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1923_03_25 Awakening Of the Human Soul

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Awakening Of the Human Soul


Lecture 9, given in the General Occult Class on March 25th, 1923, in Sofia - Izgrev


Awakening of the human soul means that it gets to realize the wealths it was given, trying to embrace them. In the world you are living, there are certain illusions, the so called "non-essential things", though every one begins with them. For example, in the evening many things look much more fearful than in reality. Why? Because Light is less at that time. From here I draw the conclusion: essential are those things, which happen in Light and non-essential – those, which happen in darkness. You meet someone who is strange to you. You think: "Why is this one staring at me? What does he want to say?" – He does not want to say anything. "His countenance is strange." If you examine the masks, sold during a masquerade, some of them are wide-eyed or goggle-eyed; others are with half closed eyes and third – with an angry view. As you see, there are different faces in Life. Why does one goggle so much? – It is a mask, it is not the reality. Some artist has drawn this mask. The important thing for you, after the artist has brought his mask, is to be aware and to understand whether what you see is a reality or an illusion. In the process of its awakening the soul shall not view things from its stand, but from the stand of the Spirit of God or from the stand of God. Only in this way it will develop properly. The soul presents a small universe with countless wealths, with countless gifts and abilities. You may say that the soul is a small universe – yes, a small universe, but with great wealths. The art of living is not to eat up and drink all these wealths, but to process them.


You want to be happy. I can count the time of everyone's happiness. It may last an year for one, an hour – for another one, a day, a week or a month for a third one. Only few can be happy all year long. For example, you like fruits, but you prefer cherries. You want to eat only cherries and you say: "I am happy, when there are cherries." How long will your happiness last? – Till the cherries are there. When they get overripe, your happiness will end.


A singer is rehearsing to come on the stage with the thought that everyone will admire her. She is living in that imaginary world of hers. But when she comes on the stage, she finds out that it is not so. Therefore, there is a great difference between the imaginary world and the actual world. No hardships exist in the imaginary world. Matters are easily arranged there, without any difficulties.


Sometimes you may imagine that you have bought a big garden of ten decares. And you picture how you will cultivate it, planting nice fruit trees and fragrant flowers in it. You see how they are growing, blooming and riping. Then you pick the fruits and sell them. Soon you become rich and famous; this happened so easily. You achieved everything without efforts, only by means of your imagination. But if you live only in the world of your imagination, you will become like that young Gypsy, who carried milk from house to house. He dreamed like this: if I sell all that milk, I will buy a hen and it will lay eggs. I will sell eggs till I get enough money for a sheep or a goat. Then I will sell milk and one day I will sell the animal too in order to buy a cow. Thus he thought that he would get rich, becoming a millionaire. At the end he said to himself: "When I become a millionaire, I will offer the king's daughter to marry me. In two or three years we will have a pretty child." Absorbed in dreams, he jumped with joy so that the pot of milk fell down from his head and spilled. His dreams were also spilled together with the milk. You are laughting at this joke. But you are just like the young Gypsy. In this joke the spilled milk is important, not the child who would be born in the future. Things happen easily in your imagination, but when it comes to their realization, it is very hard. Your hands will be covered with corns until you get something, but whatever you achieve will be firmer and safer than this, which you have only dreamed of.


In the past and up to nowadays people live with their illusions. One shall get rid of the illusions of one's mind and heart in order to accomplish one's desires. The physical world is a field for the fulfilment of the Divine world. The Divine world is a macrocosmos that is to be realized in the microcosmos, i.e. in the physical world.


As in photography the image is printed in a diminished size, thus the physical world is nothing else, but a print of the Divine world in a diminished size. Sometimes the illusions are as needed as the actual things. What will you achieve, if you know everything that is going to happen? For example, you love your friend, you trust him and idealize him. But one day you start doubting in him and get disappointed with his friendship. You will say: "I was disappointed with him, but at least I got back to reality." In which case were you happier: when you trusted your friend or when you got disappointed?


You have a son or a daughter, whom you lay your hopes on, but one day you doubt in him or in her. Doubts in your fellowmen are doubts in God and vice versa: doubts in God are doubts in ourselves alone. Human life has not yet been laid on solid basis. The reason for your disappointment is not external. You want to live better than your fellowmen. You want to live a purer, a holier life than them. Is that right? If you live well, you should wish the same for others. Otherwise you will be disappointed, you will suffer and bother. If I am exacting to myself, I shall be exacting to the others too. To be self-indulgent, but exacting to the others is not good, in this case you use two different measures. You must use one measure in order to understand which is right, which is wrong; which is errorous, which is virtuous. Before God our errors and virtues are not the same as we determine them. How can we prove this? It is noticed that when the material life of some people is improved, their spiritual life gets confused. The material affairs of most people go well indeed, but see how they appear from a spiritual point of view. On the other hand, poor people may have neither money nor houses, but they can converse with God and with the angels; they are poor, but their hearts are full of noble feelings and luminous thoughts.


