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In love, there is a great law, it is the following: sometimes it reveals itself, but only to those who can accept it and enjoy it. In order love to reveal to you, you have to go through several laws: the law of sacrifice and the law of self- denial.


Physical life is a condition of spiritual life, spiritual life is a condition of Divine life and Divine life is the life of love. Once the Devine comes to physical life, you yourself already sacrifice voluntarily and you enjoy this sacrifice.


It is because love cannot manifest in the world without self-sacrifice. And you should not only sacrifice for one - for all you have to sacrifice. When Christ has come to the Earth, has he sacrificed only for one? A law determines this respect: He has sacrificed himself to confront the attitude of all the people to God, to fix the attitude of all the people who have gone astray of their path on the Earth, so that they can find their way and go home.


The first situation that nature requires of man is: man for man has to sacrifice. Sacrifice - this is a law for the proper growth and development. This implies sacrifice, because only what grows, what develops, what blooms and bears fruit, it can borrow to the world; it is sacrificed.


To the sacrifice applies the following law: whoever sacrifices he remains ever alive, he grows. Sacrifice implies deep knowledge of love. Love involves two things: sacrifice and rationality.


You cannot give everything of yourselves, only your own you can give. Now you think that when you give, you lose things. No, an absolute good input, it gives the greatest revenue for the future. If you sacrifice your life for the good people, your life will be back, you will not lose it. In the world nothing is lost. When you sacrifice the things according to the Divine law, the benefits are real, they are not lost. The sacrifice is not done so, as it should be, we always have this order, as we now have.


In self-sacrifice there must be a way up. The sacrifice in the world is which increases the light of your mind, the warmth of your life and the strength of man. Man acquires three things by every self-sacrifice: light, heat and strength. If by sacrifice these 3 qualities are acquired, it is not a sacrifice, it is something unintelligible. When we talk about self-sacrifice, we understand light, which is needed for the construction of your mind; heat, which is necessary for the construction of the spiritual world of man and the strength that is needed for the construction on the physical plane. This law of self-sacrifice you must have permanently in yourself.


You will sacrifice. In the physical world you will sacrifice the best thing, and in the spiritual world, you will sacrifice the best and in the Divine world you will sacrifice the best. And so in the Scripture it is said: "God so much has loved the world that he has given his only begotten Son, so that not to perish everyone who believes in him, but to have everlasting life" It is the sacrifice! So God has sacrificed the best he has had – he has given his Son. And if you do not sacrifice as God, what will you achieve? And the power of God lies in the fact that he has sacrificed the best that has been in him. And that best of all has raised us. This Son, who has sacrificed himself, He lives, He is not dead. And the Son, through this sacrifice that the Father has done, as enters the human soul and comes into people he unites them. He has lived in them and with them he goes to his father. As they are sacrificed, he goes along with them in the Divine world. So at first the Divine world gives something to the physical world - the sacrifice, and the physical world has to give something to the Divine world. So we understand the internal deep sense of life that operates inside you.


Christ makes a small note on what the rich have given to that widow, who has been the poorest. In these words of Christ lies the great law. She has put it all, just she had. And obstacles in life are due to the fact that we do not put everything we have.


The law is such: if man goes to God he must do his utmost. When the grain is put in the ground, does it not invest everything in the ground? Many contradictions can appear. If a student simultaneously deals with trade, he either as a student would not be good, or as a merchant. He cannot become a doctor and diplomat, because then neither as a doctor he would be good nor as a diplomat. In one direction you must invest your energy. The example of that poor widow shows her courage, she does not think about tomorrow what will happen. Man must do his utmost, so that and God to help him.


