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"Unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he can not enter the Kingdom of God." Life begins with the Kingdom of God. We are out of heaven. We have no clear idea what heaven is. We have a life outside paradise. This life after being born, until you travel to the other world, it is a permanent job; a very little time is left for us to be happy. We are like those harnessed animals. Just given to eat, you look at them – they are harnesses again, they have loaded the wagon. Then again, just give them a little to eat and back again to be harnessed. We, modern people, say: "He has lifted." We have lifted up to the bag. He is an official; he is given 4-5 thousand levs - food into the bag. He is given a small field, he has sown it – it is still a bag. So, I say: we are not in that real life.


All the people you have to imagine as a mirror. It should be pleasant to you when you look at it to see yourself. Who among us has not enjoyed the mirror as seeing himself? Thousands of mirrors are valuable because you see yourself. You are valuable to the others as they see in you themselves. We are valuable to one another, because we see ourselves. I see myself in you and you see yourself in me. You are precious to me as much as far as I can look at you. So much as far as I can manifest your life, I am valuable to you so, as I can be of service to your life, I am valuable to you. So far as far as you can lend me, you are precious to me. So sits the Divine law. It is a new understanding. Deeply discussed, considered mystically, it is the law of immortality.


The world is already lit. There is nothing more to kindle. People burn it now. The world needs to be extinguished, not to be lit. Christ says: "I have come to light the fire." Indeed He lit that fire.


All this wealth that is now coming into the world, it shows that people are already lit. And now one of the two remains: either people to believe in God, and in rational live nature or die, everything in them to burn - nothing more. This is the right solution to the problem. This is humanity. All people should go by the law of God. It is said in the religious sense. Or all people should go by the law of nature, said in a conceptual sense. Or all people should live for humanity, speaking in modern social language. Patriots do say: "You have to live for the people. This fire is in the people." I say: this fire that lives in the soul of man is for him; this fire that lives in the house is for him; that fire that lives in the people is for him; this fire that lives in mankind is for him. This fire we must support! Once this fire is for us, discouragement has no place.


What is happening on the Earth is a transient thing, not a reality. You see beautiful girls, but if they pass certain age, their faces begin to wrinkle and eventually they become old grandmothers. I ask: where have those girls gone that you have previously so much admired? The same happens with the lads. Where have these well built young men gone? You still do not know yourself. When you learn the law of truth, it will give you power over matter, to understand its internal routines to improve your life. This is the law of motion - one has to constantly modify and to pass from the temporary to the eternal, to understand the essence of truth.


You have to empty things - poisonous things in the world are those that are not organized. Good in the world is organized, good brings life in it. By the word "life" I mean organized life. By the word "love" I mean that death is excluded. In the good there are opportunities for the death to appear. Good and evil live together. If you act according to the laws of evil, the death comes; if you act according to the laws of good, though death still comes. Good and evil have been in the tree of life, it is the whole man. When man serves evil, the death enters and it has already tempted. It is unorganized love. Once you serve love, life enters. Once you serve the Divine Love, you are out of that tree. In you then will enter that life, which excludes death. Love excludes death.


You should know that everything we have is God's, not ours. What does someone tell you that he has imported or he has exported money from the bank? Nobody no money has put into the bank - money and without him is there. Some people have made money; he goes for the owner of this money. Nobody owns the money. "How am I not the owner? I used so much work, so much effort until I win them." Labor, the effort belong to life, they are not yours. Therefore there are no owners in the world because there are no owners of life. If someone calls himself the master, the owner of life, he should be a man of immortality.


But no one has yet come to immortality. Immortality will come when people get into the law of love. Now they learn the law of immortality. Once they learn this law, they will already know how to love. As people die, they still do not even live in the law of love. Christ says: "This is life eternal, to know you, the only one, the true God." Once you know God as a gift, he will give you eternal life - the life of immortality.