So, you should hold right concepts about things. If you do not come to the new view of Life, you will always live in aberrations. It is not an easy situation, when you are deluted. You should know the exit ways. If you do not know them, you are like in a labyrinth and no one can take you out. One should know the exit way in Life. How many times you have been deluted!


Two sisters fell out for nothing, they could not bear one another any more, they could not agree between themselves. But then they looked for a way to reestablish their relationship, to turn back that Love, which they had for one another before. What is the reason for all this? – One does not know oneself. Humans are simultaneously living in three worlds, that is why they encounter different thoughts, feelings and actions, which they cannot match and harmonize. If they work only with their physical minds, they cannot get in touch with any spiritual and Divine realms. If you cannot reach any Divine points by your mind, what is it for? So, you are to unite your physical mind to the mind of Christ in order to comprehend the Divine world. It is a complex work! – How can we cope with our three minds? We cannot cope with one mind, what about our three minds? The physical mind is in us, while the Divine mind is behind us. We should care about it. Begin with the Divine mind! The other two minds are subsidiary means. The same concerns your heart. It is mentioned in the Scripture that the human heart is like a stone. It is said: "I shall take his stony heart and give him a fleshy one." In other words, I shall take his human heart and give him a Divine heart. You should not get cross with anyone – as anyone's heart is stony. How can you understand the world with such a heart? The stony heart cannot make you happy. It is cool and cold, covered with deep snow and ice. It is like a graveyard full of bones. Can one be happy with a heart like that? This stony heart will be taken away from humans and a new heart will be given to them.


Let us return to the practical side of Life, which you can understand alone. Let us suppose that you are in a difficult situation. Where has it come from? It has come as a result of your misunderstanding of the laws and the relationships in Nature. If you are at the bank of a wide, deep river, you think that you can easily cross it. But it is a suggestion. Trying to cross it, you see that you are in danger. The water is carrying you down and any moment you may sink. If you start crying, you may receive help from here or there. But you shall be witty! You may fix a big stake into the bank and tie a long, strong rope to it. Holding the end of the rope, you will carefully step into the water. Gradually will you go on, testing the depth of the river. In this way you will sound it. If you notice that the depth is increasing, you will go back. In this case the rope presents the human mind, which you must steadily hold. Your mind is to save you even in the most unfavorable conditions.


People of today can hard understand the spiritual world, never mind how much they are told about it. By "spiritual world" I mean the world of the angels. Everything there happens by a magic power, in a magic speed. An angel is just to raise his wand and will achieve his goal. If some visitors come to him, a rich table with fine delicious fruits will be laid in front of them only by a raising of his wand. When the guests finish their meal and go away, the angel will raise his wand again and the table will disappear. What will you say, is the world, in which the table is laid and put away by one raising of the wand, real? In your opinion something in it is real and something is unreal. The only real thing are the angels, whom you can talk with. They really raise and take down their wands. And in the physical world the only real thing is God Who raises and takes down His wand. When He raises His wand, whatever He wants it happens. If He takes it down, everything disappears.


Once a woman cried as she wanted to have a child. God said: "Give a child to her!" The child was born. The woman was happy, she diapered the child, bathed, nursed it, called it "my little birdie, my little doll, my little angel". One day her child will become a genius, but not this time. Presently it presents a doll to play with it. You nourish, dress and teach it, but when it takes what it needs, it will kick you out with the words: "I do not want to see you, you'd better not given me birth!" – "Why did God give me such a son?", you ask. You call him your son, but he is a living doll, he is not that real son who will be born of spirit and of water. God is giving you initially living dolls and after you cope with them, He will give you such sons and daughters who are living souls. When they come, they will not tie you and limit you; and you will not bathe them twice daily as it is now. They will not be little helpless children, but thirty three years old maids and lads in the full bloom of their strength. Will you need to teach these sons and daughters of yours? – Is it possible for you to give birth to thirty three years old lads and maids? They will not be born by mothers and fathers, but of spirit. It is said in the Scripture: "One born by God does not make a sin." To be born by God means the process of revealing the Divine in humans. You ask: "Am I a doll?" Think over and reply to yourself. You should understand this philosophy. Let everyone of you ask yourself this question: "Was I born by humans or by God?" Until you doubt that you were born by God, you will be a living doll. When you get convinced in that, you will feel discharged of your load and you will receive a new light and warmth. What is your behavior, when you are upset? You start seeking foreign support with the hope that someone will come to comfort you and tell you the Truth. Such one could be possibly found, but you are to perceive the Truth by yourself. You say: "How can I do it, when Truth changes all the time?" I speak of the eternal, never-changing Truth. Only the transient, temporary things change. It is said about God that He is eternal and never-changing. What changes is the revealed reality. There are unchangable things in humans as well that show their origin from God. Changable and unchangable – these are two phases in Life, i.e. two realities. You will say that it is a philosophy. Yes, but this philosophy will give you the opportunity to ackowledge the essence of Life.