Can you give away all your treasure? You can. It is a law of nature. Someone who sows all the wheat and there is nothing left, he becomes poor. The sown gives fruit tenfold and then he becomes rich. Therefore who has not learned to impoverish, who has not learned to sow, he cannot know. You should at first sow and then reap. Thus should be understood the conditions "poor" and "rich." They are two conditions that people do not understand. If in poverty you do not sow anything, you cannot reap. The Scripture says that Christ, who has been rich has become poor. Quote this verse. So he has planted it all. Then Christ will come to reap. Enrichment will come. If we are not ready to sow, we cannot reap.


It is said in the Scriptures: "Who is worthy enough of this life, they neither marry nor man become." In this way, you will not be already married to the transitional. This is the deeper meaning of these words. And this knowledge here, it is a theater, it is a show. Two people get married for 10-20 years and can no longer live together. You, when you are incarnated, you are married. And you will live as married until you get released. Released rom what? Christ says: to deny your mother, your father, etc., ie to deny the present, the provisional life. This life is not bad, but it is not that life that we seek.


The deep knowledge sits in it, to know how to deal with this issue. Surely man should be familiar with that great truth. He must know God not in the usual sense, as churches preach. And find God within yourself and then have a state, which does not change. You will not have conditions to change. And you will have an eternal joy. Not that you will not have sufferings, you will have, but they will be balanced. Some of you say: "There is a doctrine according to which, when we die, we will be reborn." Do not be fooled by these deaths and these incarnations. It is another matter. You can reincarnate as many times as you want. The law is: any rebirth is a marriage. So from this point of view, man should marry 777 times cardinally, basically. You will have 777 cardinal marriages and 12 marriages will be momentous. When coupled souls come, they will live together.


There is a law in the world, through which man can face his life. The question is not only man to face his life, but man to come to such a constant state that he ever be happy and he always to have a continuous endeavor. I call man the one who never worries. He must be so smart that people with nothing to be able to disturb him. You will give the example of Christ and you will say: "Well why Christ, who has been so smart, has been bothered by the people?" Christ has specifically come to the Earth to get to know what worrying is. He has not known what sin is and has come to the Earth, taking on the human sin. He has put on a dress like the human body and has loaded with the sins of the people and for so many years he has been dealing with - what sin is; what the reasons of its origin are. And finally Christ has learned it. He has stopped on two facts as the reasons for sin. He has said - the first reason is that man loves himself more than God and the second is - that man loves the world more than himself. And then Christ has said: "No one can enter the Kingdom of God, while he does not deny himself." This means that no one can enter the kingdom of God if he does not deny his love for himself. If the One, who has created you, does not sit above your mind, because of your love to yourself, you do not have normal relations. If you do not like nature, when you accept the air in the next moment it cannot lend you anymore.


Now let me explain you the law: To be accepted your prayer by God, it is not enough only to admit your sins or to say as David, that in sin your mother has conceived you. No, who wants anything from God, he should promise something, he should sacrifice something of himself. Whatever he promises, he should fulfill it. Whatever sacrifice he thinks to make, he has to give it. No event in the world, that man has fulfilled his promise that he has given to God and not to have received an answer to his prayer. Someone promises something to God, but then apologizes that he could not fulfill his promise, because he has been young, he has been put to temptation or that he has been old, or married with obligations to his wife and to the children. Put aside your youth and your old age! How would you prove that you are young or old? How would you prove that you are married? That you are young or old, this is a dream, this is illusion; it is not reality.


According to Darwin, only those individuals continue to exist, who can withstand the harsh conditions and to adjust to them. This law applies to animals, but not to humans. For men, there is another law - the law of sacrifice. Man can manifest himself in the sacrifice. In this particularly he is distinguished from animals.


All religions - this is making good to the spirits. When we make good to a plant, what is it paying us off? It is paying us off with its fruits. When we make good to an animal what is it paying us off? It is paying us off with its wool, with its milk – but not with its meat. The following law excludes this. Suppose you say that God has created the world, that He has given the animals for human food. I ask you: how do you know that? Who has talked to God, to know if this is true? Then, if this is true that God has designed the animals to feed the people why Moses says: "Do not kill" The words "do not kill" they have a broad sense. And all those who assign one attribute - to kill, ie to take someone’s life, it is a right of injustice. All these people are accountable to nature, because it has an absolute law that says: you have no right to take away the right to life of every creature who voluntarily does not sacrifice.