The law is: when light penetrates the human eye, it will bring its blessing. When I talk about the new teaching, I do not intend to displace other doctrine. The world is moving forward, religion and science are also progressing. I am not that who displaces the old. Who has come to a development, he continues to move forward. If he stops somewhere, he will pay dearly. Everyone knows that the golden age of his life is discipleship. Takes the notebooks and the books and come on to school! Mother and father care for him, and he does not think of anything. And we must be students to learn the first word. It is lost, but it needs to be found. This will produce a radical change in man. This change implies that is born again, spoken of in the Gospel. This word will be the foundation of a new life, where there is no disease, no death. The meaning of life is not this to live well, the meaning of Christianity is not in salvation. The point of all in immortality is: to become immortal, to go in those conditions, where manifests the Divine life. Can you become like God? It is the desire of God. Such is the desire of every father. Which father wants the death of his children? God who is all-wise, all- good, can not ask for the death of his children. Therefore we want to be like God. "How can we? How to be like God? This is blasphemy! "Yes, you can be as gracious as God is, you can live like Him, your soul to be filled with Divine Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue. This is God - force is required for this. Yes, you will be strong. Only the virtuous man is strong.


Speaking of being and nothingness it does not mean that existence is real and nothingness - unreal. Nothingness is a place of suffering, of hell. Terrible is the situation of man going into oblivion. He wants to see, but around him is darkness; he wants to eat, hunger torments him, but there is nothing to eat; he is thirsty, he wants to drink, but he cannot satisfy his thirst. From the standpoint of existence, of material life, nothingness is a life of imagination. Why? It is because there the things do not work. Nothingness is a life of hunger and thirst, always striving to satisfy something that under these conditions cannot be satisfied.


Therefore, while on the Earth into being, man must study the law of good, to be able to satisfy in himself his hunger and thirst. Only the good as a great reasonable principle frees man from hunger and thirst. Good is the foundation of the great law of release. To be good means to get rid of slavery, ie of the world of limitations and death.


By "death" we mean those conditions that deprive man of the goods of life. This is the reason that people are afraid of death. Who do not understand death, they think it will free them from the hardships of life. Not only they cannot be free, but it will introduce them to oblivion. The thought of nothingness represents acid, which attacks and destroys. If man thinks for a long time on nothingness, at the end, he will evaporate. Many philosophers have vanished for the sole reason that they have stuck in nothingness. No ordinary man, no mortal is permitted and cannot resolve the issue of nothingness. Who has dealt with this issue, nothing has accomplished. "Then why was I born?" You are born to be good. "How can I become good?" You can become good as you satisfy your hunger and your thirst with the good. That is a sensible diet. Thus the words of Christ, not by bread alone man can live, but by every wise word that comes from God, become understood. He who feeds with good, he does not die, he becomes master of the conditions, he enters the field of existence. So real is just the good. Real is just what does not change, neither disappears nor is destroyed. Because good does not change, it is not lost and does not disappear, it is real. Is water real? For us it is not real, because it changes. For other creatures, however, the water is real. Solid matter is real for us Now all preach mechanical processes, they say: "To become good." It is a temporary condition. Someone is good for 5-10 years; then he goes back again. This process is not a real process. In real processes there is eternal rejuvenation. Those who understand the law they can be rejuvenated. I want those, who rejuvenate, to leave the old body and to take a new one. They have to know how to make the new one. Just as you can take off the old clothes and to put on the new ones, so man who has understood the law of his mind, who has understood the law of his heart and body, he can change his body, he can change everything. It is a science. It is immortality of man. This knowledge must come.


When man gets on an airplane, he is limited, but he understands the laws of that airplane - he cannot walk well like on the ground. When he gets on the airplane, he understands the laws, he climbs; he descends. Once down on the ground, he should know how to go out of his cabin.


We, modern people, we have entered into this body, from which we cannot go outside. In the your guardians come and let you out of jail and then they put you back in - you wake up.


Incarnation on the Earth is binding. Everyone who has incarnated in the body internally should be gradually untied through the process of human thought, through the process of human emotions, through the process of human actions. Inside us there is something Divine - the spirit that continually unties us. We will go into the new culture - a culture of loosing, to learn how to work. Now we understand just tethering. It is only as a symbol of that real untying. You cannot bind a strong man. Strong man is only he who understands the laws of love. One cannot be strong, if he has not studied the laws of love. One cannot apply this force that gives him love if he does not understand the laws of human thought, of the Divine Wisdom. One cannot achieve what he wants, if he does not understand the laws of truth.


"Whatsoever you bind on the Earth shall be bound and in heaven. And whatsoever you loose on the Earth shall be loosed in heaven. "Whatsoever you shall loose with wisdom, it will come loose. And what you apply with truth, it will be applied.