When you encouter contradictions, you ask: "Am I a doll or a living soul?" If you inculcate different ideas every day and play-act after them, are you not dolls? Today you are socialists, tomorrow – communists; today you are fathers, tomorrow – mothers; today you are brothers, tomorrow – sisters; today you are teachers, tomorrow – actors. If you kid yourselves every day with different things, are you not dolls? You have written a book, in which you are denying God. Do you think that you can convince people in this with these arguments of yours? Do you think that you can settle the world with the present consciousness of yours? It is a fun. I can prove the existence of God in a different way, without writing books. So, you are an unbeliever, you philosophize and try to convince people that God does not exist. Suppose that one day you start on a journey and night overtakes you in the forest. It is dark and cold. You have no bread, no bed. I live in the forest, spending all my time in spiritual work and reflections. You pass by my hut and say: "Would you let me in, please, to get warm?" I open the door and take care for you: I make a fire and put some water. Then I give it to you to wash your feet, to get warm. I offer you thick clothes to wrap yourself. After that we both sit down at the table to have our meal. When you get full and rested, we start a conversation. I ask you: "Do you believe now that I have nourished you?" – "I do not believe. Prove it." – "If I beat you, will you believe that I have beaten you?"


Therefore, while people are living in the abundance of things, they do not believe that God exists. Then God may say: "Hit several sticks on this person!" After the hits this one will say: "I passed through an awful happening! I realized the reality of things". Thus humans starts to believe, but as a result of their negative experience. This is a wrong method.


Contemporary people are gradually entering into a new phase of Life and they start understanding the manifestations of God's Love. What does Love demand? It demands from every one to love without expecting to be loved; to love God without expecting anything from Him. Ask God to dwell in you and to manifest His Love through you. If you do not ask God for anything, He will give you nothing. You wish just to turn to God. The only One Who can transform humans is God. Whatever take-over occurs in you, do not say that God has done this as it cannot be proved. So you'd better keep silence on the subject. I also do not mention the fact that God lives in me. May everyone be convinced in the Truth alone. If God lives in me, the people around me will apprehend my Love. It will be so abundant that it will always remain in surplus. Drink of the water of my spring as much as you want. Take of the fruits of my garden to your fill. Whatever you need, you will find it with me. Do not make provisions for tomorrow. I have everything. Come to me and I will satisfy your needs.


Christ said to his disciples: "Believe in God, believe in Me too". It means: believe in the Absolute that does not change. Believe in Me too, as I can explain you the cause for the change of things. Today humans attempt to explain the causes for the contradictions in science and philosophy. Science is one side of reality, philosophy is another side. They aim to explain the Absolute, the metaphysic and the unchangable. The objective both of science and philosophy is to acquire knowledge on reality and then to apply it. One of the tasks of the disciples is to try to know God. Whatever efforts you make, still you have doubts in Him. You are told: "Today you should go to this and that street and hold there. At 10 o'clock a.m. Mr. So and so will pass by. You must stay at the defined place waiting for Him. You do not know Him, but you will wait for Him to come and to help you." What will happen? You go there, take out your watch and look at it from time to time, waiting for the appointment with That person. But there is a great difference – of about half an hour – between your watch and the watch of That one, Whom you are waiting for. So He will be late, though not on purpose. You start bothering and you say to yourself: "Behold, the meeting will not occur." If the failure is not in the watch, That person will never have been late. He is punctual and He will come just on time. If his watch is not correct, He is not to be blamed. Until you bother inwardly, until your mind, your heart and your soul are not in peace, He will not come. As a matter of fact, the more you bother and doubt, the greater becomes the distance between you and Your fellow. Once your heart starts calming down and your mind starts stabilizing, He will be nearer and you will meet Him soon.