Some say: "I have the right to slaughter a sheep." The sheep will ask you: "You, who want to carry me to sacrifice, have you carried yourself a sacrifice?" You have committed a great crime. People who are not willing to sacrifice for God, what right do they have to sacrifice animals? You slay a sheep, 2, 10, but comes the Divine solution to the problem. You get married, come 3-4 children. It does not take long before, one of your children dies, another dies, your wife dies. I ask: have you eaten the sheep? I would like those who philosophize that animals must be slaughtered to show me a healthy person! If there is not, let them prove what the reasons are, that people are not healthy. We, cultured people, think that these beings are our slaves. If we are masters of the world, then we should command the diseases. To the diseases we cannot command, to poverty, to earthquakes - too.


So, the first basic law for you is: man at first has to sacrifice his life for God. By the words "sacrifice" to "to sacrifice", you think your life will be lost. No! To sacrifice your lives for God, it means to do so, as God thinks.


To reach the new man must learn the law of penetration. There are two ways of penetration: either man to get into God, or God to penetrate the man. In the first case, man is tempted, in the second - man becomes free from all delusions.


Each man should offer a sacrifice to the altar of God. Even higher spirits descend to the Earth to offer their sacrifice tot the great altar of life. They accept God's blessing only after they incarnate on the Earth and offer your sacrifice. This law applies to the whole and to the parts. You may say that you have made this sacrifice. If you have made the sacrifice and you are suffering and you are unhappy with your life, you are lying to yourself - no sacrifice you have made. Who has sacrificed everything, he has received everything. He has received a new light, a new force, a new start in life.


If the food, which you use, does not give good results, give it up. The same law applies to the feelings and to the thoughts of man. Therefore, if you constantly encounter the same feelings without having some effect, give them up. To give up a feeling, it means to sacrifice, and sacrifice inferior to higher. And if the sacrifice does not give a result, it is not reasonable. Reasonable sacrifice is the one that is accepted. If not accepted, it is not on place. The sacrifice is related to the higher beings. It represents their food.


People are fruits of the Divine world. God expects. If we do not become the best fruits, what price do we have? If God has sacrificed for us, why should we not sacrifice for God? God being sacrificed, the least he has not lost, he has manifested his power. When we are being sacrificed in the world, we become strong. Now everybody says: "By sacrificing man, it becomes ill." By sacrificing man becomes stronger. As ice melts and becomes water, the water is stronger. Water as vapor is even stronger. Since vapor can still be converted to water.


In pure Divine Love there is no sacrifice. There is no sacrifice. The sacrifice, this is just a result of the complex movements of love in the physical world. It is a temporary transition period. When it is said that you have to sacrifice man, it does not refer to God's Love. In true Divine Love there is no sacrifice. And therefore, to understand the Divine Love, you should get off the physical world, to study the law of the sacrifice. That is why people have come to the Earth to learn the law of the sacrifice. What thing is the Divine Love, they will learn by going through the law of the sacrifice. It is a law for the proper transformation of the Divine energies.


Someone says: "I want to know what you think of me." I say: "You can know, but I have to eat you." That is why Christ has said, "If you do not eat my flesh and do not drink my blood you will have eternal life." So if you want to understand me, I need to eat you, that when you enter me, I will know and understand you, I will know how to help you. Therefore, you will sacrifice to enter God in you, you will make this sacrifice. Either you are eaten, or you eat, if you want to know someone. It is a symbol. If you want to find someone, he has to eat you. If you want him to know you, you have to eat him. Now, about this language you will say: "It is scary!" Well, all in the present life is it not just eating and drinking? Exclude eating and in what is eternal life sitting? Once you have eaten a good pear, then it probably will come a bright idea to write a poem. This pear represents and a flower, so Christ has said: "I am the living water and the living bread." The small concessions that you make, they are not sacrifice. The law of sacrifice reconciles all the contradictions in the world. Let us say, you are in great sorrow, in great difficulties, you apply the law of the sacrifice and immediately you can remove the sorrow, but sacrifice is required. You have to take 20,000 Lev; you have no money in your pockets. What would you do? Open your notebook and decide to sacrifice the money for your peace of mind - as you lighten the soul and peace will come.