In nature there is a law: we cannot be happy if nature does not create for us a comfortable home. It is because the body is not a comfortable home. Man has not such a comfortable housing – therefore he dies. Man is dying of a lack. In the air, there is an element of immortality that the old alchemists have talked about. They have said that there is a liquid that if man takes one drop he becomes younger. This elixir comes from the Sun. People breathe and cannot take the elixir that goes and does not stay in them there. Hindus have different systems for breathing, but still none has able to aspire to that secret of nature. Why? Those who want to soliciting this potion, he must pass an exam on hope, to hold an exam on faith and take exams on love. Once he passes, they allow him to have this potion. Who has hope, he is just like this Bulgarian who holds 2,000 kg. It is a toy for him.


At first he will be put the Earth on his shoulders; he will run around the Sun with it. The whole Earth he will carry and run. By rotating for 10 years he will take his exam. After that he will be given another test: to carry on his shoulders the Sun around for 20 years. As he turns around for 20 years, he will hold his second test. Finally he will be given to carry and 10 million suns of the universe in which he lives, and put them all on his back and will carry them for 120 years, and when he has passed this exam, he will have already obtained the right to immortality. This is not an easy job, so no one has yet achieved it. It is figuratively said. But man can taste life. There is a moment of happiness that man never forgets.


In the future, if you want to build up your body, your home, peace must come to help you. That is the law. Then joy will come to live in this body.


You say you are religious, but the whole brain does not work. In religious works only a sense of faith and he may become superstitious. In some people works and hope because it also belongs there. In some people the mind works for justice. When people become religious they judge the whole world: this is not living well, that does not live well. If you want someone to show you whether you are right or wrong - religious man knows even who will go to heaven and who will not go: one sends to hell, in prison, others leaves free.


Christ says that the process is not like that. "Unless one is born anew," a process is - knowledge is required to be born of water and Spirit. So, if you do not understand the law of water and the law of the Spirit, if they do not deign you to be born, you can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must enter in the womb of water and the Spirit. The Spirit must become your father and the water to become your mother, to bear you thousands of years, and then to be born. This process must be understood.


The mistake of modern humans lies in the fact that they have entered into a static situation. This is due to the fact that they are not born from water and spirit. People today are born only in the flesh, but anyone who is born in the flesh, death expects him. And then all those ideals that he has had will disappear. Even people of today are addressing it. They say: "One day the Earth will be destroyed. What will happen to us then? What will remain of man? "But they do not understand the laws: The Earth is a school, it can not be destroyed. When he finishes school on the Earth, man will go to another higher school. There is another Earth to which man is preparing to go. It is the Promised Land. When they die, people will go to this Promised Land.


Every man who has understood the laws of light, who thinks right, he is a saint. According to me, immortality is sitting in the light. Why? It is because light brings immortality in itself.


With the rising of the Sun the strength of man increases. That is why it is said in Scripture: "Those who wait upon God, their power will be doubled." This means: love, wisdom and truth will come to those who wait on God. It is said 2,000 years ago. Now I say to you: it is not enough to wait for God, but to be perfectly prepared - healthy, clothed, clean, so when the door to the Kingdom of God opens, to enter immediately. Everyone will enter solemnly, freely, not waiting for someone to push him or to import him on a stretcher. Be ready because the door will soon open. As the light enters all alone, freely, without being invited and you must enter the kingdom of God. That is the law. Once the door is open, get in and do not ask, "Is it time? Will they take me in there?" If the door is not open, you will prepare and wait until it opens. While you wait, you have to work to gain the necessary freedom in your actions. Be like the light, if you want to enter freely into the Kingdom of God Be thankful every moment for what you have. It is a great good that God has given you. Be grateful for the life you have now, at this point, since all eternity, the whole future is yours.


60-70 years are opportunities. One day, as you are full of the Earth, you alone will go. You will come to your friends and you will tell them: "I want to go home!" You will give them a feast, you will shake hands with them and you will walk out. And again you will not be back. You will not be buried anywhere.


You, if you know the laws, you will give away the light, the warmth and the strength to the people and all the stuff that you have, you will get rid of the baggage and you will go to heaven, free from the earthy light, heat and power. And you are free. There is nothing to connect you with the Earth! And will meet you in that world all the angels who love you, and they will give you a different light. Those, who love you, will meet you. And they will give you gifts. They will take you and they will bring you in the bosom of Abraham, if you have done that properly. If you have not done that, you will go to the other side, where your throat dries out.

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