There are such moments in Life, when an inner joy flashes in you. You have reconciled all the contradictions, saying: "I am ready for any work. I am ready for everything." If you say that you are ready to do anything, which God wants from you, you are on the right path, you are in the reality of Life. At that moment He, Whom you have been waiting for, will come. He will bring you a hoe; He will give you the first lesson. And you will feel a great inner joy that you have found your Master. He will tell you about the new Life and its hidden purpose. Those who have found their Master have got acquianted with the Joy itself and with the Meaning of Life. Every door is open for them. If God dwells in you, people cannot hate you. God is either welcome or avoided, when He enters someone – one of the two possibilities is fulfilled. This is a law. – Why is God avoided? – Because He says: "No one can stand on my way!" So, whoever is astray can freely pass and go.


I would like to do something for you: to imput the Living Faith in your minds. Through it, every one can experience whether there is God or not. This is a question of awareness. The conditions, in which the present people develop, demand an Absolute Faith in That One, Who does not change or Who is changing seemingly. Why is such Faith needed? When you trust God, you also trust yourself. The Faith in both God and yourself will lead you to the boundary of the Kingdom of God. If you stop at this boundary, asking yourself whether to enter or not, you have already failed. It is doubt that obstructs humans most of all. The Divine world excludes any doubt or hesitation. You must say to yourself definetely and emphatically: "I will enter the Kingdom of God." Right then you will break your links with the world, you will put your dolls in the box, leaving them in heritage to the little ones without thinking about them any more. Then a new beautiful world will be revealed before you. No doubt and no hesitation! You are coming slowly and surely to the sixth race. There you will meet radiant angel souls, who do not admit any hesitation and doubt. The Scripture said: "Who is in two minds, he is uncertain in his ways." Many people are. A person has come to listen to my lecture and as he has disapproved something in it, he goes to the theosophists. What is theosophy? What will it give to this person? Theosophy is like milling of wheat, i.e. its turning into groats. You will speak there about the astral, the mental and the causal bodies. Have you seen these bodies? – "I haven't, but it is written so." This is not knowledge. Each teaching taught is to be tested for its exact correspondence to the facts. If everything you had preached was true, why did you not develop? Why did you not save yourselves? Why did the Hindus, who had taught so many teachings, not elevate? Why are they expecting a new master? This indicates their unsatisfaction with what was preached to them. It was an amusement for them. And they are really expecting a new teaching that will safisfy and uplift them.


People marry with the idea that they do a serious thing. The young woman is told: "We have found a good lad who will marry to you. He is gentle, clever, educated. He has finished two specialties." And the lad says to the woman: "We are going to be rich; now we have two big gardens, we will build a new house too." He promises her only good things in order to beguile her. The young woman is listening to him with joy and content. Why? – Matters cannot be set on lies. So their family life will get worse and worse in the years. The same happens to the religious people. The Orthodox go to the church, they kiss the cross and the icons. They have been satisfied with this for an year or two, but then they feel that something very important is missing – the communion of the soul with God.


When you accept Love, you will not ask me what I think, but you will know. Whatever you speak, it must be set on Truth. Those who have Love behave towards the others in the same way as towards themselves. They think about the common welfare. When they have visitors, they make contact with them in the name of Love. Today people are also connected; today they also communicate; they strive for the Great, but the worms existing in them gnaw through the threads of their lives. These worms are your delusions. Get rid of them! We will make the first attempt, but according to some rules that are freely chosen and applied after the Law of Love. Such rules are efficient and stable. The other rules that are out of Love are palliative. The disciples of Christ also trusted Him, but when they fell in doubt, they astrayed from the way and found out the Oecumenical Councils. We are often asked: "Do you believe in the councils, in the icons, in the cross?" – We are learning to believe now and to believe namely in the Love of God that is never- changing; to believe also in the Wisdom of God and in the Truth of God. You must believe and apply. How do we apply our Love for God? How will we express our gratitude to Him for that nice day, for that beautiful view around? How will we give thanks to God for everything He has given to us? God's Love is revealed namely in this. God is watching us; He is giving us all we need. But at the same time He gives us hoes and sends us to the vineyard to dig. There, in the fresh air, instead of resting, we are working in joy and in satisfaction. Some people are not well disposed to us. They protest, they abuse us and do not want us. But God says to them through the pinetrees: "Do not disturb these people. Who dare to disturb them will be blown up. If only I lift My wand, you will be blown up." God says to the bishops and the priesrs: "What you know, keep it for yourselves, do not bother these people." – "They are heretics." – "No, they are My children, I know them. Do not touch them; they are the only ones, who are obedient to Me." I ask, which are the beloved children of God? The world is a big hospital and God is the chief doctor in it. He wants His children to be healthy. Whoever does not observe the rules of the hospital, out of it! My children are healthy and they do not need to be in the church – in the hospital. First, they will catch cold there. The church is for sick people. And they expect salvation from it. They have been deluted with the cross and with the icons – so, there is no sense to deal with them. Icons are like the portraits of your beloved. What will a girl do, seeing that her beloved boy has come? She will leave the portrait aside, she will meet him and talk to him. You say that God is in the church. – Excuse me, but it is not true. We do not need icons – we can go directly to God to get some task from Him. God calls us for a great and sacred work.