Goodness of man always depends on the sacrifice. The better you understand the law of the sacrifice and you apply it, the better you will become.


Eating creates the biggest trouble, but brings the greatest benefits. So many lambs are sacrificed; so many hens and thanks to them we live. Which is better: they to suffer and we to live, or they to live and we die? Then the law is this: always inferior is sacrificed to higher, so that both their lives to progress. In itself this law is correct. Always inferior is sacrificed. If you do not do it, then you have to become a sacrifice. Either higher must be sacrificed, or inferior to be sacrificed.


Sometimes the higher becomes the sacrifice, but this is another law. Christ has told His disciples that those who want to be disciples, they should eat His Word. Speech after being taken into the human soul from the outside; it becomes a sacrifice inside, the Word begins to live in us, then we become sacrifice for the new. You at first have to accept the Word; the higher will set you free; after you will sacrifice your life for the others. So, the sacrifice implies love. Love implies love again. If God's Love does not bear love in you, it is not love. So, when the Love of God enters in you, it must be manifested so, as God manifests it. As God is merciful so and you have to be merciful. As God is patient and you have to be patient. As God is generous, you have to be generous.


Christian world now stands. These sufferings come to reformation. Christians have not complied with those laws that Christ has preached. They have not done the sacrifice that they have had to give. Now millions of people die. These victims have had to be given millions of years ago. Now they are given for non fulfillment of the law of love. For love you sacrifice, or by law - you can not get rid of the sacrifice.


Either voluntarily or by force you will sacrifice. Do not wait for the strong to come and anything you owe to him to pay. Go alone and pay to the strong. When he comes he will pick them with the interest rates up. You go alone with the strong, nothing more. When a rock is coming, do not stand in itsr way not to run over you. Walk away and open its path. With a smile bear suffering. Too hard is to smile when you are sad.


I ask: who creates the great difficulties in life? The devil creates them. He will leave you a plate of food to eat. Eating the devil leaves, represents a bag of gold - temptation. Do not touch the bag, because at this point the robbers come. Seeing the bag, they pounce on it and ask: "Is this your bag?" "It is not mine, it is for you." So answers the smart. If you are not smart, you will say that it is your bag. They will catch you; they will torture you to take more gold from you.


The smart knows when to deny. The law of denial, in the Christian sense, implies the renunciation of some goods and acquisition of others. To deny life means to sacrifice. You will sacrifice one life to acquire another. You can not open a new path in front of you if you do not sacrifice the old one.


The law of the sacrifice states: "Every man who keeps for himself what he has produced, he cannot find the meaning of life." Apply the law on voluntary self- sacrifice, not just once but many times. In this law lies the resolution of all the issues. It will clear all the spots in your life; it will erase all your mistakes and crimes. For the implementation of this law it is not required a great philosophy. You say: "When will the world be fixed?" All Christians today are able to fix the world. Christ has given them power and authority, and they may do so. But why so far have they not fixed the world? If the young man is not able to give all his wealth to the girl, who loves him and thus to secure her, and he to be handed over to the service of God, he has no love. Love, sacrifices everything. One of the great laws of Genesis states: that sacrifice without love does not exist.


