes from the soul of every person. If so, this beam must necessarily pass through the souls of all people, from the smallest to the largest that dwell on the face of the Earth. Following this round, the beam returns back to the man from whom it has come. This time can last a minute, an hour, a day, or maybe months or years - it depends on the intensity with which the prayer is sent into space. By that time man has to constantly pray to maintain the strength of this beam, to make it its lap. Some people think that by asking for something once that is enough. No, once you catch the dance, and now even if you want to go away, you cannot. Why? The law is. Once you ask, your prayer has to go through the souls, minds and hearts of all people and then again to get back to you.


Someone by praying once and if he gets immediately a reply, he says: "I will not pray anymore." However, once he has prayed, nature compels him to continue his prayer - he has already the consequences of his prayer. It has gone through space and travels. He sits quietly, he has forgotten that he has ever prayed and suddenly he has heard someone rattling his cell phone: "Please, I do not hear well, speak clearly; I must understand what your desire is." Following him on the phone rattles third, fourth, etc. He is obliged to explain to anyone who wants clarification or otherwise his prayer will be given wrong or he himself will stop transmitting it. For all the people launch his prayer, he cannot get rid of it while it still does not come back to him with some answers. He has to wait to be listed two billion people and then to be released. So if someone wants to have an answer soon, his prayer should be brief, clear, clean, bright and intensive.


I ask: do you know when the thought that at some point goes through your mind has been born? You might say that this idea is born now, in this moment. No, you know what prayer is in its deep sense, you realize that every thought that passes at a time in the mind of man, has been born before him. As your thoughts pass through the minds of all people and their thoughts go through your mind.


When someone's prayer is forwarded in space, it goes through the minds of all people and they are given the right to decide whether it should be given what he prays. Then a kind of referendum produces. All the people vote: one for you, or against you and on the majority of votes it depends what will be the answer to your prayers. If most have not voted in your favor, you will still work on yourself, you will pray again until one day you get a positive response. Then your prayer has been realized already.


If you send a good thought to the whole world, as it should be, then the work you will do, can be equal to the work you do throughout your life.


Prayer is the breath of the soul. You think it is misleading, but it is a necessity to pray. As long as you breathe on Earth, you have to live. As you stop breathing, you will leave the earth life.


Do not believe that prayer is an obligation by law. It is something you should do without the law of love. You will breathe, you will pray not as an obligation but as a privilege - you should enjoy that you pray. Then when you pray, the prayer should be new. There is nothing to pray for sometimes. One day you will pray the plums grow, the second day you will pray the cherries grow, the third day you will pray the grapes happen, the fourth day you will pray corn happen, maize to grow, the rivers to flow, the flowers bloom, the birds to fly around, the clouds to come. Everything you will pray for! You pray uniform: "God, I pray you, let me be healthy." The next day again, "God, let me be healthy." This is not a prayer. Man is healthy, when the plums grow, man is healthy when cherries grow, man is healthy when rivers flow, man is healthy when the wind blows, man is healthy when the Sun is shining; man is healthy when the stars are rising. I say: everything in the world when it works and man works. When everything goes to sleep and man falls asleep. If one day the Sun ceases to rise and man will cease to live.

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