When you listen to me speaking in this way, you say: "How many learned people are there in the world! How many learned people are there in Bulgaria!" – There are erudites everywhere, but most of them are like loaded camels. If a camel is loaded, it goes and groans. We do not need many bishops; one bishop is enough. When the bishops reproach me, they enter into a contradiction with themselves. They say I have proclaimed myself for Christ. But in my view there is only one prelate – Christ. No one else can call himself a prelate. I turn to the bishops and say: "Take off these clothes of yours and put the clothes of disciples." Will they become humble? Will they understand that they can not set order in Bulgaria? How could they? You will say that they may go out among the people to preach. What will they preach? Someone will tell them: "Your Grace, my child is ill. Please, help me!" – "Call a doctor". – "Your Grace, will you help me, I have upset my bills." – "Go to the banker, he will help you." – This is not the right way of replying. Those bishops, who go to the people to preach, must possess Divine power. If so, they will bless the suffering people only by touching their heads. They will tell the peasants: "Brothers, work hard, this year will be fertile, there will be a lot of wheat and fruits. A great bliss will flow down on you". If a bishop speaks like this to the people and his words come true, his preach will be meaningful. The people do not need much speaking, what they need is: Brotherhood, Equality, Love. I do not mean common love, but God's Love, Christ's Love. Christ said: "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. If you trust God, you will trust Me too."


You ask what the cause for misunderstandings is. In the old days there was a Master – an adept who tested his disciples in two ways. The first way: he called one of his good disciples and told him: "This and that day you will travel with your classmates. You will go to one of the near-by villages, where you will be welcome: you will be given new and clean clothes to redress, you will be prepared clean beds to sleep and on your way back you will receive money for your travel expenses and an invitation to come again". The disciples started to the village, but what was their surprise, when the peasants met them just in the opposite way: they let the dogs chase them, took up sticks and beated them severely on their backs. They hardly succeeded to run away. They all came back to their Master and began to tell him about the sufferings they had passed. The best one asked him: "Master, why did you tell us one thing, but it turned out to be another? How would you explain that? Why did you not tell us that we would be beaten so badly to put on a soft dress on our backs at least not to feel the pain from the hits?" The Master was silent, he did not answer.


In a few days the Master gave that task to some other disciples, but they were supposed to solve it by the second method. He told them to go to one of the near-by villages and to be prepared to face sufferings, sticks and chasing. So, they got prepared for such a meeting. But yet with their entry into the village, they were pleasantly surprised: the peasants went out to meet them, took them to their homes, feasted and accommodated them well. The disciples wondered why they were welcome in such a joy, when they expected chasing and beating. They returned to the Master and asked him why he had not told them the Truth. He kept silence again. After that he called both groups of disciples and told them: "The first group passed through these sufferings, because somewhen in the remote past they had treated these peasants badly. They had had the possibility to serve them, to give them food and bed, but they had not fulfilled their obligation. Now they paid for their error in the past. The second group of disciples had treated the peasants well in the past, they had served and helped them. Today they reaped the fruits of their good deeds".


Nowadays most people follow the path of the first group – liquidating their karma. They shall be prepared to solve their karmic tasks after the law of Love. If you want to cope easily with your karma, I advice you not to speak ill of one another. If someone is intemperate and cannot keep one's tongue, at least the others should be aware of that and should not get offended. I say to the first: "Refrain from speaking ill of your closes." I say to those, whom evil things are spoken of: "Do not be offended." Thus, who offends and who is offended, both sides will solve their problems. Then the karma will solve your problems too. The karma is strict and implacable. Coming to you, it will teach you how to solve your problems, but you will achieve nothing.


Which is the way of the future culture? – The way of Love.