Today, many people fail in life because they are dealing with criticism only. What do you see in the schools, for example? Many students and not incapable, but medium success, correct, criticize their teachers that they do not teach well that treat them rudely, etc. I ask: what do they gain with this criticism? Leave the teacher alone to criticize and correct! When you criticize others, ask yourself: "Are there in us those qualities that we deny in the others?" It is easy to criticize, but difficult to apply. If the man and the young man who want to serve God may give up their wealth for the benefit of the others, in return they will get what no one else can give them.


Love is magnetism, and hatred - electricity. The current hatred is a future love, present love is future hatred. It is a law of polarization. To avoid this law, man must deny himself. I you feel that hatred gets into your heart, renounce yourself. For this Christ says: "He, who does not deny himself, can not be my disciple." Apply self-denial to see what your life will be.


Now whatever they are saying to you, things will remain misunderstood, if you do not try the same love with which Christ has sacrificed himself. But have you entered in the thoughts of Christ, what has his thought been when he has sacrificed? You pay attention to the external side of life, that he has been nailed to the cross, but can you imagine those eyes, with which he has seen the world? You say: "We can not imagine." If you have His love, you will imagine it and you can do what He has done. You say: "We have no strength to do that." Once you do not have strength, it means that you do not love. Love is needed! Where there is love, things can easily be performed. Even the smallest works without love are severe. As I speak now, I do not understand mechanically this process. You say: "How will this job be done?" That child who wants to walk, is he asking you how to do this? That egg you want to hatch, is it asking you how to be hatched? They do not ask. Start and do not ask! Do not stop on the word, but go, it is a matter of time.


To be born in you a desire so, as in the egg is born the desire to be under the wings. As the psalmist says in Psalm 91: "He, who dwells under the wings of the Almighty..." You have to understand that. You are still an egg. You will look for the wings of the hen. And having spent so 21 days you will no longer be an egg, but you will be a chicken. And then you shall hear the voice of those wings and you will fulfill the law. You will come under the Divine wings, you will be free. Therefore, you should sit there. Then you will get the first shape. It is said there: "He, who dwells under the shelter of the Most High he will stay in the shadow of the Almighty." If you cannot bear the sufferings and the joys of love, if you cannot stand the light and warmth of wisdom and if you cannot endure the restrictions that freedom implies, you cannot be credited. Freedom compels people to sacrifice. Sacrifice is the law of truth. Who is not willing to sacrifice, he does not know the truth. Christ has sacrificed himself because he has known the truth. When he has sacrificed, he has become free of all the constraints of life. Therefore, while he has not sacrificed himself, man cannot be free from the constraints in which he is located. While holding fast to his body, man has not yet understood the inner meaning of life. However, no matter how man holds to his body, one day they he has to leave it. Will it be after 10-20 or 120 years? That is not so important. Where will man go, after he leaves his body? What people do you know and what do you not know? You know only those who have done you any good, or that have served you. Those who are not good or who have not occurred to you, you do not know. Anyone who has given something to you, he is your friend. Which nothing has given passes for a stranger. And Christ defines his relationship to the people according to the law of giving. He has said: "Only he will enter the Kingdom of God, who has fed me when I have been hungry, who has watered me when I have been thirsty, who has comforted me when I have been sick and who has visited me when I have been closed. I owe this man and I will take him with me He, who has nothing done for me, I will leave him for another era when I will come back to the Earth again to work for God."'I want to be in Heaven with Christ together!" That is possible, but you ask yourself alone: Have you ever sacrificed your life for Christ? If you have sacrificed it, you will be with Christ, if you have not sacrificed, it you will be out for the future era, for distant times.


In which one of the two you believe, it is your job. It is important that there is no middle way. Right things are checked themselves. There an important role plays the experience. "How do we get into the Kingdom of God?" You will get into the Kingdom of God through hard work, done with love. Remember: in the body, in the brain are hiding forces to develop. "We want to reveal these forces." Everyone can reveal them. It is enough to spend an hour a day for reflection on the great spiritual questions, to see. In that day, when your eyes open, you will want to marry the King's son, ie to enter the world of the truth and to become wise.


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