The priests are opposing us now – they think that we will answer them with the same measure. No, we will answer the priests in this way: "We do not want your icons; we do not want to go into your churches; we do not want your icon-lamps and rutuals like christening, wedding, etc. We will take all feeble and weak, thrown away from your churches, and will transform them. We are not interested in the godly people, may they remain in the churches. We will take in the New teaching the lame, the crippled and the blind who are unwanted by everyone. The young people are out of the church, so we will take them too." – "They are young and green, they do not fit." – They are not green. What is growing and developing well is not green. This is the law of development. I consider "green" that one, who is developing. The green colour is a symbol of growing.


Christ is working now in the world, but no one sees Him. People want to see Him like a physical person in order to touch and sense Him physically. If He is filling the human hearts with beautiful and high feelings, what else do you want? You want to stroke and to kiss Him, to carry Him in your arms. It is not a good idea. What does a child win, if you carry it all day long on your arms? The view of those people, who expect the rebirth of Christ as a little child, is wrong. Christ was born once and He is being reborn now in the human hearts and souls. Today Christ cannot be born by a woman. If you expect the coming of the Savior, open your soul – He will be born there. Above this, Christ is being born in many souls at one and the same time. When Christ will be born in your soul, you will become useful both to yourself and to your neighbors. This is the so-called resurrection meaning the awakening of the human soul. When Christ will come to dwell in the human souls, all human beings will become alive, they will raise and join hands like brothers.


So, trust the New teaching, which will lead you to a good end. Do not admit any doubt in you! Put aside even the smallest doubt. Then a new Light will flash in your minds. Make an effort to convince yourselves in my words. What could you doubt in? What could you be afraid of? The old order is going away. It is a dress, replaced by another one. The new dress has been already made. The old order will inevitably be changed. But this is not so significant in Life. The human spirit and the human soul – they are of real importance for you. Then comes the human mind, the human heart and the human will – they are also significant as they present conditions for work. The future culture will be a culture of the human heart. Under "heart" I do not mean an affection of the feelings. To get aspired, this is not love. Love is an unchangable, constant power that raises humans and balances all their energies. Reveal God's Love! Reveal your reasonable will! You are complaining of catching cold – cough, running nose, rheumatism; you cannot help yourself. Why do you not apply your will in your treatment?


"Trust God, trust Me too." There are two currents: God and me. The first one comes from upside down, or from the mind to the heart, while the other current comes out from the center of the Earth, i.e. from the roots, and goes to the branches. Let us suppose that you have pains in your chest. If you appear to be in the current, coming from upside down, i.e. coming from the brain, concentrate your mind and you will direct this current to the center of the Earth, i.e. to the heart, in order to obtain motion. Thus will you help yourself and will you recover from the illness. Do not be afraid neither of the Earth nor of the Sun. The current flowing from the Sun will pass through the center of the Earth. This regularly going motion forms a luminous circle. The human mind is gradually cleared in this motion. After your recovery you may turn the current from the center of the Earth to the Sun. The real culture and the real Life will appear in the crosspoint of these two circles. Do not think that the current coming from the center of the Earth, is harmful. It could be harmful, if it was flowing all the time through you and if you have accepted all its energy. Be aware that high and low tides exist everywhere in Nature. The same concerns the human heart too. It can provoke a pleasant sense in someone, but it will last shortly: from a minute to an hour – in the best case, up to one day; and after that it will alter, i.e. it will disappear. Then there will be a reaction in this person, i.e. the darkness will come and fire has to be lit for the night. And the material collected will be used as a fuel.


When the tides change, you say: "I cannot cope with them, I have lost my faith." Nothing you have lost! – "I have become bad" – You have not become bad. These are temporary states, more frequent in youngsters than in old people. Those currents are called moods. In youngsters moods are changed several times daily. When the wedding time comes, the young woman changes her mood a hundred times daily. She says: "I will take him, I will marry to him." It is the current of the heart. If it is the other current, she will say: "I do not want him. He is black to me." Her mother says: "You will take him, my daughter." Then she also says: "I will take him." Again she is under the influence of the heart. So at times she will take him, at times she will not. Her mother says: "I am in a quandary with my daughter – now she wants him, then she does not want him." Such are the currents, which come from the center of the Earth to the Sun. The young woman is at a crossroad. She has to go out of this crossroad in order to solve her problem properly. Otherwise she cannot make her choice. The biggest mistake in marriage is hidden namely in these currents crossing. If you begin to doubt, do not get with solving a problem – put it aside. The word "marriage" had quite a different meaning from the present one. Nowadays it means insurance. Marriage is an insuring company. Someone makes an insurance for 10 000 levs, another one – for 20 000 levs, a third one – for 100-200 000 levs. As a matter of fact humans are insured. They shall trust their spirits, souls, minds, hearts and wills. Mothers have to speak to their sons and daughters in such a manner. In the new culture people will marry, but not under foreign influence. Someone will come to give you an advice: "Take that lad, trust him, do not be afraid." The young woman shall trust her spirit, her soul, her mind, her heart and her will. And then, at the crossing of two minds, two hearts and two souls that understand one another, the conscious Life will come. Thus shall you preach to all. Speak the Truth without doubting.


There are items that cannot be understood by all of you never mind how long I speak. Why? – Your brains are not equally developed. Some of you need a longer time to think of God and of the Higher world, so that their brains could be rearranged. There are specific deposits in them, which obstruct the reception of Truth. That is a special kind of psychic substances, which rotten in the same way as the physical ones. They are to be cleared by the law of polarization. When the brain is released of them, then the nose, the eyes, the ears, the mouth will function correctly. Without understanding this, you may say about someone: "He is an excellent person. He will contribute a lot". – You are lying yourself. Look at him, his eyes are squint; his nose and his mouth are deformed. And you expect something of him. "But he claims, that he has turned to God and he wants to be God's servant." – Do not trust him, he has a lot of bills that are not paid and he does not intend to pay them. I will trust one's turning to God, if one's purse is also turned, i.e. if it is open. Until you have not opened your purse, you cannot turn to God.


Christ's coming to Earth will be like a spring that will unceasingly flow and overflow around in order to water all the plants. Everyone has to use the goods of the spring. Only in this way will the world be communised and reformed. Every one will put one's own gains in the common fund. Be aware not to fall in the delusions of the previous reformers! We have the right to communise only our labour, i.e. whatever we are gaining now. Today people are gaining for themselves and they want to do it by using the labour of the previous generations. No, you shall appeal to the people of the past in order to receive their approval, in order to ask them if they agree to join their gains to yours. We have not the right to dispose with the existing goods. All those who have tried and who are trying to communise the goods of the previous generations, failed. We must all work and whatever we gain, we should use it all together. This is the Teaching preached to the people by Christ. He advised them in Love and Wisdom, so that every one might know the boundaries of one's rights and obligations. Thus can mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, teachers and students, masters and servants understand one another. How will the new society be built up, if there is no mutual understanding?


Many blame us that our Teaching is wrong. Which is the right, the real Teaching then? Have your teachings settled the world? Not only that they have not settled it, but they have spoiled it even more. If your teachings were right, why do you have wars? Why do you destroy cities? Why are the graveyards full of graves and crosses? Why do so many hospitals exist on Earth? If we are wrong, we are ready to take your teachings, but show us the results of them. And you will convince yourselves that the path which you follow is wrong – nothing else. This path must be corrected! – How? – By your turning to God and adopting His Love. That is Love of the Absolute selflessness. Religions should also be purified. There is a Divine grain in them, but it has been lost among the great delusions. So, they should be filtered. The present religions are a part of the forms, of the human interests. All understand this today. Is there Love between the bishops and their congregation, between the priests and their parishioners? If a bishop is going to visit a village, right away there will be a commandment how to welcome him. The peasants will run here and there, the guards too. – Why? – The bishop will visit the village. If he has Love for the peasants, he will appear amongst them as a simple citizen, not being dressed in special clothes. Instead of going to see them and find out their needs, the bishop will first go into the church. For thousands of years the priests have served in the churches and read prayers, but what is the effect of that? – When did humans start building churches? – When they lost their Paradize, when they lost the Church in their own souls. After they have lost their Spiritual church, they started building one of stone.


We need a temple in our souls and there we shall put God as Love, as the First priest. And there will be one Church in the future. It will be so huge, that it will gather all the human beings on Earth. Such church is mentioned in the Revelation. Can you imagine its size? Then people will have one creed – one view, but so wide, that it will embrass all views of the past. All present beliefs will give way to the new one. They have already played their role. I have nothing against the old forms, but they have lost their meaning and there is no place for them any more. The New that is coming – this is the Kingdom of God – and it requires perfect forms, new concepts and beliefs. The old will be taken off the back of humanity like an old dress, which will be changed with a new one. The old person, who had died and was buried in the grave, will ressurect one day. Will this person be old again? No, this person will be born as an infant, with new powers of Life. This is the New teaching – a Teaching of Love, a Teaching of Wisdom and a Teaching of Truth. This is the Teaching that will be brought to humanity by the future culture. There will be no politicians in the future culture, no signitures of payers and warrantors.


I have no time to describe you what the future culture will bring. Then people will not communicate by means of trains, ships, aeroplanes, cars as now. For example, you want to send a letter to a friend of yours. The letter will be written on a special fine material, which you will send by the force of your will exactly where it is needed. It will be carried through the space and it will arrive directly to your friend. If your friend is at a distance of 1000 km from you, in a minute your letter will be on his table. If you need one kilogram of potatoes, you will not go from one shop to another in order to buy it, but right away you will find the required quantity of potatoes on your table. – How has it come there? – A friend of yours has received your thought and he has sent the potatoes immediately. If you need apples – they will come in the same way.


You want to see your friend and have a talk with him. You sit in the chair, direct your mind to him and flow in the space. In a minute you will be with him. After the talk, you will direct your mind to your home and find yourself in the space. Even if the door of your house is closed, you will freely come through. Keys will not be used in the future. All will go in and out through the closed doors. It will be brought to humanity by the future elevated culture. You will say, like the Turkish: "Odd things!" Never mind whether you believe or not, this will happen. Then male/female relationships will be balanced and harmonious. All will work in Love. They will work a little, but gain a lot. Then fields and gardens will also exist for processing and for walks, but working and teaching will bear good fruit. The representatives of the sixth race will be present not only on the Earth, but on the other planets too. They will travel to the Sun and to the Moon, they will study the life of the planets. – What kind of a world will it be? – A world, which you have not even thought of. As beings of the sixth race are now to be found on Earth, so there will be earthy people in the sixth race, in the new culture. It is already prepared, but it is gradually coming down to the Earth.


The Christianity, in its present form, is preparing people for the new culture, for the elevated Life. This Life has been already coming, but you should also make some efforts. You shall get experience in order to avoid doubt in the New. Without experience there is no result. You all should become young, young in mind – with radiant ideas, young in heart – with noble and high feelings and young in will – with good and right deeds. Future is in the hands of the young people and the children. Christ says: "The kingdom of God belongs to them." We all have to be Divine children, to put aside all doubts, dissensions and misunderstandings, to set to work those forces, which have not been revealed by now. A lot of work lies ahead of humanity. People will get their food and will feed in a new way. They will heat and light up their houses also in a new way. These are the tasks of the sixth race. It comes with a new program and its filfillment will contribute to the progress of humanity. It will bring the culture of the real Brotherhood between the individuals and the nations.


Christ said: "Trust God and trust Me too." That trust requires persons of radiant minds, of pure hearts and of strong wills.


Every person should have three points of contact: one with Love, one with Wisdom and one with Truth. Love brings Life, Wisdom brings Light and knowledge, and Truth brings Freedom and conditions for the manifestation of will. The conscious Life comes by the law of Love; the intelligence – by the law of Wisdom, and Freedom and the strength of will – by the law of Truth. These are tasks that will be accomplished by the sixth race with the appropriate methods. It has already perceived all this in respect to itself. We must adopt its tasks and implement them. What is the sign of the coming of the sixth race to the Earth? – It is the special azure radiance, which is noticed in the sky all over the Balkan peninsula. This radiance is as a result of specific psychic influences that act in the space and change even the atmosphere. It is a sign that the whole intelligent world, all the elevated beings work hard to clear both the physical and the spiritual atmosphere on the Earth. They create good conditions for the growth and the development as well as for the work of humans. Those who wish to serve God are prepared by the Invisible world in the same way as vineyards are cleaned of dry and rotten leaves and vermins. God gives them good conditions to grow and develop, saying to them: "Do not be afraid, soon problems will be arranged, they will go in a new way."


You ask: "Is the new culture related to the old one? – Of course, it is. The new culture will use the acquisitions of the old one and it will create a new science of mind, heart and will. The old will pass, the New will come. A new Light is coming! It will transform the human views about the material world. It will show us that there are other ways to study Nature. Whoever wants to join the new culture should study, work consciously and get ready for the new conditions. You ask: "Is what you speak true?" – Yes, it is. But you think that not all of it is true. It is not a question of thinking. In order to know which things are true, which are false, you need to pass through some experience, so that you can check their validity.


"Trust God and trust Me too! If my words, i.e. the words of the Spirit abide in you, you will be my disciples."


If the words of Christ abide in your hearts and if you, through your love, intelligence and will, abide in Me, my Father, Who is never-changing, and me, who is revealed through Him, will come and will make an abode in you and will manifest ourselves to you. It means that we are going to teach you our ways.


The New culture is coming!


The Sixth race is coming!


The Divine is coming to the world!




Translated by Maria Braikova

Edited by Phyllis Thorpe, USA







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